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  1. 20th April entry, 200.5x on Big Bass Secrets of the Golden Lake, lesser spotted top symbol full line...
  2. Not a problem, I'll take this as a test, good job I'm doing it with one of the smaller payments, and will be okay to chase myself if something goes wrong
  3. Aaaah, gives me a chance to try and get something tomorrow then. Managed to get a 220x that was 1 scatter away from the 10x on Big Bass Splash
  4. Gonna have a go over the next day or so, see if I can hit anything
  5. Mines correct, I can see I've sent bank details to you, could you request payment via bank for this one please Coco
  6. First entry into this contest, a 202x on Big Bass Splash at MrQ @cocopop3011This version of game log okay?
  7. Any update @cocopop3011? Thanks for the continuing chasing that you do, you must spend most of your day doing it haha!
  8. I'm not going to lie, I don't really track them too much. When I used to play them regularly, I used to consistently win. However, this was back when the general player pool in my area was less skilled as the buyins were lower. I don't really play bigger comps often, and if I do I've generally sattelited my way in. My biggest cash was in a £200 tournament about 6 years ago for £6k. The biggest I'll generally buy myself into nowadays however is about £100. All three of my biggest tournaments played to date have won via satellites, with them being $2750, €1150 (The one I played 2 days ago at the Irish Open) and a £550 were won from $0.01, Nothing and £5 respectively. If you count these buyins where I didn't cash, then it knocks off a large chunk of winnings, but overall still probably up somewhere in the low 4 figures would be my best estimate
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