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Found 5 results

  1. I am fully disappointed and frustrated with this company They removed my winnings 464€ without acceptable reason I wins one bonus with rollover 150,00 and with maximum winnings limited in 100€ Then I done bets using the bonus (prove evidence here in attachments files) and ended the rollover with 119,56 as proved in this image of prove evidence Then, after this moment of rollover ended, all bets I done (thousands of bets for long days of last weeks) was done using deposit funds, bonus deposit funds (other bonus) and real money I then have now 522,56€. I asked a withdraw and when the finance team was remove that extra 19,56 (because with the bonus I wins 119,56 but the maximum is 100,00) then this team wrong and removed 464€ I am being stoled by Tipbet, I am fully disappointed and frustrated with it. I have all print screen of my thousands bets done for long days there. And the prove evidence of page bonus (prove evidence here in attachments files) proving they would must to remove only 19,56 I think they are promesing bonuses only for to lie, offers liers without to honour if the customer to win and end the hard rollover with some profit, only as strategy of marketing I think, then, Tipbet is scam company. I am unhappy with this and resolved to public for millions of peoples in all world here in this forum, as alert of scam company
  2. Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are all having a lucky day. I want to get feedback on the new live streaming of sports betting, namely a concept called BetStream. eSports is currently a huge industry that is going to break over $1B in value in 2017. Now what BetStream does is allow experienced handicappers to live stream their picks and build a following of less experienced bettors that watch them win. The experienced bettors are competing against each other for prestige on the global leader board and, of course, prizes such as cash and trips. The less experienced, new bettors, bet for points and once they get a certain amount they can become BetStreamers just like the people they were following before. When this happens they get access to many things like adding a subscribe/donate button to their feed and also are eligible to share in any profits from traffic they draw to their profiles. So it is really a great way to get into sports betting if you just want to get your feet wet and then get the rest of you in the water if it's warm enough. Check YouTube (Channel: BetStream) and Twitch (Channel: BetStream) if you have an account. Any feedback is welcome. Please subscribe if this is something you would like to participate in; we will guarantee a fixed amount of points for you to play with as a thank you for being there at the beginning. Check us out!
  3. Since this is the Ask Gamblers forum I wanted to share and advise fellow members of the community with an AMA (Ask Me Anything). My name is Jon Price and I run SIT Picks aka Sports Information Traders. Within the last few years I have gone more public with my wagers and bets. Being featured in Yahoo! Finance, Forbes Magazine, Inc., Ante Up, Cardplayer, Gambling911.com, and well the list goes on and on. I let other Covers forum members know about my bet prior to the big game and got a couple of thanks for the big win. I placed over a million dollars in bets on the Mayweather Pac-man fight. In September I correctly predicted during an interview with the Huffington Post that the Denver Broncos would win the super bowl and placed a big fat wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series in 2015. I've had big highs and big lows but my stable psychological state, great analytical research, and that gut feeling has helped propel me to be one of the all time greats. Today in my day to day I still wager on games and work on handicapping via my website you can see here. I developed a service to educate bettors about the long term outlook and to stop with all of these no good for nothing touts. I'm a black swan in a grey lake as I like to tell my peers. So ask away and I will be glad to share my knowledge with the community here.
  4. Join us now and get MEGA BONUS PACKAGE: 100% + 50% +75% BONUS + 10 Free Spins! See http://bit.ly/esb_ag_promotions for more info!
  5. Well, Well, Well - have you heard the news about Paddy Power Casino and Betfair? They have plans to merge and form one brand new company which will be named 'Paddy Power Betfair'. All the details can be found here but I'll give you a heads up too! They are only propsed plans at the moment and nothing has been set in stone yet but my guess is that if they are already putting this out there it's going to happen! The two casinos will become one massive casino with a combined business revenue of $1Billion!!!!! I don't play at Betfair Casino these days but Paddy Power is a fab casino so i'll be interested to see how the new Paddy Power Betfair will pan out!!
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