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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is a site that offers a tool to make a bet in progress. Let me explain: I am with a bookmaker that allows you to add bets to the ticket, and I would like to add some to reach an odds of 40 for example. If I already have 3 selections at 1.8 which makes 5.83, I would like a tool that allows me to see exactly what odds I have to put to reach a maximum bet of 10 selections to reach with 40 odds. Or do you have a mathematical way to do it other than testing dozens of combinations with a calculator... Thx
  2. For over 20 years I’ve played real life casino roulette in Vegas, Atlantic City and Ive never seen anything like this. While playing real money roulette on Bovada , the number sequence of 13,5,5,13,5 came up when I was playing with real money. Naturally I lost. As a gambler, I do not mind losing money. However, losing money in this fashion was odd. So I consulted a couple mathematician friends and they calculated that thr actual probability of that five spin sequence, an essential ‘full house’ of numbers, occurring in roulette is 1 in 5,635! When I reached out about this and sent them the screen shot of what happened to Bovada Customer Support, twice, I got the following generic message, twice. “We’re sorry you’re not happy about your recent play. We utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG) to guarantee the unpredictability of our games. The RNG uses a computational algorithm to produce a sequence of numbers or symbols which cannot be mathematically determined. This ensures the outcomes of our games are fair and not foreseen. At Bovada, openness and transparency is important to our business. We want to ensure that our players are confident in the product we provide. We know how your losses may disappoint you but we can assure you that we’re here to listen to your thoughts, and at the same time, guarantee that there’s no reason for us to put our reputation in question. We’re available to help 24/7 if you need anything else. Thanks, Bovada Customer Service “ I’m submitting this because other players and potential players at Bovada Casino should be aware of what they are up against. Despite their generic excuses, a 1 in 5,635 event occurring against a player using a RNG is not random. If that is the case, I must of been the unluckiest person in the world during that playing session, and it cost me dearly. If this happens within Bovada Roulette, there is a good chance other Bovada games may have the same odds working - against the player. Their explanation of using a RNG is speculative. Perhaps it’s a glitch, perhaps not. The fact Bovada customer service tried to blow me off twice and move on is not acceptable. Players should know what they are up against before they decide to join a online casino. Please see the attached screenshot. Jill H.
  3. Hi everyone, its a Saturday Night and I wanted to experience that feeling for the first time and I decided to deposit min.10 euros required by Terms and Conditions and should read it prior gambling. So my first Live Betting ever ... via AG link! Do you think I did it ? ***** no, I switched back to the old sport called slot, aham, my friends, its pretty much complicated. So for now, I earned some March points and balance down to Zero,,big fat Zero is a such a shame. You earn 25 points if login daily . I havent for months . Getafe v Sevilla was one of my very first choices but its different now. That would be all, for now.
  4. Hi! Lightbet Casino want to inform all the AskGamblers members that we have some new casino providers upcoming within couple of weeks: NYX CASINO, XIN GAMING, EGT and Super Live Betting. Also: Lightbet will be launched in Turkish in few weeks. Keep an eye out for the best promotions and bonuses on the the net. Feel free to contact our friendly support at [email protected] or via live chat if you have any questions? Best Regards, Ian / Team Lightbet Lightbet Casino
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