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  1. Hello, my dear forum gang! I know I wasn't that active around during the last year or so, but hey, I still feel you guys as my beloved forum friends! Unfortunately, tomorrow is the day when Guru's amazing journey with AskGamblers is coming to an end. After 11 and a half years, I decided it was about time for me to try something new and chase further professional adventures somewhere else. Luckily, I'm leaving you in Sharon's good hands and I'm totally convinced she will continue to take care of you even better than I did so far. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor being your forum administrator and trying to help with my best powers to so many players over all these years! Sometimes I managed, sometimes I failed, but God is my witness, I never spared time, effort, and sweat! Wish you all the best! PS. For those willing to get in touch with me, pls contact Sharon and she will take care.
  2. Hey everyone! Loooong time since my last post on this particular thread. But yeah, I'm lurking around whenever I find a spare moment... this topic being my absolute top of course! A really cool one from this Feb. Some of you might remember I had that love-hate relationship with AvatarUX slots... Well, it still goes on!
  3. Hello everyone Hope you are doing great! @Afi4wins, @Fiekie247, @Flatzem, @Blackjax Not sure if you guys receive mail notifications (afraid that the forum onsite notifications issue is not fixed yet ) so pls check your forum PM inbox. Thank you! Have a great week everyone!
  4. Busted! Afraid, there's nothing new or exciting to announce thou... Just lurking around the forum in a rare moment of 30mins free time yesterday Hope you are ALL doing great! Have a wonderful summer ahead!
  5. Hello there and welcome to the AskGamblers Forum Hmm, no license seal/logo on both websites... Which automatically constitutes them as shady as it gets. I'd steer clear.
  6. In the name of all fairness, All admins but one... me...
  7. Right, I get it now... However, still believe it would be great to have all your mega hits posted here as well after the contest's end.
  8. Hmm, so sad to see my all-time favorite forum topic so shy of new mega hits lately.
  9. Honestly, I think you are already way beyond that and IMHO (and as our beloved @Afi4winssuggested above), you must act immediately to put your gambling back into control. Please take a look below: AG RG Page SOS, I am addicted to gambling - what to do?
  10. That's more like it, you know, the real IDS game engine... Was pretty stunned seeing your quite amazing graph at first cause it's truly abnormal but then this post... lol
  11. ... Plus some more afterwards!
  12. Hey there @Nawaso and welcome to the AskGamblers Forum Well, depends on the casino license... The stricter the license, the bigger the SOW fuss. And vise versa, the more liberal the license, the less stricter SOW procedures, is any at all. More details will be needed in order to provide adequate assistance thou.
  13. Hey there @Robert_winner and welcome to the AskGamblers Forum. Is that your own withdrawal history from that casino or a combined one for all their players on a weekly basis?
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