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Found 6 results

  1. so me and my partner registered for dream vegas, our first and only deposit thus far was for £28 and a 100%. after beating the wagering we withdrew £250. we opened the account under my details but deposited with my soon to be wifes card, the withdrawal was declined, account closed and the bank card removed from the system because apparently the dont let you use someone else card, i can prove to them i had the consent and give them evidence etc but any time i speak to the live chat all i get is i broke the terms and conditions and there is nothing they can do. this is a joke, im not a criminal or a fraudster and have never made this "mistake" before. they have never offered a solution for example to show evidence of my wifes approval to use her card or maybe they could peak to her and she can confirm . but no they are no help at all and its stressing me out that they can get away with this. is there anything i can do?
  2. I would like the forums opinion on whether I should have won the progresive jackpot for the slot "The Glam Life". Here's the background: I placed a max bet on the slot "The Glam Life" at the .50 mBTC denomination playing at Betcoin.ag. On the original bet I got 3 airplanes on 2 paylines granting me 4 free spins. On the final spin I get five Yachts on the payline which in my opinion should have triggered the jackpot. Instead I was paid 1000 credits. This I believe this is evidence to the fact that it was a max bet according to the pay table. 5 yachts = 200 credits x Number of bets per line. Five bets per line is the maximum. Based on them paying me 1000 credits they're essentially stating that I bet the max amount. So why would this not qualify for a jackpot? Betsoft is stating that it does not qualify because it was a free spin. I can find nowhere in the terms and conditions, rules of the game, or payouts description stating that a bonus spin is not eligible for the jackpot. Please take a look at the photos of my win, and of the pays, and let me know what you think. Should I have won the jackpot? BetSoft via Betcoin.ag's customer support says No because it was a free spin. Take a look at the screenshots I took that include the winning spin, the pay table at the time of the spin, other BetSoft games pay tables which clearly limit or exempt the jackpot, and a revised pay table that BetSoft has quietly changed since my spin. Images are here: http://imgur.com/a/hx7Ht BetSoft has been getting killed in the court of public opinion. Both Bovada and Slots.lv have quietly removed the progressive jackpot games from their site. Here are some of the articles and forum posts on this: http://www.gpwa.org/forum/casinolistings-issues-betsoft-gaming-warning-227986.html?highlight=unpaid+jackpot https://www.casinolistings.com/news/2016/06/warning-avoid-all-betsoft-slots-and-casino-games http://vegasclick.com/online/betsoft-jackpot-issue http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71002 I will leave it to each casino to decide whether they want to offer their players BetSoft games which are clearly not fair, and to the players who play at these casinos that continue to offer BetSoft games whether they want to support casinos that will knowingly allow these unfair games to continue on their sites. In the meantime I will continue my fight to be paid the jackpot that BetSoft has wrongly denied me. If you have any information that could help me in this fight please email me at [email protected].
  3. Ok , I'm going to kick off with Videoslots casino as I'm starting to notice a whole bunch of idiots are actually being taken seriously here : http://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/videoslots-casino-review/#review-573da9dc7528f7a5ad8b460f It's quite simple really you broke the terms and conditions , multi accounted , and took some losses thats gambling buddies if you can't handle it hang up the guns I took a loss 2600 usd last week but I didn't provide biased feedback in a review due to my losses or my neglect to read up on the terms and conditions. Videoslots is a 9+ rating in my opinion the win hit frequency is good , its stable , fast paying , out of the world customer service , cool reward system like take dead or alive for instance you get the trophies you get super spins at 2.25 about 25 of them at the top I forgot I think its more. If you want to get mucked around try having an agent from a casino which I wont name tell you 4k usd is meant to be going into an account on a certain day and it doesn't and the money gets reversed into your account and then your flooded with spam about how to spend the money in the account those are the kind of ratings that I'm talking about the current rating is shameful and needs to be looked at more in detail for fairness in my opinion. -T
  4. I recenly had some problems with crazywinners and their rediculous terms and conditions. I won $2200.00 and they paid me $200. I then wrote a complaint to Curaçao egaming in regards to their unfair terms and conditions. I got a letter back: Thank you for contacting Curaçao eGaming. Please be advised that Curaçao eGaming has never licensed Crazy winners. All information mentioned about Curaçao eGaming is false and misleading. Regards, Curaçao eGaming I'm a bit concerned about this.. has anyone else come across this before. I don't know much about online gambling licenses but if this casino is not licensed isn't it illegal for them to operate?
  5. I deposited 200 euros at eurlotto casino. Betting 1 euro pr spin on cazino zeppelin lost 100 euros without a bonus round, 100 on DOA 0.90 pr spin no bonus round and both games paid no prices above 10 euros. Lost 200 in 6-7 minnutes. Deposit again 200 same exact thing... So in basicly 15 minnutes i lost 400 euros betting 1 euro pr spin..... Go to support they give me the standrard copy paste answer.. After allitle back and forth they give me 30 euros!!! bonus... Not even 10% of my deposits... I have never, ever seen anything like this, i mean come on what are the odds... Im so convinced now that its rigged im actually glad this happened because i will never play again after this. Its just insane.. My head cannot even comprehend how this is possible. 15 minutes!!! 400 euros gone...
  6. I've just been barred on Supercasino for winning too much! Has this happened to any one else? Jerry
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