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Found 13 results

  1. I am happy to start this thread about slot tournaments! I hope there will be many players interested in this thread ! Enjoy .. King Neptunes Casino Slot Tournaments You need to download King Neptunes Casino software and register your account. You can visit King Neptunes via askgamblers link http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/king-neptunes-casino-review-r73 Immortal Romance Tournament 500 € Free Entry Tournament Info Multi Player Weekly Tournament 7 Day Free Roll 20 Free Continue Plays, No Rebuys Number of Rounds 1 Min.number of players / 50 Max.number of players / 9999 Starting coins / 120000 Continue Coins / 120000 Play Time / 3 Minutes Min.Bet / 30 Max.Bet / 300 Prize of € 500 split amongst Top 50 30 Coins,5 Reels, 243 Ways, Bonus,Free Spins You can play this tournament at Gaming Club Casino River Belle Casino Lucky Nugget Casino Jackpot City Casino Casino Epoca as well !
  2. Carnival is the main Brazilian holiday, where there are no guests, but everyone is the owner. Activate 50 spins on deposit and collect three bright masks to please yourself with multipliers. ACTIVATE How can I participate in this promotion? Please provide 50RIO code to live chat after making a deposit from 20 EUR. General Terms apply to this bonus offer.
  3. The most prestigious Dota 2 tournament is about to start! The best teams of the season will compete for the title of champion. Activate the 40 percent bonus and enjoy the fight for 40 million USD. PLAY NOW How to activate it? 1. Make a deposit from 20 EUR. 2. Provide DOTA2021 in live chat.
  4. The Ice Hockey World Championship has started, which means that the next two weeks promise to be hot. Activate the 50 percent bonus, support your favorites and enjoy the spectacular show! GET NOW For activation bonus: 1. Make a deposit from 15 EUR. 2. Provide 50HOCKEY to live chat. ZigZagSport terms apply to this offer.
  5. Casino Tournaments are events in which registered players wager real money on eligible games in hopes of winning the tournament prize or the biggest share of the prize pool.BetChain brings you some of the best Casino Tournaments out there with prize pools of up to €500 and 4000 Free Spins - this is one you can’t miss.Come get stuck in today! https://betchainmedia.com/a3b93cb97
  6. With all your bonuses in hand - head over to our tournaments and stand a chance to win even more! There is a prize pool of up to €500 or 4,000 FREE SPINS so get your game on - its time to win Head over to BetChain and take part today! https://betchainmedia.com/a3b93cb97
  7. Hi all So, I have some more news to announce regarding SlotsFighter which most of you will already be familiar with. We've now partnered up with them and will be bringing more exciting tournaments over the coming months. If you're interested just follow this topic as I'll be updating it accordingly with all the exciting updates. You can read more about the partnership here.
  8. Do you still remember our revolutionary Build Your Own Bonus feature? Well, we at Oshi.io are always trying to bring you the best and unique features and do things differently. On the other hand we want to hear you out, our customers. So when you were asking for tournaments we brought you tournaments! But we did it differently. We all hate wagering tournaments where you can only win if you are willing to spend a fortune. That's why our new weekly tournaments are unique and there are based on your win-ration! The Oshi Tournaments are exciting slot and blackjack competitions. The goal is to win as many points within a certain amount of time. Player with the most points at the end wins. All points are given on how much you win relative to your bet size. I.e. : You Bet 1mBTC, win 1000mBTC, Player2: Bets 1000mBTC, wins 3000mBTC. You have a bigger win as compared to your bet, you're the winner! There is a new round every week starting on Monday! Key features: 7 days lasting Prize pool of 200-500€ every week Up to 20 winners No wager cash prizes NOT a wagering tournament Your luck is the only thing that matters It's also important to say that this topic is not just an ad. I belive it's a great place to get feed back and your opinion on this and tournaments in general, as well as discuss about all of this stuff. For example - we are considering very short (just a few hours) long tournaments, maybe even combined with some kind of tournaments spree. What do you think about it? Anyway, you are of course welcome to try our tournaments or at least take a closer look and let us and the others know what do you think about it. Don't forget that there is a new round starting just in an hour. Cheers, Your OshiHugo
  9. Hey Askgamblers here is my idea of free roll tournaments as we mentioned few days ago,here is something i have come up with and any other more innovative idea is more then welcomed. First we have to vote on what game the tourney would be or maybe admins could decide that. I would like for the tournaments to take place on weekly base and Sunday would work great for any of us(hope everyone will agree) so because its on weekly base we have 4 resets of play ,that way we have possibility to save the best score and the best players score will win the first reward. The rules needs to be simple, anyone who wants to take part in Askgamblers tournaments -entry free -entry open to all Askgamblers members -have at least 100 or 200 posts (admins will decide). -must have an account at casino which Askgamblers will decide or open one so the prize could be claimed -must have made at least one deposit in that casino for the month we are playing 1st place 25$ (25$ free chip in casino) 2nd place 50 free spins (no wagering would be lovely jubbly ) 3rd place 25 free spins 4th place 15 free spins 5th place 10 free spins 6th-15th place 5 free spins buuut if the interest of tournaments would grow,then Askgamblers team needs to workout on doubling the prizes or at least give more free spins
  10. This thread is for anyone either new to the game or if like me have been playing for a few years and just thought it was only a phrase to make it more interesting/in depth onpokershows/videos. Pot odds are what makes a hand worth playing or not. Is it worth entering this pot with this size to call and this much to win? I played with pot odds primarily last night and ran quite deep in the tournaments. Although I did not win any cash(just due to bad luck and sucky hands) I am definitely going to always use pot odds from now onwards! So here is an example say you have 6000chips it's your call on the button and the blinds are 75/150 there are a few callers nobody raised and the pot stands at 750. You have say 78 off if you call you are getting 5/1 pot odds so you should definitely call making it 6/1. For another example say you have 10000 hold J10 of diamonds the short stack goes all in everyone folds and the call is 1000 for you in the big blind. (Blinds are at 500/1000 he went all in for 2000) you are getting 2/1 with a decent enough hand to call this hopefully win the hand and improve your stack. Take these examples and use them wiselypokeris entirely situational. If the short stack is a tight player and you are in middle position with KK you should never just call you should probably at least reraise x3 their bet or go all in. To avoid it being tempting to other players. If your hand is not good enough to be beating much like Q5 I'd just fold that. Why re-raise and face another all in from the button? Then you need to fold anyway. My final example is the most important say you have K10 in a late position it's action galore in front of you although you are short. What is it even beating that has raised behind? Now with pot odds in mind unless you are getting at least 2/1 to call and it's not for more than half your stack it's a fold even with 2/1 pay attention to your opponents. How many hands are they playing? What hands are they raising? Do they check raise? are they aggressive? etc. So the call comes to you blinds are 300/600 and it's 1800 to call with a pot size of 2700 you have say 3100chips this is easily a fold. Unless your hand is at least QQ or AK suited. As 1800 only goes into 2700 once for it to be a profitable call it should be at least a 3600+ pot. If you hold a monster in this spot I.E QQ or better go all in. Just thought I'd share more stuff I've learned by using pot odds you have an even better edge against newbies and donks. Enter less pots recklessly and lose less chips extend your tournament life and hopefully place or even better take it down! Last thing remember just because everyone just called this doesn't mean they don't have a big hand like AK or better. Only call when you get the right price to if you have a "plan" or a good hand at least 45,67,89,910 and for suited at least Jx,Qx,Kx and so on. Why enter a pot with a hand that has no kind of potential to win??
  11. We all know who the King of Tournaments is here! For all the newer members reading this - he is called Afi! And I'm expecting a lot of input from him here! I was just wondering what everyone actually thinks of tournaments here...do you love them or do you hate them? I'm actually undecided .... Any Input here would be much appreciated. Do you play tournaments? If so, which ones? Do you pay buy in fees or just play the free ones? Have you ever won from them? I'm definitely an inexperienced player when it comes to tournaments...so I'm looking for lots of hints, tips and advice please! Please also take part in my mini poll I've included above
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