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Found 17 results

  1. Hi dear friends! I was thinking to start this thread from a long time ago, and the only reason not to do it so far, is that I lost almost every single winner screenshot, I had done over the years, when moving from the old PC to my new laptop, back in the end of 2011! Luckily , I've managed to restore some of them, during the last three months, although my best hits - Marvel Hero Jackpot for 7500 euro and two times Marvel Extra Power for 3000 and 3500 euro, are totally lost, unfortunately! But now... it's show time! Let the others see your biggest wins! Make them be jealous! Let them dream about your terrfic hits! Show them why we play actually! Here's the terms, in order to become a part of this wall of honour and joy! 1. Post only winner screenshots of at least 100x bet! 2. Please remember, that you can hide your name, (or any other personal details if seen such), the name of the casino, or anything else, you don't want to share with us, but the picture must be clear enough, so that we're all able to see what you got, right?! 3. Post as much as you can, and you will be rewarded!...With so many sighs! 4. Cheers for taking part in this glorious adventure! The beer is from me! ...And the crisps!
  2. How are you guys doing? AG currently has big win threads for slots however this thread is to shine the spotlight on live games! To name a few of the platforms that provide them are: Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play as well as many others. Requirements for this thread is as follows: #1 - Minimum 100x multiplier wins #2 - The game in question can be in the form of a live wheel, blackjack, roulette, anything live casino related! #3 - Must be real money Optional: You can choose to post a video link to support your screenshots! Good luck to all! Looking through some of my past screenshots here are a few screens from 2021, 2022 and finally the most current for 2023! Aug 2021 Crazy Time Cash Hunt 25x top slot = 2500x (Row 3, #7) Video link: https://tracksino.com/w/cdHphY2oIk7U July 2022 One Blackjack Crazy 7s side bet = Over 500x (Host was like sure let's have all the 7s lol) Aug 2023 Crazy Time Cash Hunt 4x top slot = 400x (Row 2, #3), Pachinko 5x top slot = 500x
  3. Hi, can somebody help? The stake was 1£. How much am I supposed to win? The game crashed and pay me just 8 £. Thanks
  4. Hello, I have a question -- and I know Casino's are in business for the player to lose, but good management of playing and a lot of luck could have a player winning for a year or two straight -- so how would a reputable casino handle such a situation? To make the assumption easier to understand, let's first assume the player is able to withdraw $5,000 from the casino every month. After reading the terms and conditions of a few different casinos, the maximum withdrawal limit for one week tends to either be $5,000 or $5,0001. Knowing this, let's assume the player is able to withdraw $5,000 every week. Do you feel the casino would make attempts to block this player, the account or in anyway try and disrupt their playing at the casino? I wish you all good luck on the new year.
  5. I will be brief, since the month of November, I have not had a losing month, from breaking even to winning five figures net... All the casinos that are receiving my business, have been more than happy to continue giving me bonuses and freebies whether I win or lose and are always sending me a congratulatory emails. It is kind of obvious that I am doing something that gives me an advantage. Lately, I'm even getting better. I'm averaging close to €1000 profit pwr day. Today I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and by 7 o'clock I am already up over €1500 in less than four hours. I will not play anymore today and enjoy the win just like I did yesterday, another win of over €1000. And over this month I am over five figures and net profit! I'm not bragging, I'm stating the facts so my question to follow can be answered properly. Is there any possibility that the casinos will cut me off. Will they consider me a professional gambler and say something to their advantage to be able to cut me off? I play the same games over and over. Less than 5. Always the same. I have a good read on them. Am I considered a professional gambler? If not... at what point and will a casino cut me off?
  6. Hypothetical situation, what if you won $23,000 at the casino and you go to cash out. Would you be taxed if you came and tried to cash out all at once? Another question. Would you get in trouble if you cashed out $7,000 or $8,000 then came back 15-30 mins later and repeat?
  7. Hello People, most will never encounter the problem of being banned from a casino for winning continually. For those who will or have, the issue is serious and there is not a lot an individual can do about it. The only thing we can do, except sewing them and winning (without a chance to get back to the tables), is to use the power of community and internet. If you have been banned for winning, please post the name of the casino so we (as a collective) can significantly downvote them on google and LET OTHERS KNOW. I would be a very happy man if we could make this a habit. The Casinos must learn that they can not only let people play if they lose. Thanks for reading and supporting. I will, in the next days, post a list of casinos worldwide that have banned me and would really appreciate your downvotes on google. Thanks & have a good day
  8. Hi everyone I'm rather addicted to slots, truth be told I love it more than coffee, it is what rises me out of bed and believe you me that's a tough one after spending endless hours playing a rewarding game. One tends to be exhausted. That being said, when you finally find a game so rewarding it's impossible to put it down. The game I'm referring to is new, so new that it's any wonder I stumbled upon it. It's called (True Infinity Slots) and it actually lives up to its name. It can be found here <snip> I believe it's also available on IOS devices too. It is not real money and currently that suits me since my gambling addiction has left me a little on the broke side, (Bows head in somewhat shameful manor) lol once I rebuild my real cash flow I will dive on back into games that reward in real dollars. For now this game I have discovered is keeping my addiction alive, it's so damn unique. I mean who in there right mind would have ever thought to create a game that actually makes you a winner? Its like all our wishes (Rubbing that genie lamp) have come true. I mean "Hello" you actually WIN, you can't loose and the sweet oh god such a sweet reward is that if you ever do run out of credits the game actually gives you another one hundred thousand to play again - so far I've not run out. I've hit billions and am still going and it doesn't get boring. There is five games to choose from and three modes to play. I wish I could have thought of such a game myself ha ha ha kudos to the developer who ever you are. So my friends on here if you are wanting to play something that actually gives you that sweet reward of winning then look out for this game <snip> so far it's proved to be highly worth $1.99 Yesterday I popped into a local pub and sat down to play one of the slot machines the major jackpot was only $545.00 at the time I played, put in $20.00 and won it, that doesn't happen often but man when it does it's so rewarding. I used every bit of strength in myself to get up off that stool and walk out. That was harder than pulling teeth from a rogue tiger - honestly! lol then this morning where do I find myself yep back at that local pup and what happened to my winnings the machine ate it like a friggin hungry shark so I came home and started playing the on line game and my mood instantly went from sour to sunshine. Nothing beats winning whether it's real money or fake - I'm rambling so I shell stop, and get back to my playing, Have fun playing what ever it is that your into at the moment and be sure to let me know what other games are like True Infinity Slots Thanks and hugs all round Peggy
  9. I know we still have two months left this year but I was thinking earlier about how this year has gone so far for me. First of all I have to take into consideration that since I started gambling this has probably been the first year when my gambling has stopped and started so many times, it's been really intermittent throughout the year. Last year wasn't a great year for me either! But in terms of withdrawals I think I have to say this has been one of my worst ever years. I wish I had kept a record actually. I'm going to next year! I'm in a serious 'Loss' situation and unless something magic happens I'll be ending on a minus this year! How about you guys, have you sat down and evaluated this year yet in terms of losses v winnings?
  10. Hi all ,I wanted to make a topic about the craziest weekend I had on online casinos ever. It all started with a small deposit I made on NetBet casino of 20 without taking any bonus. I started with JATB with minimum bet where I got one of the best wins I had on this slot . So i had a great start which continued with some big wins on GOT and Jack Hammer with a little bigger bets I decided to play GoT with max bet, for a little and after a while... Then again switched back to Jack Hammer started playing with 5 euro bet and then switched it to higher and I got again a big hit Having this balance I decided to play GoT again max bet for many spins in order to have a huge feature of 500x bet or more. Probably I throw above 4000 spins with max bet, but I only had some small wins from the base game and my balance started to behave like an elevator... and I won the biggest scatter win ever Then it came the best GoT feature I had. Most free spins where giving me 150 tops and I even got a couple with a 2-3x bet win ,so little. The best I had was 200xbet. Unfortunately being in such a gambling heat and being greedy, I did not stop to this excellent balance and I continued playing this and other slots with high bets. I reached my balance to 1200, lost 3000 very fast but luckily Jack Hammer helped me and reached 2000 and closed for the day. The next day I decided to play a couple hundred to Thunderstuck 2 , started with 0,60 the slot was bad ,decided to increase the bets to see if the slot would change its mood and I got this nice win. I went to Jack Hammer again to see if he had anymore to give,if I had not drained him the previous day. The slot was bad with 5 euro bet and I tried the same trick with Thunderstruck and gradually raised the bets where I won the following free spins .I was really trembling when i hit the feature with this bet, it could be an enormous win or at least I hoped it would not be a close to zero win like he does many times Well the free spins were nice, only a 80xbet but the sum was great Of course I asked for a 4500 withdraw instantly after this and left the rest for my Sunday evening to play relaxed. So this was my last weekend, from a 20 euro deposit to a 4500 withdraw
  11. Hi, guys! I've been using this software <SNIP> to play roulette for almost a year, And I'm very pleased with the results, that are very stable! This service offers the good manuals, clients support, the programs are regulary updated... So, everything is cool, but I keep tracking the web to find another cool software to play! Can you recommend me any well-programmed (from your point of view) stuff to play with? (not neccessary to be automated) Will be very glad to hear your recommendations! P.S.: Please, don't post something like ALL THE SOFTWARE IS A SCAM. That's not true...
  12. Hello All, as a french new comer on askgamblers, I made my first complaint last week against Golden lady because of technical problems unresolved. I closed the complaint because I could make my withdrawal . I just want to tell the end ot the story, I have been payed on neteller this afternoon (1450 euros, because they were conftditions with the bonus) that makes this casino Golden lady quite serious for my point of view Have a nice evening and a successfull play !
  13. I had some free spins from Guts Casino today ... They kindly dished out 20 free spins in Twin Spin! I won a very measly £1.20! But it gave me a great idea! I thought we could share with each other our winnings from our casino free spins we all get and have grown to love...every time you get free spins from a casino (no deposit or even with a deposit) come and share with us what you won from them! Share your Best and Share your Worst! I also had 10 free spins from Casino Luck on Reel Steel...won 56p! And 5 free spins on Big Bang from BGO ....won 25p I am not winning big lately as you can all tell! Hopefully my next post will be considerably more. *cocopop eagily awaits her next lot of free spins
  14. As the online gambling community knows, I have been barred from Silver Oak and Club Player. The online gambling community told me that I had won too much. $3,000 approximately. Most recently, I have won some money from Win Palace $1,400 approximately. On slots and Keno. Is Win Palace going to bar me next? Of course, like many gamblers, I've lost much more than I've won. I know Las Vegas won't bar me for winning. I do enjoy online gambling because it is so convenient. Can someone let me know what, if anything, I need to do so I don't get barred from any more casinos. Thank you for your help. Erik20
  15. Over the course of several weeks, I've have noticed that whenever I'm playing free play in any given casino, (in this case Win Palace, Loco Panda, and Slots Jungle,) I win easily more often that not. In contrast, when I'm playing for real money, it's like someone flipped on a switch to prevent me from winning. Usually, I will lose my bankroll quickly, despite using bonuses. I enjoy gambling, but I'm having a hard time believing online casinos are not rigged. Can anyone in the gambling community shed some light on this? Thank you for your time. Erik20
  16. Greetings to all! First i want to ask a question about winning money with bonus. Example:I deposit 100e on casino with 150% bonus and get 250e to play with. The thing I want to know is if the winning increases my real money or my bonus money. Second. Is there fraud involved with the games especialy with the roulette. I don`t want to accuse anyone, but does any of you experienced gamblers noticed that while playing the roulette with a specific pattern and continue winning without loosing for around 1 hour. The sequence of the numbers and colours changes to a pattern opposite of the pattern that you are playing with. And so resulting with you loosing your money. I am asking this becouse I was playing like this at playmilion casino. When I was using my winning patern in practice mode, I kept winning 8 hours straight if not more without loosing. So I got confident and tried to play with real money and the thing I mentioned above happend. Thanks for the answers and sorry for any mispelling. Happy christmas to everyone
  17. This casino is doing everything to avoid paying winnings. Played on their no deposit bonus. As soon as I got a bonus sought, ask the support of all the conditions of bonus. I was told that Wager x25, the maximum withdrawal of $ 100 (or euros) to win back the only slots. Support is not written link to the rules of bonus, and impossible it find independently. I played on no deposit bonus and win was 78 euros, asked the support whether all conditions are fulfilled, and may be withdraw the money? In response to - all right, make a deposit of 20 euros. A few weeks later assembled to make a deposit. Again, knock in support, please tell me, will not be any problems withdraw money? And support answer me - you should have won no less than 100 euros! I - how can that be, me told that no more than 100 euros, and indeed confirmed that it is possible to deduce? Me give link to the rules of bonuses, which at the end of a line written about the "bonus gifts". And to find these rules are very difficult (for them there is a link somewhere in the middle of multiple-pages general rules), and can not find a "no deposit bonus", because what he called a "bonus gift". In short, if you do not know where to look, you will never find. In addition, not the fact that there would be no reason not to pay, even if on account was EUR 100 - started reading reviews on the forums, and everywhere they write about the problems with the withdrawal of money from this casino.
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