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  1. Read every post in this soap opera! After the arguments above in regards to Jan's gf and the screenshot on 3rd page that has changed. @cocopop3011 is it in or is it out?
  2. Your welcome forum dear! Noted that Afi's score will be updated and Jan's 126x from his gf will be nulled per your request.
  3. Played in mBTC. Posted something that's not $0.01 bet. Penny Pelican 193x (Casino Adrenaline) Total - 893x
  4. Reminder to self: Add @Afi4wins's 4th day score on the next leaderboard update.
  5. Unofficial Leaderboard 1st @Afi4wins - 2744x 2nd @jan duchau - 973.7x 3rd @Icy - 700x 4th @ales200 - 686.7x 5th @Fiekie247 - 515.05x 6th @Davespring - 357.7x 7th @Blackjax - 260.95x Additional comments: Mr @Davespring Please tally your total scores for future screenshots. @ales200 You got your score the other way around, it's 686.7x (367.8x and 318.9x combined)
  6. Thanks for your warp speed reply @cocopop3011! All Ways Luck 200x Total 700x
  7. At times you'd just have to go really low to earn your glory! Is it okay to post one last screenshot of it at $0.01? It happened moments after that 500x, it's only 200x. I continued spinning my balance out for $0.05 and $0.10 bets then reached $0 quickly. RTP su ck ed dry upon the change in bets. I'll throw good minimums from here on slots and let All Ways Luck slot down gently. Starlight Princess and her sister 1000 at Pragmatic don't need to know what transpired here.
  8. Honest mistake! Was a typo! Been staring at a screen for 3 hours.
  9. @Afi4wins Endorphina was the one who created this slot not so long ago. A very lucky find nearing me from zero balance. While my other in past contest before were at least $0.10 or higher, no one brought up an issue with Agent Jane Blonde Returns for $0.05 bet on a previous contest. (But then again who would with a good looking blonde female agent on a mission) @cocopop3011 The minimum bet rule wasn't enforced in this contest so I figured this rare find of a slot would make a good entry despite the bet amount. (Trying not to laugh while saying this next part in a dramatic tone) I fell in love with this crazy hot Endorphina slot and now your trying to break us apart, away from a good slot relationship, how could you bring this up!? We were destined for each other! Fair enough, what games are you considering to exclude dear? Playtech slots, Gamomat slots, slots that incur inhuman amounts of over 100 free games?
  10. 243 ways! I had $1 left in my account. Little did I know this slot was a beauty of an opportunity to turn it into a few more $$$.
  11. Thank you @Jelena_PragmaticPlay for this nice gesture of an opportunity and for stopping by! Really nice to see you here While I was here something quickly came back to me, were you the one who mentioned "karate in Spring"?
  12. You had it up for 207.6x on your Mighty Masks screenshot as 207.8x is the correct x.
  13. I took part in the April Screenshot contest using slots or should I say a "Weapon Of Mass Slotstruction!" https://forum.askgamblers.com/topic/16570-april-contest-win-a-share-of-eur-250/#comment-171775
  14. All Ways Luck (Slotozen casino) 500x (Base hit) Total - 500x
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