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  1. Hi All good things must come to an end. Even great things! Major Tom Casino will be closing down on 23 April 2015. Continue the fun by playing at our sister casino, Red Flush by using your existing Major Tom username and password. Log in to your Major Tom Casino account on 23 April 2015 and all your details will be seamlessly transferred over to your new Red Flush account. We will transfer the following from your Major Tom Account to your new Red Flush Account: Your current cash and bonus balance All your financial account details Your loyalty points and loyalty tier Your game statistics and achievements We’d like to thank you for being a loyal player, and for joining us in making winning fun. For more information, please contact our 24/7 support team
  2. I have already waited as long as possible, all the deadlines requested and estimated by RABONA. I'm tired of waiting. My only choice was to resort to an external complaint here.My account is 100% verified (photo document front and back + photo of my face + utility bill address + photo selfie holding my document in hands with page Rabona being displayed in back + full history transactions of my bank account in last 2 months). All sent, all accepted and verified.I have requested withdrawal. I sent 3 mail messages during this last 7 days, they never replied 1 of this, never, nothing. The chat support service too does not solve anything, only say custom replies, copied and pasted as robots, saying for to wait, wait, wait, with this the days are passingI'm starting to have doubts if this is an honest site or a scam, if they really have the money to pay anyone who makes even a small profit like me, if it's a site that just wants to receive money and deposits, a site that doesn't pay anyone This is, WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, the worst website that can exist. They just try to buy time, make customers cancel withdrawals, play until they lose, so they never have to make a withdrawal payment.This is total nonsense! I deposited there on April 19th, my first withdrawal was on the 20th. Today is the 30th and nothing happened, I wasn't paid, I didn't receive a response to any of the several email messages I sent in those days. And the initial deadline was 3 days to receive! There are already 10!They ask for information to verify the account far beyond what is necessary, it takes them 3 days to order a new thing (or the same thing they already ordered), they don't work Saturday and Sunday, in other words, a typical attitude for time to pass and the customer to give up , lose the money, not withdraw anythingFirst they asked for a photo and the front of the document, and a photo of their face taken live with their cell phone. I sent it, it was acceptedThen they asked for proof of address. I sent. It was acceptedThen they asked for a selfie with the document in hand and the Rabona website open in the background of the photo. I sent. It was acceptedThen they asked for the transaction history of my bank account (which I used to deposit into my Rabona account), they asked for the last 30 days (from March 19th to April 19th, which was the day of my deposit). I sent EVERYTHING from my bank account, from March and April, everything, every pdf generated by my bank's app for these 2 months, including showing ALL TRANSACTIONS without omitting anything, my balance, my statement, I went to an ATM and also withdrew the printed paper of my statement to send them a photo of everything from March and April. I sent. It was acceptedThey then asked for information about what was a deposit into my bank account immediately prior to the deposit at Rabona, of the same amount. I explained that it was a cash deposit that I made personally and directly into my bank account (I took a photo of the paper of this receipt, as well as several other proofs of deposits that I personally made into my bank account). I sent it, it was acceptedIn other words, they ask for things from times when the customer wasn't even a customer of the site. They keep looking for something to have a reason not to pay the user or to waste time, save time, make the customer give up and cancel withdrawals, play and lose. This is absurd! Forcing the player to show transactions from months ago when the person didn't even play on the website, and showing transactions that he made until after the deposit he made on the website, this doesn't make any sense, it just shows that they want to make time passIf the problem is with a payment provider and you are unable to make payment by international bank transfer, be honest and tell me, and I can send you the address of my Bitcoin wallet, if it is easier for you (I saw in other complaints here that you this way they solved other players' problems)In the chat they don't respond at all, sometimes they close the chat without typing a single word. Emails do not respond. When they respond in the chat, they are ready, standardized responses, like robots, apologizing for the delay and saying "everything is ok with your account and your payment, tomorrow you will receive it, wait", the next day the same thing, "wait," " wait", "wait", "tomorrow", "tomorrow", "tomorrow". And nothing happens!3 days ago one of the people in the chat apologized, saying that they were wrong, for the delay, that they were experiencing difficulties, confessing the error, asking me to wait because I would definitely receive it on Monday (which was yesterday) My payment was already in the final phase. That they recognized their mistake, that I was right, that they understood my frustration and sadness, that nothing they said would make their mistake not happen, they asked me for confidence. I accept, I hope. It arrives on Monday and I don't receive it. It was just lies, to buy time, to make time passThey need to understand that players also have their responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. If they create an online gaming company, they must know that players will lose but also some will win and need to be paidWorse than the feeling of depositing, playing and losing, is depositing, playing and not receiving what you won. This is a total lack of respect for the customer and fair play! It's dishonesty, it's theft!I am willing to give my Rabona account password and bank account password temporarily to any AskGamblers administrator, and provide any of the files and photos I have uploaded to Rabona, in order to show that everything is correct and only the Rabona is not fulfilling its role as an honest gambling company!I want them to pay me the 3 pending withdrawals and my entire current account balance. Everything, without exception. In my bank account or, if they prefer, in my Bitcoin wallet. I'm tired of waiting, I can't wait any longer. I want my money!
  3. How are you guys doing? AG currently has big win threads for slots however this thread is to shine the spotlight on live games! To name a few of the platforms that provide them are: Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play as well as many others. Requirements for this thread is as follows: #1 - Minimum 100x multiplier wins #2 - The game in question can be in the form of a live wheel, blackjack, roulette, anything live casino related! #3 - Must be real money Optional: You can choose to post a video link to support your screenshots! Good luck to all! Looking through some of my past screenshots here are a few screens from 2021, 2022 and finally the most current for 2023! Aug 2021 Crazy Time Cash Hunt 25x top slot = 2500x (Row 3, #7) Video link: https://tracksino.com/w/cdHphY2oIk7U July 2022 One Blackjack Crazy 7s side bet = Over 500x (Host was like sure let's have all the 7s lol) Aug 2023 Crazy Time Cash Hunt 4x top slot = 400x (Row 2, #3), Pachinko 5x top slot = 500x
  4. Casino licensing, regulation and certification – are they really so important? Made by the request of SlotoHolic I admit that generally think a lot, before giving a definite answer to any question, but in this case, it’s not that complicated at all! So if I have to respond immediately to what all the fuss is really about and are the licensing and certification of an online casino really so important to us, then the likely response is only one - yes, yes and yes again! In fact, only recently, I realized that if we look at this aspect of the relationships between a casino and a player from the point of time, we will certainly find that this is probably the most dynamically changing value. But for all this after a while, and now let us go back almost 20 years ago. And so ... Alongside with the rapid growth of the internet technologies in the middle 90s, came the unlimited business opportunities to offer customers something completely new and totally innovatively – the ability for the people to entertain without the need of leaving their own homes! And that includes the gambling, of course! So, basically, the birth of the online casinos can be described by a simple mathematical equality – new technologies + Internet + gambling = online casino! Well, this mathematical equality could be really simple, but what had happened in the next couple of years was unbelievable! From just a few online casinos in 1995, the number of online operators in the 1999, offering their clients all kind of gambling, has increased to several hundreds! Almost every month, more and more new players appeared on the market and soon it was crystal clear that this business has a huge potential. But not everything was going so smoothly. Wherever there is fire, there’s a smoke too, so very soon appeared the first players, stung by online casinos refusing to pay them for one reason or another. Increasingly casino customers fall victim to various scams like ID data theft and credit card fraud or just being treated in a rude and disrespectful way! Pretty soon became apparent that the market for online gambling is too free and desperately needs a serious adjustment. All licensing jurisdictions gradually increased their requirements for issuing a license to the online operators, and soon after came the first of the so-called "third party watchdog organizations", whose main role was basically to monitor how the casino takes care of the privacy and security of the owed personal data, for the accurate and timely payment of winnings and for the integrity and quality of the gambling software, and all other aspects of the relationship casino - player! The first country to allow an online gambling casino to deploy its servers in its territory was the small Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda in the distant 1994. This became possible by the adoption of the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act from the local Government and only a few years later, the country has huge revenue, up to almost a third of the gross national product, and hundreds and eventually thousands of new jobs. In the same year was founded the largest company producing online gambling software - Microgaming, which even at the present dominates the market without a doubt, both in terms of quality and quantity of games offered, as well as the security and integrity of its software! In 1995 began to work what is believed to be the first online casino - Internet Casinos Inc. (also known as ICI). The casino offers its customers only 18 online games, but also an access to the National Indian Lottery. The uneventful existence of the online casinos, estimated in annual revenues in tens of billions of dollars, lasted until about mid-September 2006, when in response to the attacks of 9/11 and in an attempt to reduce the ability of terrorist groups to launder money through online gambling, the US Senate passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006 (UIGEA). This act prohibits the financial institutions to accept any money transfers to online casinos by players and virtually removed from the equation more than 20 million US customers! In less than a year, the number of ceased to exist gambling operators and organizations approached the number of 2300! This is the largest decline in the short, but full of dramatic events, history of online gambling until and even now, the consequences of which can not yet be removed. Yes, it is true that millions of Americans currently play online, but it is on the edge of the law and, therefore, it is this group of players, which are most often the victims of unscrupulous casino practices. Which brings us back to our topic and namely what exactly we are talking about, when it comes to casino licensing, regulation and certification? In general, to be confident that an online casino is honest, trustworthy and works in a transparent and credible manner, it must owe a certain set of qualities and characteristics, which to prove both to their clients and especially to the responsible organizations is a complicated and delicate process! This process consists of several stages, and failing with even one of them automatically means almost certain failure of the whole project. So, I guess you wouldn’t be very surprised, if I tell you that only a small portion of the existing online casinos have successfully completed 100% of all stages, which, of course, is the main reason that some names in this business are incredibly successful, while others simply come and go in a short time! So how it all begin... Forefront in creating a fair and honest online casino takes the choice of the so-called "licensing jurisdiction". Or should this term have to be explained in simple words - this is the place, where the casino lands its servers and where all gaming and financial transactions are made to and from. In other words, to operate the casino needs a license that allows him to perform all the above operations. This license is called "gaming license". But in order to operate an online casino, however, it needs suitable software, which must also be licensed. Usually, each of the gambling software providers have deals or arrangements with one or more licensing jurisdictions, giving them the exclusive rights to own a so called "Master License" or to have access to the ability to getting you a gaming license. In most cases, a gaming license is required from the licensing jurisdiction you are based in order to take wagers on the internet. Some governments do not require a gaming license, while others (like Antigua, Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Man and Costa Rica) do. And since the negative attitude of the majority of governments around the world regarding any kind of gambling is not a big secret, it should not surprise us at all, that most licensing jurisdiction are actually small countries, often called offshore zones, which owe all the necessary attributes for doing a successful gambling business - liberal laws and a huge appetite for investments! At present, these jurisdictions are more than 70, but the majority of the valid casino licenses are concentrated in only a few of them – Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Alderney, Costa Rica, Netherland Antilles(Curacao), Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Man, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Panama, Kahnawake(Canada) and Vanuatu. Some believe that those countries hold almost 90% of all issued casino licenses at the moment! Anyway, now it’s time for some questions and answers, regarding the licenses with examples: Q: How much does it costs a casino(gaming) license? A: It depends. It may vary from a predefined annual amount up to a small share of all net profits or generated revenues. Example: Currently if you are planning to obtain a casino license from Antigua and Barbuda, then you are supposed to pay $75 000 per annum for landing there your primary server alongside with paying all the required taxes, such as 3% of the net wins, luckily capped at the amount of $50 000 per month! In Gibraltar there’s no start-up fee, but only a £2000 annual fee for maintaining the license and online casinos are taxed at 1% of the gross product with a cap of £425,000 per annum. Q: How much does it costs you a gambling software license? A: There is so many variations on that matter, that it’s simple impossible to summarize, but as a whole yes, it will cost you something. And in most of the cases it will cost you a lot! Example: Usually the gambling software provider charges a software licensing fee. Most also take a percentage of the take for each month's revenues of the casino as well. In some cases a part of your agreement with the provider will be to use only his hardware and network equipment, or to use some predefined marketing strategies, specially designed for you casino. At the end, you will be a lucky casino manager to end the month with at least 30-40% of the net wins! J Q: Do all of these licensing jurisdictions are equally exacting and rigorous? A: No, not at all. Unfortunately there’s a huge difference between the quality and quantity of the applied minimum standards! As more rigorous and exacting the licensing jurisdiction is, as lower is the number of players complaints and issues! And conversely – the more liberal the requirements for issuing a license are, the more players get some run around, slow payments and bad attitude! Example: Strict jurisdictions – Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney, Australia, UK; Not so rigorous – Malta, Vanuatu, Kahnawake, Cyprus; Liberal – Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda, Panama, Costa Rica. Q: Can I seek for a help from those licensing regulatory bodies in case I have an issue with a casino, holding a license, issued by them? A: Yes, you can! But actually only a very small number of players know that all of the licensing organization in any of the licensing jurisdictions is supposed not only to issue a license and get the money but also to regulate the casino activities and to take adequate measures in case it’s proven the operator is acting unfair and fraudulent against its own customers! Example: Each one of the listed licensing jurisdictions above has its own specially designed organization, which owes the exclusive rights to give or take a casino license. Moreover, those organizations are supposed to help you in case you have troubles with one of their issuers! So, I will try to list some of the major players in the licensing market worldwide, as well as to provide you with their Internet addresses, where you can ask for assistance! Alderney Gambling Control Commission www.gamblingcontrol.org Australian Gambling and Racing Commission http://www.gamblinga...ing.act.gov.au/ Antigua and Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming www.antiguagaming.gov.ag Costa Rica Commerce, Industry and Economy Ministry www.meic.go.cr Gibraltar Ministry of Finance Gambling Division www.gibraltar.goc.gi/internet-gaming Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority www.lga.org.mt United Kingdom Gambling Commission www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk Isle of Man Gambling Supervision www.gov.im/gambling Cyprus Ministry of Finance www.mof.gov.cy Kahnawake Gaming Commission www.gamingcommission.ca Curacao Internet Gaming Association /Netherland Antilles/ www.ciga.an Panama Ministry of Economy and Finance www.mef.gob.pa/Portal/Dir-Junta.html Vanuatu Interactive Gaming Consultants Ltd http://www.igc.vu And so, we've got already a valid license for our casino that gives us the right to accept bets, managed by secure and appropriate software and everything, regarding our casino project should be perfectly legal and fair. But... Yes, something is missing in the big picture and that is the guarantee that the casino will operate in a transparent, trustful and honest way to its clients. What if the software has been manipulated in favor of the operator? Or a casino just refuses to pay profits without any reason, or his staff is behaving rude and inappropriate with clients? Who will ensure that our casino will operate in a completely legal, honest and open manner? Yes, one could reasonably guess that this is a matter and duty for the very licensing organization or the software provider, or all of them combined. But hey, let's face it openly - they all have a benefit from a working casino and I deeply doubt, anyone has a substantial interest in preventing normal operation with constant checks and additional problems, right? Here is where the main role is played by the so-called independent "gambling watchdog” organizations. What are their main tasks? Firstly, to appreciate a casino or gambling software in an objective and impartial manner! Second - to use a transparent, fair and qualitative methodology on which to perform the necessary analysis and to summarize the results. And third - to give the necessary support to all players who have reasonable doubts about the randomness/fairness of certain software or have a problem with a casino! I think now you all understand why the possession of a certificate from such an organization is unbelievable occasion for pride for any casino or a software vendor! And therefore not surprisingly, the majority of online casinos (or at least those, who still owes a certificate) always have these organizations logo prominently positioned on their web pages, showing all current and future customers that this place is a safe shelter for them and for their monies! But even with this type of organizations not everything has evolved in the easiest way! Over the years, some of them have been charged for not so fairly and objectively evaluating certain online casinos, while others for openly manipulated the results and not in favor of the players, of course. The good news is that in this business reputation is everything and this led to exclusion from the market of many companies, in whose impartiality exist even small doubts! To get to this point, where the entire market for independent audit and certification of the online gambling industry is dominated by just a few names among which stand out clearly those of eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) , Gambling Commission (GC), Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and iTech Labs. Let me tell you now a little bit more about each one of them. eCOGRA – eCOGRA, which stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom. It was found on April 14, 2003 by two of the leading companies, involved in the online gambling – Microgaming Software Systems Ltd and Virtual Holdings Ltd, owner of the famous Casino-on-Net and 888 in a later stage. eCOGRA was a huge success almost from the start, but no one was even dreaming that it will become not only the best in its field but almost a legendary institution! Nowadays, being certified by eCOGRA is a must for every reputable online operator and gambling software provider, but it’s still only a dream for the majority of the online casinos, due to the highest possible standards required! But that’s not all – thousands and thousands of players get a precious help by this organization each year! Personally, when I see the eCOGRA logo on any casino website, that’s more than enough to know that the operator is honest and trustworthy. International Gambling Council – IGC was originally found in 1996 in the United States but move to Vancouver, Canada in March, 2000. It is a non – profit organization, established to provide a forum for interested parties to address issues and advance common interests in the global interactive gaming industry, to establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that enhance consumer confidence in interactive gaming products and services, and to serve as the industry’s public policy advocate and information clearinghouse. Today IGC has become a synonym of trust and respect, when talking about gambling certification! Gambling Commission – The UK Gambling Commission was established under the Gambling Act 2005 and assumed full powers in 2007, regulating various gambling activities, such as bingo, casinos, slot machines, etc. The Commission's stated aims are "to keep crime out of gambling, to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and to protect children and vulnerable people". The Commission is a non-departmental public body and issues licenses to gambling operators, can levy fines and revoke licenses, and is tasked with investigating and prosecuting illegal gambling. Gaming Laboratories International – GLI provides gaming devices and systems testing worldwide. With 13 offices working with more than 450 jurisdictions, GLI also serves as an independent consultant to governments on the development of rules and regulations and technical specifications relating to casino gaming. GLI also provides complete independent testing and certification services for all types of gaming systems and equipment, including gaming devices in casinos, protocol analysis and certification, amusement games, bingo and keno devices, progressive systems/signs, tote systems at pari-mutuel facilities, and many others. iTech Labs – Originally founded back in 2000, the company is dealing with testing online gambling systems. Their clients include some of the largest in the online gaming industry. Integrity, accountability and a commitment to protect player's interests are their guiding principles. iTech Labs consultants have tested and certified all types of games on a wide range of online gaming platforms during past 12+ years and the staff has been at the forefront of development of Australian Internet gaming standards, now used in various forms by regulators worldwide. Now let’s see a few questions and answers, so that all of you get the whole picture. Q: My casino is powered by one of the biggest gambling platforms, but did not list even a single certificate on its website. Is it safe to play there? A: Perhaps it could be a safe place after all, but more often the lack of any certificate for quality is simply a sign of future troubles and lots of nerves, when the withdrawal time has come! My experience with such type of casinos is categorical – less certificates always mean more trouble and vice versa, so take your notes folks! Usually, I always trust to online casinos, owing an eCOGRA or TST certificate and never have been disappointed so far. Q: My casino claims to owe one or few certificates and even listed them on its website, but none of the links work? Is it safe to play there? A: This is an old advertising trick, which unfortunately has spread widely across many online casinos recently. Although it might be just some kind of a mistake – perhaps the casino IT department has forgotten to make the rights links?! In such cases there’s only one solution. If you want to be sure that no one is playing you fool, than simply ask the support to send you a link, or an e-mail, which proves for the aforementioned certificates! If they send you the requested proves, that’s cool, if not – run from that casino as fast as you can! Q: Although my casino owes some quality certificates, I got a problem with it. Can I submit an official complaint to one or more of the organizations issued those certificates? A: Yes, you can! You have the right to bother the issuing organization about any matters, which you consider is not complying with the listed certificates. But let me tell you something straight! Dealing with this kind of serious organizations, like the aforementioned ones is not a joke at all, my dear friends! You are supposed to provide your complaint with very solid arguments and a complete discretion, otherwise you risk to be ignored from the very beginning! I have used this option only once a few years ago, when I submit a complaint to eCOGRA from a Microgaming powered casino, claiming its RNG (Random Number Generator) was faulty. Frankly speaking, I lost, although I was quite confident in my point of view (backed with some proofs, of course)! Simply the guys from eCOGRA literally smashed me down with real logs from the Microgaming servers, making me look like a fool! Anyway, if you think you are right, never surrender or give up! But you should also know when to say a simple “Sorry, guys, I was wrong!” APPENDIX A – List of current licensing jurisdictions Africa – Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania; Australia – Australia, New Zealand; Asia – Hong Kong (China), Macau (China), Maharashtra State (India), Hutt River Province, Nepal. Norfolk Island, Philippines, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Taiwan, Vanuatu, Vietnam; Caribbean – Antigua and Barbuda, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Curacao (Netherland Antilles), St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent, Virgin Islands Europe – Alderney, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Island, Ireland, Isle of Man, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK; Mediterranean - Cyprus, Israel; Americas – Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada, Kahnawake (Canada), some US States – New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, California, Louisiana, Washington, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil; APPENDIX B – List of current gambling watchdog organizations and labs eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance - eCOGRA Interactive Gaming Coucil - IGC The Gambling Commission Online Players Association Gambling Supervision Commission SafeBet The Offshore Gaming Association Gaming Laboratories International - GLI iTech Labs
  5. Hello for everyone! I try to figure out how many online casinos are in India, maybe someone can tell me number of them or give an official list of them (it'll be perfect) Thanks to everyone in advance for replies and helping!!
  6. Let's talk about slot tournaments, a whole different way to enjoy slots. I haven't tried one myself yet, but I've heard from friends that they can be a lot of fun. I'm curious about this topic. Have you ever given a slot tournament a shot? What's it like, and do you have any strategies or tips to share? I'd love to here your tips and stories so please comment down below !
  7. Hi everyone i'm from thailand and i play casino so many but i play on mobile to website betthing online and i want to know why i play and lost a bet always who have technique to play casino ? you can comment this Thank you
  8. Can I know Orion Stars is legit games? First time play through this site: Orion Stars winning good amount but I have am not sure this site is legit or not? If you have any idea then please share your idea here.
  9. Participate on our BIRTHDAY promo and win the prize on PRAGMATIC PLAY
  10. Ok guys , So its High Time this topic needed to come up recently I've been through a few stuff arounds in regards to payment methods : Far as I'm concerned if a place can take a payment using a method then they should be able to pay out to that method I've run into this issue thrice lately : latest round forced me to cashout to another method which was bollicks as the method I was basicly "forced" to use was useless to me and ended up having to deposit and wager it with another place just to get the money properly. I keep hearing this saying "a deposit will allways be refunded to the original deposit method" I've noticed that this applies sometimes but other times it doesn't apply like what happened to me recently at Joycasino and heads up askgamblers you need to update the reviews some of the information there is slightly inaccurate it stated that ecopayz was a withdrawal method and I turned up at the gate with no way out except neteller baby and you know how i feel about that option. Ok sure Joycasino was nice enough to dance and push things into Neteller but I can't figure why a place can take money using something and then cant pay out money to it my only thought is something is wrong with this picture : I even heard one say that there are legal guidelines to follow well I'm curious what the Malta / Curacao gaming laws state in regards to deposits and withdrawals . And also from a moralistic if not business point of view there should exist multiple ways I person can exit their money if they have been verified and payment method verified theres really no reason why they can't outside of holding up the process like stall tactics . One place even said I have to deposit a certain amount with neteller before I start exiting money using Ecopayz its like come on .... what is with all the bull guys need to be more flexible with the customer here come on .
  11. Ok, dear ladies and gents! I was always so curious what kind of a casino gambling platform other players actually prefer! So, finally got the courage to ask and now I am anxious to hear your opinions! But first, let me share my preferences! WIthout any doubt my number one is ... Microgaming! Actually, in the last couple of years I fell in such a deep love with MGS, that now it is a constant part of my uneasy naps! Although my biggest wins so far are not connected with Microgaming, this is the platform, which I respect and trust most! Why? - unbelievable diversity of games and slots; maybe half of the most popular slots last years are MGS, including but not limited to Thunderstruck II, Lord Of The RIngs, Immortal Romance and many many more! - when was the last time when you heard of a rogue casino, powered by Microgaming? - fair and honest odds, guaranteed by the most truthful certificates in the world of online gambling like eCOGRA for example! - top-notch security for your personal data and money, including 128 bit SSL and live chat with highest possible security standards! - one of the biggest available progressive jackpots in the industry nowadays! - super achievable bonuses, always cashable and with wagering requirements as low as only 30 times the value of the bonus! I am also a hge fan of Playtech (unfortunately only two casinos, powered by it accepts Bulgarians), Cryptologic (my biggest win so far was the Marvel Hero Jackpot, won while playing Fantastic Four slot with bet of only 0.25$ ) and Net ENtertainment (I can play Gonzo's Quest slot forever, I simply adore this game)! Now it is your turn, friends! Let's wag the dog!!!
  12. I always wanted to ask this,even so i talked to some of the live support agents from some of casinos,so wanted to ask what do you think of this problem.I had multiple accounts in some of the casinos,which i am not proud of it,but i see it as its not my mistake,actually that is innocent mistake and the reason was i didn even remembered that i had previously account at some of the casinos. What bothers me is 2 things,the first one,why they allow you to open 2 accounts,when we all know they track anything IP address,Mac address etc. and when i was asking the live support agents during the closure of my second account ,what happens next??If i make deposit and i win something will they guarantee me that i wont be banned,Yes,they were assuring me that i wont be having problems,just because the other account is closed,so should we trust them,when, i will say it again we all know their Terms for multiple accounts!!
  13. Salut à tous, Je suis nouveau ici et dans les casinos en ligne en général. Je suis tombé sur le forum pour savoir sur quel site vous allez pour jouer aux jeux de machines à sous, et pour la roulette ? Est-ce que vous avez un bon endroit pour le casino en direct aussi svp ? Merci ! Edit : Sorry i don't english because i'm bad
  14. I have been playing at Bitcoin casino for a while now and have had a decent experience. Today I made a small deposit to enjoy the casino and went straight to book of dead and after 3 spins realized balance was going down fast. I checked my bet and decided to lower the amount and realized it was the lowest amont. Inr 100 is minimum bet for me which is $1.4. Ridiculous for me. I then changed currency to USD and Eur and the minimum bet is $1 and €1. Chat said this decision is my casino and we can't do anything about it.
  15. Hallo Leute, ich wollte mal in die Runde fragen, was es so für gute Seiten für den Einstieg gibt. Also erst mal zur Übersicht, wenn man sich von verschiedenen Angeboten eine Meinung bilden möchte?
  16. Här kommer ett riktigt bra erbjudande om du registrerar dig som ny medlem hos Multilotto genom länken nedan. Det första är att du får 10 gratissnurr på spelet Golden Caravan bara för att du registrerat dig. Sen har jag fixat en riktigt bra deal nät du gör dina 4a första insättningar se nedan. 1a insättningen 300% extra cash + 100 gratissnurr (Book of Dead) upp delat i 10 dagar MIN INSÄTTNING: €20 MAX INSÄTTNING: €200 MAX BONUS VÄRDE: €600 2a insättningen 100% extra Cash + 100 gratissnurr (Book of Dead) upp delat i 10 dagar MIN INSÄTTNING: €20 MAX IMSÄTTNING: €500 MAX BONUS VÄRDE: €500 3e insättningen 50% extra cash MIN INSÄTTNING: €10 MAX INSÄTTNING: €500 MAX BONUS VÄRDE: €250 4e insättningen 50% extra cash MIN INSÄTTNING: €10 MAX INSÄTTNING: €500 MAX BONUS BÄRDE: €250 TOTALT VÄRDE: €1,600 Omsättningskravet hos Multilotto när man tar del av deras bonusar och gratissnurr är 32x. För att ta del av denna dealen registrera dig via länken: <SNIP>
  17. I played at Zinkra Casino wich is rather new belonging to Gammix. Everything worked smooth, made deposits and withdrawal of 1800 £ wich arrived in a couple of days. 24/11-2021 I made a withdrawal of 3300£ and they were very friendly by mail and told me account was verified 15/12-2021. The last thing they wanted was IBAN to finally pay out the withdrawal but now nothing happens. I have not used any bonuses and I have saved every chat conversation, proof of winning, their t&c, bet and win history and so on. If payment will not arrive soon and i have an apology for causing this much complication I will take this further with legal actions. What more can I do now? N
  18. The Ice Hockey World Championship has started, which means that the next two weeks promise to be hot. Activate the 50 percent bonus, support your favorites and enjoy the spectacular show! GET NOW For activation bonus: 1. Make a deposit from 15 EUR. 2. Provide 50HOCKEY to live chat. ZigZagSport terms apply to this offer.
  19. Heya! Well, since we already have Show time - let's see your winner screenshots! and 5 Scatters Topic I believe it is about time to create another one, also dedicated to huge winnings and call it 5 Wilds Topic. And so, feel free to post here all winning screenshots containing 5 wilds, no matter if the win is big or small.
  20. As I turn back in my memories, cannot remeber of having found a single place, where a regular gambler can actually find complete and consistent information on how exactly to defend his rights in any conflict with the online casino in which he/she plays! Everything I found was either too fragmented and unclear, or too short and concise! I am fully aware of the fact that such moments are extremely sensitive, but I also think that a player deserves the best! So I decided to sit down and share my personal experiences on the issue, moreover, unfortunately, in the recent months I had such battles on several occasions! And the most important is that I won every one of them! But how, you will maybe ask? Well, that's what we'll talk about in this practical guide! And so, sooner or later, everyone who practices online gambling reaches a certain point, when he/she considers that his/hers rights and interests are infringed upon by a casino! In no case is necessarily a casino, you have a problem to be some kind of “rogue” or “scam” – it is entirely possible to get into a conflict situation even with the best in the industry! So, what can be these bottlenecks about? Bonuses, promotions and everything connected with them, like wagering requirements, deadlines, eligibility, possible capabilities for cashing out, so called "bonus abuse" and others; Deposits and withdrawals and everything connected with them, like refusing or delaying payment of the amounts, timing, feasibility and others; Problems with the casino support; Problems with the casino software platform; Any other situations in which there is a disagreement between the casino, on the one hand and the client from the another. Well, let's imagine that unfortunately you find yourself in such a conflict situation! At such moments it is extremely important that you are fully aware with both rights and obligations, you have accepted voluntary, upon the registration on any online casino! So, you are completely sure that you have no guilt and believe that your casino concerns with you cheating! How to act to protect your rights? Try to remain calm and keep your mind cool no matter how much money, nerves and emotions are involved! If you can prevent yourself from being impulsive and from making thoughtless actions, I guarantee, you will win the battle in 90% of the cases! But if afford to be rude, disrespectful or even worse - to insult the representatives of the casino, which argue with, I'm afraid that your chances of success decrease dramatically! Every single word can and will be used against you, so very be carefully and think twice what and who you're talking! Again, do your best and behave yourself calm and with good manner to people on the other end - in most cases they are exposed to even more stress and tension by yourself! Do not rush to publicize the problem, no matter how serious the situation really is! All casinos are very sensitive on this matter and if you make them to understand that you are discreet and give them another chance to correct what you consider is unjust, I am convinced that your chances of success increase significantly! Moreover - in the majority of the cases in which you will rely on outside help, you will notice that maintaining confidentiality is an explicit condition to get such! Prior to interfere with anyone else in your problem, do try to resolve the case by your own! Try to get in touch with someone from the casino management team and explain everything clearly, accurately and honestly and if possible, support your thesis with all the proves you have like e-mails, chat transcriptions, bank statements, screenshots and etc. Try to show a strong and unshakable determination to seek for your rights – it will make the casino manager to take you seriously and do everything he can to solve the case! If you succeed – great, but if you do not - calm, the battle is just beginning! Here now is just the right time when you should seek for a help from outside! Generally you have two options - to contact any of the official organizations that deal with licensing and regulation of online casinos or ask for help from any of the numerous websites and portals, dedicated to online gambling. Please note the fact, that no matter of the options you choose, you will be asked to cooperate fully, honestly and fairly when presenting the facts and circumstances that led to this conflict, and to respect for confidentiality and discretion! Do not try to cheating by saving important facts or events - sooner or later everything becomes crystal clear and if it turns out that you were not honest and trustworthy in sharing the problem, I can say that the only loser will be you with one hundred percent certainty! I recommend that you first seek help from someone of the largest and most reputable websites and portals, dedicated to the lovers of online gambling! I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much the people there can help! A great example of such gaming portal is AskGamblers.com, offering to its members a unique complaint system, through which you are given the opportunity to resolve any kind of issues, by the mediation of the AskGamblers team completely for free! All you are required to do is to present your problem clearly, accurately and fairly and to read carefully the terms and conditions for publication of such a complaint! Typically, such complaints are resolved within a week or two, but may take longer, so be patient and let the people who deal with your case calmly to do their job! Be absolutely sure they will do everything that is possible to help and provided that it does not cost you a penny, I think it deserves respect! If, despite everything you've done so far, the problem is still on the table and you remain absolutely convinced that your position in this case is correct, then I'm afraid it's time to interfere with the heavy artillery! And these are just the official, in many cases even controlled by the government, organizations which issued the license, thanks to which, a casino, you have a problem with, is operating! Absolutely all online casinos have such a license! So what you need to do is look for which of them has issued the license, by which operates your casino. Usually this kind of information is marked visibly on the website of the casino and should not hinder you much finding it. So you found the name of the organization, it is time for the next step - contacting and filing a formal complaint! This is the most serious action you can take against a casino and, therefore, you are expected to approach with a maximum dose of integrity and responsibility when describing the details of your problem! Try to be short, clear and precise! Express clearly and unambiguously your claims, try not to make unnecessary emotional comments and in no case allow yourself to insult! If you have an opportunity to present evidence, than do it - saving any effort on your part of the job, reduces the chances of success, so do not be lazy at the very crucial moment! Do not give publicity to the fact that you filed a formal complaint, until the investigation has ended - otherwise you risk your complaint being terminated immediately! Be patient, because the official procedures take longer time to finish! It usually takes at least 6 to 8 weeks, but can last up to 6 months! I know it's awfully hard to wait for such a long time, but these are the rules of the game, so they must be observed! Here I will try to list some of the major players in the licensing market worldwide, as well as to provide you with their Internet addresses, where you can ask for assistance from them! Alderney Gambling Control Commission www.gamblingcontrol.org Antigua and Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming www.antiguagaming.gov.ag Costa Rica Commerce, Industry and Economy Ministry www.meic.go.cr Gibraltar Ministry of Finance Gambling Division http://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/remotegambling Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority www.lga.org.mt United Kingdom Gambling Commission www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk Isle of Man Gambling Supervision www.gov.im/gambling Cyprus Ministry of Finance www.mof.gov.cy Kahnawake Gaming Commission www.gamingcommission.ca Curacao Internet Gaming Association /Netherland Antilles/ www.ciga.an Panama Ministry of Economy and Finance www.mef.gob.pa/Portal/Dir-Junta.html Other useful links: Central Dispute System - for all players using Real Time Gaming software eCOGRA Dispute Form - for all players in any casino, certified by this organization Well, basically this is the most successful model, I have always tried to stick to when solving my casino problems and issues, no matter of the name and reputation of the casino! In fact, for all those nearly four years, in which I deal with online gambling, I have fought such battles only 9-10 times, but I am extremely proud of the fact that I have not lost any of them! Anyway, each case is different and has its own specifics, so a universal recipe for success is not yet invented! But I can help you with tips on how to choose an online casino so as to limit the unpleasant emotions to a bare minimum! Be brave but never unreasonable! And remember that here, in AskGamblers.com, you will always be able to find someone to help you! ValDes
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  24. So, Valdes started the original Favourite Casino Software Thread back in 2012 and now, due to some requests, we have an updated version. So it's time to place your votes again guys. Results of that thread were: 1st Place - Microgaming Joint 2nd Place - NetEnt and Playtech 3rd Place - Real Time Gaming A lot has changed since 2012 so here is the updated list. PICK YOUR TOP THREE If your favourite isn't in the list please select 'Others' and specify your answer in the post.
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