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  1. Read thoroughly...in a previous post I mentioned this was a problem which was going on with timeframe of a month. The offer to come back and play, because all was ok, was communicated through Telegram. It's only because I received an email a week before, stating I received VIP status that got me excited again...which during the last month had degraded from trust to WTF is this BS. Buy free spins and no Pragmatic slots worked anymore. They didn't know what was what themself. Measures taken in agreement...try Urban VPN and set to Brasil. I was offered to create a new account...at which point it got to crazy for me.. That's what the emails are all about. Pieces of chat from walking away from chat to early after yet a another dissapointment trial and error session. I don't even have to re-check my reply to answer this one. Nor do I because thorough grasping and understanding aren't your best feats. in reading the subject about my 'Pragmatic replay broken' comment towards Jelena
  2. Nope, I've been rolling with this charade for almost 2 days, as I couldn't wrap my head around I didn't know myself but I'm already looking for a freelancer specialised in digital forensic analysis. I'm willing to go the end to prove my right and I can start to move forward afterwards. I'll give it my F*CK1N HARDEST EFFORT to find the truth!
  3. So no, you don't read reply's...if this is all for show, just tell me, I'll hold my own honor then being stalled! I said yesterday I started working monday on the noon till midnight. This will be the same the next 8 days so don't , dont use my work in trying to pressure me!
  4. Thanks for that. Although I had to work today I have some free time...I found a thread opened on Casinomeister today, which was started yesterday and talking about some problems with the slots...apparently for almost a week people are having problems with pragmatic-replay-broken.102389.... I have just one question, as Pragmatic sots have been used as clones or pirated to scam, you will know the casinos better than me...but my question: Is it possible to shadowplay...if they have the gaming rounds on own server, to feed that to players?
  5. What do you mean with 'either screenshot'...is there a second one finalised? I hope, this sentence also answers the rest of your question...did you even bother to watch my recordings...being no as it was the first time you asked. Do you have the information of metadata for me about my uploaded seemingly cheat?
  6. No need for apologies... I restarted work after 7 days of at home...I work in a very specific sector, and shift system which isn't used by any other sector I know of . I won't go into details but we work 12 hour days, once a month I get 7 days off, now I start with 10 consecutive days. I started this afternoon, 12 O'clock local time till couple of hours ago. I received your request yesterday night to provide the log and reluctantly did try to go get it...after seeing the same error happening in opening the game I thought...hmmm, didn't work for a month, got message trough Telegram it's fixed, I played...post, and when you demanded a log, I find the game in the same state as it was before I got to play....coincidence? It rushed through my mind but I just recorded and uploaded so you could see for yourself that I can't deliver your request. After 24 hours it reached this level...not amazed, the one accusing so many cheated himself...I can imagine the drool running free in some mouths. I have no clue what's happening...better said I have some in mind but if needed I WILL pay myself to get that posted screenshot verified by professionals who have one or another seal of trustworthiness. I won't hold back filing a complaint due to slander and defamation. I cheated ? Never!!!!!!
  7. That because I changed to use with backslashes some time ago and CEST=Belgium uses Central European Summer Time (CEST) which is 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is a Daylight Saving Time time zone.
  8. I have no clue whatsoever! I checked both screenshots and noticed the diff in url. The one from February has a different number after /games. I went back to Deloro, but did not log in now, and checked the number after /games; this redirects to Starlight Christmas??!!! The one from February to the correct game; Starlight Princess: That balance is exactly the same and winnings...all is exactly the same!! Can I have the original file names of the uploaded pictures and the metadata ! That all I wish to say for now
  9. I didn't know that: I did record my moves once more but now heading to transactions history. Nothing..you can see all bets: wagered, won, played....but nothing specific from 01/02/2024 to today. Strange ! https://jmp.sh/s/bbcZqXGJYm5t6MdhogNZ
  10. I'm afraid that will be a problem...DelOro has problems with opening Pragmatic games. This is an issue that's been going on since a month, got fixed for two days and is again buggy. I'll add a prntscrn from my emails with them about this issue and I have just captured, recorded better, trying to open the game just now. I'll upload to a free filehost. https://jmp.sh/s/eNqEiZlOiDtwrHfmTjOA
  11. Nopes, not this year. But as my taxes will come in end of this month and i have to pay, I donate half to a international solidarity 11 11 11. Because I can deduct these donations for a full 100%
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