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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I'm a player from Spain. I have recently played at this casino. After passing the KYC and registering in mifinity. Only means of withdrawal that they offered me. If they came to pay me some of my winnings. But currently I have been waiting a long time for others that are pending to pay me. I have tried to contact the manager without success, I have also tried to speak to the licensee AntillePhone N.V. unsuccessfully. Total pending amount 1391,11€. I am desperate, I don't know who to turn to, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. I would also like to denounce the attitude of this casino towards its players so that no one else sees themselves in my situation. I have been playing in online casinos for many years and this is the first time something like this has happened to me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, i just need some advice, long story short i complaint to a land based casino Aspers, i Chose to be self excluded in January 2014 but i was allowed in few months later and was able to obtain a replacement card and deposit cash through their cashdesk meaning my self exclusion did not exist! as i got addicted and into payday loan spiral, i self excluded end of 2014 but after a month i kept receiving bonus and competition offers constantly So i went back after 3 months and was AGAIN allowed back in and was able to gamble and deposit money like my self exclusion did not exist, then in 2016 i did my thirst one which expired in 2017 And joined SENSE and i went back for a month and self excluded again 4th time and joined SENSE again. now iv made a complaint realising what they did was wrong and illegal, my mind was completely messed up, i am still paying some loans from that time. the manager Responded after a thorough investigation And apologised and admitted the fault was that on two self exclusion i was in fact never put on their system hence why i was able to come in and play and receive emails. And he said he will inform them gambling commission of this failure (as i had mentioned i would be taking this further in my complaint) But he said he noted my total loses to be around £8000 which is true as far as my bank statements show but he said he will donate the loses to a gambling charity when i clearly asked for him to refund me in the complaint! What can i do? Any help would be appreciated thankyou!!!
  3. Hello! 22/05/2019 I made bets on Matchbook. It was tennis, Svetlana Kuznetsova vs Johanna Larsson. Moneyline / Johanna Larsson [back] 4 803.70461 Moneyline / Johanna Larsson [back] 4 2394.04082 Moneyline / Johanna Larsson [back] 4 2802.25456. If speak more easily I had bet 6000 euro on odds 4 on Johanna Larsson. Johanna won match, I won. But some time later I get email, next: Dear Dmytro, Unfortunately we need to inform you that your bet(s) on the Svetlana Kuznetsova vs Johanna Larsson match tonight has been cancelled and the funds returned to your account. Bet Selection Odds Amount Moneyline / Johanna Larsson [back] 4 803.70461 Moneyline / Johanna Larsson [back] 4 2394.04082 Moneyline / Johanna Larsson [back] 4 2802.25456 We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused. Any cancellation activity undertaken by Matchbook is only to ensure fairness on the exchange and to protect our valued Customers. A claim was received from another client this morning, and after an extensive review we have found that the bets to be outside of fair market value and have been cancelled. Then was some points of theirs rules which say: For your reference the applicable rules applying to this situation are below. "To further protect clients against "trap offers," malicious users, technical faults, and so forth, Matchbook reserves the right under extraordinary circumstances to break trades that are the result of an obvious and extreme input error. An example would be if a client is matched on a heavy underdog at 1.04 instead of 26.0. Note that this rule protects against technical errors, not pricing errors, so while a match at odds of 1.66 vs. a prevailing market value of 1.87 may be regrettable, it could not be classed as an obvious and extreme input error. Matchbook reserves the right to correct any obvious errors and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure markets are administered with integrity and transparency. Matchbook reserves the right to cancel 'bad trades' in order to protect users against gross input errors if Matchbook deems the error to be sufficiently damaging. All 'bad trade' claims need to be made by the customer in a timely fashion in order to be considered. Matchbook’s ruling on ‘bad trade’ claims is final. For consistency, Matchbook, using all available resources, will determine the fair market value (probability) at the time the bet was matched. Comparing against this value, if the probability of the incorrect offer, is 10% less than, or 10% greater than, the fair market probability, then Matchbook reserves the right to void the trade in question." Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Regards, Sean | Matchbook Support So, what was that? Matchbook returned bets by claim of other client!!!! On exchange!!! How its possible? I tried to find out why they returned my won bets by claim from another client? (which loosed his money). I have no clearly response about this question, only rules of bad trade and 10% borders for trade. Lets see situation. I matched bet at score 3:3 (as say Matchbook) in 1st set. So if on pre match odds on second player 4.2-4.8 https://www.wincomparator.com/svetlana-kuznetsova-id3292-johanna-larsson-id6469/#live so in equal playing odd 4 is fair. But Matchbook write me odds 1.95-2 that must was, by their opinion. I have screenshot (at score 3:4) that shown after my bets was average line with odd 3, at least, not 2. And its mean that trade was in 10% borders from average odds. So was fair odds and so on, markets was not suspended not before not after. Was normally trading. By the way that money with odds 4 was there more than couple minutes and another player could cancel it or change odds, but he didn’t do that and its normally to match line with best odds. Its totally responsibility of that customer who gave that line, not mine or exchange platform. So I made bets in borders off all rules, but my winnings was grabbed. And account suspended, by the way. For information, I play on Matchbook almost 5 years. I want ask to help me solve this problem with my bets and also to show how Matchbook cheating clients. I'm not sure that Matchbook will protect me as player, they protect somebody from another side who loosed money in fair deal. Its not fair to me, its like criminal behavior! "Matchbook is not responsible for any errors made by Customers when posting offers. Each Customer is responsible for their own awareness of the Matchbook terms, conditions and rules that apply to the markets they trade upon." But what we see?
  4. This is the worst casino and sportsbook site ever. He stole my winnings from me. They do not have money to pay players who make a profit. It's a deposit-only site, and never makes payments from those who need to withdraw. I would not recommend this site to anyone. Anyone who registers an account and places money on this site will only be able to lose. They are dishonest and use hidden and obscure terms and conditions to steal your money. Look for another site to play, a site that is honest. Never create an account or put money in Tipbet, or you will lose everything and you will have many headaches for this. Hello players friends, I am having difficulty solving a subject occurred on Tipbet.com website Below, I will tell you what happened, in detail and with printscreens that will facilitate understanding. With this, I humbly ask you to help us to get in touch with the staff of the site or its supervisors, with the intention of reaching an honest resolution to this I am an old site user, depositor and with thousands of bets made. I had never made a withdrawal before. However, recently I participated in a promotion where I would win a bonus and would have to meet the conditions of playing his value multiplied by 10. The maximum winnings after the rollover was 100.00. OK no problems So I started playing, I stayed days, weeks, months playing. Normally. Until I was able to fulfill the difficult and heavy rollover. My account balance was, now after the rollover ended, 119.56 (according to the print screen attached here, which shows the value after the rollover and below shows the bets made that fulfilled the rollover). In other words, the 100.00 of maximum gains + 19.56 extra that I left in the account without using it, because it was not mine and the site should remove at any time. This balance was now withdrawable money balance Perfectly, everything okay up here. I did not want to make the withdrawal of 100.00. The terms and conditions of the promotion or website did not report anything about this. I decided to continue playing on the site. Using those 100.00, using values deposited by me, using new bonuses offered by the site, using new deposit bonus, and all this mixed in a single balance, obviously I spent more days, weeks, playing, without asking for any retreat. By the time my balance was now at 522.56. So I decided to make a withdrawal of a small part of this amount But here the problem began. While I was happy to have had some profit after weeks of playing, I imagined that the site would only withdraw the additional extras 19,56, I was taken by surprise: the site removed 464.00 from my account! Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly and without speaking, nothing Immediately, I contacted the support to complain about this, reporting the error, to remove only the 19.56 and not 464.00. And the site claimed that the maximum earnings was 100.00 In other words, the site has the thought that all my thousands of bets was still with the bonus. The site disregards that I made deposits, won new bonuses, fulfilled the new rollovers of the new bonuses, I used therefore real money that were not bonuses, but only because all this mixed with those 100.00 coming from that bonus, the site is in the right to consider everything as arising from the bonus It's an absurd. They claim that the user would need to make the 100.00 withdrawal as soon as he rolled the rollover. Wait to receive the withdrawal. And re-deposit the 100.00 to continue playing. However, this does not follow an honest logic, this does not exist in any site. The user must withdraw a value, by obligation, having to stop playing on the site while waiting 1, 2 or 3 days to receive, and then re-deposit that. This is unacceptable. On the contrary, I liked the site and decided to continue playing on it, including depositing and making thousands of other bets, participating in new promotions! If there was really this obligation, after the rollover, to stop playing, withdraw the value 100.00 immediately, wait 1, 2 or 3 days to receive, and then re-deposit, to just now continue to play the account, they put this on the terms and conditions, expressly and clearly saying: after the rollover, stop playing, withdraw the 100.00, wait for payment, deposit again the 100.00 and start using your account again! Or that the site had contacted me by email to report this! But, no, none of this was on the terms and conditions, nor did anyone on the site contact me to warn about this, which made me continue to play on the site without making any withdrawals, make deposits, win new deposit bonuses, fulfill your rollovers normally , make everything real money cash withdrawable, so only after all this try to withdraw some part of the balance Attached, it follows the image of print screen that shows the moment that I finished the rollover: 119,56 = balance in account made with the bonus 150.00 = rollover required to comply with rollover 150.20 = the sum of the bets I made and rolled 0.20 = remaining value to end the rollover (negative because I did more than needed) Below, in Bonus Stake History, follow the bets that I made and that counted to fulfill rollover I humbly ask your help and respectfully ask for the understanding and fair play by the Tipbet team to return my balance of $ 464.00 to my account so that I can continue playing on the site or pay me this amount as withdrawal so that I re-deposit and continue playing because there was no reporting withdrawal obligation after rollover
  5. Hi, friends! I spoke now again with them, about it, and the girl assured me again I will to receive tomorrow Then, I will to believe again in Tipbet and to wait Immediatly after to be paid, I will to update here about it, if Tipbet really is one bookmaker honest. Thank you! ########################## [17:40:35] Leona: : as I can see your request is gone through and its just a matter of time [17:40:57] Leona: : From our side [17:41:06] Leona: : your request is accepted [17:41:10] Leona: : and send [17:42:59] Leona: : From tipbet side we have fowarded your payment [17:43:20] Leona: : and there is no reason to be worry cause it will come very soon [17:44:05] Leona: : There is no need to worry [17:45:26] Leona: : How can I help more than assure you, your money will be soon in your e wallet [17:56:53] Leona: : you can just wait till get paid its up to you [17:58:56] Leona: : your payment will be very soon in your account [17:59:03] Leona: : since you dont wish to cancel it [18:00:37] Leona: : Great [18:00:49] Leona: : that will happen very soon
  6. For over 20 years I’ve played real life casino roulette in Vegas, Atlantic City and Ive never seen anything like this. While playing real money roulette on Bovada , the number sequence of 13,5,5,13,5 came up when I was playing with real money. Naturally I lost. As a gambler, I do not mind losing money. However, losing money in this fashion was odd. So I consulted a couple mathematician friends and they calculated that thr actual probability of that five spin sequence, an essential ‘full house’ of numbers, occurring in roulette is 1 in 5,635! When I reached out about this and sent them the screen shot of what happened to Bovada Customer Support, twice, I got the following generic message, twice. “We’re sorry you’re not happy about your recent play. We utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG) to guarantee the unpredictability of our games. The RNG uses a computational algorithm to produce a sequence of numbers or symbols which cannot be mathematically determined. This ensures the outcomes of our games are fair and not foreseen. At Bovada, openness and transparency is important to our business. We want to ensure that our players are confident in the product we provide. We know how your losses may disappoint you but we can assure you that we’re here to listen to your thoughts, and at the same time, guarantee that there’s no reason for us to put our reputation in question. We’re available to help 24/7 if you need anything else. Thanks, Bovada Customer Service “ I’m submitting this because other players and potential players at Bovada Casino should be aware of what they are up against. Despite their generic excuses, a 1 in 5,635 event occurring against a player using a RNG is not random. If that is the case, I must of been the unluckiest person in the world during that playing session, and it cost me dearly. If this happens within Bovada Roulette, there is a good chance other Bovada games may have the same odds working - against the player. Their explanation of using a RNG is speculative. Perhaps it’s a glitch, perhaps not. The fact Bovada customer service tried to blow me off twice and move on is not acceptable. Players should know what they are up against before they decide to join a online casino. Please see the attached screenshot. Jill H.
  7. Hello, I posted a review of casino and it got deleted. I got no information at all why this happened, just a note that they have deleted the review. Here is the review; do you think that I used insulting words or something like that? Am I giving too bad review for the casino? Let me hear your opinions. "Very dissapointed. I had amazing luck and managed to win a lot, so I made a withdrawal total of 15 000 euros (3 times 5000e). After that, I got to a point, where I had 19 000 euros left. I was promised 15% cashback for all the lost money. Well, as a gambler you can guess what happened; I managed to lose ALL 19 000e on roulette in just one night. I sent an email, that I lost control and wanted the cashback. Seems like I am not getting the cashback. The reason is that I mentioned, that I'm going to quit playing soon. Now I am feeling very upset and punished for my playing, the cashback would have been about 3000 euros, I can't understand why they are not going to pay me even that... They should be happy that I lost all..."
  8. The other day i stumbled upon a nice and promising jackpot. betsson offered the following: hit a single number (the number must be the actual day of the month) 3 times consecutive on one of three promotional roulette tables and you win our progressive jackpot (27k to that time). Min wager per spin and table $2. this sounded as a nobrainer to me and i was snap in. Playing multiple tables simultanously After 6 days and countless of spins it finally happened.... the speed roulette showed the sweet number 3 times in a row.... to my disappointment no fanfares, no gliter,no sparkles.... alright it's online.....i go ahead and inform their customer support by mail and live chat that they have a proud winner.. Not that they somehow miss it. I won't bother you with the details of those convos.... as you all guess,i didn't make it their reasoning is hilarious... yes,i did hit 3 times in a row at the speed table....BUT as i was multitabling there was a spin in between at another table where i missed.... we are very ....yada,yada wait,what? I have to hit 3 times across all tables i play??? alright...may i ask what does count for the time line? when the dealer throws the ball in? when the ball lands? When the bet was made? what if things are happening silmutanously at 2 or more tables? Are you kidding me? canded camera? Or just good old cheating? These are the exact terms: “In order to win the Roulette Jackpot, you must hit the daily number 3 times in a row on the following Evolution Roulette tables: Speed Roulette, Immersive Roulette, and Roulette. The minimum bet to be eligible for the Roulette Jackpot is €2.” In my eyes this sounds like i have to hit 3 times the daily number on one table and not accross all tables. common scense is telling me that nothing else really makes scence. That is my line now?
  9. So, are there any tips about raising complaints about a casino? I was going to lodge a complaint at the Malta Gaming Authority website. Spin Palace casino (the Palace Group) owes me a lot of money and it's been 2 weeks now and they seem to be giving me different excuses each email. They also claimed they were charging me $500 for an echeck dispute and that didn't even exist since I deposited with vanilla MC and the withdrawal had no bonus left or anything. So, waiting for $3,500 - should be $4000 but I guess I'll have to let them take more money. They said they released and processed my withdrawal on monday but it has not shown in my bank yet. I won some money from them before and it went into my account within 2 days and so that is why I think they haven't even sent it. Very discouraging. Anyway, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until Friday to see if it arrives in my bank. Then I will proceed. You might want to hesitate before playing that casino. Update today .... received another email from them saying they have not released and processed my money yet, even though they said they did on Monday. A clear sign they are just lying to me. How can casinos get away with this ? I don't think I will ever play an online casino again.
  10. Hi all. My first post here, only joined a couple of days ago. I had a nice look around here and loved it instantly and joined right away. So here is what happened with the first Bonus offer I choose from the site. It was Betfair and 4 offers are available for me in Austria all shown here as expiring Jan2018. So registered, made first deposit and then... Anyone any experiences or thoughts? EDIT Sorry attachments showing in wrong order. Second image is first in conversation.
  11. Have made first withdrawal from Casumo who have cancelled the withdrawal (no doubt hoping I lose it) and asking for ID which I can just about accept. I have sent a copy of my card and utility bill but they also want passport or driving licence which I have neither. When I emailed them I was told 'you have won enough to buy some new ID' what sort of response is that? And what is the solution? You don't just buy a driving licence or passport, I don't want or need either of those. Any ideas where to go from here?
  12. Hi. I submitted my first complaint (against Lucky18) and I don't see it. Others' complaints filed around the same time are showing. Did I do something wrong when I filed? I'm attaching the screen shots of the withdrawal confirmations to this message. Thank you, Linda [email protected] Lucky18 Aug 8 withdrawal confirmation.pdf Lucky18 Sept 2 withdrawal confirmation.pdf
  13. Hi, I recently joined panther casino. I deposited and won some money. I withdrew it and got an email saying it would be processed between 24-48 hours. I voluntarily sent off my ID in email, as I know how the withdraws work. This was nearly 48 hours ago. I have not had any emails from them, their contact telephone number does not work. It rings once then goes to voicemail, and they have no other methods of contact. Me being silly didn't check their license, but it's from Costa Rica. This has sent alarm bells ringing! Has anyone actually been paid their winnings from this site? I want to get some feedback before the 48 hours is up and I make a complaint.
  14. I'm honestly shocked and so upset right now. If anyone can help i would very much appreciate it. So, On Saturday, I deposited £100 into my InterCasino account. I don't normally use a bonus, but after a string of loses, thought it would stretch my money a bit further so I accepted. I got a bit lucky and was upto about £950 ( some bonus, some my money). I finished the night, woke up the next morning, and played some more. So I got up to about £5,500. Yes, I was betting high. But I always bet high. I unlocked the bonus at about £4900 and could have walked away with that. Greed got the better of me and I continued playing ( bonus unlocked now, free to withdraw any amount). I was losing and increasing the amount of my bets thinking that one of my numbers was due to come in. I was down to £1200, done a spin and black 15 came in that paid me £3k or so. I tidied up and decide to walk away with £4,000. I requested a withdrawal, put my account on take a break for 7 days so I couldn't go back, reverse withdraw and lose the lot ( like I have done on so many occasions) and assumed the money was as good as banked. How wrong. I have just received this email: Having reviewed your play activity with the £50 bonus received on the 30/07/2016, our anti-fraud department noticed a breach in the Terms&Conditions of this promotion. As per the General Promotion Terms&Conditions (https://www.intercasino.co.uk/general-promotion-terms-and-conditions ): o A pattern of betting using bonus money in which a significant proportion of single bets are more than £6.25 in slots or more than £25 in table games o A pattern of betting for cashback in which a significant proportion of single bets are more than £6.25 in slots or more than £25 in table games I am afraid that your logs indicate that higher bets were placed with this bonus. Therefore the winnings had to be removed, the withdrawal not approved and your £100 deposit credited back in your casino balance. I have copied below for your convenience the full Terms&Conditions: 3.14 Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interest of fair gaming, Dumarca has a zero tolerance policy on bonus abuse, irregular play and fraudulent activity. Dumarca reserves the right to block bonuses from any User who Dumarca deems to be abusing our promotions. If fraudulent activity or abuse is suspected, Dumarca reserves the right to remove bonuses and associated winnings from the account and any associated accounts. The determination of what constitutes irregular play and bonus abuse shall be at the sole discretion of InterCasino, but for clarity what will be considered evidence of bonus abuse shall include, but not be limited to, the following examples: o Using more than one account o Bonus stacking o Two tier betting o Multiple account strategy / proxy account strategy o Using a VPN or masking IP address o Affiliate CPA or revenue share abuse o A pattern of betting using bonus money in which a significant proportion of single bets are more than £6.25 in slots or more than £25 in table games o A pattern of betting for cashback in which a significant proportion of single bets are more than £6.25 in slots or more than £25 in table games Thank you for your understanding. I wasn't playing in order to clear the bonus. Had I of been playing to do that then as soon as it was unlocked, i would have walked away The fact is that after it unlocked, i still gambled a further £10k and I could have walked with the figure at about £6,000. I am devasted. Any help much appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone! Yes I am still here I promise I am just so busy there are not enough hours in the day at the moment and with school coming to a close for the summer holidays everything is hectic at the moment. But I do have a question I would like to ask you all and its about complaints! I am just wondering how many of you have actually made a formal complaint to a casino? I have to say I have been quite lucky in my gambling career and have never really experienced any massive problems that have led me to make an official complaint to a casino whereby I would have to go through the complaints process. I have however made two complaints via AskGamblers once was resolved perfectly, the other the casino did not reply! And following on from this have any of you ever taken your complaint further let's say to a third party organization or a licensing jurisdiction? If you are currently waiting on a reply for a complaint already submitted to a third party its best you don't tell us yet as I know they do not like people discussing it in such forums. But please share with us all your experiences (if any). It may be that you have never made a complaint - tell us anyway!
  16. Hello everybody! I just want to share this rude story of mine that happen last week. Okay, the story started as i was normally playing a casino and won from my bettings from the video slot that iv'e been playin. Afterwards the software of the casino that i was playing crash for an unknown reason that i didn't bother to check so my playing keeps on and on after i reopen it. Obviously when i checked everything including my credits it's the SAME amount that iv'e left in when it was crashed, surprisingly when i won (lets say its like $200) from the slot that i currently playing the software crash started again! When i reopen the software i was shocked to saw that the credits that iv'e left from the first crashed of the software was also the same! I the i definitely didn't expected this to happen so i reported this and email them asking for what happened!? I checked the game history of my playing and it was so DISAPPOINTING to see that it was not recorded!? The email explains that this can be a part of bug and they're checking my last playing cause i said that i won (insert the amount here) dollars but they found nothing! I don't know but i didn't want to waste my time explaining to them that i won cause i don't have the evidence to show off. Still my case is processing it's so embarrassing to experience it for the first time! Please share your thoughts about this i know some of you guys have some great experience, opinions or even advice about it. By the way i don't want to specifically tell the name of the casino but it's a US friendly casino that runs a bitcoin currency.
  17. I've just been barred on Supercasino for winning too much! Has this happened to any one else? Jerry
  18. Hello! I'm from Hungary! The 21grand casino and the Supreme play casino blocked my account because (they answered me via e-mail): Hi We are sorry but we do not accept players from hungary anymore Thanks Regards Support team supreme Play Casino [email protected] So, payx attention Askgamblers site! Change here in this site please too, They do not accept players from Hungary! Thanks!
  19. i had an issue with a casino who refused to pay me out £700 over an issue. i have sbmitted the complaint through another forum who told me the casino was right and that was final. i was not happy with the result and a friend who was doing all the discussions with the casino for me said "if it was a court of law i would win every time,but this is the internet", is it worth taking the trouble to try with another forum to see if they can get my money or are all sites who deal with complaints the same?
  20. So is there a outline/of guidelines as to the steps for submitting a complaint, the follow up steps and timing ect? thanks, Majikwiz
  21. Hello everyone I submitted 2 Complaints Loco Panda and Slots Jungle but it has not been published yet In other forums it takes much faster or is it normal for AskGamblers website Thanks Tom
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