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  1. The skrill payments for last month 200 euro has not been received yet. When should i get it approximately ? thanks!
  2. Hi! I am entering the competition. 136x win. Played at Slotamba. Slotamba history shows the inital stake like that. From screenshot you can see that the actual win =40,80, slotamba history shows 40,50, but its counted as 40,50+0,3 (bet). So thats why 136x.
  3. @Rossmac001 Unfortunately the worse you explain to a casino your situation is, the less chances you have of getting the payment. Most casino's just say you have gambling issues, if you use your money to play when you are low on money. Casino winnings are not something you should be living with as your only money. Hope you get your payment, goodluck! I feel sorry for you, but usually these sound like gambling issues to a casino, which means they are less likely to pay you.
  4. I think i did not receive the voucher. Or have i Need to check my amazon and dm's.
  5. https://forum.askgamblers.com/topic/15681-february-pragmatic-play-tournament-win-a-share-of-€2000 Entered this one, on the last page of the contest is my entry.
  6. I would not play there except for good bonuses. I have found that place does not really wish for anyone to cash out, and if they pay is super slow to do that. Love the bonuses though . @Afi4wins
  7. I even received the cool 100x multiplier, if only something after that would have connected this would have been over 1500x. Oh well, there is always a next contest ..
  8. Here is my screenshot. The only one (well 2 shots , to show the time, and multiplier) . Tried first place, got several screenshot, but the last one was the biggest win i could get. Casino:Gamdom Zeus_vs_Hades 850.2x win
  9. Made an entry in february contest, here on this page: https://forum.askgamblers.com/topic/15598-february-contest-win-a-share-of-eur-250/
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