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  1. Hello. Im new in the online casino world. Do you guys have any tips for someone like me ? Which games can you recommend for me to earn more and has the highest chance of winning ?
  2. Hey guys! I have some exciting to share with you all today! How many of you knew we have started an AskGamblers Online Casino Blog? You'll be able to read articles written by our writers which could include anything ranging from interesting facts, insights into games and casinos and lot's more! I'll keep you updated with all the stuff we add but you can also check it out yourselves using the link provided above. Have fun reading! We currently have two very interesting reads from two of our most talented writers! If you'd love to know more about Bitcoin this is a great read: A short history of Bitcoin: From the dark web to mainstream Learn how Bitcoin started off as just a computer wizards 'pet project' and how it got to where it is today! Our second read 15 Best free slot games for iPad will appeal to all you mobile gamers here. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback you have below.
  3. I am happy to start this thread about slot tournaments! I hope there will be many players interested in this thread ! Enjoy .. King Neptunes Casino Slot Tournaments You need to download King Neptunes Casino software and register your account. You can visit King Neptunes via askgamblers link http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/king-neptunes-casino-review-r73 Immortal Romance Tournament 500 € Free Entry Tournament Info Multi Player Weekly Tournament 7 Day Free Roll 20 Free Continue Plays, No Rebuys Number of Rounds 1 Min.number of players / 50 Max.number of players / 9999 Starting coins / 120000 Continue Coins / 120000 Play Time / 3 Minutes Min.Bet / 30 Max.Bet / 300 Prize of € 500 split amongst Top 50 30 Coins,5 Reels, 243 Ways, Bonus,Free Spins You can play this tournament at Gaming Club Casino River Belle Casino Lucky Nugget Casino Jackpot City Casino Casino Epoca as well !
  4. Can you suggest me few social casino games that I can try here or download?
  5. Hi everyone, before I forget I wanted to start this new topic here. Did you saw some nice reload or already used it ? Do you have suggestion for highly rated and reputable casino ? Please, share bonus promos here. Good Luck!
  6. I see this is an old post but i feel its the most relevant place to pose my question. I have been sticking to my personal choices for online casinos, however as of the current situation i am looking to improvise and find something fresh an reliable, any suggestions?
  7. Hey i see this is a pretty popular threat so i though i would drop my introductory message here. I am a casual gambler. I like to gamble from time to time, when i do i usually play some slots alongside a few sports bets. I was wondering which casinos supported sports betting that you guys are actually satisfied with.
  8. IS ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS RESPONDING TO THEIR COMPLAINTS? THE PAST 3 DAYS I'M GETTING THE FOLLOWING : Eek, our bad! (500) We’re experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment, but we’ll be back in a sec. While you’re waiting, why not head back to our homepage?
  9. Have a question about playthrough requirements. I recently deposited $100 on an online casino and got a 200% deposit bonus. I had a balance of $300. Unfortunately, without reading fine print I was on the hook for a 50x deposit and bonus play through before I could withdraw. I had to wager over $15000 to be eligible to withdraw.
  10. Hi all, I am interested to know what it the best thing about a slot game (online or land base) I know that winning is always the best part of any slot game. Nobody wants to play a game that don't pay. But I believe there are other factors to a slot game that will keep players coming back to play, weather it be an exciting game, interesting game or simply player that love the graphics, art and/or animation. Personally I have some favourites, like Bonanza, Extra chilli and Tiki Tumble to mention a few online slots. In my opinion, with the exception of constant loses or wins, is the excitement that the games build, the progressiveness with the multipliers. The collapses in Extra Chilli and the Nudges in Tiki build excitement and more symbols are introduced to make wins. These types of games show me the huge potential in a game. And it is this that makes me want to play the game again and again. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this subject, please share. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, please can you advise on which casinos do live chats? Sort of like nice and intresting games with like live chat in there, so you can communicate with other players? Any help will be very much appreciated. Cheers Sara
  12. Hello Everyone! It's definitely time that we had a new game right? This game is just a bit of fun and also a great way to find out things about each other. It is called the Yes or No game. I will start by asking a simple question that requires a simple YES or NO answer. The next person will answer the question and then ask another question for the next person to answer. This game can be really fun and you can ask absolutely anything that requires a YES or No answer. Please try to let everyone have a go. So for example - I could ask "Have you ever sang in the shower" The next person would answer Yes or No and then ask another question. Let's go - and have FUN. You can also make comments on your answer proving there is a YES or No answer too. Let me start - "Have you ever been fired from a job?"
  13. I would like to share with our dutch members this amazing news. Casumo Casino http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/casumo-casino-review-r4456 welcome Germany ! Cheers and good luck to all! More to read here http://www.askgamblers.com/forum/topic/6014-casumo-casino-welcome-germany/
  14. Time for a new game since we don't really have any active ones at the moment and we all need a bit of fun in our lives right? This game is really simple. You have to post two things and the next member must answer which of these two they would prefer. So for example.. I would write... Would you rather Chocolate or Sweets The next person posts their answer along with a new question Let's start then! Would you rather a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?
  15. Good afernoon! Do you like playing at Casumo Casino or thinking about joining the challenge? I would say,there is always something new @ Casumo and for those interested in participating here it is.. How does it work? Grab your friends & join the funThe Winter Games are in full swing with new winners every 30 minutes. Spin, win and collect points in our super speedy casino races with over 200 dazzling prizes every day! Next race is starting any minute now, and it's super easy to join: Login to your Casumo account. Click "join” and wait for the Reel Race to start. Spin, win and collect as many points as possible within the duration. Excite! Win as many times you can by spinning as if there’s no tomorrow. The best players of each Reel Race are rewarded with free spins and cash prizes. A new race starts every 30 minutes - so take a comfortable position and jump onboard. When All day longReel Races spin off every half an hour from 10am to 12pm (CET). The main event starts every evening at 8pm sharp. The fun goes on until early January. Invite your friends and get going. How Points and boosters Use the spins available for the Reel Race to collect as many wins, big wins, mega wins and wins in a row before the clock runs out. What Rewards and prizes Over 200 prizes every day. After every Reel Race the top 5 players are rewarded with dazzling free spins. The main event winner will walk home €1000 richer and all in top 25 will get a cash prize. Wins in a row: 25 bonus points Each time you manage to get three wins in a row you get additional 25 points boosting your chances in the Reel Race. Recommended game: victorious 3 Big Wins: 75 bonus points Win big three times and you are rewarded with additional 75 points. Get another three and you’ll get 75 more. And the story goes on… Recommended game: attraction Mega Win: 100 bonus points Everyone has the chance to win in the winter games even if you are quite behind, aim for a mega win and get closer! Recommended game: magic-portals Good Luck to all and let the fun begin!
  16. Hi babes Last week, 22-25th October, Berlin was a host of Affiliate Conference, replacing my fav Barcelona. This was my 11th conference, but first time as casino representative I can tell you it was soooo fun, but not easy at all - affiliates are not the most friendly people With big exception of AskGamblers' crew, which I met of course and had some nice moments with! On Fruity Casa's booth, we were serving free cocktails and delicious fruity sushi! It was crowdy all the time Conference was great and successful. Here are some photos Aaaaand a special with awesome Srdjan and Goran from AskGamblers With Mariachi band
  17. Hello everyone, something just crossed my mind. And its something we all like to receive on the daily basis if possible.Offer this,that,free spins,low wagering requirements something terrible games and all that for what..??? You do not attract me as one player,I am getting sick of the fake Free Spins offers and I can tell you,I know very well the meaning of the word FREE,its really simple and free should be free?? Or should I say,instead of Free Spins with some terms attached I would gladly buy me some if I feel like to, because I do not like waisting my time by clicking and then realizing your offer was not so free as previously meant to be. But I wanna see TCs first and wanna compare with other casino offers as I am buying it like in real market. I wish to see some reputable casino managers leaving some feedback please? Maybe our forum heroine, FruityJelena herself? Who else but you can share with us true inside look of this . Market looks crazy with all these offers in my humble opinion,correct me if I am wrong.
  18. Hello everyone, I have a fantastic idea (at least I think so) for a fun and exciting new game, which I hope you will all take part in and both me and Valdes can play too!!! How does it work? Okay, so I will start off by setting a challenge for someone to complete. For example: - The first person to get free spins on Gonzo's Quest - Win an amount over £50 - Get the bonus game on Bloodsuckers You can pick ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING The first pesrson to acheive it must take a screenshot and post it underneath. They then get to set the next challenge. You can use screenshots you have already saved AND if you really want to win the challenge you can even play our free games to get the screenshot. It doesn't matter how you win the challenege as long as you can prove it with a screenshot. If the challenge is not met in 7 days I will reset it to another one. Remember if you are the first person to post a screenshot matching the challenge set you have automatically won and have to set the new challenge. It's also a fantastic way to try out new games you've never played before. For example someone could post a challenge on a game you've never played, you can try it for free here to win the challenge and who knows you may even like it and win when you play for real! THE FIRST CHALLENGE I am going to start the game and set the FIRST CHALLENGE I'm going to make it really easy and set something that I know pretty much all of us already have a screenshot of...it's the first person to post who gets to set the next challenge FIRST PERSON TO GET THE FREE SPINS ROUND ON DOA
  19. What do you think it's time for a new game? You can never have enough forum games! I've named this the Slot Alphabet Game - We have to go from A-Z naming a slot for each letter. If there's a letter that definitely has no game to it then we can pass. You must let at least one person answer after you before you can have another go unless there has been 1 whole day with no answers then you can post again. Once we get to Z the game starts again from A I'll start A - Avalon Your go - B ... P.S Feel free to check our Games directory if you can't think of a game
  20. PROVEN SYSTEM: A method for a life long gambler to maintain control of his addiction. A process to establish rules to protect him from inevitable disaster. A method to understand that he is human and has made many mistakes and try to understand that he is capable of reversing the history of brain conditioning that has led to his life long failure with gaming. A process which involves discipline of the brain, management of time and thought control. A method to enjoy a hobby that can be very rewarding. A way appreciate life. A way to not make gambling the sole thought of the day. A way to finally be happy. PROVEN SYSTEM is not for everyone. It was created by JOHNNYGOTTHEBONE (aka THE BRAIN) who has spent his life gambling everything he owned at any given moment. I have admitted that I have an illness. The illness of compulsive gambling. An illness that many people suffer from. Most don't even know it. Many modules of PROVEN SYSTEM are common sense to many people. All put together, it is a program to help a person like Me not only control his gaming, but to enjoy it as well. In no way is the PROVEN SYSTEM a way to make money. That is a reward based on actual performance and luck. It is impossible to have a system to predict the outcome of a 5 reel online slot machine. If you are thinking about commencing this PROVEN SYSTEM To get rich, don't bother. In no way is there a system in place to give you an advantage over online gaming on 5 reel slot machines. It doesn't exist, it is random. PROVEN SYSTEM Is broken down is several modules. Each module is important and must be followed. Failure to respect each module will result in a non successful experience. A tedious process that needs to be respected. I have personally started since September 2014. Although I have not been completely solid, I have maintained control. The following are the ten MODULES of the long awaited PROVEN SYSTEM....subject to be modified. PART II of PROVEN SYSTEM can only be introduce after one year of success. 1:PREPARATION- ability to accept that you have an illness and can not control your gambling. Once you have accepted the fact that you can not stop gambling, you must try everything available to quit. Quitting would be the best thing for you. If it is unsuccessful, continuing to gamble will lead to failure. Once you have realized that it is physically impossible to stop gambling, then you need to prepare yourself for many obstacles. Adopting this PROVEN SYSTEM may help you control your losses as well as your life. You need to prepare mentally and physically. There is so much temptation everywhere. It is so easy to gamble these days. From lotto tickets to online roulette. Prepare to give up almost everything and concentrate only on 5 reel online slot machines. Playing only an IPHONE is much easier. 2:-PLAN- prepare, on paper how you want to approach your gaming. This is only valid for people who want to play only on online slots. Absolutely nothing else. Live or online. You must not be able to game anywhere. Many gambling establishments will respect you for this. You will need to exclude yourself from every online casino except four. Every local casino and other places offering gambling. You must not be able to play anywhere but four hand picked casinos. It's important. It is a long process. But it has to be done. 6 months minimum exclusion, if possible, longer. You need to do this. Your brain will thank you in the long term. Pick four casinos. NT/MG preferred. All four casinos will need a permanent deposit limit set by you. Amount is what you can afford. Never to be changed. It is important to select an amount that you are comfortable losing. Consider the amount a loss even before you deposit. Make sure casino is emailed and respects PERMANENT limit. Most casinos will. If not, exclude yourself immediately and find another. 3:GOAL- is to play on four casinos and not be able to play anywhere else. To play without risking everything that You have. To enjoy the experience. To make sure You are protected in every way. To finally look in the mirror and say I am in control. Not to cry yourself to sleep over your losses. To be strong and confident in everyday life. To hold your head up high and say I did it. I am in control for the first time in my life. To understand that you did it. All by yourself. To be proud you are winning the fight against your illness. 4:UNDERSTAND- online casinos are there to take your money. They don't know you. They only know that you are giving them money. The more you play, the more will lose. Casinos are not your friend. They want your money. Honest or not, that's what they want. Understand that this is a business. A lucrative business than has a multi billion dollar income. These casinos couldn't care less about you, your family and your well being. They want your money. When you have their money, don't care about them! Understand that it is your hard earned money being wagered. 5:SMARTS- knowing what to play and when to play. Once you play less than ten games MG/NT only, somehow you may develop a feeling on when to walk away. All games are random. In time, with experience, anyone can feel a machine. Even if it's 20% accurate, it's better than 0. Do not play more than ten games. Limit yourself to low variance games after initial deposit. Starburst is probably a game that will never give you 100x your bet. But it will keep you playing for hours thus eating up wager requirement. It is impossible to suggest better games. Everyone has their own style. My style is different than yours. Play games you know well. Games that eat wager requirement. Games that have been good to you. Games that you have developed a feeling because you constantly play them. Do not chase mega jackpots unless you have at least 6x your deposit in winnings. I personally rarely chase jackpots. 6:CLIMB- object is to raise your initial deposit by not making large wagers. 1/100th-1/300th of your bank roll. When a higher balance is achieved, then you can raise the stakes. A cash out or different games are needed to be played. TS II/TWIN SPIN/BURNING DESIRE are excellent choices. When your balance reaches 6+ times your deposit, BDBA/IMMORTAL/DOA. High variance games may reward you. After all, you are technically playing with their money now. Do not play high variance games until you have at least 6 times your deposit. Depositing money and chasing a jackpot of 1000x your bet is not recommended. 7:TERMS- make sure you have read every single word of the casino terms. Make sure that you have sent all your documents prior to depositing. Make sure that there is no hidden terms in the bonus. Many have cash out limits, game restrictions, wager amount etc... Terms must be read carefully. Coming to a forum like Ask Gamblers will be nothing less than educational. Many casinos have deplorable bonus terms. Understand them. Chat with the support and ask questions. Keep the chat. 8:INVINCIBLE- when you win, you will want more. There is no doubt. Reverse withdrawal has been the hardest part. Reverse withdrawal needs to be controlled. If you make a withdrawal, make sure you can still play at another casino. Try and forget about your withdrawal. As long as you are playing elsewhere, the pending period is expiring. PROVEN SYSTEM is effective only when there are four casinos available. Make sure you have some money to play in one of them while withdrawing from another. Your brain will be less active with reversing if you are still playing. Very important. 9:LESS- you need to play less games. Moving from original deposit upward is the hardest part of making any money with your hobby/gaming. Play certain games that history has shown you suit your style. STarburst/Mystic Dreams/Eagle wings are suited perfectly for My style. If you deposit 100 dollars, getting to 1000 is much harder than getting from 1000-5000. Stay focused. Know when to walk away. Know when to stay. Only your style and experience can help you. Do not experiment in new games unless you are winning a good amount and just want to test a game. It is important to stick to the games you know. 10-REWARD- if done right, you will be happy no matter what happens. If you lose on all for casinos, you are still a winner. If you win, then you are still a winner. Many people will ask why? The answer is that you have set a limit on your gaming. This limit can never be changed. You just lost what your limit allowed you to lose. If your limit is 100per week, x 4 you lost 400 dollars. You can not lose any more. You can't play anywhere to lose it. Then ask yourself, how much did you lose in a week prior to starting to put deposit limits and exclusions on yourself. Confident that the amounts were much higher than your new limits, that can never be changed. Conditioning your brain to understand that you have just managed to avoid losing more than you can afford is a win on its own. You must get confirmation from all four casinos that they will never raise your deposit limit. Ever! JOHNNYGOTTHEBONE is officially working with PROVEN SYSTEM as of the beginning of September 2014. Although I have made a substantial profit in the last two months, I have convinced myself that at any given moment, I can lose it all. I must respect every module to succeed in the long term. A-I have excluded myself from well over 100 NT/MG casinos B-I have implemented a 250/week permanent deposit limit C-I have selected my four casinos... D-I understand that this is all for fun E-I will not ever feel invincible when winning F-I will never reverse withdrawal G-If I reach 1k on any casino, I will cash out without hesitation. H-I will take all bonuses offered and work on requirement. I-I will not play once all play is done for the week. J-There will be no more mistakes! Proud to announce the 4 casinos I have hand picked after playing more than 100 since May 2014, and why..... GO WILD casino.... Best paying casino ever. Excellent customer service. Fast paying. Easy to deposit. 25 loyalty dollars reached 7k, 90 dollar belated bonus reached 20k, 100 reached 14k and many more. Simply the best paying casino. The machines are loose. The selection is MG only. CASINO LUCK .... Excellence in customer service, game selection second to no one. One deposit of 250 and reached well over 5000 and cashed out a bit less soon after. Quality. 5 star casino in every way. Ranked #1 almost everywhere. Cash outs are instantaneous and received within 48 hours. JETBULL casino... The lion of casinos. One 250 deposit turned into over 9000(reversed) Customer service responds to emails within one minute. Although I did not cash out, I read their terms about the 5000 limit and accept. The reviews are excellent on every forum. NEXT CASINO ... Sister casino of casino luck. Excellence in gaming and email correspondence is instant. A trusted casino without any negative reviews. One deposit of 250 into 8000+(reversed). Game selection second to no one. Quality product. Well this is it folks. For all who have communicated with me I look forward to hearing from you. Many of you are miserable. So was I prior to adopting PROVEN SYSTEM. Your stories are so saddening. If you really can't quit like you say, try and see if you can take control. You have nothing to lose. Only to gain. This forum is not the other forum. The people here are very kind. Do not be afraid to post on this site. Do not be afraid to open up your inner thoughts. There are people who might actually be able to help you get control. The person who is his 20's and sends me emails every other day about not wanting to go on anymore has stopped responding to my emails. If you read this, please email me. You know I am here. Gambling can be a serious addiction. If you feel like you can't stop or control your gambling, seek help wherever available. I see many people seeking help on this forum alone. There is help. ValDes has offered many times to personally help me. I Used this forum to understand things that I did not understand before. Gaming should be fun. Gaming should be exciting. I always tried to win a million! Wow. How I have changed. I have to thank all the people here. In their own way, without trying, they have somehow managed to show me reality about online gaming hence gambling. I have no interest in live gaming what so ever. I have no interest in playing my life savings away I have no interest in being stupid. I just want to have fun. Personally, I am beyond conventional help. The only thing that will work for me is to control the fire inside. A raging flame that has haunted me for 25 years. I am confident in the PROVEN SYSTEM to protect me from danger. What works for me may and probably not work for you. Make your own PROVEN SYSTEM but do something. Thinking that it's too late to change and get better is the ultimate call for failure. Use every tool available to help yourself. No one can help you except you! Good luck to me and to you. Screen shots will follow. Here we go............
  21. Morning all Just thought I post something fun today. And my question is "If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be and why?" Growing up I've never had a famous Idol, no one I ever aspired to be or looked up to. I've never been someone who follows famous people or things like that. However I'd love to hear all you're answers, please share them below
  22. I believe this game is worth your attention if you like Playtech or to try out something different . And below image is the best I could find in the moment, still if you look at the graphics you could only imagine how does it look when you start this game. Looks great! I like panthers and black is my favorite in this so-called real life. A friend of mine, 12 yrs. into gambling story, it is hard to win Jackpot games, Marvel games... omg,but I just had so much fun with The Avengers ! Panther Moon and authentic screenshot from Fly Casino yesterday and 5 dollars free chip! At least it is x 100 and should be considered as decent. Oh well .. I can only dreamin how does it look at min. 1 euro bet or higher, 2 for example. Free Spins feature all wins x 3 multiplier, while Jackpot is 10.000 second highest payout is 2.500 well nice to hear! I will open casino to take paytable screenshots and add here so we can move forward with Panther Moon. Now I think that would be it, almost enough to get closer look and decide whether you wanna try it out and play or not! I like this game very much and didn't won big, but as many black panthers you collect, better for your balance and overall experience. Now enjoy!
  23. Its been a while since we had latest releases and here comes the Stickers by Netent, 5 reels, 20 paylines. Get Sticky Wild anywhere on the reels and enjoy your Sticky Free Spin, sticky free spin can be retriggered if Sticky Wilds appear on the reels during the Sticky Spin. No Bonus Game,Multiplier nor Free Spins but Jackpot is 80.000 coins. I know this game is live at Betspin Casino, Whitebet Casino,Mr.Green Casino,Betsson Casino,Betsafe Casino. Enjoy this fruit-themed colorful game!
  24. Good evening everyone! Lately I saw some promotions for The Spin Lab and even I am not familiar with NextGen Gaming software I would really appreciate if anyone who played this game would share more about this game with me and our membrs, with whole world and visitors I would say! Today I finally gave it a try . I see RTP is under 96 percent and I am not sure if its a good sign but I liked this game. Maybe because I got bored of some games after all this months and while trying to upload the game and see the paytable you could jump in and share your experience.
  25. Okay, time for a new game I think. I know we have a few running at the moment but we all need that but of fun now again besides slots! This game is called WHAT AM I? or WHO AM I? You probably all know it anyway because its really easy and popular. All you need to do is pick a simple object/animal etc...ANYTHING absolutely anything...OR a famous person and give little clues about the thing you have chosen and we have to get who or what it is. FOR EXAMPLE For a knife I could put: I am often made of metal You use me to eat I can sometimes be sharp For Britney Spears I could put I am a female singer I am American I started singing very young and wore pigtails SEE EASY...GOT IT? No googling required, simply look around you pick an object give us clues!
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