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Found 24 results

  1. Dangerous bandit Jesse James has planned another robbery. Activate 50 spins to help the sheriff save the citizens multipliers. ACTIVATE Activation Terms: 1. Make a deposit from 15 EUR. 2. Provide 50WEST in live chat.
  2. The most popular saloon of the wild west now has themed entertainment. Activate 100 spins spins, take out revolvers and shoot at moving symbols. The whole bank and whiskey will be in your hands if you hit the golden horseshoe! ACTIVATE How can I activate this offer? 1. Make a deposit from 20 EUR. 2. Provide 100SHOOT in live chat.
  3. Would you like your weekend to be funny and exciting? Use up to 40% bonus on your deposit and discover a lot of fascinating slots at ivicasino! Make your weekend pleasant and jolly! The minimal deposit to receive 20% Bonus is 30 EUR. In order to receive 20% Bonus write Promo Code "20JWEEKEND" on Live Chat. The minimal deposit to receive 40% Bonus is 100 EUR. In order to receive 40% Bonus write Promo Code "40JWEEKEND" on Live Chat. You can get one bonus for this promotion. The maximum amount of the bonus is 500 EUR. This promo is active on Saturday or Sunday.
  4. Enjoy our games with "WEEKEND RELOAD" from ZigZag777! Get up to 40% bonus on your deposits made on Saturday or Sunday and start winning! The minimal deposit to receive 20% Bonus is 30 EUR. In order to receive 20% Bonus write Promo Code "WEEK20ZIG" on Live Chat. The minimal deposit to receive 40% Bonus is 100 EUR. In order to receive 40% Bonus write Promo Code "WEEK40ZIG" on Live Chat. The 20-40% Bonuses will be credited on your deposits made on Saturday or Sunday. The maximum amount of the bonus is 1000 EUR.
  5. This company is a scam and does not pay, they stole me. They sent messages of makerting about offers and promotions, including by email, to players and do not honor. They are dishonest and do not pay. The support service plays with you, treats you like an idiot. In summary: it is a site that only wants to receive deposits and does not pay anyone the promotions offered The site sent an email to all users, promising a reload promotion, for all deposits made between 20 and 26 of February, up to 500 TL (80usd, 75eur) Below is a picture of the email they sent to users Day 21 I accessed my account. The promotion was there, needing a deposit to be activated, with the status: “No deposit made during the promotion period” I made my deposit, on day 21. Then, the status changed to "You can apply for the bonus now". The “REQUEST” icon appeared. I clicked and immediately the bonus amount was added to my balance and I was able to play with it I fulfilled the rollover, completely As the promotion was for all deposits between the 20th and the 26th, I thought about making a new deposit, to earn the bonus again I went to the “PROMOTIONS” section, and there was the promotion offer again. However, with the status: "Only one bonus allowed during a 72-hour break". Soon, I couldn't participate again That is, as I used it on day 21, I could only use it again on day 24 I waited 3 days. On day 25 I accessed the PROMOTIONS section, the offer was still there and now the status was also as on day 21: “No deposit made during the promotion period” Then, on the same day 25, I deposited 81.00, to win 80.00 bonus. After this deposit, status changed to "You can apply for the bonus now". The “REQUEST” icon appeared. I clicked, believing which a new bonus will to be added for me account Now that the problem had occurred: the REQUEST icon did not work now. When I clicked on it, the page updated, but returned to the same page, with the same REQUEST icon, that is, the bonus amount was not credited as it always was Below, the promotions screen, taken on February 25, when the system failed with the “Request” icon: A clear and obvious technical problem, a website failure, a problem for the IT team to solve Immediately, I contacted support. I explained what was going on. I informed them what the mistake was, for them to pass it on to the IT team to resolve. But that they would must to resolve quickly, because the next day (26) the promotion would end and leave all the PROMOTIONS page of my account, and the bonus "not requested by me" (due to website error, since the REQUEST icon did not work) would expire and disappear I was told to try to activate by another browser. I tried, it didn't work. I was told to wait, that they would contact the responsible sector. I waited all day 26 and nothing, no reply by email or message on the account. All day 27 passed, and nothing. And all next days I was ignored They could to have credited the 80.00 manually, very easy to solve The worst thing is to enter the chat and explain all of this above, for some patetic members of support service who don't seem to be even 7 years old, after all they don't understand anything that is explained to them, or if they are made of donkeys and are really dishonest I explained to about 5 different attendants and none of them knew anything about this promotion, on the contrary, they said it didn't exist. Such a thing is bullshit. Only Turkish support knows about the promotion, I try to talk to them and they send them to Portuguese support (because the Turkish translation is poorly done by the translation program) It is a ridiculous, bad support, bordering full and complete amateurism. Total nonsense. They are unable to understand what they read. I explained by showing screenshots of the promotions screen when the error happened, with the REQUEST button active (the only thing needed to have a bonus amount credited to the balance is to deposit and click on this REQUEST icon, which did not work this time) I also warned them to resolve until the 26th, otherwise the promotion would leave the page. I also said that this was what was going to happen: as I saw that they were trying to say that there was no promotion, that there was no mistake, that they were lying and that the IT team would not even try to solve it, they would only wait 1 day for promotion to end and they didn't need to have work I said that they would do this and it was said and done: the 26th passed, the promotion disappeared from my account as unsolicited, expired, and when I enter the chat now they say that there was no promotion or that I already requested (yes, I requested the 21st, but the promotion was on all deposits in this period as long as within 72 hours between one and the other) In resume: it is a dishonest company, made by dishonest thieves and with a support of idiots who behave like children of 7 years doing themselves who do not understand what the customer writes I recommend that no one create an account in this crappy, amateur and dishonest company, and don't even put a penny in it, otherwise they will be stolen. They robbed me of failing to credit my 80.00 bonus, imagine if it was a great value money
  6. Dear team AskG, good morning for all!I am writing for to try help on my issue case in Tipbet bookmakerFirstly, I let you to share and foward all my personal details and the present case for yours partners as too to MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)The issue:I participated of one promotion 15,00 freebetTerms and rules are in thousands sites on internet, searching by bonus code "EXTRA15"This promotion have a rollover of 10x 15,00, in other words, rollover of 150,00One big and hard rollover couting only multiple bets of 2 or more selections of 1,80 odd minimum eachI completed this requirements in full, as prove evidence of bets:https://i.imgur.com/Jk7cwbF.jpgAs stated in terms and rules, the maximum profit with this promotion is 100,00In image screenshot above with bonus details and bets settled using this bonus, I completed the rollover with one balance of 119,56 profitIn other words, with one extra 19,56 only about the maximum profitIn moment of rollover completed, I waited those 19,56 to be removed of my account as exist that limit. This not happenedI sent mail messages to support, reporting this and requesting a manual remove of those 19,56. This not happenedThen, I believed to can continue playing and using my account normally, depositing and making news bets on sports gamesI did it. I done deposits and thousands of others bets, as I too win new bonuses about my deposits during all that timeNo problem happened. Nothing of message from support Tipbet for long time, long days period. All was running fine and I depositing and playing, happyI some moment after days depositing and playing thousands bets, my balance was in 522,56I resolved to do withdraw of part of this amountFor my surprise, the Tipbet removed 464,00 of my account, manually. A absurd in my mindWhy didn't they removed that 19,56 in due moment after the rollover completed? Why to wait days, to wait customer to do deposits, to win new bonuses, to do thousands of other bets?This is a failure of support or of system. This wasn't my failure as customer, I advised about that 19,56 aditional on limitI cannot to be penalized for this. I am a honest customer and did all my part, playing, depositing, participating of offers sent to my email addressIt is inadmissible for an honest customer who trusted the site to put their money to be harmed by an internal site, support or system failure that did not automatically remove those extra 19.56 or even manually after being warned by meI ask for help from AskG team while expecting honesty and fair play from Tipbet staff, to return those 464,00 that have been removed, back to my account, for me to can continue playing on the site with this balance, which I have honestly earned by playing, depositing and participating in various promotions on the siteI hope everything was just a system inconvenience and can be fixed with the return of the value that was removed, 464.00. And I will be updating everyone here as soon as the case is solved by Tipbet. I want and need to believe that this is an honest company
  7. This is the worst casino and sportsbook site ever. He stole my winnings from me. They do not have money to pay players who make a profit. It's a deposit-only site, and never makes payments from those who need to withdraw. I would not recommend this site to anyone. Anyone who registers an account and places money on this site will only be able to lose. They are dishonest and use hidden and obscure terms and conditions to steal your money. Look for another site to play, a site that is honest. Never create an account or put money in Tipbet, or you will lose everything and you will have many headaches for this. Hello players friends, I am having difficulty solving a subject occurred on Tipbet.com website Below, I will tell you what happened, in detail and with printscreens that will facilitate understanding. With this, I humbly ask you to help us to get in touch with the staff of the site or its supervisors, with the intention of reaching an honest resolution to this I am an old site user, depositor and with thousands of bets made. I had never made a withdrawal before. However, recently I participated in a promotion where I would win a bonus and would have to meet the conditions of playing his value multiplied by 10. The maximum winnings after the rollover was 100.00. OK no problems So I started playing, I stayed days, weeks, months playing. Normally. Until I was able to fulfill the difficult and heavy rollover. My account balance was, now after the rollover ended, 119.56 (according to the print screen attached here, which shows the value after the rollover and below shows the bets made that fulfilled the rollover). In other words, the 100.00 of maximum gains + 19.56 extra that I left in the account without using it, because it was not mine and the site should remove at any time. This balance was now withdrawable money balance Perfectly, everything okay up here. I did not want to make the withdrawal of 100.00. The terms and conditions of the promotion or website did not report anything about this. I decided to continue playing on the site. Using those 100.00, using values deposited by me, using new bonuses offered by the site, using new deposit bonus, and all this mixed in a single balance, obviously I spent more days, weeks, playing, without asking for any retreat. By the time my balance was now at 522.56. So I decided to make a withdrawal of a small part of this amount But here the problem began. While I was happy to have had some profit after weeks of playing, I imagined that the site would only withdraw the additional extras 19,56, I was taken by surprise: the site removed 464.00 from my account! Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly and without speaking, nothing Immediately, I contacted the support to complain about this, reporting the error, to remove only the 19.56 and not 464.00. And the site claimed that the maximum earnings was 100.00 In other words, the site has the thought that all my thousands of bets was still with the bonus. The site disregards that I made deposits, won new bonuses, fulfilled the new rollovers of the new bonuses, I used therefore real money that were not bonuses, but only because all this mixed with those 100.00 coming from that bonus, the site is in the right to consider everything as arising from the bonus It's an absurd. They claim that the user would need to make the 100.00 withdrawal as soon as he rolled the rollover. Wait to receive the withdrawal. And re-deposit the 100.00 to continue playing. However, this does not follow an honest logic, this does not exist in any site. The user must withdraw a value, by obligation, having to stop playing on the site while waiting 1, 2 or 3 days to receive, and then re-deposit that. This is unacceptable. On the contrary, I liked the site and decided to continue playing on it, including depositing and making thousands of other bets, participating in new promotions! If there was really this obligation, after the rollover, to stop playing, withdraw the value 100.00 immediately, wait 1, 2 or 3 days to receive, and then re-deposit, to just now continue to play the account, they put this on the terms and conditions, expressly and clearly saying: after the rollover, stop playing, withdraw the 100.00, wait for payment, deposit again the 100.00 and start using your account again! Or that the site had contacted me by email to report this! But, no, none of this was on the terms and conditions, nor did anyone on the site contact me to warn about this, which made me continue to play on the site without making any withdrawals, make deposits, win new deposit bonuses, fulfill your rollovers normally , make everything real money cash withdrawable, so only after all this try to withdraw some part of the balance Attached, it follows the image of print screen that shows the moment that I finished the rollover: 119,56 = balance in account made with the bonus 150.00 = rollover required to comply with rollover 150.20 = the sum of the bets I made and rolled 0.20 = remaining value to end the rollover (negative because I did more than needed) Below, in Bonus Stake History, follow the bets that I made and that counted to fulfill rollover I humbly ask your help and respectfully ask for the understanding and fair play by the Tipbet team to return my balance of $ 464.00 to my account so that I can continue playing on the site or pay me this amount as withdrawal so that I re-deposit and continue playing because there was no reporting withdrawal obligation after rollover
  8. http://bit.ly/ag_kc_june_offers Is summer the season you love the most? Let’s celebrate the start of the best time of the year together with the finest online casino promotions! Grab the best deals, win extra cash and enjoy the holiday you always dreamed off. We’ve prepared a full month loaded with great DEPOSIT BONUSES, lots and lots of FREE SPINS, EXTRA CASHBACK DAYS and fun COMPETITIONS, where you can win a SMARTPHONE, CASH BONUS, VIP MEMBERSHIP and FREE SPINS! Summer is all about having fun so come and be jolly with Kajot Casino!
  9. Hi lovies, We have launched a new Facebook page for our nordic players and now we need som likes and followers. Check out the page for daily casino offers and news. < external link removed > Also check out our website < external link removed > Peace, love and more winnings
  10. Greetings everyone, For those of you looking to take advantage of a limited time offer, feel free to do so with this Valentine's Day Special. TO GET YOUR BONUS: 1. Go to CelticCasino.com and login. 2. Make a real money deposit for any amount. 3. Send an email to [email protected] with promo code CCLOVE17 in the subject line or contact live chat support. 4. The Celtic Casino cashier team will credit 110% more into your account paying up to €200. Best regards, Gabriel
  11. Kajot Casino is celebrating its 4th anniversary and this time we’re going to shake things up at http://bit.ly/ag_kajot_casino! We don’t expect any presents from you! We like to do things differently, so this time it’s us, who will be giving gifts to YOU! We’ve planned a celebration with special bonuses for every day between 9th and 12th December and THE BIG BIRTHDAY RAFFLE, where you can win a WELLNESS WEEKEND for 2 for 2 NIGHTS, a SAMSUNG 7" TABLET or a SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 SMARTPHONE! So let the party begin!
  12. Hey All, After a long week, we thought it would be nice to reward our players here at TradaCasino. That is why we are offering you; Not one. Not two. But THREE deposit match offers and some free spins on King of Slots to wash them down with! Hope you all have a great weekend! ​ Important Terms Max deposit €200, minimum €20 Wagering for deposit match bonuses is 25 x (deposit + bonus) Free spins will be added to King of Slots on Monday 27th June before 12:00 UK Time. Wagering for free spins is 35x any winnings Max bet during wagering period is €5 for all deposit methods excluding Neteller and Skrill Max bet during wagering period is €2 for Neteller and Skrill deposits. TradaCasino at their discretion will increase the maximum bet limit for Skrill or Neteller depositors. To request, please contact support via live chat or by email. Full terms and further details can be found on our Adventure Calendar
  13. Hi dear slot lovers! We are happy to start this new week with a special promotion for the one of you that never made their 1st deposit at SlotsMillion. Promotion: PAY DAY Duration: From 25/04/2016 to 28/04/2016 It's time to boost your Welcome Offer with our PAY DAY promotion*: If you make a first deposit between 50-99 EUR, it will trigger 30 free spins in 3 packages of 10 free spins delivered over the following 3 days; If you make a first deposit of 100 EUR or more, it will trigger 100 free spins in 4 packages of 25 free spins delivered over the following 4 days. The free spins will be playable on Starburst, Aloha, Lights and Piggy Riches. The free spins are granted the day after you made your deposit. *Only valid once per player. Only on your very first deposit. Can be cumulated with your Welcome Offer (if you are eligible for one). Hope you'll all take advantage of it See you on our casino!
  14. Hi everyone, i recently joined netbet for the promotional offer to get real madrid to qualify in the champions league. I placed a £10 bet on real madrid and they did qualify i am owed £100 from netbet (in bonuses) i have tried to call numerous times and been told to wait 48 hours leading upto yesterday, now its well over the waiting time im just unsure if i will even see my winnings. I wont be back to netbet, unless this problem is resolved. Everything is just so difficult with yhe website, any help is hugely appreciated Dale, Netbet-dalemcqueenie1
  15. Hello everybody, We´re running a great cashback promotion for Rival Games at SlotsMillion in which you can get up to 20% back on your total real money losses. Get involved today because the campaign runs only until Wednesday! TERMS OF THE OFFER The promotion is valid from 13/07/2015 to 15/07/2015 (23:59 CET) The cash back will be paid the following day at 10 AM CET The cash back amount is based on your real money losses: Losses between 20€ and 199€ = 10% Losses between 200€and 499€ = 15% Losses over 500€ = 20% All Rival Games are included except for the Jackpot slots SlotsMillion reserves the right to exclude any player at any time without giving any reason General terms and conditions apply For more information login to your SlotsMillion account or if you don´t have one yet, join us today and we´ll double your first deposit and throw in another 100 Free Spins also. Good luck! BR, SlotsMillion Team
  16. Hello lovely people, We have raised the stakes at SlotsMillion by releasing a new and improved Welcome Offer. Join today and we´ll double your first deposit (100% bonus) and throw in another 100 Free Spins as well! BR, SlotsMillion Team
  17. Hey Guys, So I have not one but two first deposit bonuses available exclusively for AskGamblers members to choose from, as per the below: 1. 150% up to €75 (bonus x 45) Bonus Code – AG150 2. 100% up to €100 (bonus x 35) Bonus Code – BETSPIN1 Kindly note, that the 150% offer is only available to new players who join Betspin through AskGamblers from the below markets: 1. Australia 2. Canada 3. Finland 4. Norway 5. Sweden 6. United Kingdom This offer is available until 23:59CET 31st July and you can join today by clicking HERE. Simply deposit €20 or more and the extra bonus funds will be instantly added. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties just give me a shout. Thanks and best of luck with your games. Cheers, Phil.
  18. Hey all you lovely people, This week you can get 100 Free Spins every day by playing 1000 rounds on any slot at SlotsMillion - simple as that! Login to your playing account already today because the offer ends on Sunday at midnight. TERMS OF THE OFFER The promotion is valid from 06/07/2015 until 12/07/2015 (23:59 CET). Play 1000 rounds and get a 100 free spins package on your account The maximum amount of free spins per player per day is 100 Only real money bets (minimum €/$0.20) will be taken into account for this promotion The rounds can be played in any of the slots available on SlotsMillion.com. Jackpot games are excluded from this promotion. The 100 free spins are available on a selected number of NetEnt™ games. The list of 45 games is available in the player’s Lobby. Wagering requirement for the promo is x35 Winnings generated with bonus money and converted to real money have a withdrawal limit of €/$2000 General terms and conditions apply Have a great week and good luck! BR, SlotsMillion team
  19. Happy Payday everyone! We have prepared a special promotion to celebrate the paycheck hitting your bank account! The campaign runs until Wednesday 1st of July (23:59CET). Deposit today at SlotsMillion and we will give you Free Spins according to your deposit: 50€ - 99€ = 30 Free Spins 100€ - 199€ = 60 Free Spins 200€ or more = 100 Free Spins Eligible games for Free Spins: Neon Staxx™, Stickers™, Dracula™, Spiñata Grande™, Jack and the Beanstalk™, Fruit Shop™ and Gonzo’s Quest™ Promotion terms: - Only one deposit in the promotional period - 30 Free Spins = 15+15 - 60 Free Spins = 20 + 20 + 20 - 100 Free Spins = 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 - Wagering requirement x 35 - Maximum real money gain 500€ per bonus BR, SlotsMillion team
  20. Hey there! New slots keep arriving at SlotsMillion - this time from iSoftBet™. We’ve prepared a fantastic promotion for you to start winning free bonus money when you play any iSoftBet™ games and complete the following goals: - Play a minimum of 100 rounds and receive €/$ 2. - Play 250 rounds and get €/$ 5 more. - Play 500 rounds and get €/$10 added on top. Start spinning now and win up to 17€/$ per day until the campaign ends on Thursday. Login to your SlotsMillion account to find more details about the campaign. WIN €/$30 EXTRA!!! Come every day of the campaign and play at least 250 rounds each day on iSoftBet™ games, €/$30 EXTRA will be granted into your account on June 12th at noon. BR, SlotsMillion team
  21. We´re not even half way through the week yet, but SlotsMillion is throwing Free Spins at you already! Below are the amounts of free spins you are just about to get - it only depends on how much you want to put in your casino pocket. - A minimum deposit of €20 will grant you 10 + 10 free spins packages - Deposit €50 - 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 free spins packages - Deposit €100 and grab 20 + 20 + 20 free spins packages - For a deposit of €200 or more, you will get 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 free spins packages. A total of 100 free spins to enjoy in 4 consecutive days! The first package of free spins will be granted right after the deposit. The remaining packages will land in player's lobby on the following days at 10 AM. - The promotion is valid from 27/05/2015 to 28/05/2015 - The free spins packages will be available in your lobby for only 24hrs. Once claimed,the player has one day to play them. - The wagering requirement is 35x - The withdrawal limit is €500 - General terms and conditions apply For more details sign in to your account at SlotsMillion and let the good times roll! BR, SlotsMillion team
  22. Knives out! It is not a time to hesitate. For a limited time only you can take advantage of the sharpest offer at SlotsMillion. Try the new slot Psycho and combine it with the Signup bonus to maximise the value. - Try Psycho slot and get 27€ per day - 100% Deposit Bonus and 40 Free Spins Hurry, this offer lasts only until Friday! BR, Slotsmillion Team
  23. The first time i read the Promotion in my newsletter "BIG BANG 2015" i thought the Big bang theory TV series have come together with Vegas Mobile Casino for this new offer. 90 daily winner sounds interesting. Total of £400! Any strategy to win such bonuses? Any experience players would like to share their experiences & strategies?? Why do most of the offers are always from Monday to Thursday? Do they think we all are not free on Weekends? LOL I wish we could get to play games with similar themes with characters like sheldon cooper, leonard, Howard, & penny! Found this Images on Vegas mobile casino's FB page:
  24. Start your weekend off in the right way at Casino Discover with this amazing weekend offer: Receive a Bonus of 20% with your first deposit Receive a Bonus of 25% with your second deposit Receive a Bonus of 30% with your third deposit. Simply claim "Triple" in Live Help. Maximum bonus £40 for each bonus round. Valid from Friday to Sunday.
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