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February Pragmatic Play Tournament: Win a Share of €2,000

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Contest Dates - 12th February - 18th February, 11:59 pm GMT

IMPORTANT - This contest will  end at 23:59 GMT. This means screenshots will not be accepted after this date, your screenshot must be within the contest dates and you must submit it within 48 hours of collecting the win. 

Concept - Highest Winning  Multiplier 

The prize fund stands at 2000 EUR in cash, with 10 places on the leaderboard.

Taking Part

To take part in the contest, you can pick any Pragmatic Play slot at a casino of your choice, (the casino must be listed at AskGamblers) and there is no minimum bet! 

You can earn points based on your multiplier, and the minimum multiplier is 10x. Only your highest-winning multiplier counts during the entire tournament

You must capture your win, including the casino name, time and date, and bet size. If your screenshot does not include this information you MUST submit your game log in the forum and any screenshots missing this information will not be accepted. 

Screenshots MUST be your own. If I find out they are not it will result in disqualification from all AG Contests. 

We can no longer accept photos taken of a laptop or desktop device. Screenshots will only be accepted that have been taken from the device. Videos are no longer being accepted. 

It is your responsibility to screenshot your wins 🙂 

Admin also reserves the right to request a game log at any time, which will be on a case-by-case basis. Failure to provide one might mean your screenshot is disqualified. 

When you post your screenshot you MUST tell me what casino you have collected the screenshot from if it is not clearly visible.

Your multipliers will be converted to points and placed on the leaderboard. If you finish in the top 10 by the end of the contest, you win a prize! 

There is no limit to the number of screenshots you post each day. Your multiplier will be placed on the leaderboard and only your highest multiplier counts. 

  • Bonus buy bets are excluded.  
  • Only real money screenshots count. You can use bonus funds but screenshots cannot be in demo mode. 
  • Exclusive to AskGamblers members only. If you don’t have a forum account you must create one.  

The Prizes

Your total points will be calculated and the top 10 winners will receive the following prizes:

1st: 600 EUR 

2nd: 350 EUR 

3rd: 250 EUR 

4th & 5th: 150 EUR 

6th - 10th: 100 EUR 

  • Payments will be made within 14 business days from the date of your invoice, which I will post in the forum at the time
  • Payments can be sent by Skrill or Bank transfer only
  • Winners must provide me with an email of their choice and their country of residence and payment information
  • You must claim your prize within seven days, or they will be void. 


Final Leaderboard


1st - @Afi4wins - 1501.4x 600EUR

2nd - @Blackjax - 1493x 350 EUR

3rd - @Fiekie247 - 1025x 250 EUR

4th - @kavaman - 850.2x 150 EUR

5th @loceff13 - 675x 150 EUR

6th - @Flatzem - 615.5x 100 EUR

7th - @jan duchau - 612.55x 100 EUR

8th - @Icy - 470x 100 EUR

9th - @ales200 - 455x 100 EUR

10th - @Davespring - 53.2x 100 EUR


11th - @Kiwiguy - 43.65x


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Since the contests are in GMT, my usual cutoff date is at 7:00pm which would already be Feb 12.

Starting off small with.....

John Hunter and the Book of Tut - 29.5x (Spinz casino, lovely author, casino review had to be a 6.9) 

Replay link available upon request 😉

John Hunter and the Book of Tut 29.5x Feb 2024.jpg

John Hunter and the Book of Tut 29.5x Feb 2024 #2.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Afi4wins said:

Was hoping to be the FIRST to post a screenshot, as always, but our cool dude @Icy just beat me to it! 😁

Slotamba Casino, John Hunter and the Book Of Tut - 244.5x


I basked in the glory of 1st place for 6 whole minutes that's good enough for me 🤣

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Del Oro Casino - x106


Del Oro Casino - x249.5



Del Oro Casino - x126.52




Del Oro Casino - x318.7


Del Oro Casino - x171.45


Del Oro Casino - x516.8


Del Oro Casino - x252.1


Del Oro Casino - x373.4


Del Oro Casino - x100


Del Oro Casino - x101

Total : 2315.47

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16 minutes ago, Afi4wins said:

@jan duchau  Where are your winning multipliers for all your screenshots bro???

Don't expect our @cocopop3011 to do all that work for you! That's YOUR responsibility!

@jan duchau Yes it would be really helpful for you to add your multipliers and total score. I check every one, but I like to match it to your score, if it doesn't match I know one of us have added the score wrong. But it also means we can easily find the post we need to refer to, instead of having to go through each one again. You can check everyone elses posts for an example. 

You also have permission to edit your latest post with the details. 

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Just now, Afi4wins said:

@cocopop3011  The rule says...Only your highest-winning multiplier counts during the entire tournament

Meaning, screenshots posted each day WILL NOT BE ADDED UP as what @Fiekie247 is thinking, correct?

Yes correct, your highest multiplier, but you can submit as many screenshots as you want, it's not limited to one a day like our other AG Contests


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Believe it or not, but after that nice 1501x win on ZeusvsHades, all the games, including other provider's games at Slotamba Casino, suddenly went horribly dead!

Think what you like but I know for sure what I'm thinking!

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