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  1. I have already waited as long as possible, all the deadlines requested and estimated by RABONA. I'm tired of waiting. My only choice was to resort to an external complaint here.My account is 100% verified (photo document front and back + photo of my face + utility bill address + photo selfie holding my document in hands with page Rabona being displayed in back + full history transactions of my bank account in last 2 months). All sent, all accepted and verified.I have requested withdrawal. I sent 3 mail messages during this last 7 days, they never replied 1 of this, never, nothing. The chat support service too does not solve anything, only say custom replies, copied and pasted as robots, saying for to wait, wait, wait, with this the days are passingI'm starting to have doubts if this is an honest site or a scam, if they really have the money to pay anyone who makes even a small profit like me, if it's a site that just wants to receive money and deposits, a site that doesn't pay anyone This is, WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, the worst website that can exist. They just try to buy time, make customers cancel withdrawals, play until they lose, so they never have to make a withdrawal payment.This is total nonsense! I deposited there on April 19th, my first withdrawal was on the 20th. Today is the 30th and nothing happened, I wasn't paid, I didn't receive a response to any of the several email messages I sent in those days. And the initial deadline was 3 days to receive! There are already 10!They ask for information to verify the account far beyond what is necessary, it takes them 3 days to order a new thing (or the same thing they already ordered), they don't work Saturday and Sunday, in other words, a typical attitude for time to pass and the customer to give up , lose the money, not withdraw anythingFirst they asked for a photo and the front of the document, and a photo of their face taken live with their cell phone. I sent it, it was acceptedThen they asked for proof of address. I sent. It was acceptedThen they asked for a selfie with the document in hand and the Rabona website open in the background of the photo. I sent. It was acceptedThen they asked for the transaction history of my bank account (which I used to deposit into my Rabona account), they asked for the last 30 days (from March 19th to April 19th, which was the day of my deposit). I sent EVERYTHING from my bank account, from March and April, everything, every pdf generated by my bank's app for these 2 months, including showing ALL TRANSACTIONS without omitting anything, my balance, my statement, I went to an ATM and also withdrew the printed paper of my statement to send them a photo of everything from March and April. I sent. It was acceptedThey then asked for information about what was a deposit into my bank account immediately prior to the deposit at Rabona, of the same amount. I explained that it was a cash deposit that I made personally and directly into my bank account (I took a photo of the paper of this receipt, as well as several other proofs of deposits that I personally made into my bank account). I sent it, it was acceptedIn other words, they ask for things from times when the customer wasn't even a customer of the site. They keep looking for something to have a reason not to pay the user or to waste time, save time, make the customer give up and cancel withdrawals, play and lose. This is absurd! Forcing the player to show transactions from months ago when the person didn't even play on the website, and showing transactions that he made until after the deposit he made on the website, this doesn't make any sense, it just shows that they want to make time passIf the problem is with a payment provider and you are unable to make payment by international bank transfer, be honest and tell me, and I can send you the address of my Bitcoin wallet, if it is easier for you (I saw in other complaints here that you this way they solved other players' problems)In the chat they don't respond at all, sometimes they close the chat without typing a single word. Emails do not respond. When they respond in the chat, they are ready, standardized responses, like robots, apologizing for the delay and saying "everything is ok with your account and your payment, tomorrow you will receive it, wait", the next day the same thing, "wait," " wait", "wait", "tomorrow", "tomorrow", "tomorrow". And nothing happens!3 days ago one of the people in the chat apologized, saying that they were wrong, for the delay, that they were experiencing difficulties, confessing the error, asking me to wait because I would definitely receive it on Monday (which was yesterday) My payment was already in the final phase. That they recognized their mistake, that I was right, that they understood my frustration and sadness, that nothing they said would make their mistake not happen, they asked me for confidence. I accept, I hope. It arrives on Monday and I don't receive it. It was just lies, to buy time, to make time passThey need to understand that players also have their responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. If they create an online gaming company, they must know that players will lose but also some will win and need to be paidWorse than the feeling of depositing, playing and losing, is depositing, playing and not receiving what you won. This is a total lack of respect for the customer and fair play! It's dishonesty, it's theft!I am willing to give my Rabona account password and bank account password temporarily to any AskGamblers administrator, and provide any of the files and photos I have uploaded to Rabona, in order to show that everything is correct and only the Rabona is not fulfilling its role as an honest gambling company!I want them to pay me the 3 pending withdrawals and my entire current account balance. Everything, without exception. In my bank account or, if they prefer, in my Bitcoin wallet. I'm tired of waiting, I can't wait any longer. I want my money!
  2. Hi to all you bingo lovers, I've actually never ventured to this section of AG and I don't know why because my gambling actually started with online bingo and even though I don't play it much now as slots have seemed to overtake my life I'll always have a love for the game and have actually been having a few games here and there lately. So I just wanted to introduce myself to any fans of bingo and if you would like me to bring this part of gambling back to life then please feel free to let me know and I'll post bonuses/no deposit bonuses as and when I can.
  3. Hi there A simple question for all of you - what deposit method do you prefer and use mostly? Why? I've noticed in some meetings and conversations with casino representatives, that they would like to know what's most common or favorite deposit method our players are using... so, your turn I'm listening!
  4. The most popular saloon of the wild west now has themed entertainment. Activate 100 spins spins, take out revolvers and shoot at moving symbols. The whole bank and whiskey will be in your hands if you hit the golden horseshoe! ACTIVATE How can I activate this offer? 1. Make a deposit from 20 EUR. 2. Provide 100SHOOT in live chat.
  5. Weekend is a great chance to get an additional bonus up to 40% and play the best slots. Use your weekend deposit bonuses to upgrade your winnings by 40% at EgoCasino!
  6. Would you like your weekend to be funny and exciting? Use up to 40% bonus on your deposit and discover a lot of fascinating slots at ivicasino! Make your weekend pleasant and jolly! The minimal deposit to receive 20% Bonus is 30 EUR. In order to receive 20% Bonus write Promo Code "20JWEEKEND" on Live Chat. The minimal deposit to receive 40% Bonus is 100 EUR. In order to receive 40% Bonus write Promo Code "40JWEEKEND" on Live Chat. You can get one bonus for this promotion. The maximum amount of the bonus is 500 EUR. This promo is active on Saturday or Sunday.
  7. 25th February 2021 Get yourself a wonderful 25% EXTRA CASHBACK BONUS and have a blast! Deposit ANY CASH amount on 25th February and spinn the reels of any Kajot slots. The day after (26th February) we will credit you the EXTRA CASHBACK BONUS! Have fun and GOOD luck!
  8. What's up everybody! BetChain is back with even more - lets get stuck in. Come place your first deposit and claim your 100% First Deposit Bonus!! To make it even better, we will throw in an extra 200 Free Spins! What are you waiting for? https://betchainmedia.com/a3b93cb97
  9. Hi everyone, before I forget I wanted to start this new topic here. Did you saw some nice reload or already used it ? Do you have suggestion for highly rated and reputable casino ? Please, share bonus promos here. Good Luck!
  10. This company is a scam and does not pay, they stole me. They sent messages of makerting about offers and promotions, including by email, to players and do not honor. They are dishonest and do not pay. The support service plays with you, treats you like an idiot. In summary: it is a site that only wants to receive deposits and does not pay anyone the promotions offered The site sent an email to all users, promising a reload promotion, for all deposits made between 20 and 26 of February, up to 500 TL (80usd, 75eur) Below is a picture of the email they sent to users Day 21 I accessed my account. The promotion was there, needing a deposit to be activated, with the status: “No deposit made during the promotion period” I made my deposit, on day 21. Then, the status changed to "You can apply for the bonus now". The “REQUEST” icon appeared. I clicked and immediately the bonus amount was added to my balance and I was able to play with it I fulfilled the rollover, completely As the promotion was for all deposits between the 20th and the 26th, I thought about making a new deposit, to earn the bonus again I went to the “PROMOTIONS” section, and there was the promotion offer again. However, with the status: "Only one bonus allowed during a 72-hour break". Soon, I couldn't participate again That is, as I used it on day 21, I could only use it again on day 24 I waited 3 days. On day 25 I accessed the PROMOTIONS section, the offer was still there and now the status was also as on day 21: “No deposit made during the promotion period” Then, on the same day 25, I deposited 81.00, to win 80.00 bonus. After this deposit, status changed to "You can apply for the bonus now". The “REQUEST” icon appeared. I clicked, believing which a new bonus will to be added for me account Now that the problem had occurred: the REQUEST icon did not work now. When I clicked on it, the page updated, but returned to the same page, with the same REQUEST icon, that is, the bonus amount was not credited as it always was Below, the promotions screen, taken on February 25, when the system failed with the “Request” icon: A clear and obvious technical problem, a website failure, a problem for the IT team to solve Immediately, I contacted support. I explained what was going on. I informed them what the mistake was, for them to pass it on to the IT team to resolve. But that they would must to resolve quickly, because the next day (26) the promotion would end and leave all the PROMOTIONS page of my account, and the bonus "not requested by me" (due to website error, since the REQUEST icon did not work) would expire and disappear I was told to try to activate by another browser. I tried, it didn't work. I was told to wait, that they would contact the responsible sector. I waited all day 26 and nothing, no reply by email or message on the account. All day 27 passed, and nothing. And all next days I was ignored They could to have credited the 80.00 manually, very easy to solve The worst thing is to enter the chat and explain all of this above, for some patetic members of support service who don't seem to be even 7 years old, after all they don't understand anything that is explained to them, or if they are made of donkeys and are really dishonest I explained to about 5 different attendants and none of them knew anything about this promotion, on the contrary, they said it didn't exist. Such a thing is bullshit. Only Turkish support knows about the promotion, I try to talk to them and they send them to Portuguese support (because the Turkish translation is poorly done by the translation program) It is a ridiculous, bad support, bordering full and complete amateurism. Total nonsense. They are unable to understand what they read. I explained by showing screenshots of the promotions screen when the error happened, with the REQUEST button active (the only thing needed to have a bonus amount credited to the balance is to deposit and click on this REQUEST icon, which did not work this time) I also warned them to resolve until the 26th, otherwise the promotion would leave the page. I also said that this was what was going to happen: as I saw that they were trying to say that there was no promotion, that there was no mistake, that they were lying and that the IT team would not even try to solve it, they would only wait 1 day for promotion to end and they didn't need to have work I said that they would do this and it was said and done: the 26th passed, the promotion disappeared from my account as unsolicited, expired, and when I enter the chat now they say that there was no promotion or that I already requested (yes, I requested the 21st, but the promotion was on all deposits in this period as long as within 72 hours between one and the other) In resume: it is a dishonest company, made by dishonest thieves and with a support of idiots who behave like children of 7 years doing themselves who do not understand what the customer writes I recommend that no one create an account in this crappy, amateur and dishonest company, and don't even put a penny in it, otherwise they will be stolen. They robbed me of failing to credit my 80.00 bonus, imagine if it was a great value money
  11. I just want to ask if anyone here ..experince that u cant withdraw youre money i use visa for deposit and until now i cant withdraw my money they say they need to wait for theere team email Theres anyone experience this in bitstarz hope anyone can enligthen me i use real cash to deposit
  12. Dear team AskG, good morning for all!I am writing for to try help on my issue case in Tipbet bookmakerFirstly, I let you to share and foward all my personal details and the present case for yours partners as too to MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)The issue:I participated of one promotion 15,00 freebetTerms and rules are in thousands sites on internet, searching by bonus code "EXTRA15"This promotion have a rollover of 10x 15,00, in other words, rollover of 150,00One big and hard rollover couting only multiple bets of 2 or more selections of 1,80 odd minimum eachI completed this requirements in full, as prove evidence of bets:https://i.imgur.com/Jk7cwbF.jpgAs stated in terms and rules, the maximum profit with this promotion is 100,00In image screenshot above with bonus details and bets settled using this bonus, I completed the rollover with one balance of 119,56 profitIn other words, with one extra 19,56 only about the maximum profitIn moment of rollover completed, I waited those 19,56 to be removed of my account as exist that limit. This not happenedI sent mail messages to support, reporting this and requesting a manual remove of those 19,56. This not happenedThen, I believed to can continue playing and using my account normally, depositing and making news bets on sports gamesI did it. I done deposits and thousands of others bets, as I too win new bonuses about my deposits during all that timeNo problem happened. Nothing of message from support Tipbet for long time, long days period. All was running fine and I depositing and playing, happyI some moment after days depositing and playing thousands bets, my balance was in 522,56I resolved to do withdraw of part of this amountFor my surprise, the Tipbet removed 464,00 of my account, manually. A absurd in my mindWhy didn't they removed that 19,56 in due moment after the rollover completed? Why to wait days, to wait customer to do deposits, to win new bonuses, to do thousands of other bets?This is a failure of support or of system. This wasn't my failure as customer, I advised about that 19,56 aditional on limitI cannot to be penalized for this. I am a honest customer and did all my part, playing, depositing, participating of offers sent to my email addressIt is inadmissible for an honest customer who trusted the site to put their money to be harmed by an internal site, support or system failure that did not automatically remove those extra 19.56 or even manually after being warned by meI ask for help from AskG team while expecting honesty and fair play from Tipbet staff, to return those 464,00 that have been removed, back to my account, for me to can continue playing on the site with this balance, which I have honestly earned by playing, depositing and participating in various promotions on the siteI hope everything was just a system inconvenience and can be fixed with the return of the value that was removed, 464.00. And I will be updating everyone here as soon as the case is solved by Tipbet. I want and need to believe that this is an honest company
  13. Lucky casino offers a 100% deposit bonus plus 50 free spins on the game Jungle Spirit for only a deposit of €20 and higher. I recommend to claim the minimum deposit required because the wagering requirement is deposit + bonus. Please be advised that the free spins have to be played first in order to start the wagering. I believe this offer is avaliable for existing members only.
  14. Hi everyone, I came across another great news and it is related to William Hill Casino. Here is the deal .. William Hill signed another agreement with Mastercard which will allow them to offer never seen before pre paid MasterCard for their casino members. The news was announced on 24 june 2015. This will be Priority Access Card and this unique pre paid card will give instant access to the customers to their William Hill casino funds and makes them instantly usable. This idea already won the prize for Innovation of the Year at the eGaming review marketing and Innovation awards , the previous week. The thought behind this implementation is to help players stacked waiting three to five working days before being able to spend their winnings. William Hill recognized this problem and decided to sort it out. One lucky VIP player already won this prize and will be the first one to receive his pre paid MasterCard. In the following weeks this story should go live and players will have the pleasure to access their fund the seconds after the bet has been settled. Another 100.000 frequent playes can expect to receive the card before the start of the football domestic season.. Congrats William Hill!
  15. Guys, I have a super exciting contest for you all and it's EXCLUSIVE to our site. We've teamed up with Royal Panda Casino and by the end of November one guaranteed member from AskGamblers will either win a brand new PS4 with a Playstation VR or instead you can choose an 800 EUR cash prize! What do I have to do? So you'll need to make a deposit of least 25 EUR between now and the end of November at Royal Panda Casino. This will guarantee you you're one ticket into the prize draw. When? The contest runs from 1st November to November 30th The Rules If you're not a member of Royal Panda Casino yet, you'll need to sign up first. However if you are already a member all you need to do to make sure you get your one ticket into the draw is use our links to make the deposit. Visit our Royal Panda Casino Review for those. You can also read the full story on this contest HERE. And remember guys, this prize is reserved exclusively for one of you guys and all it takes is a simple 25 EUR deposit to enter. Why not make sure that's it someone at the forum who wins! I'd love to see that. Let everyone know in the comments below that you've entered. If you have any questions guys fire away.
  16. Are you a Joy Luck Club member at the best bitcoin casino 4Grinz.com? There are no member fees, ever, and all you need to do to become a 4Grinz Premium or Joy Luck Club member is play your favorite games. You've probably heard about 4Grinz Member Monday - a guaranteed 10% return on your deposits made on Mondays - even if you win! But did you know that 4Grinz Joy Luck Club members get TWO days Deposit Back each week? That's right. 4Grinz Joy Luck Club members keep their Premium Member benefits and Member Monday rewards, PLUS they get another 10% back on deposits made on JLC Thursday even if you win! 1. Simply play your favorite games at 4Grinz Bitcoin Casino and earn 1,500 Grinz Points to become a Joy Luck Club member. 2. Then, make your deposit(s) on Thursdays at 4Grinz and get 10% back for a guaranteed return every week, even if you win! 3. Deposits made on Member Mondays and JLC Thursdays (up to 1BTC each day) count towards your Deposit Back for the week. 4. Play the value of your deposit(s) one time by the end of the Coin Back period (midnight the next Thursday). 5. There is no obligation to complete a rollover or make a withdrawal at anytime, but you must complete a one-time rollover on the value of your deposit(s) made on promotional days up to 1BTC by the end of the Coin Back period to qualify. 6. Don't forget to request Deposit Back by the end of the Coin Back period by visiting our Live Chat or emailing 4Grinz Support. That's it! Deposit Back is paid on Friday, the day following the Coin Back period. It's your bitcoin. Get more for it at 4Grinz.com!
  17. Member Monday at 4Grinz Bitcoin Casino gives players a guaranteed 10% return on all deposits (up to 1BTC) made on Mondays! That is real bitcoin, no strings attached, with no rollover or wager requirements - even if you win! 1. Deposits made on Mondays (up to 1BTC) count towards your Deposit Back for the week. 2. Play the value of your deposits one time by the end of the Coin Back period (midnight Thursday). 3. There is no obligation to complete a rollover in order to make a withdrawal at anytime, but you must play the value of your deposit by the end of the Coin Back period for it to qualify for the 10% guaranteed return. 4. Do not forget to request Deposit Back by the end of the Coin Back period by visiting our Live Chat and speaking to a real live super-friendly 4Grinz representative. That's it! Deposit Back is paid on Friday, the day following the Coin Back period. It's your bitcoin. Get more for it at 4Grinz.com.
  18. Hey Guys , Just thought I'd raise this I've been with Neteller for a while now and over the past year I've noticed a few things for one I know that they merged with Skrill I know about that and I would imagine with the merger there would be some improvements sadly not the case . 1. I've noticed Live Chat Support Completely Vanish when it comes to trouble shooting issues you now have to contact a number and with no Neteller phone support in New Zealand I now have to contact the Australian Support or the United Kingdom just to get somebody whom I can understand that doesn't speak broken english. (either that or wait for the delayed vip response) 2. All of a sudden there have been random security checks made I know a few members outside of myself who have been subject to having to send in extra verification for god knows what reason just to conduct business. 3. The Turnaround time for a vip callback is now a lengthy thing I requested a call on a particular day and two days later received an email asking if I still needed the call. I'm a bronze vip was a silver till the rules changed and I have to say standards have slipped a bit not happy Netty don't know whats up with you guys but I'm not impressed . -T
  19. As a medical professional I have been seeing many people who have lost their entire life savings while trying to win the millions on the internet. Thousands and thousands of dollars wagered. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. I have never wagered online before but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to write a paper concerning online gambling. In order to do so, I had to invest my own money to open up 10 different casino accounts exclusivley for slot gaming. My patients were facinated by these internet sites. I wanted to understand them better so I took the decision. I was never worried about addiction. I opened up 10 accounts over a 7 day period and deposited 1000 canadian dollars in each account. As a scientist, I actually see things in a different way than most people. Over a 20 day period, I read the term and conditions of every site. party casino 32 red win palace spin palace casino extra jackpot city unibet bodog 888 casino casino luck Let me start off by saying the following about all of these casinos, they all claim 97%+ payouts.... all certified by companies like ECOGRA who has still yet to return my calls Most are licenced in Malta, Gibratler or Curacao.....? and? it's the only way they can accept payment from processors. There a few licenced by the Khanawakee gaming commision. Cleary a fraudelant enterprise as history has shown you with absolute poker and ultimate bet and many others. Another thing that you all need to know, when you google, "on line casino no deposit bonus" or "best online casino".... or anything similar, be reminded, these sites could not care less about you. Everything on their site is to redirect you to a casino, believe me, they receive a lot of your losses. I even saw one place refering people claiming a bonus code that would give you 100 free spins.... whether they refer you or you go alone, you still get 100 free spins! It's called an affilited program. Back to these casino sites.... Party Casino, 32 Red, Unibet were by far the only compitent people to talk to. They actually explained everything prior to a deposit. All 3 were the same, Deposit 1000 and we will match your deposit but you will need to wager 60000 dollars in order to be able to cash out. Explained very well, so i did it. All 3 casinos let me reach 4000 dollars, by the time I had wagered less than half of the needed to be able to withdrawl, it was all gone. All 3 paid like crazy in the beginning. free spins galore. all at 9 dollars a spin. I had my secretary spinning, it really was funny to see! End result, there is no way these casinos are random. It is not possible. All 3 were being played at the same time, they all had the exact same pattern. They paid and then it all came down. Very obvious. Unibet actually let me finish the wagering requirement while I still had 4k in the account, When I asked for a cash out, They wanted proof of who I was. I sent it all over and believe it or not, I actually got 4k from them within 10 days. Now, Was that random spinning? they use the same platform as many others? micro gaming... who knows. The rest of the casinos are just a joke, especially win palace.... I deposited 1000 dollars and received 4000 in bonus money? Alarm bell went right off. A disgraceful attempt to misead people. 150000 wager requirement? Are you kidding me.... My poor secretary begged me to be alloowed to wager more than 10 dollars, I decided to agree after an hour. Once the wager went to 25 dollars a spin, the tide had turned, no more free spins, no more bonus, absolutely nothing. Within 30 minutes, the 7k was gone. They let us float knowing perfectly well that we could not cash out. Jackpot city, casino luck and spin palace have the micro gaming platform, but there is no way the spins are random. We kept hitting that mega moolah free spin for the 3 million dollar jack pot, never saw a payout out more than 11 dollars after a spin. Once we played for over an hour, the free spins and the jackpot trigger somehow vanished on all three sites? There is obviously a problem there. Bodog not only has a very crappy platform, they dont even let you win anything. 3 times 10 free spins paid us 0, yup. I was laughing so hard it made me cry. End result, I think people are so mislead and have this feeling of belonging to a fantasy life that they are willing to risk anything to get it. Take your hundred dollar bill and throw it in the garbage or deposit it online to gamble, it is the exact same thing folks. These on line gaming sites are not random in any sense of the word. They feed of your weakness and slowly make you die inside. I wish I hade more time to tell you more about my research, Alot more things went on while the accounts were open. Many calls, many times they called me, especially 888 casino, at one point I told the lady that shewould be better off begging on the streets. 888 Casino is not there to offer gaming, they are there to offer free bonuses that you can not cash out anyway? Just a bad business practice in every sense of the word. You want to gamble? You want to have fun.... Take some change with you and goto your nearest casino.... have a drink, relax.... I can pretty much assure you that even if you win 10k online while playing slots, very rare, you will just end up losing it right back. Avoid if you can, seek professional help if need be. It is never too late... Dr Jimmy V. Forest Hill, Ontario God bless
  20. Anyone Else Having Trouble ? 12:36am Gmt +12 Be good to hear a status update from a rep or some such the groups solid sounds like they hit a snag come on guys shake it off , bucket of water on the head , and back into the ring. Update 1:26am gtm +12 : They hit a snag but their working through it spoke to support just before .
  21. Hey everyone, it has been sometime since my last post, but I promised some AG members I would get back to posting our promotions here. This time however, I don't just have one promotion to show you all, but two! Got any thoughts or promotions you want to see over at Trada? Let me know, we love feedback from our players! For all those boring terms and conditions, check out our Adventure Calendar! For today only (Until 23:59 UK Time) you can claim up to 140 Free Spins on the incredible NetEnt slot NRVNA! That not enough for you? From Friday until Sunday, grab yourself some Super Spins over on Bikini Party and make that summer feeling last longer!
  22. It's Monday again! Well there is no need to dread the start of the week anymore! Grab your 50% Reload Bonus on your deposit at TradaCasino and start your week off right! We don't like to make things difficult for our players, so this Reload Bonus couldn't be easier to claim. Details, Terms and Conditions This promotion runs from 00:00 on the 11/07/2016 until 23:59 on the 12/07/2016 (UK Time). Players must enter the code at time of deposit - bonus will not be applied retroactively. Minimum deposit is £/€/$20, maximum is £/€/$150 This offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other bonus. Each code can only be redeemed once per player, household or IP address. There is a wagering requirement of 25x (Deposit + Bonus) before a withdrawal is possible. There is a maximum bet of £/€/$2 permitted during the wagering period for all Skrill and Neteller depositors Skrill and Neteller max wagering limit can be raised to £/€/$5 with prior consent of TradaCasino via Live Chat or email our support team. There is a maximum bet of £/€/$5 permitted during the wagering period for all other deposit methods This promotion is subject to TradaCasino's Bonus Terms
  23. Hey All, After a long week, we thought it would be nice to reward our players here at TradaCasino. That is why we are offering you; Not one. Not two. But THREE deposit match offers and some free spins on King of Slots to wash them down with! Hope you all have a great weekend! ​ Important Terms Max deposit €200, minimum €20 Wagering for deposit match bonuses is 25 x (deposit + bonus) Free spins will be added to King of Slots on Monday 27th June before 12:00 UK Time. Wagering for free spins is 35x any winnings Max bet during wagering period is €5 for all deposit methods excluding Neteller and Skrill Max bet during wagering period is €2 for Neteller and Skrill deposits. TradaCasino at their discretion will increase the maximum bet limit for Skrill or Neteller depositors. To request, please contact support via live chat or by email. Full terms and further details can be found on our Adventure Calendar
  24. Hey All, At TradaCasino, we're not ones to pull the wool over your eyes, so I will let you in on a secret. Fridays at TradaCasino mean Free Spins Promotion! Over the next 3 days you can claim free spins. But not just any free spins! Ranging in value from 0.18 a spin all the way up to 1.80 a spin, we have a deposit offer for everyone. So if you have wanted to try out Bar Bar Black Sheep, but haven't had the *chops* to do it, now is your chance! Don't be Sheepish, and try out our Mega Spins! Bar Bar Black Sheep Weekend! Make a deposit this weekend at TradaCasino and get regular spins, super spins and even some super mega spins added to your account instantly! Bronze Spins Get 20 regular spins worth £/€/$0.18 for a deposit of just £/€/$20 When you deposit enter the code BARBARBRONZE or BARBARBRONZEM if you're on mobile. Silver Spins Get 20 super spins worth £/€/$0.90 for a deposit of just £/€/$50 When you deposit enter the code BARBARSILVER or BARBARSILVERM if you're on mobile. Gold Spins Get 20 super mega spins worth £/€/$1.80 for a deposit of just £/€/$100 When you deposit enter the code BARBARGOLD or BARBARGOLDM if you're on mobile. Terms and Conditions The Bar Bar Black Sheep promotion runs from 00:00 on the 17/06/2016 until 23:59 on the 19/06/2016 (UK Time To claim their Instant Spins players must make the minimum deposit and enter the corresponding code detailed above. Free spins must be claimed at the time of deposit and cannot be applied to accounts retroactively. This offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other bonus. Each code can only be redeemed once per player, household or IP address. Instant spins must be redeemed and winnings wagered 35x before a withdrawal is permitted. There is a maximum bet of £/€/$5 permitted during the wagering period. For the purposes of this promotion SEK and NOK are considered to be 10x £/€/$. Standard Bonus Terms Bonus Terms apply.
  25. Another day, another bonus! After reading through countless topics, and listening to our players, TradaCasino have a 50% matching bonus up for grabs on your next deposit. Perhaps this will distract you from all of the Euro 2016 promotions! 50% Reload Bonus! Boost your bankroll by 50% with this reload offer. Extend your play by entering the code 50PERCENT when depositing and we will add half of your deposit amount as a bonus! For example: Deposit £/€/$20 play with £/€/$30 Deposit £/€/$50 play with £/€/$75 Deposit £/€/$100 play with £/€/$150 Terms and Conditions The 50% Reload promotion runs from 00:00 on the 13/06/2016 until 23:59 on the 14/06/2016 (UK Time). Bonus must be claimed at the time of deposit and cannot be applied to accounts retroactively. This reload can only be redeemed once per player, household or IP address. Maximum deposit amount is £/€/$100 for a bonus of £/€/$50 Minimum deposit amount is £/€/$10 for a bonus of £/€/$5 There is a wagering requirement of 25x (Deposit + Bonus) before a withdrawal is possible. There is a maximum bet of £/€/$5 permitted during the wagering period. For the purposes of this promotion SEK and NOK are considered to be 10x £/€/$. This promotion is subject to TradaCasino's Bonus Terms.
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