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Found 5 results

  1. Okay guys, we promised you a while back a contest and here it is! You've probably already guessed from the title that we have teamed up with the fantastic Betsson Casino and we'll host an exclusive contest on NetEnt's Street Fighter 2 slot! They have some INCREDIBLE prizes to give away. IMPORTANT - Please read the full contest rules before entering. How Does the Contest Work This contest will work much in the same was as previous contests held here but we'll go through everything in fine detail for any new members wanting to take part. Players need to submit a screenshot of their highest Multiplier win at Betsson while playing NetEnt's Street Fighter 2 Slot during the promotional period between 19.05.2020. and 31.05.2020 23:59 GMT. Screenshots should be submitted in the dedicated AskGamblers forum thread here. Any screenshots submitted after this date will not be accepted. There’s no limit as to how many screenshots you can upload. There will be 10 winners at the end of the contest determined by the highest win multipliers from all the screenshots submitted. Qualifying Screenshots All screenshots entered must be posted exclusively in the this AskGamblers contest forum thread and must clearly show the date, time, casino, and bet size. Any screenshots that do not contain this information will not be accepted. Players who obtain a screenshot from a bonus round or free spins round which does not show the bet size must have the exact time and date of the game round so the bet size can be checked with the casino. This will only be accepted once we receive confirmation from the casino. Failure to provide this information will forfeit the screenshot. All screenshots must be owned by the submitter and must be in real money only. Who Can Enter This contest is open to any members of AskGamblers and Betsson Casino and there is no minimum number of forum posts required, except for players from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Mauritius, US, Serbia and Asia. Only screenshots submitted in the contest thread will be accepted, any screenshots sent to the casino will not count. The Prizes There will be 10 winners at the end of the contest determined by the highest win multipliers from all the screenshots submitted. Prizes are: - 1st Place: Apple iPhone XR 64GB 3GB Black + NetEnt cover of the game - 2nd Place: Bluetooth® connectivity speaker. - 3rd Place: Mini Arcade game - 4th Place: 200 Extra Spins - 5th Place: 150 Extra Spins - 6th Place: 100 Extra Spins - 7th Place: 75 Extra Spins - 8th Place: 50 Extra Spins - 9th Place: 30 Extra Spins - 10th Place: 20 Extra Spins Winnings from Extra spins are paid out as bonus money and must be wagered 25 times within 2 days. Players have to open NetEnt's Street Fighter 2 to claim their extra spins within 2 days of receiving them. Spins will be credited within 2 working days. Full list of Terms & Conditions here!
  2. I promised you all another contest and we have one on its way! This time we have teamed up with Betsson Casino and it will be a screensot based contest with some serious prizes up for grabs. I can't give too much away yet but the conest is scheduled to start on the 19th of May and it will run for two week. There will be 10 winners and the top prize is an Apple iPhone XR 64GB. For now that is all I am going to say. My lips are sealed. But watch this space!
  3. Evening all, hope you are enjoying your weekend. So, Betsson have acquired the four casinos Rizk, Thrills, Kaboo and Guts! What do you all think about this move?
  4. Hello, I have played big stake Live Roulette for a year and I`m so sure it is rigged. I have seen the ball take the most amazing spins possible. I know its kinetic energy and the ball will spin and change direction, but some of the jumps are not possible in my opinion. For instance I have played my three numbers for one hour, bust and then without exagerating my 3 numbers come the following three spins in a row. What are the odds?But I might just be unlucky.. However after chasing an answer from Betsafe how I can be certain the casino is not rigged and onlyd reciving half answeres What I have found out my self is; 1. Live VIP Casino in Riga offered by Betsafe amongst others is not concidered a casino in their home country Latvia, only a video studio. So local authorities will and do not regulate them. 2. Alderny G C does not regulate this Casino/ video stream after installed like Live Support always will refer to if you challenge them. 3. It is 100% impossible to find any reports of control etc of this video studio/ casino. 4. I accuse the casino of manipulating results by magnets or whatever to make the ball hit the number with least payout. How? very easy, there are plenty of pattents available. 5. Evolution Gaming/ the video studio always knows bets before ball lands, so easy math will show what numbers to not hit. 6. Evoultion Gaming makes more money the more people loose. Is that right if they are not a Casino? Should they at all be allowed a percentege not just a set amount every month? 7. After chasing an answer here my acount was blocked and from VIP(being invited to trips to Malta, France, Dublin etc) I`?m suddenly blocked out from all. 8. I have chased answers here diretly with CEO etc, and never an answer. 9. How is it possible that not one local authority in Riga performs any control of this casino. 10. I now play for a different company, and have chased the same answer there. They hide behind ECOGRA sela of approval? Well this Live casino stream does not come up on teh selal of approval list, so how can a company offering this game say they have the Seal of approval? If anyone out there can please inform me of any controls etc of these video streams etc it would be most aprechiated. I apologize for some misspelling, not fluent in written english. If anyone has some info heer it owuld be so aprechiated. Kind regards A
  5. The other day i stumbled upon a nice and promising jackpot. betsson offered the following: hit a single number (the number must be the actual day of the month) 3 times consecutive on one of three promotional roulette tables and you win our progressive jackpot (27k to that time). Min wager per spin and table $2. this sounded as a nobrainer to me and i was snap in. Playing multiple tables simultanously After 6 days and countless of spins it finally happened.... the speed roulette showed the sweet number 3 times in a row.... to my disappointment no fanfares, no gliter,no sparkles.... alright it's online.....i go ahead and inform their customer support by mail and live chat that they have a proud winner.. Not that they somehow miss it. I won't bother you with the details of those convos.... as you all guess,i didn't make it their reasoning is hilarious... yes,i did hit 3 times in a row at the speed table....BUT as i was multitabling there was a spin in between at another table where i missed.... we are very ....yada,yada wait,what? I have to hit 3 times across all tables i play??? alright...may i ask what does count for the time line? when the dealer throws the ball in? when the ball lands? When the bet was made? what if things are happening silmutanously at 2 or more tables? Are you kidding me? canded camera? Or just good old cheating? These are the exact terms: “In order to win the Roulette Jackpot, you must hit the daily number 3 times in a row on the following Evolution Roulette tables: Speed Roulette, Immersive Roulette, and Roulette. The minimum bet to be eligible for the Roulette Jackpot is €2.” In my eyes this sounds like i have to hit 3 times the daily number on one table and not accross all tables. common scense is telling me that nothing else really makes scence. That is my line now?
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