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I hope you don't mind if I have the honor to be the first one to post a screenshot of a mega slot win here. After all, gurus and forum admins are not immune to some vanity from time to time!   This

Howdy folks   After one of my craziest and definitely most luckiest weeks in my entire 'online gambling career' so far, I realized that we still don't have a topic, dedicated to mega slot wins. And

It's now Monday 1:35 am as I begin to write this I can't stop feeling excited and feeling like ELVIS The game I didn't like proved me wrong today It gave me a blardy BIG WIN...I wanna fly away!!!

Posted Images

Very nice win mate! I've been chasing the five scatters and wilds as well, but no luck here lol. Guess DOA just ain't for all of us!


Did get another monster on Immortal Romance though, you were totally right Awena :p

Bet 2.10 euro.




850 x bet! Wow, that's one really really awesome combo out there, mate! And an extremely rare to catch as well! :o


Congratulations and please, don't forget to use the cashout option. ;)


By the way, you owe Awena a drink, she was the one who predicted that win. ;)

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Didd it again!! On 2.70 euros bet this time. After a month of almost no gambling i hit this.. Ohhh sweat,sweat comeback lol..


won it at freespinscasino. Actually my second big win there. Hit a double wildline there about 6 months ago for 4K


Now that's what I call an insane hit!!! :o Congrats, mate! :good:


I guess that all these gigantic DOA hits could now change your opinion and make you reconsider your statements regarding the NetEnt's slots randomness. :p

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Now that's what I call an insane hit!!! :o Congrats, mate! :good:


I guess that all these gigantic DOA hits could now change your opinion and make you reconsider your statements regarding the NetEnt's slots randomness. :p


Haha well after this hit im even more supicious  :unsure:  Since i was betting 0.90 and occationally raising it to 1.80 to try and get the feature when it had been a long time since it came. And the on the VERY FIRST Spin on 2.70 i get 5 scatters..... :ph34r:  Hmmmmm


Im not saying the games are not fair but sometimes its like your ment to lose or ment to win.

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Crazy session got some small wins on several slots then hammered Tomb Raider changing bets all the time. Then got this when I had under £25 left was just about to put it to 4.50 still 500x bet though when down this low is outstanding! Been a very long time since I had 5 scatters on this and I think bet was only 35p-75p the last time it happened! 2.25 bet-£1125 win and withdrawn! :)


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Well lets face the truth.


I had mega wins but they dont look spectacular and I really dont want to post it here and they dont look something special but still proud of them of course.


Well, what might not sound and feel Spectacular for one, could sound and feel totally the opposite for someone else.... ;)


Personally, I would love to see as many over 500 x bet screenshots here as possible, regardless someone had these wins with 0.09 or 9.00 bet per Spin

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Well, made two 150 deposits at Whitebet today and had a ***** run on the first one the second was decent but no win. So i was pretty angry wanting to close this account since i have Lost an substantial amount at Redbet their sister site. I tought this is unreal better to play somewhere else.


Then as played my last few euros on Bruce Lee. I suddenly for no reason closed the chat window before they connected me with an CS agent. And for reasons i cannot understand i just decided to deposit another 100 and to just play Bruce Lee and no other slot... Had a weird feeling...


Then all of the sudden i hit the motherload!! Seriously this feature both the 4 locked symbols and the treasure chests are one of THE rarest "jackpots" in any high variance slot. Atleast to hit it with decent symbols:



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And then i go to IR and first i get one reel Wild Desire, then 2 Reels, then 3 reels and then 4!!!!! But with the worst possible outcome... 4 last reels wild and 9,10,K on the first one...


Not even 1000x bet  :angry: So i was very dissapointed and forgot to take a screenshot. Dont get me wrong its a nice win and allot of money, but playing this slot fore 5 years and when i finally get a 4 reel WD its not even 1000x bet... Maaaan, and how hard is it to hit? Its next to impossible.


Paid 789.75 on a 0.90 bet. So 877.5x bet...


Well here is the amount in the stats screen:




This is not a MEGA WIN, but i posted it here since it is connected to the win above.

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WOW! Your hit with Bruce Lee is insane!  :shok:  Congrats, mate, really awesome hits! :good:


Maybe this ''poorly paying'' 4-reel WD is just a final "repetition" before Immortal Romance finally serve you the dreamed one. ;)


Thanks:) Yes i hope so. The last reel was spinning for what felt like an eternity knowing if it dropped it would be 12500x stake.... If it only had put the wilds on reels 1,2,3,4 it would have been twice the amount. But im not complaining it was just kinda of a let down, when getting a 4 reel wd is so rare i tought it was guaranted 1000x bet.


As you can see from the screenshot i had done over 700 spins. I took the screenshot after i got my first bonus round. Thats the strange thing it gave me no bonus round but 5 WD.


First one with one reel wild paid nothing, then one with 2 reels, then one with 3 that paid 100x, then another 3 that paid 50x or so, then the 4 reels. Hope the next is 5 ;)  But it started eating like crazy so i decided to cash out instead of chasing.

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