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Found 14 results

  1. As I turn back in my memories, cannot remeber of having found a single place, where a regular gambler can actually find complete and consistent information on how exactly to defend his rights in any conflict with the online casino in which he/she plays! Everything I found was either too fragmented and unclear, or too short and concise! I am fully aware of the fact that such moments are extremely sensitive, but I also think that a player deserves the best! So I decided to sit down and share my personal experiences on the issue, moreover, unfortunately, in the recent months I had such battles on several occasions! And the most important is that I won every one of them! But how, you will maybe ask? Well, that's what we'll talk about in this practical guide! And so, sooner or later, everyone who practices online gambling reaches a certain point, when he/she considers that his/hers rights and interests are infringed upon by a casino! In no case is necessarily a casino, you have a problem to be some kind of “rogue” or “scam” – it is entirely possible to get into a conflict situation even with the best in the industry! So, what can be these bottlenecks about? Bonuses, promotions and everything connected with them, like wagering requirements, deadlines, eligibility, possible capabilities for cashing out, so called "bonus abuse" and others; Deposits and withdrawals and everything connected with them, like refusing or delaying payment of the amounts, timing, feasibility and others; Problems with the casino support; Problems with the casino software platform; Any other situations in which there is a disagreement between the casino, on the one hand and the client from the another. Well, let's imagine that unfortunately you find yourself in such a conflict situation! At such moments it is extremely important that you are fully aware with both rights and obligations, you have accepted voluntary, upon the registration on any online casino! So, you are completely sure that you have no guilt and believe that your casino concerns with you cheating! How to act to protect your rights? Try to remain calm and keep your mind cool no matter how much money, nerves and emotions are involved! If you can prevent yourself from being impulsive and from making thoughtless actions, I guarantee, you will win the battle in 90% of the cases! But if afford to be rude, disrespectful or even worse - to insult the representatives of the casino, which argue with, I'm afraid that your chances of success decrease dramatically! Every single word can and will be used against you, so very be carefully and think twice what and who you're talking! Again, do your best and behave yourself calm and with good manner to people on the other end - in most cases they are exposed to even more stress and tension by yourself! Do not rush to publicize the problem, no matter how serious the situation really is! All casinos are very sensitive on this matter and if you make them to understand that you are discreet and give them another chance to correct what you consider is unjust, I am convinced that your chances of success increase significantly! Moreover - in the majority of the cases in which you will rely on outside help, you will notice that maintaining confidentiality is an explicit condition to get such! Prior to interfere with anyone else in your problem, do try to resolve the case by your own! Try to get in touch with someone from the casino management team and explain everything clearly, accurately and honestly and if possible, support your thesis with all the proves you have like e-mails, chat transcriptions, bank statements, screenshots and etc. Try to show a strong and unshakable determination to seek for your rights – it will make the casino manager to take you seriously and do everything he can to solve the case! If you succeed – great, but if you do not - calm, the battle is just beginning! Here now is just the right time when you should seek for a help from outside! Generally you have two options - to contact any of the official organizations that deal with licensing and regulation of online casinos or ask for help from any of the numerous websites and portals, dedicated to online gambling. Please note the fact, that no matter of the options you choose, you will be asked to cooperate fully, honestly and fairly when presenting the facts and circumstances that led to this conflict, and to respect for confidentiality and discretion! Do not try to cheating by saving important facts or events - sooner or later everything becomes crystal clear and if it turns out that you were not honest and trustworthy in sharing the problem, I can say that the only loser will be you with one hundred percent certainty! I recommend that you first seek help from someone of the largest and most reputable websites and portals, dedicated to the lovers of online gambling! I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much the people there can help! A great example of such gaming portal is AskGamblers.com, offering to its members a unique complaint system, through which you are given the opportunity to resolve any kind of issues, by the mediation of the AskGamblers team completely for free! All you are required to do is to present your problem clearly, accurately and fairly and to read carefully the terms and conditions for publication of such a complaint! Typically, such complaints are resolved within a week or two, but may take longer, so be patient and let the people who deal with your case calmly to do their job! Be absolutely sure they will do everything that is possible to help and provided that it does not cost you a penny, I think it deserves respect! If, despite everything you've done so far, the problem is still on the table and you remain absolutely convinced that your position in this case is correct, then I'm afraid it's time to interfere with the heavy artillery! And these are just the official, in many cases even controlled by the government, organizations which issued the license, thanks to which, a casino, you have a problem with, is operating! Absolutely all online casinos have such a license! So what you need to do is look for which of them has issued the license, by which operates your casino. Usually this kind of information is marked visibly on the website of the casino and should not hinder you much finding it. So you found the name of the organization, it is time for the next step - contacting and filing a formal complaint! This is the most serious action you can take against a casino and, therefore, you are expected to approach with a maximum dose of integrity and responsibility when describing the details of your problem! Try to be short, clear and precise! Express clearly and unambiguously your claims, try not to make unnecessary emotional comments and in no case allow yourself to insult! If you have an opportunity to present evidence, than do it - saving any effort on your part of the job, reduces the chances of success, so do not be lazy at the very crucial moment! Do not give publicity to the fact that you filed a formal complaint, until the investigation has ended - otherwise you risk your complaint being terminated immediately! Be patient, because the official procedures take longer time to finish! It usually takes at least 6 to 8 weeks, but can last up to 6 months! I know it's awfully hard to wait for such a long time, but these are the rules of the game, so they must be observed! Here I will try to list some of the major players in the licensing market worldwide, as well as to provide you with their Internet addresses, where you can ask for assistance from them! Alderney Gambling Control Commission www.gamblingcontrol.org Antigua and Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming www.antiguagaming.gov.ag Costa Rica Commerce, Industry and Economy Ministry www.meic.go.cr Gibraltar Ministry of Finance Gambling Division http://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/remotegambling Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority www.lga.org.mt United Kingdom Gambling Commission www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk Isle of Man Gambling Supervision www.gov.im/gambling Cyprus Ministry of Finance www.mof.gov.cy Kahnawake Gaming Commission www.gamingcommission.ca Curacao Internet Gaming Association /Netherland Antilles/ www.ciga.an Panama Ministry of Economy and Finance www.mef.gob.pa/Portal/Dir-Junta.html Other useful links: Central Dispute System - for all players using Real Time Gaming software eCOGRA Dispute Form - for all players in any casino, certified by this organization Well, basically this is the most successful model, I have always tried to stick to when solving my casino problems and issues, no matter of the name and reputation of the casino! In fact, for all those nearly four years, in which I deal with online gambling, I have fought such battles only 9-10 times, but I am extremely proud of the fact that I have not lost any of them! Anyway, each case is different and has its own specifics, so a universal recipe for success is not yet invented! But I can help you with tips on how to choose an online casino so as to limit the unpleasant emotions to a bare minimum! Be brave but never unreasonable! And remember that here, in AskGamblers.com, you will always be able to find someone to help you! ValDes
  2. I may sign up to another site in the near future. Looking for personal recs. Preferably with Paypal since I already have an account with them.
  3. I haven't seen Grosevnor mentioned here. So, I'll start with saying that I joined their site a little over a week ago and regularly played their various Blackjack games. I tried the slots and roulette games in the demo option. The slots were fine. Of course, I lost more in points than I put in, but that's expected, which is why I'd never put real money in them. The roulette games were mostly nothing out of the ordinary, but a couple had an odd tendency to consistently hit streaks of the opposite colour I bet on. Then, when I decided to change colour from red to black, FINALLY, it hit on red. I suppose losing streaks aren't unusual, but that struck me as suspicious. As for Blackjack, I found that mostly, during the demo plays, I'd experience more variance in losses and wins, but even in the demo version, one Blackjack game in particular had the concerning tendency to give me a face value card whenever I ended up with a hand totalling 12 or 13. This didn't always happen of course, but it happened so often, I'd say it was 90% of my experience with it that it occurred. With real money, even on low stakes Blackjack, I found that I would more often be dealt "hard hands" than during a demo play. Making my chances of losing higher. I decided that it wasn't for me. Maybe I'm just really unlucky, but it raised too many red flags. While I try and brush up on my strategy, can you help recommend another site for me to try?
  4. Has anyone actually one on this casino? I have to literally put in hundreds 2 even get a bonus I've never known it 2 be so bad
  5. Hi everybody If you had to give some good and simple gambling advice with just one word, what would it be? Mine would be: PATIENCE Let's hear yours if you have any
  6. Hi During the past months I have won about 10000 euros, but now they are all gone. I never use money I don't have, but I often end up gambling away all my winnings because of my carelessness. Does anybody have any advice for not gambling away all your winnings? Trying to restrain myself has not worked yet Thanks in advance
  7. I have had the full tilt app for a while and never really used it . Last weekend i decided too and all was going well i was playing roulette and atleast ten bets in a row accepted i did lose them all by the way . I was down to my last chips and i piled 8$ on 23 way before the timer had finished and it had time left on it . It didnt pay out and i informed customer service . They tried to tell me it was down to my internet . But my internet had been running good all night and i had been using 888 without any problem too . The funny thing is every bet before was accepted and i know for a fact there was no issue with my internet . I asked them to escualate this and since had no reply. Also they are not on the list of companies in the complaint form . They also have no contact number and there customer service will not reply sent atleast 3/4 e-mails . At this stage im fed up and want to get paid the winnings or just close my account and call money back from my bank . Anyone here had problems with full tilt like this ? Any advice or help from anyone ?
  8. Dear AG Members, Since about 2 months I've started playing the sportsbooks, so yould could say I am a rookie. I was wondering if any of you also is placing bets on sportsevents, and I was hoping if you could give me some advice of how to play. For example: Do you need to study the past results, do you preferable pick out the lower odds instead of the high odds, are value bets really so important etc etc? Please, don't hesitate and feel free to comment on my questions. Thanks, & best regards, Seat
  9. Can you improve your odds of winning at slots by following a smart strategy? Some say yes -- varying bet amounts, switching games and other techniques can improve results. Some say no way -- it's completely luck. Well, this week I heard about a player at Jackpot Capital Casino called Thelma B. She followed her usual "strategy" last week and walked away with over $11,000 as a result! Her strategy? Wait till you hear this! She thinks she improves her odds by playing games in alphabetical order. I know, sounds a bit weird but hey, how can we argue when she had such a good night at the casino?! The other night, she did well on Bank on It and Bonker, before moving on to the new Double Ya Luck. But it was the first game on the list, 7s and Stripes, where she really won big. She quit for the night with a balance of $11, 373K. “I think you need to change your bets depending on the situation,” Thelma said when asked if she had any tips for other slot players. “But my main advice is have fun – that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?!”
  10. G’Day everyone, I hope this post might help myself and many others just starting on online gambling. I’ve been doing it now for about 5-6 weeks, have tried many casinos and bingo sites, mostly slots and bingo. I’ve had some success about 5-6 times on 30x playthroughs with no deposit bonuses, (I use as many as I can find J, but avoid 40x, 50x, 75x, 99x ...) and probably successfully withdrawn about $300 clear, perhaps after about $200 deposits, and battling for a couple who are hard to pay me. As I’m new to the game, (excuse the pun lol), is there any advice that successful players have strategically that could advise us newbies how to avoid many mistakes, some costly. Especially seeing casinos being registered for nearly 2 decades, I’m sure many are wise. Be it casino’s, bonuses, whether to avoid playthroughs, playthrough on min bets or max, etc.. I would truely appreciate all advice and experience. Thank you in advance J Can you make a living, brief advice is good, Im reading as many forums as possible, love the withdrawing forum by On a Mission, Thanks again. PS- Already this site has helped greatly, much appreciated. PPS- I do read all the terms and conditions on all sites and bonus requirements and research as much as possible. And if other forum topics you could link me too to help is easier. Trozza
  11. I won a slot jackpot and feel like I am getting the run around. My bank denied a wire transfer from a Cyprus Bank now Grand Parker is talking about sending me a check which my bank will not accept. Anyone got paid from Grand Parker?
  12. Hi, I was hoping someone at Ask Gamblers could help me understand why withdrawals are sooo slow with some online casinos. I recently requested a $1,500 withdrawal from Win Palace. After a long wait of 7 to 10 business days, they approved $500. They then said I would have to go through the withdrawal process again to withdraw any more of my money. I would appreciate some information and advice as to why from the online gambling community. Thank you for your time. Erik20
  13. Does anyone know anything about The Drake Casino? Apparently Ask Gamblers knows nothing of them according to my search.
  14. Hi, Has anybody had any experience with Casino1080? It seems they are new in the market with new live games as Russian Poker and Oasis Stud poker, as much as I know nobody offers these games in Live yet. They have also live Roulette and live Baccarat. They also boast exceptional picture quality and this seems to be true. But has anybody deposited there or anything good/bad with them? Br, Gharaniq
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