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Found 10 results

  1. Hello. Im new in the online casino world. Do you guys have any tips for someone like me ? Which games can you recommend for me to earn more and has the highest chance of winning ?
  2. Hey guys! I have some exciting to share with you all today! How many of you knew we have started an AskGamblers Online Casino Blog? You'll be able to read articles written by our writers which could include anything ranging from interesting facts, insights into games and casinos and lot's more! I'll keep you updated with all the stuff we add but you can also check it out yourselves using the link provided above. Have fun reading! We currently have two very interesting reads from two of our most talented writers! If you'd love to know more about Bitcoin this is a great read: A short history of Bitcoin: From the dark web to mainstream Learn how Bitcoin started off as just a computer wizards 'pet project' and how it got to where it is today! Our second read 15 Best free slot games for iPad will appeal to all you mobile gamers here. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback you have below.
  3. Can you suggest me few social casino games that I can try here or download?
  4. I see this is an old post but i feel its the most relevant place to pose my question. I have been sticking to my personal choices for online casinos, however as of the current situation i am looking to improvise and find something fresh an reliable, any suggestions?
  5. Hey i see this is a pretty popular threat so i though i would drop my introductory message here. I am a casual gambler. I like to gamble from time to time, when i do i usually play some slots alongside a few sports bets. I was wondering which casinos supported sports betting that you guys are actually satisfied with.
  6. IS ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS RESPONDING TO THEIR COMPLAINTS? THE PAST 3 DAYS I'M GETTING THE FOLLOWING : Eek, our bad! (500) We’re experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment, but we’ll be back in a sec. While you’re waiting, why not head back to our homepage?
  7. Have a question about playthrough requirements. I recently deposited $100 on an online casino and got a 200% deposit bonus. I had a balance of $300. Unfortunately, without reading fine print I was on the hook for a 50x deposit and bonus play through before I could withdraw. I had to wager over $15000 to be eligible to withdraw.
  8. Hi Luciana, I am new at askgamblers. I really want to became the contributor on Askgambles. I do have Good IG's related to Gambling, Articles , Case Study and News. Let me know If It is possible. I am open for moderation , you and your team can moderate every single content. Do let me know, If it is possible. Regards David
  9. It's been a while since we had a personality quiz here at the forum but don't worry because your next dosage is here! Answer the questions and post the results below: Pick the most suitable answer for each question. After you’ve finished, count your answers to find out which type of casino gamblers you belong to and which casino games are best suited for your personality. Which of these statements is most true for you? Every now and then I try a new cuisine. I’m in it to win it! After a long day at work I just want to sit back and relax. I’m an entrepreneur. Vegas, baby! You’re on a roll. What’s your next move? Let’s go another round! I’m on the brink of a big win, I can feel it! I won’t stop till I’m number one. I’ll stop while I’m ahead. I’m going all in. I’m buying drinks for everyone at the table. Your favourite drink is: Cocktails Shots Beer / Wine Moonshined brandy / Local brandy Bourbon What kind of non-casino games attract you the most? Fantasy Role Playing Paintball / Laser tag / Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade dancing) Puzzles / Escape Room Monopoly / Risk As long as all eyes are on me, I’m good. 5. What do you look for in a new online casino? A beautiful design and a large selection of games. If there are tournaments, I’m in. A simple layout and easy navigation. My policy is just register and play. A Live Casino Room where I can play and mingle. Answer key: If you’ve mostly chosen a) then you’re the Innovative Type If you’ve mostly chosen b. then you’re the Competitive Type If you’ve mostly chosen c) then you’re the Lone Wolf Type If you’ve mostly chosen d) then you’re the Risk Taking Type If you’ve mostly chosen e) then you’re the Flashy Type To find out more about each type and which games to play read our latest blog entry. You can also post your 'Type' and I'll tell you the explanation.
  10. Our latest blog entry talks about the interesting subject of Skill-based slot machines. Do the new generation of slot lovers want to play these skill-based games? Or indeed do all of us old-timers want to see more of these slots come out? Take a read of our latest entry: Are skill-based slot games the future of gaming? and leave your comments below. Do you think these games will be hit?
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