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  1. No worries since everyone wants different the prize pool will stay as it is. No one is forced to enter, but the prizes will be there for those who do. Thanks.
  2. If you can all give me a show of hands who is planning on taking part, I’ll consider prize pool alterations and put an idea forward to spread the prizes to more people.
  3. Just let me know if getting game logs are an issue, don’t worry we’ll work it out guys.
  4. Guys all details the same, highest multiplier. Prize pool €1,000 3x winners, cash prizes. In light of recent events, game logs will now be required for all screenshots. That’s pretty much the only change.
  5. We have a brand new provider contest starting Monday with AirDice games! I’ll put the topic up shortly, same rules, some minor adjustments with everything that’s happened in the last contest, but I’ll announce it all. Might delay our contest for the last 5 days of the month, will decide later.
  6. Yep that is possible I suppose. However, how the time and date looks on both screenshots is also different, so whether or not he changed this I don’t know. He openly admitted ages ago he knows how to edit this. His higher entry came afterwards I think and whilst that meant this one didn’t count, he still submitted it which is why I had to take action. I can’t just accuse someone of cheating, I have to have evidence which is why it took so long for me to disqualify him. I also didn’t do this lightly, I don’t want to ban anyone, I’ve always done everything I can to help everyone here. I guess we’ll never really know what happened, but we do know that he did not win that multiplier on that date and time. My job is to protect the forum from such things happening and the job has been done successfully.
  7. They’re the same person. All three of his accounts have been banned. Or will be if it’s not been processed yet.
  8. IMPORTANT UPDATE I have now received official confirmation from the casino that this game transaction does not exist in his account. They searched the full day and the next day and no such transaction was found. Pragmatic Play also confirmed that no transaction was found in the game, although no Player ID was submitted by him, but all transactions were searched for the game. @Jeanke08 Will now be receive an instant disqualification from the contest and due to the way he decided to handle things, he will now be banned from using AskGamblers. Any attempts to create new accounts by him will be monitored and removed. I want to thank you all for your patience and I’m sorry that it’s taken so long. I of course knew all along that he had cheated but I needed to stay professional and not accuse him until we had the proof in black and white which I now have. @Icy please remove him from the leaderboard and adjust your final one accordingly and I will confirm it when I’m home. Any outstanding payments to @Jeanke08 will be issued by me, however, it will be up to the finance department as to whether or not they approve them, and their decision will be final.
  9. All the accusations when all I simply asked for is his Player ID A simple ID will solve everything but it seems every trick in the book is being played not to give it to me so we can now only assume it’s not a valid screenshot! Time and date has probably been changed since he admitted already he knows how to do it and he thought as a forum we wouldn’t catch him out.
  10. No proof provided yet. I do find it odd that he would submit a screenshot but not he willing to provide me a Player ID but still claim innocence and try and turn it around on me I find it bizarre that someone would waste such an opportunity when he already had a qualifying screenshot anyway.
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