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3 out of 3 on hitman! I'm beginning to love this bonus round easy money!!

Keep getting the 2250 jackpot this equals minimum cash of £45 maximum of £/€135! Fantastic!



Betat couple of months ago 15c bet €67.50 win-lost


Vnj on Friday 15p bet £90.00 win-withdrew £96


Video Slots today 15c bet 112.50 win-withdrew €117.49


Total deposit only £20 at vnj and video slots was with the €14 I won in the cash race! 


Having a good week so far!  :good:



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Had £5 left in neteller after my nice video slots withdrawal yesterday. Put it into Boyle Games start on doa at 9p bets quickly get up to £14 change to Reel Steal(planned to go back to DOA) Now comes the crazy part I play 9p spins for nearly 3000 spins balance peaking at £38 but the norm was £18-£34 more than 4 hours play. So my balance is at £27 and I see a close miss of 3 blues with wild something told me to stop the autoplay and up the cash unfortunately only to 27p. First spin on 27p I get the feature and well this happened! This was the last big one I got! In the same free spins I hit 3 pinks with wild(£15),3 greens with wild(£9),5 maps/compass survival kits with wild(£37.50),4 money bags with wild I think also came up! + a few smaller hits. Final balance after these spins was 151.77 or so. 562x bet Just withdrawn +£174 and original £5 deposit. Happy chappy!! :D Now time for bed!


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