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  1. Greediness! Sounds great because my net profit right now is a losing streak!
  2. I have seen many cases right now about the stealing informations, data and content that when they posted it other will copied it and use for other sites/blogs. Have you consider this when you're posting an important data? Mine, I always underestimate this fact and ignore the consequence of it. Think about this, there's another online gambling site that I saw before and they copied the different styles and content of other site! Plagiarizing it and made some small editing! Askgambler's has its own copyright policy and sure no one can copy something on this site when they caught in the act of stealing its content. Maybe, they can't hack your account but they can have your posted details and data. The sad thing and the one of the dark sides of Internet. *I also wonder if they use the complicated combinations of Crypto-currency to make it so? Where you can check the addresses of it on hash address.
  3. Yeah, you can make a progress about your concern here mks1977 just post it here to make it clear and to help you.
  4. The amount of INTELLIGENCE in this sub-thread is TOO D*MN HIGH! Hahaha! What a great understanding Afi mate! What I actually understand maybe the solar eclipse affects other forum members and they become something different than before. Just like the moon affects the tides, the moon the sun and the earth affects their head fluids. LOL
  5. I will say that this game is really cute and interesting for the eyes of players. I just play the demo game but they're low in playing experience and need to adjust the graphics of the game a little more and to make not intricating.
  6. Yep! Malaysia huh? Just wait me there mate for my tour vacation.
  7. Yes, they're chasing unseen ghostly cotton balls in 3 am graveyard time! Creepy, weird animals!
  8. See? I can't blame people who don't want to play Playn'Go platform because even if they're good in playing style they're not in payouts.
  9. INSTANT BLINDNESS incoming! Oh you Mr. President
  10. OH MY! That's why I have some cats in case you know... uhm, when something will get you just throw your little furry friends to it. Hehehehe!
  11. This is the realest thing I ever seen today. Thanks Afi mate. Sounds like a proverb to me?
  12. Sometimes if you invest in something in long term think about that it's already gone. Mindset is the key, as you said it's better to gain than to lose. That's fair play mate, no worries. You will have another chance everyday. Sadly, when BTC was about a cents and I just stare if I will buy a MC BURGER or BTC and I go for burger that was an example of worst decision ever and I need a time machine.
  13. Have you cash out a good pay out for Play N Go slot? In which game Afi mate? I wonder if it's possible to cash out a decent jackpot like wins on Play'nGo? Because I don't see such good payout from this platform software anywhere. *Take note a "jackpot like" wins.
  14. Yep! It's better for Askgamblers so they can't post any kind of weird none sense questions.
  15. Irony on losing streak Afi mate. The worst case is that when you don't have enough balance for that lucky free spins.
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