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Found 25 results

  1. Before I write my question below I just want to say that I have never used this form of depositing (by adding the amount on to your mobile bill) nor do I agree with this method of depositing, In fact I think it is ridiculous that casinos even allow it for those who are vulnerable this method of depositing can just send them spiralling into debt.. But that's my rant over and this is what I wanted to say: So, I was scrolling through some terms and conditions of a casino last night when I came across this particular one: I have no idea if this is a standard terms for this deposit method since I've never used it however there could be other reasons a bill isn't paid, right? Innocent reasons I mean, not just that the person hasn't paid it? So then that person could risk have winnings forfeited I assume. It's just such a risky way to deposit don't you all think?
  2. Yep! Lots of people have asked for it and we always new it was in the pipeline but today it's finally arrived. You can now download our app from your from Android device!! It was roughly a year ago we launched the iOS app and now the Android app is available too because let's face it guys the entire world is going mobile for everything now! Once you've got the app you can explore it just as you would from your desktop. You'll have access to * News * Our full list of casinos including the newest ones * Bonuses * And loads more .... You'll also be able to view complaints and keep track on any complaint currently in progress. It's all at a click of a button guys and it's live now. For more information click HERE or better, download it and see for yourself. You can click HERE which will take you straight to the download. Download instructions can be found HERE Any comments or feedback is always appreciated guys,
  3. There really isn't any comparison between these two brands in regards to their mobile casinos. Microgaming wins hands down every time. Playtech are really falling behind when it comes to the games they have on offer for their mobile players. Even though I don't think mobile casinos have really hit it off yet, I honestly believe these are a thing of the future and in a few years time download casinos be un heard of as there will be no need for 'flash' so you can just spin away no matter what your playing on. I'm disappointed that Playtech don't seem to be jumping on this band wagon...yet????
  4. Hey everybody, I'm hoping there could be some other android folks lurking on Askgamblers as I am seriously keen to find out whether it's just me, or is this app almost entirely useless???? I have no menus, no options to make a deposit or withdrawal, no account settings ... it simply opens up with a short list of your most recent transactions and a button for "all transactions" which in my case is no different to the first page! Can this possibly be correct? Or could there be some phone specific issues or something...? I have an LG G3 right now but might take a look at the app on my mans Lenovo when he comes in tonight. Can anybody share their own experiences of this seemingly garbage piece of software?
  5. I have some very exciting news for you all! You can now download the official AskGamblers App from the App Store. This is a major milestone for AskGamblers and we are the first in the field to release an app like this. It means you can now take us with you wherever you are and you'll never need to miss a thing! You're probably wondering what exactly you can do on the app, let me see if I can answer some of those questions What can I do? You'll be able to keep up with everything going on in the industry, you can check the newest casinos we add, daily news which will include our 5 daily top stories along with the latest casino news. You'll be able to check out the newest games AND read game reviews We all know how important casino reviews are so now you'll be able to check these directly from the app And of course you'll still be able to keep up to date as you'll also have access to your live notifications just the same as you would if you were using your normal web browser You'll also have instant access to your latest bonuses and complaints. How do I get the app? Well this is easy! Just go to the App Store on your iPhone search for AskGamblers. There you'll be able to download it completely free of charge! Don't forget you can also write a review on the app too. We'd also love to hear your feedback here. Download it, have a play with it and then come back and tell me what you think. What devices can I download it on? The AskGamblers app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So if you've got an iPhone and an iPad why not get it on both like I have! And it only takes 15.9mb of space so if like me your storage is always full you'll always have enough room for our app. You can read more about our app HERE Get the app. Then play.
  6. Casumo Breaking news: Newly hatched sumo from Sweden just won the Mega Fortune jackpot while played on MOBILE and won amazing €2,971,469 on a €1.25 spin! The short story, he won this from his first deposit 1 hour after he opened the account. Congrats to a lucky winner!
  7. Hello everyone! Long time no see and I truly miss you all
  8. Hey guys I noticed that desktop and mobile games are not the same. I was sitting behind my desk one day and I was playing Mega fortune dreams and it took me hours before I got the free spins bonus round. When the free spins bonus was triggered I decided to play it further on the couch on my android tablet so I shut down my pc and went to the couch and took the my tablet on my way to the very comfortable couch. logged in, start the game...voila no bonus round?? hotdamn, I lost my bonus round (so I thought). The next day I logged in on my pc and went to play Mega fortune dreams again, log in, start the game and whabamm there's my free spins bonus round again! And that's the day when I found out that desktop and mobile are not linked to each other. It's a pity though, I hope in the future they will be linked so we all can enjoy the game continuously.
  9. The RouletteGeGa is a neat reconstruction of the beloved game to the maximum extent feasible. The app delivers high-end physics realism, sleek design and thrilling gameplay. The Application trains the player how to play Roulette exactly like an expert dealer by locating 2 visual prediction requirements which are the spin/release point and prediction point (Diamond/Line),Using nice animation making it easy to understand even for beginners . Get a full refund within 30 days if the course did not work for you.
  10. Hello everyone hope you are all having a great Easter and enjoying all the chocolate and cakes! There was a time a few years ago when I was really into Playtech, but lately it is the last software on my mind when it comes to my deposits. In fact I'd probably go as far as saying I can't remember the last time I actually deposited at a Playtech Casino. Probably one of the main reasons for this is because their mobile casinos are so poor in comparison to Microgaming and Net Entertainment. Whilst this is not a necessity for me it's certainly something that helps me decide whether or not I want to play somewhere because I do like to switch between the platforms. This is what started my drift between myself and Playtech but now it's gone so long ive completely forgot what it's like to play Playtech games. I've never really had a great deal of luck from Playtech. Yes I won two progressives and have some great screenshots but it's just never been consistent. IMO the majority of screenshots we see here from everyone are from Net Ent and Microgaming slots, I'm wondering how many Playtech fans we actually have here?
  11. I've been playing Fruit Shop since I can remember and I would go as fas as saying I do LOVE this slot. Over my time playing it I've managed to rack up some pretty impressive amount of free spins. My all time record amount of free spins is 47!!! Unfortunately as I've only just come up with the idea I don't have a screenshot to prove that 47 but I was just wondering for all the Fruit Shop fans out there - What's your record amount of free spins? If you have any screenshots, please share them. I will, from now on keep my eye on the amount of spins I get and hopefully I'll have a nice one for you soon. I'm afraid I can only get the ball rolling with a screenshot of 18 spins played which was just now...but I hope to be contributing more soon. I've never even come close to my 47 for a second time, but one day I will - I WILL. Please share your comments, or just your general love or hated for Fruit Shop with us all below
  12. Hi everybody! Only until 30.01.2015, we are running a very special promotion! We give 20 No deposit Free spins for Mobile slots. The promotion is available for all new players, both Android and IOS users are welcome. Included for the promotion are all NetEnt mobile slots. More information about the free spins offer can be found HERE Enjoy your casino experience everywhere, everytime!
  13. Hey there, this is Icymod (not Nightingale as Katemak claimed, he`s on vacation in Barbados so HA!), just wondering what everyone thinks about gaming on mobile and going through clicks on the computer. Is it better using a phone? Are wins and bonuses better? I`ve always used a computer and have gone through all the schematics and such but to all the people who have used there mobile to play slots can you put your input, opinions and everything you`ve experienced on here. I`ve done little on mobile but never hardcore about it so I wanna know! Throw everything you got! If anyone is confused, ask yourself, is mobile better than using your desktop? And as always........No Lucianas and Valdes (I`m serious about the first but for Valdes I`m joking, please don`t laugh by giving me a warning point or ban me in the corner for a set duration ie 2 weeks) Thanks to all for their responses!!!
  14. Hello Everyone, EypoBet.com is currently offering 10 free spins (no deposit condition) to all players, you simply need to like and comment our facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/eypobet/photos/a.264312077093278.1073741828.206140226243797/287067584817727/?type=1 The offer is valid until Sunday, Midnight!
  15. So Microgaming have released two more of their slots to their mobile casino which are, 'Centre Court' and 'Isis' (non progressive) I'm actually a fan of both of these slots and as I play mostly on my iPad (which I don't actually think of as a 'mobile' device but that's just me) this is great news. Although it still makes me wonder how Microgaming come to the decisions they do with what slots they put on their mobile casino. Ones like Cashapiller, Lions Pride, Carnival...I could continue all big betting slots and in my eyes rubbish ones at that. These two new ones are definitely a step in the right direction. Makes me wonder would multiplayer Isis ever come to the mobile scene, that I would like to see. Are there any players who share my love of the (if I have to call it...) mobile casinos?
  16. I know we have a few Mobile users here, I wondered if anyone is familiar with Video Slots Mobile? I am also hoping Lucas will see my thread and be able to help. Since I can remember I've always had a problem with the mobile interface when it comes to putting in voucher codes. Whenever I click on vouchers instead of taking me to the the voucher page it just redirects me to the home page and its sooooo annoying! I wondered of anyone else has this problem? And if you know a solution that would be great! (And I don't mean by using desktop )
  17. Everyday until Thursday Maria Casino are giving away 125 free spins on a different mobile slot. Be one of the first 25 players to open the Slot of the Day at 9:30pm each day and you will be granted 5 free spins! SUNDAY - Magic Portals MONDAY - South Park TUESDAY - Fisticuffs WEDNESDAY - Twin Spin THURSDAY - Big Bang I always forget about these kind of offers or I log in and I'm too late! I will see if I remember any of these. Good luck to anyone trying them. Please come back and say whether or not you were lucky to redeem any.
  18. Hello everyone. Okay so I know a lot of our members here do not participate in 'mobile gaming' but it is definitely a thing of the future - there is no denying that. Whether your playing on an iOS iPad or iPhone or iPod...really doesn't matter because in terms of the actual devices they are IDENTITCAL, the only difference being the size of your screen. I'm no expert and I don't claim to be but I do like to think I have quite a lot of knowledge when it comes to iOS. Since being bought one for Christmas two years ago I have done extensive research into them to gain a better understanding of how they work. Since myself having one...it has expanded to my daughter having one, my partner having one, my dad having one and now my mum is getting one! This is how much I highly recommend everyone invest in a mobile device that carries the iOS software. It hasn't been all plain sailing. When I first had my iPad I was devasted to learn to learn they do not come with that very important software we all need to play slots - FLASH. I soon discovered that Steve Jobs, the very clever man who founded Apple, had said that he will NEVER sign a contract with Adobe Flash on his devices because he believes that with his devices in the future you will never need flash. Everything will be mobile optimised, thus expiring the demand of FLASH. This is quite a big thing to claim...but how right he was. In the last two years I've seen mobile casinos expand from having 9 slots to having 59 slots to having more than 109 slots now! I honestly believe in a few years there will be many little things that require Adbobe Flash. BUUUUUT....Since at the moment there are still a vast number, a huge number of slots that DO require flash, I went in the hunt of some research on how to get flash on my iOS device. And low and behold, there are developers out there that have managed to integrate flash of some kind into some iOS browsers which are available from the App Store. Unfortunately, they do come at a small cost, but believe me its WORTH it. I paid £2.99 for my Flash Browser and I've more than had it back from casinos. By using a FLASH browser on your mobile device it means you have the exact same selection of slots...Like Casino Luck 600+ slots to choose from as on your PC or Laptop. Using a flash browser on your mobile device has its pros and cons - I will summarise these at the end of my thread. Here is a guide on how to PLAY FLASH SLOTS ON YOUR iOS Device 1. GO TO THE APP STORE > IN THE SEARCH BAR TYPE 'FLASH BROWSERS' > EXECUTE SEARCH I live in the UK, search results will be dependent on your country as will the apps you can get. Today I am going to discuss the BEST flash browser app in my experience. But I will add on to this over the coming today's guides on my top three flash browsers for the iOS device 2. EXECUTING A SEARCH WILL BRING UP A SCREEN THAT LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE THIS You will see all of the search results shows browsers with built-in flash that will allow you to play slots as if playing from a laptop. DO NOT be misled...they do not all actually work. You will see I have in fact tested or bought each of the browsers in my pictures which can be identified by the CLOUD icon and the OPEN icon. For today we are focusing only on the PHOTON BROWSER 3. DOWNLOAD THE PHOTON BROWSER APP (You will be able to download for free as a trial but may need to purchase the full app for $2.99 in 30 days) It will then appear like this on your home screen NOW PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE IT GET GETS INTERESTING 4. OPEN UP THE BROWSER > GO THROUGH THE TUTORIAL > GO TO SETTINGS 5. YOU WILL THEN SEE FLASH ADVANCED OPTIONS AS PICTURED 6. SET YOUR BANDWIDTH BETWEEN 4 & 6 > SET YOUR MODE TO WEB OR VIDEO > PORT IS 4 > PHOTON ENGINE IS V4 > LOCAL ACCESS TO OFF > PRESS SETTINGS AGAIN TO COME OUT 7. EXECUTE YOUR CASINO SEARCH. FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE I WILL USE CASINO LUCK 8. ONCE YOUR CASINO HAS APPEARED > YOU NEED TO PRESS THE LIGHTNING BUTTON AS PICTURED 9. THIS HAS NOW ENABLED FLASH ON YOUR iPAD > SELECT FROM ANY GAME AND SIMPLY PLAY IT!
  19. Hi all! Do not miss the chance to take advantage of our New Promo! Now Noxwin Casino gives to its players from ALL countries 15 free spins for the slot Starburst ! The free rounds can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. How it works: How it works: Register your account HERE Within 24 hours you will be credited with the free spins Terms&Conditions: · Wagering requirements: 50x - 7 days to meet · Maximum Cash-Out: €50 · Expiry date: 1st of August, 2014 ENJOY and GOOD LUCK!
  20. Hello Everyone! Just discovered a VegasBerry Casino. Seems to be powered by Microgaming and NetEnt (as well as a few others). It also has a mobile casino too :D Its a new one for me, haven't read through their promotions or terms or anything yet, but was wondering if anyone here had heard of them or even played there? Any comments welcome ......
  21. I think I have briefly mentioned this before somewhere on the forum but for those of you who actually use a mobile device for your gambling and have a mobile account with either Epoca Mobile Casino or Jackpot City Casino mobile, or both, whether you are a depositor or non depositor you are entitled to 1 free scratchcard everyday. You can locate the scratchcard using your mobile account and click promotions then click Menu at the top > Scratch. Everyday you can Scratch off the 9 Tomb Raider boxes and they reveal a certain number of loyalty points. Get three to match and the loyalty points are instantly credited to your points balance. I've been doing it for a good few weeks now and I would say there have only been about three days I haven't won. The points range from 10 up to 5000 and you need to collect 200 before you can redeem...which converts to £1 casino money. I usually get either 10, 100 or 250 points. I've mentioned it because you can just let your points build up and then save them for a rainy day...to convert to cash, or you can spend them as your going. I redeemed 200 today at Epoca for £1, played ladies Night 9p a spin...before I knew it my balance was over £20! Wagering obviously already met with such a low amount, but the minimum withdrawal at both casinos is £50. Honestly they are worth doing though, especially if you have a mobile account with them anyway. If anyone does do these already, please share with us any scratch wins of anything over 250 points.... (Please note a mobile device does not necessarily mean a mobile phone, it is any device which is basically mobile lol. Like your iPad, tablet, kindle, iPod, NetBook, notebook.....)
  22. VideoSlots.com Mobile Casino - Is extremely easy and simple to use an navigate around – just visit Videoslots.com on your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad, and you’ll be able to jump straight in. As with the full casino, all the games are played from within your phone’s browser. And unlike many other mobile casinos, the games look as good as their full PC counterparts. They can even be played in free play, as well as for real cash. In our Mobile Casino we are currently counting Over 100 Games including popular jackpot titles such as InCash, Mega-Moolah, CashSplash, Major Millions, as well as covering all the favourite all time games like Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider, Foxin’ Wins, Ninja Fruits, Dr. Magoo’s Adventure and many others. 85 of the games are Slots & Video-Slots. Among the games that are available on our mobile casino we also offer Roulette, Blackjack as well as Video-Poker. Our Grand Collection of Slots available to our mobile users come from various game suppliers such as BetSoft, Microgaming, Sheriff, Play’nGO etc. So log in with the same username and password, make a deposit, play in style and start winning more now! Enjoy playing your favourite games wherever and whenever you like with Videoslots.com's Top Notch Mobile Casino! Best Regards, Lucas
  23. Hello honeys bunnies! Holidays are coming up! Casinos are preparing special promotions and calendars, so did CasinoLuck, changing their welcome offer into this fantastic 100% up to €/£/$150 + 100 Free Spins on Dead or Alive + 50 Free Spins on Starburst Mobile, Welcome Bonus!! What a generosity!! If you like it, register your account via special link HERE
  24. Hey hey girls and fellas!! Our lovely Microgaming's Casino UK freshly changed their Welcome bonus scheme into Up to £300 Welcome Package!! Even better thing is that the package is available for desktop as well as for mobile casino and users!! Way cool! So, here's how it looks like now: 1st Deposit Bonus = 250% up to £50 2nd Deposit Bonus = 200% up to £50 3rd Deposit Bonus = 50% up to £200 So, if you like it, go get it HERE
  25. I noticed a topic had been started on mobile casinos so i thought i would share this with you all I've been into mobile casinos on my iPad now for months and I absolutely love it. Here are some more CORAL MOBILE - currently offering £10 free no deposit HARRY MOBILE CASINO - currently offering 30 free spins on Starburst no deposit PADDY POWER MOBILE - currently offering £5 free no deposit BET.AT.EU currently offering £10 free no deposit SPIN PALACE - offers £5 free no deposit but need to search for link EUROPA MOBILE - offers £5 free no deposit, not sure whether they still are MR GREEN MOBILE - I believe you get 10 free spins MARIA MOBILE - currently 10 or 20 free spins on STARBURST WILLIAM HILL MOBILE - currently offering £10 free (I think the code is casino10 and for £20 its casino20) but please check first because I am not 100% There are loads more I can't think of them but when I do I'll do another post
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