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  1. Hey Guys I just wanted to remind you all of our Surveys Page. If you haven't already completed them, head over to the page and there'll be two surveys for you to complete about your gambling experiences.
  2. Hello, dear AskGamblers! As you all already know, here at AskGamblers we are always striving to hear our members’ opinions and now we’ve made a step ahead by giving you another fantastic opportunity to earn some cash just by sharing your comments on a game! We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new ‘writing’contest! For those of you who are familiar with our previous contest - yes, it is almost the same as the one dedicated to casino reviews, only this time you are asked to make such reviews for games. Just pick a game from our games directory, write your comment and grab the cash! Simple and easy! How to participate: Step 1: Choose any slot game from our games directory. Step 2: Write a short review from your personal experience playing that the game. Step 3: Post the link* of the review in this forum thread, so we can follow your activity and count the number of reviews you posted. Please, do not edit your older posts by adding the new reviews to them! Put each following set of reviews in a separate post. Step 4: Make sure to rate the game and to put all positive and negative comments accordingly. Step 5 /new/: Attach a winner screenshot of at least 50 x bet win from real play. You need to have Skrill or Bank Wire account, for the payments (PayPal and Neteller are not supported) *Note: The posted links are supposed to look like this one for example: http://www.askgamblers.com/game/slots/secret-of-the-stones-g4479#leave-comment Want to share your experience with a casino?! Sure, get another $5 for doing it! Click here! Terms & Conditions: Comments must be written based on your own experience with the game. Every qualifying comment brings you $5 in cash, no strings attached! Comment must contain a minimum 300 words. All qualifying posts will be summarized monthly. Please make sure your English language and grammar are legible, we need understandable texts. Make sure to pay enough attention to the formatting of your reviews (leave space after punctuation; line space between paragraphs; sentences and names start with capital letters; check for spelling mistakes, etc.) Reviews which are not properly formatted shall not be accepted. (the rule is added on 13/01/2015) Make sure your review does not start with "Hi Askgamblers...", "This is my next review..." or something like that. Remember that you are writing a comment, not a letter to a friend or a book. (rule added on 01/02/2015) Comments written about games, which are no longer offered by any casino, do not count! We can accept positive or negative comments, but violent, abusive, offensive and insulting content will be disqualified. Posts after 23:59 (GMT) on the last day of the month will be calculated for the next payout circle. Payments will be transferred via bank wire transfer or Skrill until 15th day of the month for the sum of content written in previous month. Copying materials from other websites and presenting them as yours is strictly forbidden and will result with an immediate disqualification from the contest. Players from India, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines are not allowed to take part in any of our writing based contests. All writing based contests are meant for active AskGamblers Forum members, which means that the total number of your forum posts must be higher than the total number of your reviews. The same rule applies for each and every monthly cycle of the relevant contest. NEW! Winner screenshots must be derived from real play only. Winner screenshots must represent a win amount equal or higher than 50 x combined bet currently in play and could be derived from a base game round and/or a game feature round. *an active forum member is considered a member with at least 30-day registration and 50 forum posts /posts from the Trivia forum section do not count/ Terms Last Modified on: 19/02/2018
  3. Hello for everyone! I try to figure out how many online casinos are in India, maybe someone can tell me number of them or give an official list of them (it'll be perfect) Thanks to everyone in advance for replies and helping!!
  4. Was doing some reading about dopamine and when it comes to gambling that when we have something happen during a session such as a win we get rewarded with dopamine hits but during a session you can get plenty of these reward hits even if the session ends up being a losing session and then there is the anticipation and the more anticipation the more dopamine reward. As I am doing some search engine searching about dopamine, one of the results says that scientists are renaming dopamine the anticipation molecule/chemical because it's shown that dopamine is also released in large amounts when we anticipate a pleasurable experience. So how about those times when two scatters land and you need one more scatter, anticipation is there. But there are times when the feature is triggered and the anticipation for a big feature win. Or a max megaways only to be end up with a zero payout. There is no logic when it comes to dopamine rewards, you can get rewarded even in the case of a spin that returns 0.20 for a 0.50 stake spin. If there is a winning sound made and word win 0.20 on the screen gets flashed. How about if they were honest about it and would say you lose 0.30 and no sound made. You will get rewarded with dopamine even if you spent 50 usd/eur on spins to get a feature triggered and it pays far less than what you spent. So then you spent 50 but get paid 15 for a feature still 35 down. Now what. You got dopamine cause there's no logic but then you seek to get another feature or you leave on a feature and feel good that you had a win at end of it. But still down 35.
  5. I am happy to start this thread about slot tournaments! I hope there will be many players interested in this thread ! Enjoy .. King Neptunes Casino Slot Tournaments You need to download King Neptunes Casino software and register your account. You can visit King Neptunes via askgamblers link http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/king-neptunes-casino-review-r73 Immortal Romance Tournament 500 € Free Entry Tournament Info Multi Player Weekly Tournament 7 Day Free Roll 20 Free Continue Plays, No Rebuys Number of Rounds 1 Min.number of players / 50 Max.number of players / 9999 Starting coins / 120000 Continue Coins / 120000 Play Time / 3 Minutes Min.Bet / 30 Max.Bet / 300 Prize of € 500 split amongst Top 50 30 Coins,5 Reels, 243 Ways, Bonus,Free Spins You can play this tournament at Gaming Club Casino River Belle Casino Lucky Nugget Casino Jackpot City Casino Casino Epoca as well !
  6. Every now and then we see countries add new laws to make it more and more difficult to operate. Most of them are to regulate casinos but are becoming new ways to harass casinos plus make it more and more difficult for players to gamble. Let's just say that your country restrict online gambling, what will you do. Which activity will replace online gambling for you. In my country there are some states where online gambling is allowed and most of the states there is completely ban. But poker is allowed in my country as it is a game of skill and not just your average gambling activity. If online casinos get banned I will learn how to play Poker. I have heard it's very difficult to learn it but I dont mind investing 1 hour a day for a month to learn it. What will you guys do?
  7. Gambling in the Online Casino can be a lot of fun. In this Video you see which tricks Online Casinos use, in order to make sure that you lose your money with a high degree of certainty. Some of the business tactics shown are questionable. Watch this video and judge for yourself. < youtube link removed >
  8. How Bitcoin Is Disrupting The Online Gambling IndustryGambling expands its horizons to break out into our phones, computers, and tablets. People no longer need any casinos to try their luck at winning some good cash. As a result, numerous transaction methods and payment trends emerge, taking the bitcoin industry by storm. These new tendencies, other than chips and currency bills, are now reshaping payments in the gambling world. Bitcoin is the major casino newcomer. This relatively new type of currency is setting standards and opening up new opportunities for the future of payment processing. Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular among players. Paving its way towards gambling, bitcoin began setting the trends in payments. Just a few years ago, it was prevalent in the underground gambling only. As time passed by, bitcoin kept slowly but surely making its way into the open gambling. In result, bitcoin carved its own place among trends for the future of payment processing as a legitimate and reliable currency. As a clever way of targeting more clients, online casino operators have also welcomed cryptocurrency. That’s why bitcoin continued taking over fast, becoming one of the hottest trends in payments of 2018. Despite bitcoin’s rapidly growing popularity, the majority of new gamblers are not well-informed about new trends in payments in the gambling industry. As a new player using bitcoin at casinos, you need to be aware of the main facts reshaping the gambling industry. Luckily, this article has everything you need already covered. Payment Trends in the Gaming Industry in 2018When casino players are introduced to an alternative payment method, the first thing they want to know is how efficient it is when it comes to payment and funds withdrawal. The more practical the trends in payments are, the more likely they will be accepted. For this reason, bitcoin has taken the gambling industry by storm, spearheading trends in payments in 2018. Nowadays, bitcoin is among the latest trends in payments industries, as it is leading the way for cashless payment forms. Cryptocurrency is rapidly changing the trends in payments in 2018, getting a lot of play. More people continue to venture into bitcoin mining. Some of them do so to earn extra income, while others want to keep up with the impressive trends for the future of payment processing. One thing is clear: bitcoin has successfully set itself apart from the rest of the top trends in payments. Why bitcoin is worth a shot for casinosAs payments industry trends forecast, bitcoin may become the leading payment method in a short while. Since bitcoin can be divided into numerous sections and compared to other payments industry trends, people have a chance to get their hands dirty in the game. Contrary to normal currencies, bitcoin payments don’t make you pay any transaction fees. Though this is a strong factor, there are some other reasons explaining why this virtual currency is leading among other payments industry trends. They include but are not limited to: Ease of use Flexibility Anonymity Ability to make transactions from any part of the world How to buy, deposit and withdraw bitcoin?Buying bitcoins is possible only if you have an e-wallet. In lay terms, buying bitcoin is almost the same as opening a bank account. It involves a few simple steps: Find a bitcoin wallet and register. Link your bitcoin wallet to your bank account. Purchase bitcoin. Each bitcoin is worth a certain valueHow we pay in the future requires the safe use of money. Depositing bitcoin entails keying in your wallet information on your casino deposit page. It allows you to specify how much money you intend to use to play in the casino. Funds withdrawal happens the same way. During the process, you are required to visit the casino’s online platform, fill in your information, and check out the withdrawal tab. As a player, you will be asked to provide your bitcoin address and the value of bitcoin to withdraw. Bitcoin processing is pretty fast and takes a maximum of 24 hours to transfer. Challenges driven by the use of bitcoin in casinosJust like any other latest trends in the payments industry, bitcoin has some skeletons in the closet. The bitcoin payment industry trends are overwhelmed with challenges. The listed below problems may affect businesses that make bitcoin their primary source of income. Scamming. Lack or poor licensing and documentation. Lack of stability due to the increased criminal activity. Big-games-big-risks issue. Despite bitcoin’s growing popularity, it’s difficult to forecast how we’ll pay in the future. All modern trends in payments turn around the traditional currency. Though bitcoin processing is thriving in some sectors, it is still making slow strides in the world of gambling. Only a few casinos accept bitcoins today. As you can see, using bitcoin as a payment method is a pretty controversial thing. On the one hand, these trends reshaping payments have numerous risks due to their virtual nature. Online criminals can find their way into bitcoin wallets, getting away with all your money. On the other hand, online casinos give digital currency impressive positive feedback. Bitcoin is fully secure, anonymous, and convenient payment method. As more and more people welcome the use of virtual currency, bitcoin continues to grow, taking a significant turn towards the cashless society. These trends are reshaping payments and gaining their necessary momentum now. In the nearest future, they may take over to compete with other payment industry trends. Though cash still dominates in our day-to-day spending, other trends keep emerging as well. With bitcoin’s growing popularity, businesses are slowly but surely coming around to the fact that bitcoin is here to stay.
  9. I have seen many players playing Poker but the way Greg Raymur plays this game is totally amazing. Other players just can't play the way he does - in the most impressive way! His posture while sitting on the table against his opponents with those weird glasses on. It's totally amazing!
  10. Does anyone here use bankroll management of some sort for their gambling? Do you have a daily/weekly/monthly stop loss limit? Do you ever chase your losses in order to get into a profit for the day/week?
  11. Hi I was wondering if you have any favourite songs about gambling. Here is my top list: Motorhead - Ace of spades The Animals - House of the rising sun Whitesnake - Sweet lady luck Or maybe you just have some favourite gambling songs, songs that you like to listen to while you gamble, or maybe even a gambling playlist. Please share if you do. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello everyone! We're looking now for an author who can write in German and translate from English to German the articles on following topics: - Which casino games do you think have higher (greatest) chances of winning? - about 900 words - Spartacus Slot review - 700+ words - Privacy policy - this will be about 600 words according to a particular example - Casino review - 500+ words - What’s RTP in slots? - more than 600 words - Types of casino bonuses (general) - more than 800 words. All the detailes can be further arranged in private messages.
  13. Don't know whether the rules Askgamblers to post links to other sites, so I will not risk it and just ask the question. Recently I came across 1 article about streamer CasinoDaddy and were mildly shocked at what was written! What do you think - is it possible to write this at all and how can you go to court with a lawsuit against the authors of such an article? Article - CasinoDaddy - Fake Group-Marriage - as i cannot insert links here, Google to help/ --- What is your opinion?
  14. 2018... Each year, casinos changed their terms. Not for the best, at least not for us. Bonus terms changed like twice a year and each time it got worse and worse. New terms are mostly siding/leaning towards the house. Most of you guys might find a pop up message about new terms after successfully logged in. I'd advised to read them. Find interesting bonus? Read the terms first! , got plenty of free spins? Read the terms first! Before you know it, you're playing for donkeybutt. I'm a member of hundreds of casinos, I'm a loyal player of at least 30 of them but now I have to narrow it down again due the new terms, bad experience etc. Now I've only 20 casino where I play at but I strongly believe it will increase this year due the upcoming new casinos How about you guys, are you cleaning your closet too? Or do you agree with their new terms?
  15. Hello there, dear AG community! Sincerely hope you all has a fantastic festive season! A week after the New Year and all the inevitable euphoria is now fading, I guess it's about time for a recapitulation of your gambling 2017. Big wins and epic fails, new favorites and old preferences, your ups and downs... we want to know them all! Cannot wait to hear about your gambling adventures, so come on folks, let me see who managed to break da bank in 2017. PS. Don't forget to cast your vote.
  16. Did anyone catch up with this? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/05/15/gambling-watchdog-turns-attention-business-owned-online-casino/ It is good to see the UK watchdog looking to ramp up on how online casinos protect and support their customers moving forward. Watch this space...
  17. Just a little bit of fun, but what's your favourite type of incentive when looking to play with casinos?
  18. Been falling a little behind with my playing lately so as of May when a new budget comes in for me I'll be setting myself some new goals. Small ones, but ones none the less. I will try at least one new casino a month - I've fallen behind so my choice of casinos now is quite big, even after all the UK restrictions. For May here are my three choices: 1. Fantasino Casino (My partner played there, already thinking of trying it) 2. PlayFrank Casino (Wagering is more than I like on welcome bonus) 3. PlayOJO Casino (Would have liked a better welcome offer) Or if anyone has any others to suggest?
  19. Hello Forums, I am NimmoD. new in poker forum. Recently i come accross Poker game and saw many females making money from playing Poker.. Unfortunately I am not aware of this Game.. and Looking for help on this. I am reading this post - mydentalstory blogspot com for poker but not sure it is best of not? Please suggest. Thank you, Nimmo
  20. Hi guys, I noticed the last few months, casinos made a lot of mistakes, I don't know what to think, some of their mistakes could lead to frustration --> irritation ---> no more mr nice guy. For example, today I got an email from Playamo casino, saying that there was a mistake made of their survey promotion. Instead of 100 free spins guaranteed they now changed it into a raffle, this means not everybody gets a prize. Only 101 players could win a prize. LuckyCasino, free spins error. I often claimed deposit spins from them and the game where I got the free spins of crashed after a few spins. Notified the casino regarding this and they couldn't find the error. I had to play about an hour in order to complete 40 free spins. They also made of mistake of placing a deposit free spins of 125 worth a total of almost €100 for only €15 deposit. I tried to claim them but the spins weren't added and instead, they gave me 125 free spins on a Betsoft game...Well, you can guess how this went Rizk, I received an email from them about free €10 and a 100% reload bonus. I logged in and found nothing, contacted via email about it and they responded a few hours later saying that this was an error. There are a total of 5 more errors from casinos above and a few others, that all in the past two months.
  21. Hello community, My name is Yonatan and I am conducting a survey for my school project in our beloved industry of gambling. I would truly appreciate your help and insight as well as replies to my survey link provided below. Very short, two minute survey !! https://goo.gl/forms/7zF3fthWa5GV2bf82 Thank you so much!
  22. betlucky Online Global Sports Betting & Casino Join Today for Free Promotions to get started
  23. Greetings A.G Community , After being on a 6 year Tour of Duty in the Gambling Jungle I have to say that I've seen them come and I've seen them go Played at Quite a Few Casino's in My Time and learned a lot of lessons along the way. In particular I've found that when Choosing a Casino one should allways test them out first : see if everything is running stable , Examine their casino in detail from reviews and read player feedback , Examine Their Terms and Conditions , Note how professional , informed , and Courteous their Customer support is and how contactable and readily available Customer support is (Live chat , e-mail , and etc) , how fast the turnaround is for withdrawals , and how ...reasonable and flexible they are when it comes to cashing out. Others may have their own opinions granted and I look forward to hearing them but in my opinion the most solid casinos you will find currently are the following in this order : 1. Videoslots Casino 2. BitStarz Casino 3. IWcaino 4. Guts Casino 5. 32 Red Casino 6. Betsson Casino 7. TRR Casino There are others deserving but for the moment these I consider to be Solid , Safe , and Reliable to the core.
  24. Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are all having a lucky day. I want to get feedback on the new live streaming of sports betting, namely a concept called BetStream. eSports is currently a huge industry that is going to break over $1B in value in 2017. Now what BetStream does is allow experienced handicappers to live stream their picks and build a following of less experienced bettors that watch them win. The experienced bettors are competing against each other for prestige on the global leader board and, of course, prizes such as cash and trips. The less experienced, new bettors, bet for points and once they get a certain amount they can become BetStreamers just like the people they were following before. When this happens they get access to many things like adding a subscribe/donate button to their feed and also are eligible to share in any profits from traffic they draw to their profiles. So it is really a great way to get into sports betting if you just want to get your feet wet and then get the rest of you in the water if it's warm enough. Check YouTube (Channel: BetStream) and Twitch (Channel: BetStream) if you have an account. Any feedback is welcome. Please subscribe if this is something you would like to participate in; we will guarantee a fixed amount of points for you to play with as a thank you for being there at the beginning. Check us out!
  25. Hi folks With the end of 2016 approaching, it's time once again to check how good or bad those of us playing on a regular basis were doing this year. And please, don't forget to cast your vote. Cannot wait to hear about your gambling adventures.
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