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  1. Bragg slots are also available on a platform called Oryx and Atomic lab.
  2. Thanks for telling in advance. So Winscore, betssen and Vbet casino has Bragg slots. Lets go.
  3. Bragg sounds like a new provider. Will have to check out these guys.
  4. @cocopop3011 last Saturday you dropped hints about Airdice contest. It's Saturday again so can you please drop hints about next weeks contest too? Oh pretty please with sugar on top.
  5. @Maiwen when did you review these slots? This month or in the past?
  6. We have more contests coming in next few weeks. I can't make huge deposits for every contest. Most of us are on a budget.
  7. @Icy will you be joining the comp or are you saving funds for the next 5 contests?
  8. I took part in Airdice contest https://forum.askgamblers.com/topic/17180-air-dice-tournament-win-a-share-of-€1000/?do=findComment&comment=173645
  9. Looks like casinos already know that AG is organising contests so they are sending me bonus offers.
  10. I had saved $175 after the win to save it for next competition. Had a small ick last night and I am $80 down.
  11. I made this strategy not to win big but to get my initial money back. It was a strategy where most of the time I was getting my ticket money back. I would hit 3/3 and 4/4 many times but that is little money.
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