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  1. hehe, let's hope it all goes well from now on. I still have to wager about 10K. I'd be happy with 500 EUR cash out but, of course, I won't complain if more
  2. At such low stakes, drops of 100-200 are not unheard. If you bet 2, play for a short time and you hit something big, then it's great. If you want to continue play, then you need 2K bankroll minimum. Ancient Troy Dice, total win was 393x Geisha, 302x Majestic Megaways, 381x Safari Gold Megaways, 552x Jurassic Park, 338x. When that feature landed, I think "oh no", even if in the past I had a win over 1000x. In the end, it went well :)
  3. Safari Gold Megaways, 385x Gladiator of Rome, 175x That is a low valatility game with terrible RTP, but if you manage to get the free spins early, then hit & run, you can make little money. Return of Kong Megaways, 260x Safari Gold Megaways, base game, it actually gave the top symbol, 302x
  4. Thanks :) From the previous one, that managed to cash out, Ancient Troy, 210x New one, Majestic Megaways, 1577x
  5. That's why I like Endorphina games, most of them will give you something from the feature. The caveat is that it doesn't trigger as often as other games. You can waste up to 100 EUR at 0.2-0.25 stake if you want to push it too far... I decided to give Jammin' Jars a chance and allow up to 100 spins and it triggered the bonus very early, 1899x
  6. Well, Playtech games were not giving anything of note. Even tried Safari Heat with 1.5 bet. I try Majestic at 0.6 stake, it gave me a bonus and the balance barely moved up. Then I think, let's see how Johnnygotthebone is doing it and I play Epic Ape at 2 EUR stake. My balance from 80 dropped to 30 and I stopped it. Never again You need luck and especially multiple deposits to hit something with so low balance and such stakes. I still believed that there is something with Majestic, so 0.6 stake, first bonus from 30 to 50. It was holding well, so onward to second bonus, there was a sp
  7. I managed to cashout, after all. Deposited on another casino, just to take it easy and relax a little. So, just a little ago, Majestic Megaways, total win 1982x @Flatzem and that is the maximum bet on the casino I play currently (Lady Hammer), btw.
  8. I usually play high variance games. Certainly, you can be lucky and hit something big, then quit gambling and stay ahead. Or play more and lose a lot. Another example, if your balance drops to 1/2 - 1/3 of your initial, then many players get tilted and bet high, once again, you can save the session once but eventually you going to lose more. Ultimately, no one is going to make money from gambling, play for fun with whatever stakes you are comfortable and with money you can afford to lose.
  9. Yep, I posted the first one, see few previous posts. That one was from last weak and managed to made a cashout. Now it looks even better, with the second one. From 66 deposit, I have to wager just a little more, it looks like a 1100+ cashout
  10. hehe, certainly, I noticed your wins, that's why I wanted to try those games :) Majestic Megaways, 675x Majestic Megaways, 1585x True Love, 5 scatters for the second time, total win 1826x Safari Heat, with 7 retriggers. 2 big hits at the end, about 200x each. Total 749x
  11. What do you mean by "future" ? ;) Some more screen from various providers. The Great Pigsby, 100x Chimney Sweep, 610x. 8 retriggers, including one with 4 scatters on the first 4 reels (5 scatters pay 1500x). Great Ocean by Platipus, 304x Manhattan Wild, base game, 215x Great Book of Magic Deluxe by Wazdan, 2 times full screen 10s, 253x Esqueleto Explosivo, 875x
  12. You can, of course, attempt to win big within the first 40-50 bets. You will make it few times, even. But if you seek wildlines, 5 scatters and so on, then a more modest bet is advised. True Love, 5 scatters. Total win was 1691x Panther Moon, 506x #luxurylife, 540x Panther Moon, 405x
  13. Well, I don't play to become rich I want a deposit to last as long as possible and if I manage a cashout, then all the best, of course. Plus, I play for few weeks, then I get bored.
  14. Games from other providers. Hot Spin Deluxe, 360x 2016 Gladiators, 690x. Notice what is "mega" for Endorphina and what for most of the rest. 20x is not "big win". Wildchemy, 390x Manhattan Wild, 265x
  15. No worries, there is more :) Safari Heat. In fact this one ended 598x, above, there is a mistake. And this one is from the 4 wilds on the previous post, total win 1166x, with 9 retriggers. A little confusion there :) Secrets of the Amazon, 417x. The only hit of note on this game, full line with panthers and nice multiplier. Marilyn Monroe, 520x. If you don't get the feature or the number of spins is low, it will kill your balance. True Love, 440x
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