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  1. Just wanted to say hi and congratulations on the new forum! Nice job to Lucky13 and everyone else behind the scenes! If there's anything we can do to help, please let me know. Debbee Silverman First Gaming Partners/Affiliate Director MSN: [email protected] Skype: Debbee.Silverman
  2. Hello, I am new to the site (obviously ;p) I found it because I've had some issues with my current used casino (Playojo) I am looking to join some others and I like all the information that is available here. I was trying to submit a complaint as well since I see some people having luck getting them resolved with the help of AG but am unable to submit it. Is this an issue with the site or new users or something like that? Thanks so much and good luck everyone,
  3. Hi guys I have some super exciting news to finally be making this thread after years of hoping for it. We have a brand-new forum that will go live very soon! I'm not going to give any details we're keeping it a complete surprise for you all. We will keep this thread open for any questions you have when the new forum goes live. So, if there's anything you need to ask or if you can't find something just use this thread and me and Valdes will be able to answer your questions. Watch this space guys. You won't be disappointed!
  4. Hi guys Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm back online after a crappy few days. I've got a million tasks in front of me to catch up but I will get there over tonight and tomorrow guys. GOTM is on my to-do-list for tonight sorry to have kept everyone waiting but my little boy has been so poorly but is on the mend thankfully!! Sharon
  5. Just wondering guys if anyone's having any problems tonight? Every time I go to reply it automatically redirects me to the full reply page which is fine but inconvenient and it shouldn't be happening. Just trying to figure out of it's my computer of an issue here. TIA.
  6. Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Our beloved forum is finally back...after several days of being offline! And I was getting really bored to dea...err...never mind...the word...hehehe. Now that it's back, I hope there won't be another 'blackout' soon...or I'm gonna get 'knocked-out'... So...welcome back everybody...there's no time to lose...let's get back to our naughty selves again...
  7. Hello Everyone! It's definitely time that we had a new game right? This game is just a bit of fun and also a great way to find out things about each other. It is called the Yes or No game. I will start by asking a simple question that requires a simple YES or NO answer. The next person will answer the question and then ask another question for the next person to answer. This game can be really fun and you can ask absolutely anything that requires a YES or No answer. Please try to let everyone have a go. So for example - I could ask "Have you ever sang in the shower" The next person would answer Yes or No and then ask another question. Let's go - and have FUN. You can also make comments on your answer proving there is a YES or No answer too. Let me start - "Have you ever been fired from a job?"
  8. Happy New Year everyone! I've already mentioned this in another thread, but I'll say it again because I mean it! 2015 was a great year for us here guys. We had lots going on but I want to make 2016 even better! This is why I'd like some feedback from you guys. I'd like you to tell us if there is anything at all you'd like to see from us this year. And it could be absolutely anything, more contests, bonuses, games...anything at all! If nothing comes to mind straight away then that's fine too. If you do think of something then you can come back and post when you do! Look forward to reading some suggestions.
  9. Hello everyone! Have you missed me? Sorry I haven't been here since Friday my little girl has been in hospital. We came home Saturday night for her 1st birthday yesterday but had to take her back in last night because I was still concerned. The good news is it was just a tummy bug, we're now home and she's much better. She's finally getting the chance to take a look at all her birthday presents! Can't wait to catch up on everything I've missed! Hope everyone is okay!
  10. Hello everyone I just wondered if anyone was still receiving this error message today at the top of their screens? It seems as though it is still happening to me. If you could post and let me know if you are having the same problems I have forwarded this to Valdes so hopefully it will be rectified soon. I'm having problems accessing new posts at the moment so if anyone needs me urgently you can email me at [email protected] Sharon
  11. Hello, hello! And prepare for an important announcement! I am really happy to announce that we have a new Forum Administrator! Please, welcome our beloved Sharon in her new role and wish her success!
  12. As the title suggest I have just learned something new today! I've been here for a good few years now and I have only just found that if you click the show all button under the emoticons it gives you a bigger list to choose from! Please tell me there are other people here who didn't know that too! OH MY GOD, As I am typing this I have literally just seen the little arrow to go across for more too!!!!!!!!! Oh my days! Oh my gosh there are just so many to choose from now!
  13. Hey there, Any chance of expanding the forum pages to cover topics other than gambling? Lets get a current affairs one on the go, so we can all chat about things that are going on, wherever in the world one happens to be! :-)
  14. Hello sweets One of the goals of every forum is to be dynamic, live and visited, with many new posts and quality comments every day! I'm so happy when I see so many news after clicking "New posts since last visit" !! Also, I must notice that this forum made a huge progress considering threads, posts and active members! That's why I'm using this opportunity to invite you to post!! We appreciate every comment, feedback, suggestion...your thoughts, moods, critics, ideas, plans, precious parts of your interests and pieces of your private life, that you can share with us, here! All this has it's own reasons, which are mostly in your interest: 1) You can learn a lot from each other's posts, exchange your experiences, get some help or guides! When I registered here, I had no idea what is it all about, what exactly online gambling includes and all that terminology! But, during this one year of membership, I've learnt so much and guess where from? Yes, from the forum and members' posts 2) From your suggestions I can realize what kind of bonuses and promotions you like the most, so sometimes I can ask casino representatives for creating the exclusive bonuses, based on your opinions and desires! Not so rarely, when I'm in negotiations about an exclusive bonus or tournament/draw, the other side asks me for my suggestion about the percentage, bonus amount, wagering requirements, games to be played on, deposit/no deposit... And I always firstly think of you here, summarizing your impressions of some previous bonuses, what was good, what was bad, what could be better and of course - what bonus would make them positively surprised? Don't forget, you strongly participate in creating our exclusive bonuses 3) Being an active forum member can make you feel like being a part of a big family! Believe me, I'm so excited when I'm logging in to site! I go straight to forum, looking forward to see what's new! Make my coffee, light a cigarette and enjoy my reading! Everybody are so friendly and kind here, giving you an impression of that you can tell them everything and share everything! Happiness, anger, sadness, photos, winnings...all! It's just how I feel it! Like surrounded with people I know for years! 4) You can improve your English a lot!! I did! There are many, many other reasons, but those 4 are the strongest! Happy posting and no spamming (well, some rules must be followed everywhere, even here)
  15. Q1. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? Katemak - Tell you about my self ,ooh .you all know my real name is Katerina ,i am married almost for 14 years with Montenegro men and those of you like Jelena knows what Montenegro hubby ,means, to have him in the house haha,just kidding ,well they stand to be the laziest people on Balkan haha.. so you decide how I am doing.When I was much younger and not married I was party girl,whenever was some partying ,event i was first to go there ,I was real party maniac ,well those were the days ,sorry to say ,this days I dont see that glow ,in young people eyes .Well we still go out ,from time to time,but i dont feel the same,like we dont belong there,dont know but people did changed,everything is changed..I am very precise ,tidy,fussy person and what i dont like the most is clumsy people.My laptop is always on ,but I am always doing ,working something ,i cant imagine my self siting for hours on one place . Q2. You mentioned you have been on Deal or no Deal, can you tell us the full story please? Katemak - Yes that was really new experience for me.actually ,my youngest sister she was the first who has been to the same quiz Deal or no Deal ,so we won nearly the same amount of money.That day I just asked her to give me the link of the quiz so i can register ,so who knows ,maybe they will contacted me and what was really amazing they did ,after 14 days.I was at home that day ,when they told me to come to an interview.Ops I though i would get lost in front of a camera ,but i was doing just great.The funny thing was ,when i arrived at the studio ,one blond women appeared from nowhere and she gave me one form so I can write my general info about my self,so while i was writing ,people start coming and coming and when i asked one girl,how many people are registered for the quiz ,she said more then 500 people from all over the cities ,woow I said there is no way I can wait that much ,but i was lucky I guess ,because the same blond lady appears and asked who has fill the form and I was in the first 5 selected so i was in. When they select me to play that night ,I didnt even imagine that they would select me hmm but they did.At the begining I was very nervous,but you know what ?? I really had that feeling that night ,that I wont come out from there with no money in my pocket ,I just knew I would win something.Well I maybe regret ,for not listening to my sister husband ,because hi told me that the 1 million is in number 5 and he guessed it right ,but who would know that !!! Any way I am satisfied with that I got 1.500 euros is nice sum of money. Q3. You are known on the forum as the Queen of No Deposit bonuses....maybe you could tell us how exactly you are so successful as these bonuses? Katemak - Haha...Believe Sharon I have no idea ,but i am really lucky on this NDB .My first casino i played was Liberty Slots Casino and as I remember it was 10$ or 15$ free chip ,so I really had no idea on what games to play so I choose to play Rocking Robin slot,I was so lucky on that game and I was playing with 0.50$ per spin but later I raised my bet and I won around 2000$ ,but then support informed me that 180$ was the maximum I can cashout ,actually i have cashed out 2 times from this casino,not making one deposit and the second time they didnt want to give me the money ,so that was the first time I met Askgamblers site and then I was talking with one girl Laura ,I still remember her name ,so she advised me to read carefully theirs Terms about Nodeposit bonus ,which in theirs Terms was no such a thing included.The thing was they send me by mistake for my birthday another nodeposit bonus and they shouldnt do that ,because i cashed out once ,so that was theirs mistake not mine,so to cut the story ,the next day I contacted the support and asked to talk to theirs manager ,we talked I explained about theirs Terms and if they wont pay me I will have to submit an complaint and finally he said my money will be in my account in 2 days,actually the money was in my skrill the day after.So yes I am really lucky with that NDB. Q4. How did you start gambling? Katemak - Ohh it was really long time ago and all I can remember the first thing I played was bingo,then I came across one forum ,which am regular poster there and I have been paid decent sum of money ,so that forum was full ,well still is with Nodeposit codes ,so then I found the first casino Liberty slots and after I start playing all Bet on Soft Casinos,because they were giving a lot ,almost every day free spins,well not any more! Q5. Let's imagine you're a billionaire and you have to buy only one online casino to own. Which one would it be and why? Katemak - If that happens one day ,that would be Redbet group casinos,because i trust them the most,had very good time there ,made seveal cashouts from them and who wouldnt want to own the most trust able casinos on line and of course dont forget how much money they earn every single year ,well I want them in my pocket ! Q6. If you could travel in time, would you travel to the past or the future? And, why? Katemak - I dont want to talk about the past ,its very vulnerable theme,I had very big losses ,I mean in weal field but if i could change something I would certainly,do ,but whats done is done ! Q7. As a little girl, what did you want to be when you grow up? Katemak - When i was little girl I always wanted to be rock singer ,haha how many times I imagined my self on the scene singing ,playing ,but you know what ?? I have nooo talent for that . Q8. Is there anything that really annoys you and what is it? Katemak - I am very open person ,well thats not so nice in this times,isnt it?? if I dont like something or I think its not true or not fair I just have to throw that in people face ,i cant help it ,its just me ! Q9. If you can choose one movie roll to be in, which one would it be? Katemak - Movie you say,I can be n any movie roll,but my partner must be Brad Pitt ...haha that would be 'Legends of the Fall' with Brad Pitt, I know it is very sad movie but i just adore that actor, me and him in lead roles ,ohh that would be super movie hahaa ! Q10. What does the future hold for Katemak? Katemak - Have no idea neither have some plans ,for the moment I am locking for some nice ,good job ,hope i will find it soon and whats most important family and health come first ,so for the rest we will see !Ohh hope i will catch that Jackpot soon,very soon !! Thank you for a fantastic interview Katemak. Since the day you arrived here you have done nothing but brighten up my days, we have become friends and I hope things will remain that way. Your an extremely valued member of our forum, thank you for everything you put in for us all here!
  16. So I like posting here but lately it has been very hard. I get logged off when I try to reply sometimes and the forum just loads slow a lot,anyone else have problems like this?
  17. Attention! Ahtung! Atención! Attenzione! We are looking for this guy! Wanted Drunk or Sober! Please, report to the nearest AskGamblers admin if you spot the guy! Reward: An oblivious week binge with Lord and ValDes on the expense of AskGamblers! Beware! The guy is known to be the best living Drunken Master worldwide, perfectly capable to play slots and/or/while drinking for a whole month without stopping! Also known as the the AskGamblers' official historian! Lordy, we miss you so much, dude! Come back and I promise to stay sober for a week!
  18. I've been meaning to say for ages...the igame banner that is on the right of. the screen when in the forum is soooo annoying for ipad users! Whenever I scroll down the page it opens a new tab for igame casino!
  19. 1. You accept, through your use of this Forum, that you will not post any material (Post, Link or Image) which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually- oriented, threatening, discriminatory, invasive of a person's privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International law. This includes all links: in your signature, profile, bookmarks as well as posted photos, and avatars. Abusive behavior is not acceptable and your account will be suspended. 2. Strictly Forbidden: a) Posting the same message to more than one thread or topic section; Spamming, Flooding, Chain Letters, Pyramid Schemes, and Solicitations; c) Promotions, Advertisements or Bonuses; d) Mass Private Messages or Emails; e) Posts that could be considered insulting or offensive that can damage another's business. Accusations without valid evidence will not be tolerated. 3. We will not tolerate advertising and/or promoting of any forms and types of the so called 'gambling strategies'! Doing so will lead to suspension of your account. 4. It is forbidden to post real names, email addresses, or other personal details that may be considered confidential information from private correspondence, or from some user database. 5. It is forbidden to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have written approval from the owner of the copyrighted material. 6. All posts become the property of AskGamblers.com once they are posted. Any copying and pasting of posts from this forum to others should be done with our explicit permission and/or discretion. Copying posts and/or threads from other forums is forbidden, unless you have explicit permission to do so. 7. Please remember that we do not actively observe the posted messages, and as such, are not responsible for the content contained within. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented. The posted messages express the views of the author only. Anyone who feels that a posted message is offensive can notify an administrator or moderator of this forum immediately. You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages. 8. If you come across a post or a thread that looks like it's breaching any of our forum rules, please report it. You can do so by using the report button, situated under each post. An e-mail and/or notification will be sent immediately to our admins and moderators. 9. Using PMs (Private Messages) for abusing other members and/or anything else, which is in a direct violation of any of our rules, is forbidden and your account will be suspended. 10. Do not post the same message to more than one thread or topic section. 11. AskGamblers.com reserves the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this Forum. 12. AskGamblers.com does not intend for any of the information contained on this website to be used for illegal purposes. You must ensure you meet all age and other regulatory requirements before entering an online gambling site. Online gambling is illegal in many jurisdictions and users should consult legal counsel regarding the legal status of online gambling and gaming in their jurisdictions. The information in this site is for news and entertainment purposes only. AskGamblers.com is an independent information service, not associated with any online gambling company. Links to third party websites on AskGamblers.com are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these links, you leave this Website. 13. It is highly recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account, to prevent account abuse. Please present to us clean and accurate information. Do not register an account fraudulently. Do not register more than one account in the forum. 14. AskGamblers moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post in case any of the above rules is breached without any prior notice. 15. Forum members who commit player fraud will be banned from the forum. 16. We reserve the right to warn you in case you have violated some of the rules. This warning will be issued if your violation is not that heavy and it is one time only. We believe everyone deserves a second chance, so use it smart, cause there won't be another one!
  20. Please abide by the following extremely reasonable AskGamblers Forum Rules if you intend to post in the forums.
  21. For all those who doesn't know, Google recently announced "+1" functionality. Comparing with well known Facebook Likes, this does same thing. When you +1'd any website or page, other people connected with you in any way will be aware of that. We've just added +1 at the top of every thread so you can +1 any post that you like. We would really appreciate that. Thanks!
  22. i had an issue with a casino who refused to pay me out £700 over an issue. i have sbmitted the complaint through another forum who told me the casino was right and that was final. i was not happy with the result and a friend who was doing all the discussions with the casino for me said "if it was a court of law i would win every time,but this is the internet", is it worth taking the trouble to try with another forum to see if they can get my money or are all sites who deal with complaints the same?
  23. I just found this forum by accident actually and glad I did! Looks like a great place ya have here. I look forward to visiting often and also looking forward to writing some casino reviews
  24. My dearest friends! Guess who made post #10000 in the AskGamblers.com forum?!?!!?!? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hope next year to start similar topic, regarding post #100000!
  25. Hi, im new to this forum i look forward to hearing from you all
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