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  1. Gamban is only a site/device blocker,no? Do you mean Gamstop?
  2. An even simpler one Bet 365 and other Uk Bookies They ask for for nothing as E-Verified 4 corners, selfies if defo a Malta/MGA, Coco-pop licence requirement
  3. Probably best to just concern yourself with your own play and not anyone else's play
  4. Think what Coco is saying is what do you mean by bouncing? If it's Trustly etc it can only deposit what you have in your account, so how can a deposit bounce? (unless a chargeback)
  5. Is 20c even gambling? Christ, if reduced to that i'd have to fire the earth into the Sun
  6. There'll be no issue, as long as a decent casino - so, who is it? Fact u deposited more than ur limit - that's on them, you've breached no terms whatsoever
  7. Yeah, but it's not the post introducing the comp so, why should we expect them to find it?
  8. As someone with no skin in the game, to be fair, i have a bit of sympathy with the poster re the boost bet - i would personally read the original post re the comp and i don't think there would be expectation on them to scroll down etc to find out any 'clarifications' - whether that comes on page 1 or 1000 is, IMO, pretty irrelevant.
  9. I don't play anymore mate - well Mrs has some accounts still open so some freebies there but deposits from my own account are a thing of the past, otherwise i would
  10. Their history put to one side, PP aren't a bad provider of slots - the Zombie game IIRC can pay ok if you get the 3 on the board and the DH Megaways, like the original, isn't scared to pay out on half decent stakes. The one you collect the gold nuggests is pretty grim i think - get a full board of wilds and it pays poorly and those fish collection games are horrid IMO Good luck!
  11. On the plus point, bonus's, even in the crypto's are being phased out, so these issues will no longer be an issue Play with own money, withdraw own money
  12. 4p spins, 1 p spins.... Do casinos have the GDP of the UK?
  13. Is winning counting as a mechanic? Depends on your playing dreams i guess....some might not play a No Limit Slot for the fun in the mechanics of the game (half the time i find it impossible to work out what's going on and they lack, cos of that, the anticipation value a lot of the time) but they can spit out (even for UK players, monsters - see the latest, Disturbed which doesn't look like it needs a Bonus Buy for 55k odd x) 2-5 quid bets, some might be happy with 100x wins in a Netent etc on those stakes.... I played games like DOA, not for the actual game play, because lets face it, it's as dull as ditchwater but for the variance. Overall, the mechanics mean little to me - what i would say, is whilst true, the can annoy - PNG's games are famous for the 'anywhere but there...and yep, it lands there' Reel Strips v almost scratchcard like outcomes like jamming jars: again, not fussed as long as have potential to pay. Tumble games, not my favourite - again, like i mentioned, sometimes they serve to infuriate more than often but a games not good until you win on it and then it is... If you're a rep and want to see a truly awful mechanic then check out RAW games or Leander - certainly RAW make some of the worst games i've ever seen Other things like volatility, how the RTP is split between base and bonus games and the general balance of a game, that are more important.
  14. You'd be better using this HP One thing with them is their webcam quality etc is pretty *****, which in work situations isn't great. Apples are ok if you don't intend on doing much with them (though they've certainly upped their game with their own chips)
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