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  3. final stats for May at ST ALL total win type tourneys plus bonuys buys included. (staked $90,430, RTP 99.42%) excluding bonus buys (staked $51,680, RTP 106.31%) only bonus buys (staked $39,750, RTP 87.96%)
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  5. Great, these are really helpful thanks so much guys! Keep them coming. I'm going to see how I can arrange some more contests where you receive bonuses or AG Coins too
  6. If a casino does not have UKGC license they cannot accept UK players. Of course, there are rogue casinos that will still do this but you do so at own risk!
  7. Hey there! 1. Amazon doesn`t fit everything and you need something universal I think so 2. If you choose here it's better to Skrill of course 3. Any bonuses are always nice
  8. With approximately such a red face everyone who plays by using VPN is trying to write to support after
  9. 1. Amazon Vouchers are useless for me...I don't buy anything from Amazon at all...don't even know if there are restrictions or limitations for my country. 2. Skrill is absolutely the best option for me. Bank Wire Transfers from Askgamblers may be prohibited in my country, just as bank transfers from casinos are. 3. Other prizes like Bonus Money (credited into casinos that I am not restricted from)...could be bonus cash, AG Coins, or even n-deposit free spins. I'm not interested in any other kinds of prizes.
  10. Hey Sharon, Amazon is a big no for me as I cannot use it, country restriction. Skrill is just fine but no bank for me as the fees are crazy high as for the other prizes it's nice to see some credits in casinos, let's say with wagering but the max cash out should be at least 200€ or better with no maximum cashout, that would be lovely
  11. Hey guys! I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the following: 1. What you all think of Amazon Vouchers as prizes? 2. Do you like the current pattern of how AG award prizes i.e Skrill or Bank Transfer? 3. What other prizes would you like to see?
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum. Do you mean casinos that don't have a UK license and are accepting players illegally? Or have I misunderstood?
  13. Hello fellow forum members! I hope this post finds you well. I am player from the UK, and recently I've grown increasingly frustrated with the restrictions and limitations imposed on us due to the new gambling regulations. The spin time restrictions and other limitations have greatly diminished my enjoyment of online gambling. Therefore, I have decided to explore casinos outside of the UK that still accept UK players. I'm on the lookout for online casinos with a good reputation, where I can have a more liberating and enjoyable gaming experience. I would greatly appreciate your recomm
  14. Really sorry to disappoint you but if you think you are going to get back your lost money, trust me you wont. No matter how many lawsuits you file it wont affect any casino, open or closed. The moment you accept terms and conditions you have fallen into the trap.
  15. This sounds kind of familiar to be honest with you. I'm going to check this out! Thanks a lot!
  16. To be completely honest with you it's for tax purposes but also for myself to get an overview of all my losses at different casinos. I lost myself during those years There is a case where all these casinos operated illegaly in my country during those years and I might want to do something against that. So it might sound confusing but I have 3 reasons to find out who they are - not only for taxes as mentioned :s Problem is I don't have access to my yahoo anymore nor to my Skrill (they did provide me with my transaction details from my different accounts)
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