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Found 20 results

  1. I’d like to make a forum here for us Australian Players to chat and speak to. I noticed alot of the forums mentioning Australian players are outdated or if you’re viewing on mobile and click on a forum that says it had a post today, it comes up with post back from 2012-2013 and you have to skip over 3,000 comments to get to the latest ones. If you think it’s time to freshen the forum up with some new updates, news and all topics about online pokies then comment with your experiences, winnings, best and worst, most payout slots, screenshots of your winnings etc. ALL AUSTRALIAN ONLINE POKIE PLAYERS COMMENT.
  2. Hello there, dear AG community! Sincerely hope you all has a fantastic festive season! A week after the New Year and all the inevitable euphoria is now fading, I guess it's about time for a recapitulation of your gambling 2017. Big wins and epic fails, new favorites and old preferences, your ups and downs... we want to know them all! Cannot wait to hear about your gambling adventures, so come on folks, let me see who managed to break da bank in 2017. PS. Don't forget to cast your vote.
  3. Soooo......why is it that when I'm in practice play at a casino that has free play I win, usually pretty big. And then when I deposit money and play for real, I don't win ***** and my balance just keeps going down and down and very seldom up? Is this just a way to draw people in to deposit? Like for instance....this past week I have been playing free games at a certain well respected casino to see which ones I like. Made my decisions and made a deposit. Let the money sit for a couple days while I played some free games. Logged in to play for real and BOOM!!! Money was gone in about 10 minutes. Then I logged out and started the free games again and BOOM!!! was winning left and right! It also seemed like the free games versus the real ones were different speeds. The only casinos that I win at are the ones that I have to beg or file a complaint with to get what's coming to me. I am getting quite disappointed with this online gambling scene.
  4. I have recently gone back and forth a lot between land based and online gambling. What I have found is that overall I prefer online for an ongoing long term hobby. Land based is definitely fun for an occasionally run, but in my personal experience I tend to loose a lot more due to....totally loosing control (spending, time, logic, sanity, etc.). When online, I am in a much better position to manage the cost, the losses or wins, as well as walking away. It is so much easier to close my computer then it is to pack up and walk out of a casino. Fortunately I have not lost much online, but also I haven't won much. This is a balance I am really comfortable with, since I really enjoy the online games (great visuals, sound affect, and totally engaging). I have seen huge wins by others, so I know it can be done. I have had some good wins, but usually spend it back down to break even or less. The selection at a land based casino is much more limited, in terms of available slots. Online there is so much available. Land based gaming environments can be fun, but then you have to go there, park, endure smoke if you don't happen to enjoy that, and other distractions (some good and some not so much). Online you control your environment, and I personally find it a lot more fun than watching TV However in the universe of online casinos, I have found it very helpful to have the sidebar listing other players wins in real time (or close to it). This gives me hope when I am down, or convinces me to run depending on how others seem to be doing. Of course you don't know what they are betting, but you can get a general idea if hot streaks are happening, or not. I have won a lot more in land based casinos, several $2000+ euro progressives, nothing huge but enough to make it VERY FUN. However I have also lost control and lost so much more in land based casinos. One in particular, I lost around 10,000 Euro in a few weeks on slots. It is also great that if something goes wrong in the online gambling world, there is recourse, such as filing a complaint with this website. I just wanted to share my perspective on the differences, and as a long term gambling junkie, who is relatively new to online, I find it overall to be a heck of a lot better in so many ways.
  5. Well I am sorry to report a lot of problems with these two companies. I thought they had been sorted out, but just found out they have not. I also thought they were two different companies and perhaps they are, not sure, but they have the same customer service, the same repetitive emails, and the same issues with being unable to provide any meaningful or helpful information when problems arise with withdrawals or account issues. 1st situation - with Bovada So here we go -- with Bovada I made my first withdrawal in mid to late May, and it was a nightmare. Took two weeks, had to verify myself which I did immediately but still took two weeks after that due to the Visa Fast Funds issue. I was frustrated by the daily calls and emails leading no where and the long time of not even knowing if I would get my withdrawal (which was not a win, it was less than I had deposited after massive playing) so told them I would not be using their site anymore after receiving the funds, so this brought my balance down to 0. They didn't seem to mind I would not be using them. Well a few weeks later I decided to try them again, since they seem to be one of the biggest and I felt perhaps I could trust them after all. I made another deposit and won some money, around $750 on a $100 no bonus deposit. Since they started pushing bitcoin as a faster withdrawal method, hassle free and quick, I decided to test this before playing more, so I tried to do a partial withdrawal of 550 which was my second withdrawal, but first using bitcoin. The site says 15 minutes, but it turned out it takes 72 hours + 15 minutes they explained to me a I waited for the funds. It ended up taking around 4.5 days for the withdrawal, and as usual I kept calling them and they kept emailing me the same thing again and again. The good news is they did pay me the $550 withdrawal, leaving a few hundred in the account, but I was disappointed it took them 4.5 days for a bitcoin withdrawal when I had already been verified and made previous withdrawals. I have used 7bitcasino and bitstarz and both took about 15-20 minutes for withdrawals so perhaps I had been spoiled by their fast service. So this isn't the end - suddenly I received an email that I needed to call Bovada immediately about my account. I called them and it was blocked, and then called and was on hold around 15 minutes and talked to their financial services team, who said they didn't know why it was blocked but they were looking into it and would call me back later that day. Well they never called so I have been going back and forth with them by email when they say I need to call and I tell them I did that but when i called they had no information and they reiterated about 10 times back and forth to call again so 2 days later I called again. They said once again they did not know why my account was blocked and they would call me back in a few days. I explained it was ridiculous that my account is blocked and my no deposit winnings are on hold as well since I can't access my account, and asked for a withdrawal, and they said I also can't take the remaining withdrawal until they call me back in "at least a few days." So this is frustrating already. Okay now for part 2 - slots. lv I had a similar issue with slots. lv -- won some money and took out around $800 which brought my account down close to 0 but I still had around $1500 in bonus money left. They also promised fast hassle free withdrawals by bitcoin so I made the withdrawal that way. However of course they still wanted to verify me which took a few days, then they asked for more information which they did not initially ask for (proof of address) which I sent and that took a few more days. Then they said they cancelled the withdrawal since I needed to use a unique bitcoin wallet address I had never used before. I asked them why they didn't say this up front since otherwise how would I know this. Anyway this started the process over. I immediately sent them a new wallet address for Bitcoin and a few days later I received my withdrawal, so it took around a week via bitcoin. I am leaving out the frequent calls and emails back and forth leading no where, so I felt lucky to actually get my withdrawal but I did. Well then suddenly my account was blocked, and they said to call them which I did, and then they had to ask me questions again regarding verification which seemed ridiculous, and then they told me my account was fine again to login and use and they emailed me as well it was ready for use again. Then suddenly a day later (I had not logged in yet) I received an email to call them about my account, I said I already did so why call again, they kept repeating that I needed to call then everything would be clear since they are unable to communicate everything in writing. So I called them, and guess what, it was the exact same customer service rep I talked to with Bovada. This was a few minutes after I hung up the above call with Bovada, and they had the exact same story - they don't know why my account is blocked, they will find out and call me back in a few days, etc. etc. So now I realize they have the same customer service, the same withdrawal issues, and I am totally fed up with both. Also, their withdrawal interface on the sites appears very much the same, so I assume they use the same underlying platform - which really is terrible in my limited experience with them so far. I have no idea if I will ever receive my remaining funds with Bovada (no bonus tied to it) or if I will be able to login to slots. lv and continue using the bonus that I worked hard to secure. Anyway at this point I don't think I care much since I will probably never use either again. I did not file a complaint yet on this site which I may do soon, but for now, I just wanted to share my experience so others can avoid the same issues hopefully. Using bitcoin with other casinos it has been so fast and hassle free, so I expected better from both of these casinos especially when they assured me prior to my withdrawal that it would be fast using bitcoin. Maybe to them a week is fast and I realize others have had it far worse with Bovada (I have ready about a few month wait, etc.) but using bitcoin it really should have been faster I feel. At least with 7bit and bitstarz it is lightening fast (15 minutes at most so far each time). I am new to online gaming and this is the part that has really been discouraging, withdrawals from these two casinos. I will go back to 7bit or bitstarz or try one of the others many on this forum recommend. No more Bovada and slots. lv for me.
  6. I have been busy traveling and didn't have much time to login and play. Well I read a post on this forum tonight about how bad online gambling is, which somehow inspired me to dig in and have some fun and prove the anti-gambling population wrong! Just for the sake of perspective, I am up overall with online gaming since I begun 4-5 months ago, so it has certainly been a good experience for me so far. Back to tonight -- I thought about recent casinos I have played at, and recalled BitStarz as being the one with 100% positive experience, so I decided to visit them again. I moved 100 euro out of my previous consolidated winnings from various casinos (some with battles for withdrawals, others like BitStarz totally smooth and effortless withdrawals). My winnings were stashed in bitcoin (which just happened to go up in value around 30% over the course of moving winnings there, so they have gone up quite a bit just sitting there which is a nice bonus for doing absolutely nothing and a much better return than the stock market!!). So with 100 euro I just deposited to Bitstarz I have attached some screen pictures. I played Fruit Zen, Dragons Pearl, Playboy, Bridesmaids, and Rooks Revenge. And the end result is that after a few hours of fun, my balance was up from 100 EURO to 275 EURO. Not only was it fun but I got paid for it! So I just cashed out 250 EURO, and left 25 EURO in my Bitstarz account for more gaming action. Anyone who says this is rigged, I find that belief VERY hard to believe. It just isn't. I got lucky, the odds were fair, they just happened to land in my favor this time. Not always the case, but overall it seems to me that if you stick with your game of choice - eventually (could take a while) there is a nice payday. So for those who have recently posted about great immediate losses on many casinos all at the same time with the same trend and pattern - I have trouble believing the conclusions. Also, it is important to use some strategy with a focus on winning. If you were to approach this for example with an agenda of proving its rigged and a money looser, well I certainly could find a way to loose money. However if your agenda is to win (such as is the case for me) I play with a degree of strategy (not proven to work, and often doesn't, but I tend to stick with games until they pay - which can be a fault but also usually leads to payback in time). Just like the stock market, until you SELL the beaten down stock, or cash in your beaten down balance, its not yet a loss. Keep in mind I have no agenda here, I am just a humble consumer of gaming who finds the odds to be fair and balanced, now rigged or deceptive (assuming you use reputable casinos of course). Okay sorry to digress, back to tonight. I LOVE THIS BITSTARZ!! So efficient, such great service, and such excellent processes. I made a deposit, played with no technical issues, had a few support questions which were answered instantly by online chat, and cashed out the same night, all of this within a few hours. GUESS HOW LONG THE WITHDRAWAL TOOK at 230AM in the morning?????? 2 minutes!!!! And that was WITH STAFF REVIEW!!! WOW!!! They deserve every bit of their great rating on this forum, perhaps even higher. It will be an honor to play and loose or win with them, since so far they have given me the most perfect experience possible. Okay, now off to sleep. 175 EURO richer than I was before I read the post on this forum about online gaming being "rigged". No offense to the author of that post, I enjoyed the information and am not arguing with it - I just have a completely different experience (positive) which seems to undermine any theories that all of this follows pre-determined trends. That's all folks, goodnight.
  7. Below is the email I received after 3 weeks of waiting. I contacted them and they say I have to go through the process again with no guarantees of any payment. Bill We are contacting you with regard to your withdrawal request via Visa Fast Funds with reference number xxxxxxxxx in the amount of $300.00 which was processed on May 09. Due to ongoing technical issues with our payment provider, the Visa Fast Funds withdrawal method is temporarily unavailable. Although we anticipate that we will resume processing withdrawals via this method in the future, your pending withdrawal Is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate your continued patience. Feel free to contact our Customer Service team should you have any questions regarding your account. Sincerely, Bovada Customer Service 1-888-263-0000 You are subscribed to promotional mailings. We respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe any time. BOVADA is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. P.O. Box 2190, Kahnawake, QC, J0L 1B0. EDM-17151
  8. State's Online Casinos Win $17M From Gamblers In April Online casinos in the state of New Jersey collectively won $17 million from gamblers during the month of April, according to figures released this week from Garden State regulators. The $17 million is an all-time high for a single month. That amount was 33.8 percent more than April 2015’s $12.7 million. Back in March online casinos broke the $15-million mark for the first time. Through the first four months of this year, Internet gaming win was up 29.3 percent year-over-year to $61.9 million. Revenue from peer-to-peer poker play was nearly $2.6 million in April, compared to $2 million the year prior. That was an increase of 30.4 percent. April was the first full month of PokerStars running games in New Jersey. The site, which partnered with Resorts casino, launched on Mar. 21. According to information from New Jersey, PokerStars accounted for roughly 46 percent of the state’s online poker market in April. The first third of 2016 has generated $9.2 million in online poker revenue, up 7.4 percent from the $8.6 million raked during the first four months of 2015. The Borgata led the way with nearly $4 million in April online gaming revenue, followed by Resorts ($3.5 million), Golden Nugget ($3.3 million), Caesars Interactive NJ ($3.2 million) and Tropicana ($3.1 million). Resorts had just $212,739 in online gaming revenue in April 2015, so the partnership with PokerStars has made a huge difference. Only Resorts, Borgata and Caesars do online poker.
  9. I would like to share with our dutch members this amazing news. Casumo Casino http://www.askgamblers.com/casino/casumo-casino-review-r4456 welcome Germany ! Cheers and good luck to all! More to read here http://www.askgamblers.com/forum/topic/6014-casumo-casino-welcome-germany/
  10. Hello there basically I just started doing this online gambling thing, and I am pretty confused as to what to choose. That's why I went to this site, a friend recommended this place, to get some answers. What can you guys recommend what to play here, something easy and gradually rewarding as time goes by? Thanks.
  11. I gamble on line, "not with the wife" on occasion, and i also visit the local casinos with the wife. My problem is were always losing at the local casinos. I can't convince my wife that if you go with the right casino on line you shouldnt have a problem as far as getting your winnings and making sure your not dealing with a crooked casino. I have a way of depositing and not using my local bank, as gambling in the U.S. is ilegal. My wife is paranoid about gambling on line. I've been to a couple of sites on line that suppose be pretty good and I've had issues with them. I need some advise as to who or what casino would be the best fit for my situation? Thanking you in advance.
  12. Although I'm not a fan of the Apple Smartwatch and wouldn't play any money wagering games on it, I think this is pretty cool and innovative... Read full article here
  13. "Two New Jersey men were sentenced Tuesday on racketeering conspiracy charges for their roles with a Costa Rica-based gambling Web site that has ties to the Mafia, the office of U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said." Read full story here
  14. Before I sign up with an operator I normally do a quick due diligence on it to see if it's been blacklisted, quality of its promotional offers, software, amount of games and in which jurisdiction it's licensed. I consider the latter a very important metric. In my opinion the following jurisdictions are reputable: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta. Obviously there are other jurisdictions that are also reputable but I consider these the industry yardstick. Why? The operators licensed here are held to the highest of standards. In other words they must offer responsible gambling policies, quality software providers, well-trained staff, offer a payment dispute resolution and so forth. However, the latter is often debatable since I've read about sites complaining about Malta's inability to successfully resolve player complaints. Thanks.
  15. "Earlier this year David Baazov walked into the Manhattan offices of the Blackstone Group, the world’s biggest private equity firm, with an outrageous offer. At 33 Baazov was the little-known chief of Amaya, an obscure Montreal company with a loose handful of assets in the gambling industry. But he had big plans. With the backing of Blackstone’s credit division he wanted to stage the $4.9 billion purchase of PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker company." Read full article here
  16. Hello, my fellow AskGamblers. A bit of 'academic' questions this time from your beloved Guru as I'm planning to change the guru title with a Professor one very soon! And sooo, what provoked me to ask you? Last night I was talking with an old friend of mine whom I didn't see nor hear long long time ago. We had a great conversation, it was all just fine when suddenly he hit me with this question - "Man, what's inside your head when you start gambling online?". And was like ready to answer him immediately, but then another portion of questions followed... And frankly speaking it was rather interesting answering him as it was something new for me as well, you know, trying to define what's really happening in my hand before a gambling sessions starts... So, here's the questions and I would appreciate if you answer them sincerely and straightforward. Thank you in advance! 1. What is the first thing to cross your mind when sit by the computer and start playing? 2. How it looks like? 3. What do you think in that moment? 4. Are there any particular emotions? Positive or negative? 5. What feelings are crossing your mind? Fun, thrill, joy, anger, rage...? 6. Do you have a special 'recipe' or a 'spell' for a success before each session?
  17. Hi Folks. I would value any advice you might give me. I am working on a system. I have my sights set on success...so before I move further I would be grateful to know about the legality of online gambling. I happen to be in California. And by legality I mean-I care if online gambling is a serious matter the authorities watch carefully, on the other hand if they barely take notice and it is much more a matter between myself and the online gambling site-well....game on. Thanks. Additionally, what online gambling sites are recommended?
  18. I'm just curious, is it true that facebook allows real-money on some facebook gambling apps? Sorry not a facebook user, but I am interested to know if it is true..
  19. Anyone know of a bus junket to Atlantic City from North Carolina? My buddies and I wanna go to Atlantic City, but some of them are afraid of flying, so we'd prefer to go by bus. Does anyone know of a junket that drives to Atlantic City? Thanks in Advance!
  20. Hi folks! 2012 is almost in its end and as usual at the end of the year we all try to make a recapitulation! And since we talk mostly about gambling here, at the AskGamblers.com, I guess it's time to understand what was the year for all of in terms of online gambling! Have you managed to win good? Or you have lost a lot? Or the year was even with some ups and downs? And don't forget to cast your vote in the poll!
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