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  1. That was so nice of you Mr.Playtech Master. You just made my day *
  2. 'Ignorantia iuris nocet' (Being ignorant of law harms) - latin phrase I have learned while being first year in Law Faculty and I learnt on my skin trough my life.
  3. I have never worked for any casino, all my knowledge comes from reading admins posts here on AskGamblers and soon it will be 3 years since I am member Sir.
  4. Once we sign up, we must agree to a T&C's and it's our fault if we have double accounts. Frankly speaking, they have no interest to keep track of double IP's and no obligation to notify players if they have made double accounts. I am speaking from my personal experience and unfortunately this is most likely to be truth.
  5. Hello kevd72 and welcome to AskGamblers* I am deeply sorry but I am afraid you have breached T&C's. There is a 'saint' rule when it comes to accounts .. one account.. one IP... and so on. I haven't been active here for some time now but so far I can remember, BGO representative on AG is very responsive so I hope they can help you out with this. From what I can see, thing's doesn't look good at all. Lets wait our admins and their replies. Have a nice day*
  6. I just tried to read their T&C's and it wasn't possible. My laptop is brokne and now I have no clue if that's the reason, but if T&C's are 'hidden' something smell bad in here... according to my humble experience.
  7. I am happy to hear we have experienced poker player here. As for Redbet, let admins answer your question I was just thinking how many times I was upset by not getting my money instantly. And yes, I know how stressful it can be even if I would win something from Free Spins. We all know how it feels but if you need to file complaint against Redbet, let admins assist you.
  8. @Afi, I actually wanted to post Avicii this morning but darling did so. Let's back to the old time now ..
  9. I am sorry to hear that but let's be just a bit more patient. I would like to ask if your are beginner to online gambling ?
  10. Good morning dearest community. With your permission I would like to spread some love across this lovely place**
  11. Good morning and thank you my sunshine . Knowing our dearest FruityJelena is one of the judges makes me feel so good. Thanks for your reply and time Jelena. P.S. I see you still keep your eyes on AskGambles *
  12. Is there a option to vote for AG like we did last year Coco?
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