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Found 8 results

  1. Stay away from Playtech Casino´s !!! The the last week i have been played a lot of spins at Europa Casino, going for The Gladiator Jackpot $1. mill.+ Actually I have played 5000+ 10$+ spins, and won < 10 bonus games, with an average won < 200$ !!! The last 1160 spins I had zero bonus games !!! - that´s NOT fair or random play. That´s cheating ! Total lost: 5000$+ My advice to everyone: Stay away from Playtech Casono´s, it´s 99,9% sure you will loose. The goal of gambling is not wagering and wagering, it´s getting a balance > deposit. Regards Ex(Playtech)Gambler Can anyone suggest an fair and honest Casino. (I also have very,very bad experience with Microgames Casino´s)
  2. in terms of how much you won/lost on them, your best/worst slot, best/worst provider for the month. for May 2020. best slot was Dragon Born (BTG), worst slot was Starquest (BTG) best provider was BTG, worst provider was NetEnt. what were yours?
  3. Rank your top 10 taking everything into consideration. Everything. 10 best and and worst. I am sure people would love to see if there is one that they missed. Here are my top 10 best. 10-10bet 9- next casino 8- party casino 7- bgo casino 6- unibet 5- hippodrome casino 4- espace jeux 3- casino luck 2- jetbull casino 1- GO WILD casino My top 10 worst casinos based on everything including payouts are...... 10- 32 RED 9- spin palace 8- win palace 7- royal vegas 6- iackpotcity 5- casino.com 4- Harry casino 3- casino extra 2- all slots 1- VIDEOSLOTS.com All my results are based on over 1 million dollars wagered on these. Biggest factor was payouts, service, withdrawals and most of all bonuses.
  4. I seen this on Facebook today and thought we could give it some discussion here. Tell me some of the things that annoy you in gambling. I have a list (off facebook) and I have to say I agree with them all but I'm sure we all have our own pet peeves. I'll start with one that was on the list but is definitely something I find annoying. 1. Free spins that are spread out over a few days. Nothing more annoying than an offer that is 100 free spins and you get 20 per day! What's the point! Just credit them all at once and stop wasting my time please! So who is going to hit me with Number 2? Once we run out I'll name the ones on the list to see if we all agree.
  5. I know we still have two months left this year but I was thinking earlier about how this year has gone so far for me. First of all I have to take into consideration that since I started gambling this has probably been the first year when my gambling has stopped and started so many times, it's been really intermittent throughout the year. Last year wasn't a great year for me either! But in terms of withdrawals I think I have to say this has been one of my worst ever years. I wish I had kept a record actually. I'm going to next year! I'm in a serious 'Loss' situation and unless something magic happens I'll be ending on a minus this year! How about you guys, have you sat down and evaluated this year yet in terms of losses v winnings?
  6. I won $30,000 on WinPalace playing black jack, I had deposited over $4000, they claim to pay $500 to $3000 depending on player class and how frequently you deposit. They stopped paying me after three months of paying $500 every ten days, the lowest amount possible and time frame as listed on the terms and conditions. While waiting to be paid i dwindled the money down to $13,000. I got my first cash out in late November and for december and january they were paying out $1000 a month, not great but I was patient and could live with it. Today Feb 17th they dint pay after i had requested on the 3rd. When went to see why, they said the payment was declined because i haven't deposited in a while. Now, why would i put money in when I am waiting to get paid and have $13,000 in the account? this makes no sense, they say it is in the terms and conditions #26. I read them and they say they have the right to refuse payment anytime at thier discretion. Basically what they are saying is you can put in all the money you want, if you Win Big good luck getting paid. They will delay the pay out time as long as possible and then just claim you havent been depositing. Nothing in the world more crooked or corrupt than this, I can attach the chat logs if anyone wants to see them.
  7. I know we all discuss our best slots but out of interest I wondered which slots we hate? What are your worst slots? When Valdes first said about creating this thread I instantly thought loads of slots would come to mind but in fact I'm struggling to think of more than one at the moment! For me my NUMBER ONE worst slot is BEACH - NetEnt. Valleys wants me to add Demolition squad but I can't because I actually like this slot! So tell me..what's your worst slots!
  8. Hi folks If you have any connection with casinos, you'll realize very quickly how important Live Support can be to you! My first thought so far, when I need to contact it is - Oh, no, boredom! Usually I need to wait a few minutes or more for every answer or sometimes operator has no idea about T&C for current promotions! Or even worse, the very first answer is a question about my account and then I need to explain everything about our site and casino review and that the info I'm asking for is in their interest too...and that I don't have any f****n account. Of course, there are always some nice exceptions, with very fast, professional, informed and helpfull operators! At this moment I can remember that I was thrilled by Roxy Palace Casino's live chat - the girl was very helpfull and very very kind! I could have imagine her smiled face from "perfect world" advertisements. How important Live Support is to you? Which casinos have a good one and whose is a nightmare? You can post everything related to Live Support here, even quotes and anegdotes! Or simlpy, when they piss you off, just come here and post your anger! You'll feel better Or just share your satisfaction with some, here with us. Well?
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