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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone I am going to open this thread so that everyone can show everyone what "could have been but didn't". I am talking about results from a game that doesn't go as they should. You can show off a royal flush draw that got the best of you when it didn't come true or a losing spin that didn't pay out when 2 high symbols on each side of a 5 reel slot were divided in the middle. This can be on slots, video pokers or anything that fascinates "could have been but didn't". To show you an example I have a screenshot showing bars that were suppose to provide me wealth by hitting 5 combinations or the 5x paying wild but didn't. I had two chances to hit them! Here is the screenshot, other screenshots are on page 2-3:
  2. Slot dream experiences; Every now and then there is a slot dream, usually about a land-based experience and this one also involved a land-based experience, it is never really about an actual real life slot but involves a slot that has never been seen before. In the most recent dream which happened last night I didn't see actual stake used but there was a feature and then at end of the feature I was presented with several options, to replay the feature or to take the win which was only about 15e something and another couple of options. I took the replay option and during the feature there was a coin selecting section similar to what you see in Age of the Gods but there were some money amounts and multipliers, at end of the coins section it revealed the other amounts and one of them was some outrageous high amounts. Some other times there were slot dreams involving online slot play which mostly involved big wins only to wake up and realize that it was only a dream, sometimes they are so convincing. It is such a let down when that happens. Sometimes it is about winning jackpot type slot dreams land-based or online. Some of the slots I have seen in dreams would be great to make into real life slots but then soon the memory fades away about them and the details are lost. Now question to all of you do any of you have slot dreams and if so are they of real life slots or are they of slots that you have never seen or played before? Do you experience the disappointment of waking up to realize the wins you had were just in a dream?
  3. I wanted to share this with everyone! It is a win I got for 5 scatters during my 50 Free games! Anyone can share their 5 scatter wins so long as it is a minimum win of $30 showing 5 scatters! It has to be in Real Money Mode! You can choose to erase anything that you find personaI or anything you do not want to share. I had problems uploading my screenshot so instead I decided to post a link showing my 5 scatters. Here it is: 5 Scatters on Untamed Bengal Tiger (Microgaming) I know this may be hard or almost impossible but it can be done! I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!
  4. I haven't seen Grosevnor mentioned here. So, I'll start with saying that I joined their site a little over a week ago and regularly played their various Blackjack games. I tried the slots and roulette games in the demo option. The slots were fine. Of course, I lost more in points than I put in, but that's expected, which is why I'd never put real money in them. The roulette games were mostly nothing out of the ordinary, but a couple had an odd tendency to consistently hit streaks of the opposite colour I bet on. Then, when I decided to change colour from red to black, FINALLY, it hit on red. I suppose losing streaks aren't unusual, but that struck me as suspicious. As for Blackjack, I found that mostly, during the demo plays, I'd experience more variance in losses and wins, but even in the demo version, one Blackjack game in particular had the concerning tendency to give me a face value card whenever I ended up with a hand totalling 12 or 13. This didn't always happen of course, but it happened so often, I'd say it was 90% of my experience with it that it occurred. With real money, even on low stakes Blackjack, I found that I would more often be dealt "hard hands" than during a demo play. Making my chances of losing higher. I decided that it wasn't for me. Maybe I'm just really unlucky, but it raised too many red flags. While I try and brush up on my strategy, can you help recommend another site for me to try?
  5. Hi friends! Inspired by a bunch of naughty boys in this thread, I decided to start this one! Let's share the experience and all around our last withdrawal, so that everyone can take benefits from the positive or negative emotions we had!
  6. Good evening everyone! Lately I saw some promotions for The Spin Lab and even I am not familiar with NextGen Gaming software I would really appreciate if anyone who played this game would share more about this game with me and our membrs, with whole world and visitors I would say! Today I finally gave it a try . I see RTP is under 96 percent and I am not sure if its a good sign but I liked this game. Maybe because I got bored of some games after all this months and while trying to upload the game and see the paytable you could jump in and share your experience.
  7. Guys, sorry if you don't see me for a long time here. I want to share this nightmare like experience to all of my friends, visitor and other people here at Askgamblers. It started when the month of July came and i got a email from my inbox and it said that a new casino invited me to view there new casino design (gowild,32redcasino,next casino) and bonuses so i did i click the link cause i want to see if it's real and i'm curious but suddenly a download file appear and install without my permission i don't know how and why it continuesly install and i thought that it was okay. After that i thought everything are okay and normal after a few days i deposited to GoWild casino because my balance was running out and i want to get their slot bonus and i sign in via google chrome internet browser and deposit using my neteller wallet and i notice that something is wrong because when i submit my password and username a notification always pop out to my computer and google chrome like google extension. The deposit was successful and i play few minutes after i deposited the credits. Then days had passed one day i open my email to check important messages then i'm SHOCKED to what i saw a neteller different confirmation that said the withdrawal/transfer was successful i'm so weak that time because of what i saw 45% of my credits were missing when i checked my account i contacted the Neteller support via call and they said that they can't bring back my money and it's written to their terms and condition but they will trace and investigate what happen to my account. I didn't knew that it's because of virus at that time when my computer started to show the symptoms of being infected like lags, unknown files, hidden files, blue screens. So i go to the I.T experts and they fix my pc and said that my computer was full of viruses, malware, trojan they said that it's possible that i got virus from the downloads and it copied my password and other information but i said that my antivirus should detected it before it enters to my computer and when i check and scan my antivirus was outdated almost 1 month. After that i learned the lesson that be aware of what you're doing and update the defense of my computer neteller didn't trace the hacker but they trace where the money delivered they said that it's a local inactive bank account. My antivirus now is Avast it's the I.T's advice to avoid it to happen again. Thanks guys now i move on and forgot that worst nightmare ever. (Trojan.Win32 Carberp) This one was one of the trojan that attacked my computer. It can copy files, password and username from the infected computer.
  8. There are some casinos that the withdrawal process is so slow and some that are fast as lightning! Please share your experience here either tips or recommendation all about your withdrawal process. ( If ever please your casino verification process)
  9. I won a slot jackpot and feel like I am getting the run around. My bank denied a wire transfer from a Cyprus Bank now Grand Parker is talking about sending me a check which my bank will not accept. Anyone got paid from Grand Parker?
  10. Dear Gamblers, I have some questions and hope this community can help me clear them up. When it comes to gambling I take the recreational seat, it’s a known fact amongst my peers that I have an exceptionally high risk tolerance in all areas of my life but as it pertains to gambling I wouldn't consider it a problem just yet. As a matter of happenstance online casinos made an entry into my life a few weeks ago, when due to circumstances I was stuck in a house during a long weekend with nothing but a computer and an incredibly fast internet connection. As you may have guessed, beginners luck made her graceful presence known. I would judge my educational background in areas related to mathematics at a reasonable level. Taking that into consideration, any digital games were never even momentarily considered - I would rather use my money as firestarter. The only games of any interest to me were the live dealers, which seem to be the new fad in online gaming. I want to clarify first off that I wasn't in any way attempting to be industrious in my gaming. I had no inclination of aggressively beating the house, none of this "21(Movie)" foolishness.. I just wanted to enjoy playing at a relatively fair game. In my first sitting I deposited three sets of $300 into one of the more prominent online casinos. The first two deposits I extinguished relatively quickly, finding my footing in the different games and the rules, etc. The last $300 deposit I played into $24,000 within around 8 hours. It did not seem particularly difficult, and I’ll pass it off as beginners luck.... Of course we all know how this plays out now; I never expected the casino to pay out anyways so my small fortune was luxuriously spent in substance-assisted* $2,000 - $10,000 roulette spins and equally large Black jack hands. My next sitting I decided to try a new casino, depositing a little over $1000. I played it to $7000 within a few hours, attempted to withdraw $5000 -> came to my senses, canceled the withdrawal -> played it up to $20,000, again. And again, the same story of hedonistic waste.. once building up a big balance got boring the fun stuff began with the enormous bets and multi-thousand dollar dealer tips (some of the live dealers were pretty). I feel I should mention the presence of substances because lets face it, gambling really isn't that fun folks, that is unless you are doing it in Charlie Sheen style on a enormous flatscreen with tiger blood in your veins. Possibly without using drugs I would have realized that the money was actually worth something and not been so willing to give it right back. But, without being intoxicated I wouldn’t have been gambling in the first place and would never have been in the position to decide. So, I'm also passing this second time off as beginners luck as well... These past two experiences are not really of any concern to me. My real question is about my third session. In my third weekend of not having much to do outside of the house, the resident dealer made his visit and after some phone calls and switching through the TV, I made my customary deposit into an online casino. I was tired, and only deposited $50 this time... Skipping over much of the exciting events that soon followed, precisely 9 hours later I had well over $38,000 in my cashier. I hadn't really taken the time to compute I that I had just made nearly the price of a BMW in the space of an evening, and it really didn't mean much to me anyways since I seem to have this notion that I would never be able to withdraw it or actually get paid. I will clarify again that through the entirety of my gaming session I had deposited a total of $50. I did what any rational person would do and continued to waste my winnings on elaborate bets and fun-ness. I realized there was a transfer feature to other players and even gave out some donations to other players at my table. But, I didn't spend it all. Tiredness got the better of me and I eventually called it a night with a small balance remaining. . ----------- Now, looking back after a good sleep, coffee, and a healthy dose of sunlight and fresh air I'm starting to think that in this last instance I should have at least tried to get a portion of my winnings out.. The casino had some major technical issues and messed up big time on some very expensive hands, so I still have those incidents being checked out by the technical staff. Interestingly you could say that a small portion of my winnings are saved in those defected hands. They should get back to me in a few days. But unfortunately, as with the withdrawals, I'm quite sure I already know the outcome of those incident tickets. They'll likely be handled by a paper-pusher and not given a second notice, with a kind pre-scripted reply in a day or two informing me that unfortunately their program is flawless and its simply my imagination that their software is malfunctioning. I don't have high expectations from the online casino in that sense, although I would appreciate if they can realize that I have had the opportunity to at least attempt to withdraw over $30,000... whether or not I would actually get it remains a mystery. I guess my question in all of this is if anyone here has had a similar experience to mine. Particularly the somewhat unrealistic winning streaks I seem to encounter. I see people posting here about winning $1,000 or $2,000 as if its something magical and I'm starting to wonder if I had just been extraordinarily lucky.. Is playing $50 into $38,000 something worth writing a article about or publishing the playing record, etc? On a second note, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to deal with the casino regarding the techinal incidents that would be appreciated. The total for all the games escalated to the technical department is a sizeable chunk, and there is every reason why they would try to avoid paying it. I've turned over more than a million dollars in round trip bets in their casino and they don't even give me free chips or games anymore. Anyone playing at my level in a real casino would have a free limo pickup, room, etc.. So I'm starting to feel the cold shoulder side of the casino industry... It will be interesting to see what you guys think. Cheers, ~~~~~
  11. Hello community, Iam completly new here and just want to ask if anyone of you has any expirience with SmartLivecasino? I signed up there 2 days ago. Yesterday i took a huge win of over 20000 and i have made i withdraw request for it. Some information of my Withdraw progress. I send over my Identification details and they accepted it. Now they told me it will take up to one week for the withdraw. Iam just curious cause i have read about some complaints with SmartLiveCasino. Iam just a bit scary, because i got scammed by Stargames 6 Months ago for over 3500 and i hope that dont will be the same now. So if anyone has good expirience with SmartLive please let me know, so I can sleep better :-) Thank you for your answers!
  12. Slotland and Winaday WARNING: mandatory bonus Hello, I want to share my recent experience with these two casinos. I just recently made some deposits on slotland only to find that they have a mandatory "match bonus" which basically doubles your deposit. Now right offhand that sounds good, but be advised you have to complete the wagering requirements before a withdrawal can be requested. I asked the live chat support if you had to accept the bonuses and he said yes they were automatically added and could not be taken off nor could you request them to not be added. Sounds real fair huh. So after spending 100 bucks here I finally just wrote them off. Be advised that if you choose to deposit at slotland you can kiss your deposit good bye because you will have an up hill battle right from the start with their bullshit bonus requirements. So off to winaday casino where immediately I liked the layout and the slots seemed to be more affordable than their sister site slotland. So I made a modest deposit of 25 dollars and noticed my account said 80 dollars so I thought here we go again another "match bonus" that I did not claim. So I went to live chat and asked what the terms were with the bonus and what she said next almost made me fall off my chair. She said I had to wager 1,800 more dollars before I was elligible to cash out. I said are you serious, I never even claimed this bonus. She said the same thing as slotland that the bonuses were added automatically and was part of the deal more less. I never in my life have been to a online casino where you were given a mandatory bonus with insane wagering requirements before you can cash out. It is my belief that this is absurd and nothing short of a scam. I warn all players to stay away from this deceitful scheme. I'm just glad I wasted just 125 dollars.
  13. Brick and mortar casinos aren't just about the gambling. That is the major part, but the experience itself is over the top. Many gamblers forget how much fun they have in one. Casinos are multi million dollar properties with 40 foot ceilings, incredible physical appearances both inside and out, filled with people, many of whom have enormous amounts of money. You may see people betting more on one hand of Blackjack than you paid for your last car. Most Casinos offer free drinks as an amenity to your gambling, and most of the servers are very attractive. There will probably be hundreds of people talking, laughing, praying for good cards, and as many paying more attention to their gambling than to their companion. You may see men with their granddaughters or nieces, (snicker) unescorted women sitting at the bar, or people getting a massage right at the Blackjack table. There will be slot machines ringing, music being piped in, announcements over a bad PA system (did I mention free drinks) and every other distraction you can think of. While all this is going on, you will be playing cards for money, your own, and trying to make decisions on what to do with a table full of other people in the same boat. However, the food is almost always very good and the restaurants are top notch. Some of the major Casinos have huge names for their restaurants, names like Emeril and Wolfgang Puck. The drinks are never watered down, and the excitement is real. If you are someplace that has a showroom, the headliners are the biggest and best. This is why you go to a brick and mortar Casino. It is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Even if you’re just a people watcher, you can’t beat the experience! Casinos have been called Disneyland for adults, and rightfully so. If you really want to have a great evening out, go to a Casino!
  14. I would like to share some of my live chat experiences(logs) in my reviews and was wondering if this would be okay to include along with my experiences?
  15. I decided to open the floor to this topic. To anyone that has made a big win on Video Pokers regardless of the software used (Microgaming, Playtech, RTG etc.) please post a photo that won you at least $200 but it cannot be from a $100 or max bet (although max betting is allowed as long as the win is monumental or 10x bigger), it must be a smaller but reasonable bet (ie. $10, $12.50, $25). I will start with this screenshot that gave me $2000 when accidently hitting the Double Button on Video Pokers in Platinum Play. Unfortunately I was too busy and too excited that I forgot to copy my screenshot after the $2000 win so instead I only have the before shot before I doubled to $2000. Here is the screenshot of my Royal Flush win on $12.50 bet! I hope everyone can share a great screenshot and I am looking forward to seeing your Big Wins!!!!
  16. I just wanted to share some very positive and worthwhile information, about this casino. As with everyone else, I have played at just about all of them. Same stories, can't get you winnings or get them 2 to 3 months later, can't get responses, and if you do you can't get much information, etc. All very frustrating!! I have been playing at Liberty Slots for about a year now. They treat you extremely well, and you really have very few reasons to contact them. It is not a casino that you always win on, but it does happen. Once you become a VIP, which does not take long, your are offered different bonuses, each time you deposit and the playthrough is only 10 times. I have won three different times now and each was over $3000. They approve your withdrawals within three working days, and my money was wired to the the bank within 10 days. They do charge $45. for delivery of your money, for wire or check. I am not sure about the other options. The $45. is so worth it to me, to not have to fight for anything. They have different and fun games, and I have enjoyed them for a long time. This is definately the one for me, and I commend them for the job they do.
  17. First off, you need to fully understand whatever game it is that you’re betting on. ...
  18. Hello guys. Today i want to describe you my experience with casino 770.Three days ago i was registered in casino770 because they sent me a email offering a no deposit bonus 10 euros.I start to playing at slots and after at B.j trying to reach the wagering requirements 30x bonus.When i was playing at B.J the software with 0.10 came very easily to 20 euros,after to 60 euros,and finally after two days totally 8 hours playing reach me to 240 euros. I tried to make the money withdraw but i did not arrive the waggering requirements,so i thought to play at slots can very easily lose them as is usually happent,and after make a deposit 20 euros with the prospect to win because the software it was easy ,and after i do make a withdraw net profit without wagering requirements.When i deposit the money they put again in to my account arbitrary a bonus wagering something that i denied when i talk with live costumer support.After removal of this bonus i started playing at B.J with the same way where i found my self in a bad surprise.The software was the same but....it was very aggressive with results in less time 15 min.to lose all my money 20 euros.I complaint in costumer support i told them that i found that the fun mode the games is very easy and friendly with the player but after the deposit enterns in to another difficulty scale and finally the player almost always loses his money.They tell me the games is random and that my luck was not good thats why i lost my money. After so many years experience at casinos and not only online i believe that there may be all a matter of luck and quile theme casinos but smart software. astarte
  19. Hi to all friends.Its the first time that I write here... I m newbie but I want to share my experience from some casinos with you.I start with Coolcat casino and I had a bad experience with it.I registered there and I was given the welcome bonus to try it in slots.I won and I talked with the support team via chat about the withdraw I(completed the wagering)so they told me that I had to make an account on Neteller and deposit at least 28 $ with the fee. When I did it, I could do the withdraw from the Coolcat casino.I did as they told me and when I tried to make the withdraw I could not.I spoke again with the support team via chat and they told me that I could not withdraw my winnings because I live in Greece..and there was not mentioned to the terms and conditions.....thanks for reading
  20. A big hello to all the members of this community I am Bertie. I am new to this forum family, I have come here to share my knowledge and also gain some knowledge. Hope to see you around. I wish for a long stay in the forum.
  21. I think it'd be fun to see how we're all doing with online gambling. Feel free to post here about your latest session. Share your joy or your pain! (Of course I'm doing this because I had a dang good one not too long ago ) Casino: 3Dice Casino Deposit: $0 (I played from a tournament win) Game(s): Just about everything. I put $5 on 2 in roulette and won. Also, Aztec Enigma was good, and I fell in love with Old Glory. Ended With: $400 I sent in for a check withdrawal and should have it sometime this week. Your turn! Just use the above format if you'd like.
  22. Hi, Has anybody had any experience with Casino1080? It seems they are new in the market with new live games as Russian Poker and Oasis Stud poker, as much as I know nobody offers these games in Live yet. They have also live Roulette and live Baccarat. They also boast exceptional picture quality and this seems to be true. But has anybody deposited there or anything good/bad with them? Br, Gharaniq
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