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Found 12 results

  1. Monday, the sun was shining bright, the atmosphere calm and light, with no blues in sight I need a walk in the park, a nice walk by the beach or just a romantic dinner by candlelight Tuesday, the sun's behind the clouds, atmosphere's cool with doubts, could be a thundercloud I need to break this shroud, or be with some crowds, but on this day, I just couldn't go out. Don't you ever get into such a miserable uncomfortable situation? You wanna have fun, you wanna get high, but couldn't get the action Sitting by myself, my laptop screen is opened, hoping to see some nice attraction Nothing's on the way, my mind's going astray, so here's a new topic to get some reaction. At times, when I need to look for them, I just couldn't find them They are hiding somewhere I know, but it's pointless calling for them It's not like you're playing a game of Texas Hold 'Em "Two cards please" and to you the dealer deals them. No, no, that cannot happen with whatever I'm looking for My nice winning screenshots, that's what I'm searching for Now that I've found them, they must stay in a place easy to find 'BEST EVER WIN' is the place to be, in Askgamblers online!
  2. Slot dream experiences; Every now and then there is a slot dream, usually about a land-based experience and this one also involved a land-based experience, it is never really about an actual real life slot but involves a slot that has never been seen before. In the most recent dream which happened last night I didn't see actual stake used but there was a feature and then at end of the feature I was presented with several options, to replay the feature or to take the win which was only about 15e something and another couple of options. I took the replay option and during the feature there was a coin selecting section similar to what you see in Age of the Gods but there were some money amounts and multipliers, at end of the coins section it revealed the other amounts and one of them was some outrageous high amounts. Some other times there were slot dreams involving online slot play which mostly involved big wins only to wake up and realize that it was only a dream, sometimes they are so convincing. It is such a let down when that happens. Sometimes it is about winning jackpot type slot dreams land-based or online. Some of the slots I have seen in dreams would be great to make into real life slots but then soon the memory fades away about them and the details are lost. Now question to all of you do any of you have slot dreams and if so are they of real life slots or are they of slots that you have never seen or played before? Do you experience the disappointment of waking up to realize the wins you had were just in a dream?
  3. was doing some browsing and stumbled upon this news article all those ridiculous wins by one player "PP" yet the casino doesn't have the slot shut down and investigated seems all too suspicious, everyone knows at land based when a slot is paying out too much they shut it down and in many cases the machine never returns, yet they supposedly allowed this "PP" person to continue crushing the casino with huge win after huge win at the same game Great Blue, when most likely the player was using some code to produce these wins, or the slot/machine was malfunctioning or the casino is just making up the story to get more players? Also wonder what bet sizes the player was using throughout this entire Great Blue heist. Anyway what do other people think about this? Miracle wins or fraud or fake news or code combinations used to trigger wins or what went on? GREAT BLUE SLOT HITS YET AGAIN 26 August 2011 Windows Casino continues to make extraordinary claims for internet slot InfoPowa has previously commented on the seemingly continuous stream of big jackpots - many of them allegedly won by Greek punter PP - that Windows Casino claims have been won on its Playtech-powered online slot Great Blue (see previous). This week produced yet another claim, this time that PP had won another Euro 195,995 on August 17...just over a month since the same player reportedly hit a series of big wins on the same slot totalling Euro 196,000! This is what InfoPowa had to say back on August 7th this month, and the latest developments make this situation all the more intriguing and relevant: There is either a seriously fortunate Greek player out there using the nom-de-plume “PP”, or something unusual is going on at the Playtech-powered online casinos Windows and King Solomans, which have been pumping out publicity recently on large Great Blue slot wins. In the latest press release sent out this week, Windows Casino reports that PP “regularly makes the headlines with big wins”, a statement evidenced by even a cursory inspection of recent publicity material. On this occasion PP hit a series of high paying single line wins and free spins which contributed to make up his total winnings of Euro 96,380. The highest single line win he/she recorded amounted to Euro10,640. From the free spins he/she won Euro 15,900, Euro 16,520 and Euro 14,760 amongst others with his last free spins session paying out Euro 58,800. Two weeks ago, PP reportedly won Euro 125 000 playing Great Blue Slots at King Solomons Casino. This time he/she hit a first bonus round which paid out some Euro 4 888. Two more bonus games saw him/her substantially increase his/her balance through free spin wins with amounts of Euro 21 252 and Euro 23 600, bringing his/her balance up to Euro 50 000. He/She then went on – in the same session – to earn the major part of his/her winnings during his last free spins towards the end of his/her game play when 8 wild symbols appeared on the reels, paying out Euro 95 256. A month before that, PP again featured in casino news, this time from King Solomons Casino – again playing the Great Blue slot game. On April 16 he/she won Euro 109 712 in what was the third in a run that bagged another two wins on the same slot machine within a month – the first on 7th April, of Euro 24 646, and a second on 10th April of Euro 29 828. According to the King Solomons Casino winners’ section, these aren’t the only wins for this player. PP of Greece also had other wins on Great Blue on 30 November 2010, 20 December 2010 and 31 January 2011 of Euro 33 992, Euro 38 657 and Euro 32 091 respectively!
  4. Okay guys soooo ... I have come up with one new idea that I'll be adding into the 2018 contest for you all. All the rules will remain as normal, we will still pick 3 games and you can pick an extra 2 games. However - You can now suggest games for us to pick. They can be new, old or popular and if we decide to use one of your game suggestions one month you will get TWO (2) entries per screenshot uploaded that is over 50x. We will still need to collect 100 actual screenshots for the maximum prize pool to be enforced. So let's say you suggested Vikings Go Berzerk, if we choose to add that game into one of 3 suggestions and you uploaded 50 screenshots you'll get 100 entries into the draw. Only the person who suggested the game will be eligible for double entries. Clear? I just think it's a great way to give everyone a chance of winning! Aaaand....Will Afi's winning streak be defeated this year???? Topic will be pinned and it's up to you guys to post here guys.
  5. Hello there, dear AG community! Sincerely hope you all has a fantastic festive season! A week after the New Year and all the inevitable euphoria is now fading, I guess it's about time for a recapitulation of your gambling 2017. Big wins and epic fails, new favorites and old preferences, your ups and downs... we want to know them all! Cannot wait to hear about your gambling adventures, so come on folks, let me see who managed to break da bank in 2017. PS. Don't forget to cast your vote.
  6. It’s time for a new contest! And this time it won’t just be a one-off! This new contest will run every month and of course it will be a screenshot contest. We’ve named this contest Game of the Month! How it works Every month you must pick two slots to become you Game of the Month, you will then submit qualifying screenshots on that game to get your entries into the prize draw What are the rules? NEW RULES 1. You can now pick TWO games every month, at least one of these games has to be a game you have not used before 2. We will pick a THEME every month you can post screenshots from ANY GAME that falls in with this theme (There is no limit to how many game or screenshots you can use for the themed games) 3. ALL screenshots must now be uploaded to the game review. So any screenshots that are 50x or above can now be added straight to the game, no need to post them here If you are unsure if a game falls into the theme please just feel free to ask and we can let you know. ** You must tell us which games you have uploaded your games to ** You must tell us how many you have uploaded ** You must post a link to the game review We can only accept new screenshots so any that have already been entered into our contests or already uploaded to the Game Review cannot be accepted. Prizes For now there will be just one prize every month which will be $25 If the contest turns out to be a success I may be able to get this amount increased over time. I can only get a high budget providing we have lots of entries, so the more people that enter and the more screenshots we get the higher the prize! Terms and Conditions 1. Each contest will run from the 1st day of the month until the last day of the month 2. Your first uploaded screenshot will become your Game of the Month 3. Any late entries cannot be accepted 4. All screenshots must be your own and must be in real money play 5. Any screenshots already used in previous contests or already uploaded to the game review will not be accepted and may mean you are disqualified from the contest 6. No exceptions will be made to the minimum win. Just to remind you this is 50x your total bet 7. All winnings will be paid via Skrill or Neteller. Please make sure we have your correct details should you win. Payments will be made by the 10th of the month. If you have also written reviews the prize money will be sent with your review money
  7. Hi folks With the end of 2016 approaching, it's time once again to check how good or bad those of us playing on a regular basis were doing this year. And please, don't forget to cast your vote. Cannot wait to hear about your gambling adventures.
  8. A sizzling hot summer is on its way and AskGamblers wants to make sure you get the most out of the warm days ahead with our exciting new SummerShot Race that has just started. Grab a nice cold drink, open up the windows, and start spinning the reels on your favorite slot games for a chance to win a brand new Apple Watch or an amazing cash prize. All you have to do is send us your winning screenshots. The more you are spinning and winning, the better your chances to walk away with a fabulous prize. How does the race work? You are welcome to upload as many winning screenshots as possible during the race period. The race goes on from May 5th till July 31th and for every 10 qualifying screenshots you get one ticket for a random draw. All tickets will be placed into the random draw just after the race ends and three lucky winners will be randomly chosen. The luckiest one will be rewarded with an Apple Watch Sport and the other two selected will get $100 and $50 in cash respectively, with no strings attached. There is no limitation on how many tickets you can achieve for the draw and you have three months to win as many of them as possible. In other words - plenty of time to make the whole gambling world envy your super wins and snatch a great reward for doing it, too. How to participate? It’s really easy folks, all you have to do to take part in the race is to follow these steps: 1/ Choose any slot game from our games directory. 2/ Open the review page for the chosen game and scroll down to Winning Screenshots section. 3/ Use the Attach a file option to upload your screenshot. 4/ Choose the picture/s you would like to upload and press Open. 5/ Leave a post in this forum topic and state the game/s and number of screenshots uploaded. 6/ That’s it! Congratulations, you are already part of the race! Who is allowed to take part? This race is designed and meant for our most active and dedicated members. Let’s say it’s something like a small reward for the loyalty and passion they put in to make this place even better! That’s why in order to take part in the race you need to be a registered member of AskGamblers with at least 50 active forum posts. Not a member yet? Join AskGamblers now. What is a qualifying screenshot? A qualifying screenshot /a screenshot which counts for the race/ must meet the following criteria: 1/ Must be derived from Real Play mode. 2/ Must come from your own experience. 3/ Must represent a winning spin and/or cumulative result from a bonus feature in excess of 100 x total bet. 4/ The total bet and winning amount must be clearly visible on the winning screenshot. Terms and Conditions: 1/ AskGamblers SummerShot Race is taking place from 00:00 GMT 05/May/2015 - 23:59 GMT 31/July/2015. 2/ Only AskGamblers registered members are allowed to take part in the race. 3/ The winners will be picked from a random draw containing all tickets from all participants in the race. The winners will be announced and awarded until 15/August/2015. Payments will be transferred to their Skrill or Neteller account and the Apple Watch Sport will be shipped to the winner’s address. In case the winner lives in a country which Apple does not ship goods to, AskGamblers reserves the right to award the equivalent cash prize. The cash prize will be sent via Skrill or Neteller. 4/ Only winner screenshots for Slot Games count for the race. Screenshots posted for games which are no longer offered by any casino presented in AskGamblers Casino Database do not count for the race. 5/ You are required to post winner screenshots for at least 5 different slot games in order to qualify. 6/ All winner screenshots will be checked for compliance with the qualifying requirements. Any screenshot which does not meet the qualifying terms will not count for the final result. 7/ All participants must leave a post in this forum topic containing the game name and the number of uploaded screenshots every time they attach new file/s. 8/ All screenshots uploaded during the race remain property of AskGamblers and can be used at its sole discretion. 9/ Any attempt to cheat while participating in the race will result in immediate disqualification. Update /03.07.2015/ - Important announcement has been made, additional rewards added to race prize pool!
  9. We've spoken many times in this forum about which games we think have the best bonus features. Since there are so many games sometimes it can be hard to narrow it down to just a few. However our writing team have come with 8 slots - all with great bonus features. And I can tell you - Dead or Alive is featured in the list. Have a read and see if you agree with what games have been mentioned. Also you can add your own games below. Slots with the most generous bonus features.
  10. Looking at people's big wins in the winner screenshots thread is SOOO contagious! Whenever I see big wins on slots I haven't played for a while I always go and play them. But it hardly ever works out the way I want it to haha! For example I seen Afi's DOA screenshot and it made me want to play....big mistake it drained my balance! But I've done it loads of times! I never learn by my mistakes! Is there anyone else out there like me?
  11. Hey everyone! I managed to find some of my old screenshots the other day, although not all of them. I'll have to dig deeper for more that I have somewhere! Thought I'd share them all with you considering I'm not winning much at the moment.
  12. I had an idea which I thought I'd share with you! It's been a long time since I won any kind of Progressive Jackpot..but I have in fact, during my gambling 'career' won 3 Progressive Jackpots. 4 if I include Valleys Mega Moolah £9 win Progressive Jackpot but I won't include that. I thought we could have a little fun with it....and create like a leaderboard here for AG members on members Progressive Jackpot wins. Unfortunately I don't have screenshots as they were all won even before I discovered Ask Gamblers, but I know Im trusted enough here for our members to believe me, and I've spoke about them enough times, not to mention writing about them in my reviews! I understand there are many of us who haven't won any Progressive Jackpots which is fine .... Please still feel free to participate in this thread however you wish. Input is always better than no input! Okay here are my Progressive Jackpot wins... 1. Pink Panther £450 (approx I'm sorry I don't remember the exact amount) 2. Fantastic Four 50 Lines (£660) 3. The Dark Knight (£9!) Each of my wins tells a story...especially Progressive Jackpot number 3!!! Now it's your turn....If you have ever won a Progressive Jackpot .... Join the Ask Gamblers Leaderboard NOW!
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