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  1. Della missed,otherwise i believe this screenshot can be in mega wins category Still more than 100x total bet, good one!
  2. Hello, hello, hope you have some luck today Withdrawn 300$ from joycasino yesterday, no any win more than 100x total bet, but quite often features - and from 20$ i had 300$ Wish you all some luck!
  3. Just having fun with spinning, and of course it is a lot of pleasure to make great withdrawal
  4. Wow, this is super serious and of course great result. ANd of course a lot of work to be able to achieve such high level. Congrats!
  5. Wow, i am surprised to see betsoft game in your list awena (under the bed). Is it really worth trying it?
  6. Good morning gamblers, i wish you all great day! How the things goes for you today? How was your weekend?
  7. wow, Valdes, this is decent line! For me it is always line of barells there, or microphones...Nothing decent, never. But probably i need to push this game a bit more, and will break this 100 x total bet mark. Good win!
  8. 170$ from joycasino, paid under 24 hours. Had some fun with netent games, even had two FS features at wild turkey slot with 5$(5$!!!) bet size. Both paid around 10x total bet, but it was really great to have FS on this bet. And 170$ WD from 10$ deposit is never bad.
  9. Well luckyloser it is just bad run, it happens with everyone of us here, you should just accept it and move forward. Regarding 30 euro bonus from casino support, i do not think it is bad, because mainly usually live support never give any good rewards, you need to wait some time until management will give you something extra!
  10. Well, i believe it is just impossible to choose one game...There is so many really great ones!
  11. it is still monster, almost 1.000 x total bet, for such slot it is great result. I am never see better on this game!
  12. Welcome prince Myshkin Another DOA hunter here, great!
  13. Omg! Awesome hit! But this stupid scatter on last reel...Could be even more!
  14. Played there, because they had 100% bonus with something like 20x or 30x WR, so i just made 20$ deposit and claimed bonus. Sometimes they send interesting offers, so probably will try again soon.
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