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  1. Please tag @OlleBitStarz as he does not check forum regularly, so it's best to tag him and I am sure he will provide his email for you to provide whatever to investigate further. I know atleast Olle is one forum rep that isn't active but always come and answer to the best of his ability if you notify him I'll PM him.
  2. I just spend 100 euro almost on Stakeprix and could not get better than 390x winner, I think I will try my local casino tonight to see if I can get a winner. @cocopop3011 can we not for this two days remove the casino must appear in the AG directory restriction? Asking for a friend
  3. I would have played Gemix with 100 euro bets and built a world bonus and cashout with low bets at the end
  4. 200 euro added to the standard AG contest, so Total prize pool of 450 euros. Or 350 euro prize pool and 100 euro extra prize for the biggest winning screenshot on a PP slot during the AG together contest. @Jelena_PragmaticPlay - Happy Belated Birthday.
  5. 1 - Tsars Casino Pro's- Great game selection and bonuses and bonus terms! Con's - Deposit fees when using E-wallets 2 - Campeonbet Pro's - Great Promo's Con's - Withdrawals waiting up to 48 hours to be processed as well as high withdrawals minimum requirement ( minimum 100 euro). Max withdrawal per day is 1000 euro. Bitstarz deserve the top 10, the rest I do not know or havent played there. My top Casinos Bitstarz, Playlive.co.za, Luckystar, Stakeprix, and a couple of Dama.N.V casinos.
  6. I honestly think casinos should stop this, playing with a free bonus just to use wager with real funds, Videoslots bonus system days are over!
  7. Flukyone keeps on giving this error before it gets to the point of actually getting the payment information and crypto address
  8. They offer only Crypto deposits, however when I want to use lets say ETH or BTC or USD-C - When their systems generate a crypto address and I enter that address to send funds to deposit, it tells me to enter valid crypto addresses - This is now Ameriobet Flukyone, it keeps on saying Payment errors! At Amerio Bet as an example below as you can see it generates a Crypto address, then I add it to send funds and it tells me is invalid, so escalated to their support and no feedback
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