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  1. 2023, a new year for all of us, and new resolutions to be made by believers. No, not me...I don't believe making resolutions would ever work for me, so I simply don't believe in it, and I don't even do it. Nonetheless, I did wished for better things to come for me. So, how has it been so far? Any better things came my way? The answer...YEEEEEES!!! To cut a very long story short, I just want to say some words regarding my few favourite Playtech games...'My Magnificent 6' games, as I had labelled them, but this year (2023), they are now 'My Magnificent 5'...one game didn't live up to my expectations and is therefore no longer 'magnificent'. I have noticed a trend in my Magnificent 5 games since 1 or 2 years back...I could get 2, 3 or even 4 Mega Wins of over 500x each, sometimes within 1 month, but occasionally within just 1 or 2 weeks. In this new year, my regular Asian online casino had very recently upgraded their gaming platform...and the first big change that I got was that My Magnificent 5 games simply played dead!!! This new platform was simply awful, horrible, and unbelievable...but I had already expected that kind of behaviour change from each new upgrade, so I played smart, I played safe, and I played with minimum bets all the way, just to ride out the 'Wintry' conditions. Now, thank god the Winter has passed, Spring is now here, and the flowers are blooming. Flowers blooming in a casino? No, no, I mean flowery wins! For a start, I could get 2, 3 or 4 Mega Wins whenever Playtech goes into its peak paying mode (this usually happens no less than 6 months apart). So far, in this 'Springy' time, I have already collected 6 Mega Wins! That is a NEW RECORD from Playtech for My Magnificent 5 games! 6 Mega Wins all within just over 1 week! Is a few more Mega Wins coming in the soon coming 'Summery' time? Who knows...but I'm WISHING FOR IT!
  2. Stay away from Playtech Casino´s !!! The the last week i have been played a lot of spins at Europa Casino, going for The Gladiator Jackpot $1. mill.+ Actually I have played 5000+ 10$+ spins, and won < 10 bonus games, with an average won < 200$ !!! The last 1160 spins I had zero bonus games !!! - that´s NOT fair or random play. That´s cheating ! Total lost: 5000$+ My advice to everyone: Stay away from Playtech Casono´s, it´s 99,9% sure you will loose. The goal of gambling is not wagering and wagering, it´s getting a balance > deposit. Regards Ex(Playtech)Gambler Can anyone suggest an fair and honest Casino. (I also have very,very bad experience with Microgames Casino´s)
  3. Does anyone know if with Playtech / Ash gaming slots where you pick a box to choose how many free spins and what symbols get stacked for example, if it is predetermined or if good picking makes a difference? I mean there are those slots such as Halloween Fortune (you pick a witch and potions to reveal multiplier and number of free spins), Batman & Catwoman Cash to name a few. Where the player has to pick from 1 to 4 boxes, or in the case of the cat burglar bonus it is 1 of 2 options. It can be tilting if you choose a box that is not what you wanted. In Batman & Catwoman Cash I have had the free spins feature 11 times... and only 1 time have I gotten the 25 free spins.....It really makes you think these picking games they throw in are just to play mind games with the player.
  4. Pink Panther has been given the conversion I just went to check on it and what they have done to it. The gamble feature is gone and the max bet is at 0.10 line bet so a max bet of 4eur per pin. On the flash version it used to be 5 per line so 200 per spin. The jackpot was highest that I've ever seen at 6615e for the major and as for the minor it's at 330e. I gave it a few spins on min bet and on the 11th spin got the Crack the Pink Code bonus and opened all 10 safes to get 29 free spins and the expanding wild. Total for the spins paid 25xBet. Why take away the gamble feature, used to be able to gamble half or all of winnings now its gone. Also reducing the line bets to 0.10 per line has been seen on a few of the other games that were given the html5 conversions, Safari Heat, True Love, Dolphin Reef and now Pink Panther. Maybe this will change later who knows. Went to check on Great Blue and that too was html5 converted but with this slot the line bet is maxed at 0.05 so 25 lines makes it a total max bet of just 1.25e or 1.25 pounds. Something is going on with these line bets being limited so much down to 0.05 or 0.1. No way can this be permanent.
  5. Does anybody know if there is a list anywhere of Live casino operators who have exclusive tables with Playtech, (i.e they use Playtech software for the Live casino and have one or more tables with their own branding, not just using the shared tables like Soho/Soiree/Royale/Lounge etc.) Google search is useless, as too many guides to "Playtech casinos" ar full of Evolution casinos. It's also impossible in most cases to check wehter an operator has exclusive tables unless you register and I don't want to register at 100s of random casinos that don't have exclusive tables. A list of the ones I know: Paddy Power/Betfair Sky Betfred bgo Coral Ladbrokes Bet 365 Can anybody add more to that list, or come up with an official list by Playtech?
  6. I've been a member at CasinoPlex for many years, probably for about 6 or 7 years, and I have made so many deposits, I have played so many times, but I haven't made any withdrawal win through all those years, so I had left the casino in a dormant state for several years. Earlier this year, they send me several free no-deposit chips of $20 each, to get me playing at their casino again...and that worked! Hahaha. I then started making small deposits of $10 just to try them out again...and again...and again...until I finally made my first ever win at CasinoPlex. This happened on the eve of my birthday a few days ago. They offered me a wonderful free bonus of $50 for just a small $10 deposit, so I grabbed it instantly! With that deposit, I also got their daily deposit bonus of 15%, which I would usually decline on other occasions, but not on that day. I needed whatever extra bonus money I could get! Playing my usual favourite games of Safari Heat and Dolphin Reef, I made several nice small wins and that kept me going the whole day and night. Then I switched over to my favourite Christmas game, Santa Surprise, and that kept me playing until the next day. I finally completed the 50x wagering turnover, made my withdrawal, and got my first satisfaction at CasinoPlex after so many years, hehehe. How much was my first ever win at CasinoPlex? Hmmm...well...would you believe...$5600???... Ooops...forgot to put in that 'dot' after the fifty-six! Hahaha. Yeah...yeah...it was just a small miserable win...but it meant a lot to me. I really had a great time with my favourite games at the casino, for once, and what's even better...I got my money in just 2 days after submitting my documents for verification...and that was on a Saturday...yes...over a weekend! My documents were approved on Sunday...and my money received on Monday night! Whooooa! Only Omni Casino has ever been that fast to me, with Fly Casino in second place, and putting CasinoPlex into third place, beating Winner Casino into fourth! William Hill is always sloooow! Well, if you're a Playtech fan, and playing at Playtech casinos, perhaps you should try out this 'new' CasinoPlex casino. It is still run and operated by the same company, EPlay24, but I feel like there's been new blood there...maybe even a new management team...who knows. (Note: Small errors have been edited and corrected. Casino Plex has been terminated by Askgamblers! )
  7. Hi I have to know if it is unusual if you playing the playtech download software on a casino and you playing and you hit spin then my money goes up before the spin is even finished? How is this possible if every spin is random and not set how does that software now what you have won before the spin is finished? Can anyone please help me understand this?
  8. There really isn't any comparison between these two brands in regards to their mobile casinos. Microgaming wins hands down every time. Playtech are really falling behind when it comes to the games they have on offer for their mobile players. Even though I don't think mobile casinos have really hit it off yet, I honestly believe these are a thing of the future and in a few years time download casinos be un heard of as there will be no need for 'flash' so you can just spin away no matter what your playing on. I'm disappointed that Playtech don't seem to be jumping on this band wagon...yet????
  9. I did 2 x ( or call it twice ). Can you believe it .. ? That's actually true and I will show you my BONUS BALANCE and tell the story about my session there. So please, share yours too
  10. I've just seen we have in our directory Halloween Fortune II, of course the sequel to one of my faovurite Playtech slots Halloween Fortune. Since I don't get to play Playtech casinos nowadays I had no idea about this release. It's not available to play here yet so I'm assuming this is a new game that maybe hasn't gone live yet? Or is this old new guys? Please, please tell me more. Cannot wait to try it. I absolutely love the first game. It's not a game that has brought my huge wins, not by any means but it's just a game that I have always enjoyed playing and a great game for wagering to IMO.
  11. Does anyone know what's the situation between Marvel and Playtech? Their partnership will be dissolved? What happens in a situation like this one? Will all the Marvel-Playtech slots be pulled from the casinos?
  12. Do you remember the famous lady who played Professor Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts in the famous movie: Harry Potter? Well, now you can check her out in this small clip of her giving Harry Potter a neat look! Now that we got that underway, check out this "soon to be new addition" from Playtech called "Miss Fortune" 25 paylines, 5 reels, Wild collection for re-spins, 7 Free spins at a starting 2x that increase in multipliers by each losing roll (spin) on 3 scatters + any 2 scattered Miss Fortune that were collected for extra free spins, 2 scatters of Miss Fortune will be held on until the real 3 scattered trigger comes in play during base game and a Teacher's pet bonus that will leave you struck in an enchantment of magical winnings upon finding that little trouble maker of a dragon....choose your lockers carefully because you have a limit to how many picks before the bonus round ends so find him and find him fast!!! Do not worry if your picks leave you empty because Miss Fortune will help open lockers to make things look like an easy slow steady walk! Lady's and gentle rumors spreading of the release date will take place sometime on Halloween!! While we wait, be sure not to be attacked by a werewolf! Be safe and happy gambling everybody!!! Muahahahaha!!! Icymod The Handsome Informant @Valdes/Coco, please remove the code on the 1st gif for neatness! TY
  13. When I first started gambling the in thing was very much casinos that just had one software, a casino that had multiple providers were few and far between. But how things have changed, Nowadays almost all new casinos have multiple platforms which makes me think that in a few years casinos with just one platform will become obsolete! It's great though, I much prefer playing in a casino where I have a choice of games rather than just sticking to one. What I'd really love to see is Playtech games being rolled out more and also Rival games which are playable to UK players!! What do you think guys? Do you agree / disagree? And which type of casino do you prefer to play in?
  14. Good Day Anyone can advise on the best Playtech games to play? Also which ones are good for completing wagering requirements? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there! we have recently launched what we believe is the largest selection of online slots under one roof. As we love slots, we have brought together some of the largest names in the online slot world: NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Rival and many more game providers. We are also in discussion to add few other popular providers and we will continue adding more and more games all the time. It would be great to have you check us out and give us your feedback. We care about what you think and we improve with your feedback. If you have any questions whatsoever, I will be very happy to help. Our welcome offer consists of 4 deposit bonuses, each of them giving some extra free spins on some popular games. Remember to wear your lucky socks!
  16. Okay guys, my Playtech drama continues but I've found a casino to play in! I'm choosing Club Dice Casino but before I deposit I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys! Who's played here?
  17. So you'll remember I posted a few months ago why I don't play at Playtech Casinos and asking for some recommendations. It's only now I am ready to go back to these casinos. However, it's been that long I no longer have any log in details for these casinos. I've just tried Omni Casino and asked live chat to locate my account only to learn that they don't have a UK license! So I need recommendations please guys....I can check whether or not they accept UK players you just tell me where to play. Honest ones only please.
  18. And the Game of the Year 2015 title goes to... Do you all know who won? If you don't have time to click the link and read it I'll tell you. It was NetEnt's Spinata Grande!!!!!! Can you believe it, this game took the title for game of the year. I have to disagree actually, it's certainly not my game of the year. What I don't get about these awards is that the winners are voted for by the operators! Yes, yes they are the ones who know exactly how each well each slot is doing in terms of figures. But actually what I'd like to see is what the game of the year is as voted for by PLAYERS! What do you think guys, is this game worthy of it's title?
  19. I believe this game is worth your attention if you like Playtech or to try out something different . And below image is the best I could find in the moment, still if you look at the graphics you could only imagine how does it look when you start this game. Looks great! I like panthers and black is my favorite in this so-called real life. A friend of mine, 12 yrs. into gambling story, it is hard to win Jackpot games, Marvel games... omg,but I just had so much fun with The Avengers ! Panther Moon and authentic screenshot from Fly Casino yesterday and 5 dollars free chip! At least it is x 100 and should be considered as decent. Oh well .. I can only dreamin how does it look at min. 1 euro bet or higher, 2 for example. Free Spins feature all wins x 3 multiplier, while Jackpot is 10.000 second highest payout is 2.500 well nice to hear! I will open casino to take paytable screenshots and add here so we can move forward with Panther Moon. Now I think that would be it, almost enough to get closer look and decide whether you wanna try it out and play or not! I like this game very much and didn't won big, but as many black panthers you collect, better for your balance and overall experience. Now enjoy!
  20. Hello everyone hope you are all having a great Easter and enjoying all the chocolate and cakes! There was a time a few years ago when I was really into Playtech, but lately it is the last software on my mind when it comes to my deposits. In fact I'd probably go as far as saying I can't remember the last time I actually deposited at a Playtech Casino. Probably one of the main reasons for this is because their mobile casinos are so poor in comparison to Microgaming and Net Entertainment. Whilst this is not a necessity for me it's certainly something that helps me decide whether or not I want to play somewhere because I do like to switch between the platforms. This is what started my drift between myself and Playtech but now it's gone so long ive completely forgot what it's like to play Playtech games. I've never really had a great deal of luck from Playtech. Yes I won two progressives and have some great screenshots but it's just never been consistent. IMO the majority of screenshots we see here from everyone are from Net Ent and Microgaming slots, I'm wondering how many Playtech fans we actually have here?
  21. It is time for SlotsMillion to shake up this week. We are giving away 100 Free Spins per day when you spin 1000 times on ANY of our 249 Mobile Slots or 859 Desktop Slots Minimum spin value of 20 cents or above qualifies as one spin Valid until this Sunday (7th June 2015 23:59 CEST) 100 Free Spins received instantly after making 1000 spins 100 Free Spins can be played on ca. 45 different slots (Full list in the lobby) It's simple as that! Visit SlotsMillion now
  22. I know we all discuss our best slots but out of interest I wondered which slots we hate? What are your worst slots? When Valdes first said about creating this thread I instantly thought loads of slots would come to mind but in fact I'm struggling to think of more than one at the moment! For me my NUMBER ONE worst slot is BEACH - NetEnt. Valleys wants me to add Demolition squad but I can't because I actually like this slot! So tell me..what's your worst slots!
  23. If you had to pick your favourite Playtech slot, which one would it be? Say you were told you have one minute to play one last Playtech slot forever and ever - which one would you choose???? It has been a while since I played at a Playtech Casino actually, and its actually a post from another forum member that inspired me to create this thread and it got me in the mood to want to play some playtech slots. I have loads of Playtech slots I adore! At this moment in time, if I had one minute to play my last ever Playtech Slot it would be a hard decision between Captains Treasure and Great Blue.... But I think I would choose Great Blue!! Now its your go....you have ONE MINUTE to play your last ever Playtech slot - which one?????
  24. Hi everyone, I am happy to be able to announce that Playtech is now live at Videoslots.com and you can find their slots under the “Vegas” tab at our Casino. We will add more of their branded games in the near future. You can now find 1154 games at Videoslots.com You can read more about our Playtech release in our website.
  25. Hello Everyone! We have a special promotion running over this weekend! It is the Halloween SPOOKtacular running at both Omni and Fly casinos featuring SCARILY good special offers and prizes to be won. The promotion is a slot race. The 10 best players from Friday - Sunday will be entered into a grand prize draw for a holiday and other such prizes including bonuses, VIP level promotions and cashback. Join with the link below to grab your exclusive bonus. To enter, pop into chat and tell one of our customer service staff that you want to enter the Halloween SPOOKtacular. http://www.askgamblers.com/visit/exclusive-no-deposit-eur-gbp-usd5-free-sign-up-bonus-200percent-up-to-eur-gbp-usd600-welcome-bonus-from-omni-casino-bonus-box http://www.askgamblers.com/visit/exclusive-no-deposit-eur-gbp-usd5-free-sign-up-bonus-200percent-up-to-eur-gbp-usd600-welcome-bonus-bonus-box .Enjoy! Adam
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