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  1. i confirm the problem that getting a voting confirmation email is not working, but to get a certain bonus from the casino they ask for a confirmation email....
  2. Good! finally i was able to log into the forum with my account ....I was just reading for about a week but couldn't log in. Anyway, I'm already here and I'm waiting for the new door that opened to be better and have rewards....Actually, being healthy and living is the best reward...The rest is just matter. ..
  3. Sounds good! we are waiting for a new date when we can also publish our reviews for certain casinos! Greetings from me
  4. I feel that there will be interesting scandals? hahaha please count me in hahaha
  5. Hello! I am firmly FOR to delete an account if you don't feel good in a certain casino. It happened to me that I had to fill out a written declaration to have my account deleted in a certain casino....I add that I also had this problem with Oshi.io, they discovered that I had a duplicate account, which was not true. After that, I deleted my account. Where they don't respect me, I don't give money.
  6. many thanks for the opportunity and the list of casinos and bonuses. I'm thinking of trying Playfina casino.
  7. Hello friends! I'm getting involved by sharing a few of the casinos I play at and would love it if they hosted a contest through AG. The casinos I play are: 1:Nine casino 2: Rocket play 3: Everum casino 4: Greenspin 5:Goldenstar-casino
  8. The problem is that I get really bored when I play at low stakes and then I feel like an amateur in the casino. So I play when I have money that is only for the casino, making deposits of about $1000, and my spin is a minimum of $1, $2 For this month, I have already spent the money at the casino because I have a limit and I say stop for the month, and next time again... We must be responsible in gambling, right?
  9. That's a cautiously bet on my part.:) I've played with big bets of $25, $50 per spin, but it didn't entertain me.... One has to be careful how much and what he bets in gambling
  10. thanks so much for noting and thinking of me. Unfortunately, I will not have the financial opportunity to participate in the competition, but I wish everyone who participates the best of luck! I expect more exciting and interesting events here on the forum soon.
  11. the topic, it will be really useful, because there we will be able to share other difficulties that we encountered when we registered, through a link on askgablers:)I didn't realize until two months ago that there are active people on the forum here...Maybe we would have known about each other two years ago when I met casinos that refused to give me AG coin....In such cases I delete my account in the casino and say hello to a new offer
  12. I had an AG coin problem which was quite unpleasant.In a casino that Askgamblers says my country is accepted and I can get a bonus coin with a link to register to Askgamblers, but the casino denied me the bonus because my country was banned from all bonuses.
  13. Hello! Today I posted an opinion about nine casino, if it is approved I will post a link here for you to say your opinion. Please advise me if there is anything else I need to do to make sure I am part of the active forum users.
  14. Should I wait for the changes or can I start my reviews for the casinos I've played in?
  15. Hello dear friends on the wonderful Askgamblers forum!Is the review post event active and can I participate? I ask because I have experience with quite a few casinos and I want to give my opinion!If you could tell me which casinos I can comment on, I would appreciate it.
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