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  1. Casino: Spin Station Game: Starburst Amount: 20 Free Spins Type: Existing/selected depositing players Validity: Until someone traps the witch by surprise and throws water at her, in which case no expiry!
  2. Oh you didn't forget about me. I sure didn't forget your "lava hot" blushful Serbian looks! There is more info on your " Fruity Jelena, where art thou?" thread....Act II coming up
  3. Two confessions from dear old Icymod 1) I received the payments yesterday, decided to gamble 30 euros on Casino Heroes, withdrew 90 euros got it within 2 hrs.....then suddenly I became the biggest elephant (Wooly mammoth in my case) and started going all out. I went from a 90 euros profit to a near poverty sum on the total Skrill funds. Yet that same day I went without a good nights sleep. Dam* this weak will power and the thirst for change! 2) Icymod.......will be hanging up his golden crown to the top right corner of his gold painted, jewel encrusted, royal red seated throne at the end of December! A locked door leading to an exit can now be opened with the key he stole from..........Valdes' desk while diverting Cocopop3011's attention away from the scene by spilling coffee (double cream with sugar) discreetly on the papers and on the computer causing miniature sparks to fly about! It will only take four steps to step past the doubtful freedom that lies ahead! @Valdes, if you somehow positively threaten this snowman with words to encourage his stay, I'd have no choice but to (using two fingers on each hand to simulate a bunny style sarcasm expression) "cyber counterattack" (weird terms I know) this with a new thread: (Icymod thinking the following in his frozen head) Valdes aka Mr Dimitrov - Exposed. Find out the man hiding behind the "10 years and more as head of support and forum administrator" guru mask! Illustrations included! (Thinking again) Oh no, he's on to you! Quickly dive into that chute and escape! His reply coming about in 3, 2, 1........
  4. I got mine yesterday morning. Hope that you get yours soon.......(read the next couple of words fast after this).....bad@ss skater chick blondie who's been hitting diamonds galore on twin spin and can mysteriously be into rock, goth, skydiving, jewelry, fire trucks, pets that are furry & give out weird looks at passing tourists for no reason and dream about pigs that fly at night with disco ball helmets
  5. Upon the stress that built up seeing the fire dragon up close, who nearly melted the Icy man, Icymod fainted in the open snowy clearing (couldn't find an exact example so this will substitute it)
  6. (Steady but gradually gets away. Icymod reaches a deadend cliff, turns around to show mercy)
  7. For this Valdes/Cocopop3011 I deserve at least one more warning point lol since they wear off days later! @Afi, thanks for agreeing to the paragraphs and not returning back with a pitchfork lol
  8. Count backwards three posts starting from this one and you'll see a video!
  9. From the producers of, "When a promotion goes too far" comes a far out epic thread to this sequel.............." Aren't we all......?". In this thread, we relate to everything that we do, say, feel, or how we interact inside online casinos but first an example of this thread........aren't we all in denial that we are all.......gambling who*es!? Let's face the facts! The fact exists that we "choose a new casino", "register new accounts on many other new casinos", we choose our "method of deposits that inserts itself into our balances", receive a "match bonus in which we take advantage of to wager the amount before it turns into cash", we "choose many slot games that provide us entertainment.....hello Cherry Love, you can give me a good time!", then we "wait to get paid after the pending period, fees or no fees added" by the casinos after a job well done!! On another issue, when a casino promotion promotes the following below, To spend money that we already have.....holding onto our hands/balances just to risk them for Free Spins is something immoral to any gambler! Sure, if a gambler has plenty of money to burn left over it's fine but an average gambler to gamble an initial deposit balance and exchange money for free spins!?!? Some of you must see this point of view clearly as I do. What is the point of gambling? It's publicity to the casinos to earn but what does this mean to everyone else? A way to earn money from us? The point being is that it's better off going about this in three ways.......gamble your collectives on slots, withdraw them OR the 3rd least option is to exchange them for risky free spins upon only having excessive winnings. Just a wise decision to avoid spending money on offers like these because the minute we exchange our money for free spins we can earn less than the origin point of sale (Buying them) and who knows, these free spins could have a shockingly surprising "strings attached" wagering requirements that we do not deserve especially when we bought them with our own money! How does this define a player as "Lucky"? It's injustice in a jar waiting to be opened! Do you remember the movie: Thirteen Ghosts? The main character making an epically timed jump into the moving ring blades to save the other two. The jump represents the risks we take, the two characters inside the rings represents the rewards within the casinos, for better or worse and the moving blades can represent the blocking of wins......whether the spins are a success or they are chopped into tiny pieces of dead spins! Looking at the picture below, is it worth it? For those of you who took offense to this, please gather your choice of punishment towards me in the form of a negative comment, wrath, strings of berated opinions, pitch forks and other underworldly mentionables or perhaps an agreement to the paragraphs in question. They will be taken care of in the order in which they are received! The knowledgeable admins can add another warning point to my collection if they choose! As for the entirety of this thread, please feel free to continue this thread in the form of Aren't......, or Aren't we....... (Ie. Aren't we better off with....) Lucky Casino, if your reading this, my apologies but it is to protect the gamblers of all types from having less than satisfactory offers from the Free Spins Shop! Come up with free spins that are far more worthy than the money we are putting down on the line! Please give us more for what we bargained for! Coming up in a lesser shocking thread..............Cashbacks, the real deal? Icymod Branded as crazy by the Admins and the soon to be Pariah?
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to just accept my sarcasm of the last statement in regards to blaming the administrators for the login bug?
  11. 5 Real Spins (ND) & Book of Dead Raffle Casino: InstaCasino Game: Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead (From the Book of Dead Real Spin Raffle) Type: Existing Players Amount: 5 Real Spins (To kick-off the challenge, we have given you 5 Real Spins for Book of Dead! Just log in and play.) Validity: Bonuses and Real Spins are available until Sunday 16th October 23:59 CET For The Raffle Use codes: BOOK1, BOOK2 and BOOK3 for 20%, 30% and 50% up to $100 to qualify Winners will be contacted on Monday!!
  12. Nnnoooo.....please don't let it happen in this forum, I got matters happening already! A lady saying "Do you want to have s e x?" My reply, "Does anyone have any grease?" Lol The chick in the 2nd clip looked so fake in acting out her part.
  13. How could you all forget this!? The 4 expanding wilds I gotten previously made me go to this Bring any good memories? @ Valdes, Afi, Coco, Rap, Fiekie, Luciana, Awena, and everyone else........"Where do we go, where do we go now?"
  14. Lost again Sharon? Well, don't feel bad because I got lost in your pretty eyes when you changed your avatar!
  15. A weird out of the blue question before I become immersed in Professor Fiekie247's questions. If 4 old ladies had to fight each other, who'd win? Minerva Mcgonagall (Witch from Harry Potter) Aunt May from Spiderman (Peter Parker's Aunt) M from Quantum of Solace Betty White Terms: No magic, umbrellas, gadgets, guns or frying pans
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