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Found 6 results

  1. Hiya guys, this is a subject both me and valleys could do with some help on. He doesn't had a drivers licence or a passport at the moment, so when he started playing at casinos and wanted to withdraw we realised he needed identification, so I went online for him (I do everything for him btw lol) and looked for official forms of ID and the only one that is approved and issued by the UK government is called a CitizenCard and its a cost of £36 I think (for a quick special delivery). If you don't have a passport or drivers licence you have to get like a 'pillar of the community' which must not be a family member to sign your paperwork. They have to be in a very important profession like a policeman, doctor, probation officer etc, and they need to sign that you have provided them with identification of your self and confirm you are your age and the right person. It is then sent for approval and issued. There are clear details on the back of the card which show it is OFFICIAL ID. On the website there is a link for a TV program that was on regarding the awareness of these cards. Apparently there were lots of retailers and security men for pubs and things like that that were refusing to accept the ID, this is apparently down to the fact that not enough people know about the ID. there is a form you can complete if you are ever refused the card and they contact that retailer, but this is of course only for pubs and restaurants, there is no help for if your refused online. Valleys have had a few problems with this card, where some just wont accept it. videoslots is his latest victim. They won't give a reason why they can't accept the card yet their terms and conditions clearly state a firm of ID is a Government Approved ID Card' this is exactly what they provided. He has asked them for an example of the card and what they mean for UK players because we both know that there is no other official card (which isn't a fake)that is issued and approved by the government. He has yet to have a an answer. Aren't they in breach of their terms and conditions if they are going against what they have declared? He isn't bothered about the videoslots account at all but obviously I meant elsewhere on the site that he has recently made a withdrawal for £700 + at a Playtech casino so there is no doubt they will ask for ID....he doesn't want there to be a problem. I have supplied two pictures of the front and back of the card for you to look out I have blurred his face and details. The card is a CITIZEN CARD so you can find the related website through google. I was wondering if Valdes or luciana could possibly dig up a bit of information on this for me as I know you got a lot more resources than us and we feel we are at a dead end with it to be honest. There are loads of casinos that have accepted his ID with no problem at all...so its obviously the official ID that is required........hopefully you can help us I have had to put a funny face and text over his details....it's quite funny and he is soon going to kill me but on a serious note we would be grateful for any information on this matter or if anyone else had had similar problems
  2. Hello! I signed up at N1 interactive new casino, crazy fox for a little over a week now and got very lucky right away. Verified my account almost right away, and that process was very quick, maybe took a couple of hours. But since then(17 feb) nothing have happend to my cashouts. Getting new excuses every time i talk to the chat. Started with "it may take up to 24h with ur cashout" "we have some technical issues right now" "It does not work to cash out from youre phone with trustly, so you need to cancel and do it from pc and you should have it within a couple of hours" Now i just get that finance department is working on my cashout and they told me that for days. This is from there FAQ: It usually occurs within an hour after processing your request for withdrawal. The speed of payment depends on the method you have requested to withdraw funds. In most cases, the transfer of funds is instant, payments to credit cards are processed by the bank within 1-3 banking days. Ive played at casinos from N1 interactive before and they always seems to be serious and no problems with cashouts. Anybody have any tips? Should i just wait? Thank you for youre time. Chris
  3. Hey there The site is working awfully for the whole AG office, the whole day yesterday and today! I'm gonna flip out! A single thing I usually need a minute, now requires at least 5..I can do a move here every 5 minutes, that's disaster! That's why I don't have nerves to read all the forum posts you made, sorry I think our server is overwhelmed and crowded! Is anyone else facing this issue?
  4. I have just started using online casinos. The 2 I have won at only 2 times each have now decided I am unable to use bonus codes! One states no codes at all, while the other said no no limit codes. Has anyone else experienced this? might as well just head to the local casino.
  5. i had an issue with a casino who refused to pay me out £700 over an issue. i have sbmitted the complaint through another forum who told me the casino was right and that was final. i was not happy with the result and a friend who was doing all the discussions with the casino for me said "if it was a court of law i would win every time,but this is the internet", is it worth taking the trouble to try with another forum to see if they can get my money or are all sites who deal with complaints the same?
  6. HeyEveryone first of all, i wanna thanks owner and webmaster and all stuff of this website which gives hopes and helps slove those iusses, i will explain the problem i am having with casino770. I Have been member of casino770 since almost 2/3 Years. never had a problem untill last Month. I Deposited funds plus one Ticket-permuier which valued 100Euro. and i Played but unfortuntely i lost afew euros and i decided to withdrawal so i did ask first withdrawal. * Reimbursements in process Date & Hour Amount 2012-09-24 17:40:49 344.00EUR In process So i was wating and while waiting i want to play again and try if i could win, i despoted again funds and i played and i lost. i did asked for 2th withdrawal 2012-10-01 03:08:29167.50EURIn process After one week, I COntacted them as they never delay to Proccess my payment.... after i exchanged almost 10/20 emails in different langauges, they always ask me to wait and i went to online chat support, they told me they asked agent of payment to speed up my file and i was told it s under thier attention..... so i waited with no problem 1 week / 2 week / 3 week / now 4 week and i am getting Same replies and automatic e mails. i wonder why all this delay ? why all this games and lies ? they only reply wait wait and i am really fed up. Could Anyone helps, i just filed 2 complainte and yet i can t see them here. i posted 2 screemshoot of my account and i will attempte to post more evidence and proof if it s available, Now i want my money back and i no longer willing to wait. Thank you for you guys.
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