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  1. Hello for everyone! I try to figure out how many online casinos are in India, maybe someone can tell me number of them or give an official list of them (it'll be perfect) Thanks to everyone in advance for replies and helping!!
  2. Hey all! are there many aussies on here? Just looking for some advice on the best online casinos available for Australians please? cheers
  3. Where can I find a online casino allow client play with bonus without bet limit? Last time I played in ThebesCasino. After I won and withdraw, I was told that I bet more than $5 in a spin which is not allowed. But I never seen the rule because it is in deep place of the term and conditions content. I felt I was set up by ThebesCasino!:( So if anyone can recommend me a good one?
  4. Hey there! I received the following sms a few days ago "due to south african regulations, as of 1 july 2018, all non-rsa online gambling transactions will be declined." - Can anyone provide some insites as to which regulations have changed and why? And what about yebo-casino? Is it legal now?
  5. Maybe this has been posted before and if so apologies but I have seen something when I play online Blackjack that I do not like and I think thet it should be dealt with by somebody. When paying NETENT online BJ (not the live game) I began to notice a pause when you bust. For example, say I have 12 and need to hit, if the next card is value 10 then there is a small pause and then the busting card is dealt. Now, I have noticed that busting directly from 12 to 22 is something that happens 72.4% of the time (checked over 8000 hands), but that is another issue. Also, the pause occurs when you hit 21 from 12, so there are two situations where the pause occurs. I have checked this with friends and family and they all agree 100% that there is a pause. Why is this the case? I raised it with the casino but they just came back and said it must be your browser, which is nonsense; I asked then to take it up with the provider (NETENT) but then they just disappeared on me. Before anyone accuses me of being a bad loser, I am not, my RTP over 32,000 hands is close to expectation, but this pause is not a good thing. It doesn't matter how much the casino quotes 'independent audits etc etc' the fact is that this game has patterns and I find that unacceptable in what is supposed to be a highly professional game provider. I know that others have seen this, so what s your opinion? Unacceptable or so-what? Mark H
  6. Hi, We just wanted to keep you up to date. Konung online Casino is now operated by Andrej and Sergej for high roller VIP Support and affiliate questions. Liza is not a staff member anymore. Best regards Sergej Hallo, das Konung Casino wird ab sofort von Andrej und Sergej betrieben, bitte wendet Euch bei VIP Highroller fragen zum online casino und Partneranfragen an affiliates (at) konungcasino com . Lisa ist nicht mehr im Team. Bitte wendet Euch ab sofort an andrej und sergej. Viele Grüße Euer Team vom Konung Casino
  7. Hi guys Today I visit PlayAmo website, I was stunned that the design was improved, it looks way better than the old one. But then I noticed something that I encountered earlier at BitStarz casino : Lag. Well, two days ago my Windows software got an update, first I thought maybe it's because of this that cause the lag. So what did I do? I uninstall the update,, restart my computer. So it should runs fine and dandy. I visit PlayAmo to find it out. Nope, lag lag lag. I tried everything to make the website runs smoothly but it was a no go. Are you a member of PlayAmo ? Could you please check if this issue is really from their end? Thanks a bunch
  8. Years ago, Microgaming only casinos have 'improved' their casinos by changing their software into web flash thingy, so no download is needed anymore and you can play anywhere you want and yes even on your mobile device. Microgaming only casinos have always follow their guidelines, I've never seen any Microgaming only casinos with games from other gaming providers...that is untill today. GoWild casino took a step into the twilight zone and now I see things I've never seen before. Yup, GoWild casino is now providing games from NetEnt, Play'n Go, iSoftBet, Pragmatic Play, BetSoft and of course Microgaming. I remember of saying that I lost interest in Microgaming casinos because their games are limited compared with other online casinos...so, boy they do listen to their players hehehe.
  9. Hi I have to know if it is unusual if you playing the playtech download software on a casino and you playing and you hit spin then my money goes up before the spin is even finished? How is this possible if every spin is random and not set how does that software now what you have won before the spin is finished? Can anyone please help me understand this?
  10. Hello, hello .. One of our memebers asked me how to win this slot. I am asking you all to comment on this post as this player wants to make progress towards Jungle Jim El Dorado. Any tips are welcome ! Thanks
  11. Hi All, Some of you have known me from before, whilst in the meantime i'm sure there are lots of new faces around. My name is Lucas and I’m the affiliate director at FreakyVegas.com. I will be here for anyone who has any questions that I can answer and help out with. It is my pleasure being active here in this forum and staying in contact with you all. I will also be informing you about any updates that FreakyVegas.com will be having including bonus offers, weekly campaigns, newly added games and game providers, new payment methods, new features & more. Rest assured that I will keep you posted! In fact - that brings me to our new feature which has been just released today - being the Max Bet Shield. Where you're fully secured from breaching the max bet whilst having an active bonus. This is a special feature we are very excited about, so feel free to check it out for yourself. Read more about it HERE Do not hesitate to contact me via private message here or on [email protected] if you have any questions about anything you may need, as I will gladly help you out as quick and efficiently as possible. Thank you all for your support, and i'm looking forward to a long and fruitful journey together. Kind Regards! Lucas FreakyVegas.com
  12. Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are all having a lucky day. I want to get feedback on the new live streaming of sports betting, namely a concept called BetStream. eSports is currently a huge industry that is going to break over $1B in value in 2017. Now what BetStream does is allow experienced handicappers to live stream their picks and build a following of less experienced bettors that watch them win. The experienced bettors are competing against each other for prestige on the global leader board and, of course, prizes such as cash and trips. The less experienced, new bettors, bet for points and once they get a certain amount they can become BetStreamers just like the people they were following before. When this happens they get access to many things like adding a subscribe/donate button to their feed and also are eligible to share in any profits from traffic they draw to their profiles. So it is really a great way to get into sports betting if you just want to get your feet wet and then get the rest of you in the water if it's warm enough. Check YouTube (Channel: BetStream) and Twitch (Channel: BetStream) if you have an account. Any feedback is welcome. Please subscribe if this is something you would like to participate in; we will guarantee a fixed amount of points for you to play with as a thank you for being there at the beginning. Check us out!
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and just looking for some advice. I hope this is the right place for this topic and my question is allowed! Basically, I would just like some advice in relation to the above deal with betfair. I deposited £70 which was deposit matched and using roulette have moved it up to 400. However I need to have wagered £3600 before I can withdraw anything. I'm not looking to make much more, just want to get through the wagering without losing the 400. Does anyone have any tips in relation to strategies or certain games I can play with a high win percentage to help me role through the wager amount without losing? Probably a daft question I know but any tips or advice are appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
  14. Good morning darlings* I have some really nice screenies to share with all. Too long since I have been gambling last time but the new-last sessions gives me a hope that it could be really hot this summer! It was 20 euro deposit and 798 euros boosted Cheers*
  15. To all players who love to play at Tivoli Casino, I am sorry to say that Danish / Based Tivoli Casino closes international offering . According to Elisabeth Milton Hemmingsen, Commercial director of Tivoli , the international focused website had not meet companys expectations and had to be closed down. Tivoli Casino Dk.will continue to bring its services to Danish players. The company promises to conduct the whole process in a controlled and professional way. Tivoli Casino was initially launched in Denmark in 2012.and it expanded internationally after the local success. I would like to thank Karolina Tivoli, their Casino Representative and their team for keeping us up to date with their bonuses and offers. It was my pleasure seeing you post regularly ! Good luck to you as you move toward the next chapter in your business. I hope to meet you again some time in the future... we never know!
  16. Hi guys, At Casinocruise.com you can win a full package in London to see Adele life, while playing and winning as usual! You’ll get a prize draw ticket for every $30 you deposit, until March 24th, 2016, and you can be the lucky one to win this exclusive full package: 2 Concert Tickets & 3 days in an exclusive London Hotel for two + flights! All this, including the winning you make anyway at Casinocruise.com. Opt-In now at: Casino Cruise Allowed games: all Restricted Countries: Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, China, Bulgaria, Poland, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine
  17. Hi I just found out here that Joy casino and casino-x are not accepting players from The Netherlands. The thing is I was able to sign up and made a deposit there. Shouldn't they have a sort of autoblock kinda thing? I didn't manage to win but what if I won? would they payout the withdrawal or not? and should I ask my deposit back?
  18. Hi I had a period where I won about 15000 euros in about 10 days. But I haven't won anything (almost) for the past 3 months. Can online casinos detect your strategy? Thx in advance Sorenjo
  19. Hi Everyone, Firstly I hope this post is under the right forum category as I'm new here, let me know if it isn't and I'll swap it over! So why I need your help… I'm a London based photographer, I do a lot of portraiture for the Guardian Weekend, Telegraph Magazine and Monocle. When I'm not working for these magazines I like to do my own personal projects. One that I'm working on at the moment is a portrait series of online gamers across the UK. I want the project to almost be like a survey of people who participate in online gaming in order to show the increasingly broad demographic of those taking part. I guess in a much broader sense (without meaning to get all arty!) I'm interested in what the "connected world" means on a social basis. Sorry, bit a mouthful! But if anyone would be interested (especially any in the southeast or london) in having their portrait any help would be much appreciated! I'm not sure if rules permit me to post my site, but I can always forward these details on if you are interested. Thanks very much!
  20. Hi I tried to google my way out of this and search this site. What are your experiences? Regards
  21. Hi, We at Stan James are always trying to provide the best gaming experience as possible, so I am keen to hear from you guys as to what kind of things you look for, like or even dislike. Therefore i'd be grateful if you would take a few moments to confirm what matters to you: - Promotions (Welcome Offers, Free Spins, Loyalty Schemes) - Content (Providers, Number of Games, Games available on Mobile) - Personalistion Features (My Favorites, Suggested Games, Game Ratings, Game Information, Game Demo’s, Game Video’s) - Site Look/Feel/Navigation - Anything else I may not have covered Thanks for your time.
  22. My name is Charlie McKeith and I am currently undertaking an honours year in Psychology at the University of New England, NSW, Australia under the supervision of Dr Adam Rock and Dr Gavin Clark. As part of the honours year, we have decided to do a project on slot machine gambling behaviour in order to hopefully improve exposure therapies for gamblers.The survey is completely anonymous and has been approved by the ethics committee at the University of New England. We are looking for people that have played slot machines an average of twice a month in the last 12 months We would be really grateful if you could participate, as the study will hopefully lead to increased funding for gambling research as well as increased knowledge surrounding exposure therapies for gamblers. The survey should only take 15 minutes to complete and can be viewed here: http://unebcss.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bHP2YiQ88pF9ns9 Kind regards, Charlie McKeith
  23. Here are some interesting stuff i found today about 32Red buying RoxyPalace ! 32Red Acquires Roxy Palace For €11.8 Million The newest deal in the gambling industry was signed between Roxy Palace and 32Red which will buy the online casino for €11.8 million. 32Red has announced that it has completed the acquisition of online casino Roxy Palace. According to the deal, €2.8 million will be paid in cash and 10 million new ordinary shares will be issued by the end of the week. The famous British casino operator, 32Red, will be taking ownership of the intellectual property rights, customer database and other assets connected to the business through the acquisition of the whole issued share capital of Eucalyptus Investment, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applied Logics and Hyperlink Media Limited. The two sellers will be receiving a portion of the cash upon the completion of the acquisition and 32Red will be making two more payments until December 31, 2016.
  24. I am surprised to see that this website is filled with almost all complaints! There are definitely positive casinos out there. I have been playing at WinPalace for over a year now and absolutely have had a great experience. All of the agents that I have dealt with via chat/phone or email have been very nice and try to accommodate my requests as best as they can. The VIP support far exceeds my expectations and I would recommend giving them a try and you will not be disappointed. As well the online software has not given me any problems and using the smartphone option has been great as well. Well worth a try!!!!
  25. Hey there, this is Icymod (not Nightingale as Katemak claimed, he`s on vacation in Barbados so HA!), just wondering what everyone thinks about gaming on mobile and going through clicks on the computer. Is it better using a phone? Are wins and bonuses better? I`ve always used a computer and have gone through all the schematics and such but to all the people who have used there mobile to play slots can you put your input, opinions and everything you`ve experienced on here. I`ve done little on mobile but never hardcore about it so I wanna know! Throw everything you got! If anyone is confused, ask yourself, is mobile better than using your desktop? And as always........No Lucianas and Valdes (I`m serious about the first but for Valdes I`m joking, please don`t laugh by giving me a warning point or ban me in the corner for a set duration ie 2 weeks) Thanks to all for their responses!!!
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