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Found 17 results

  1. Hi dear friends! I was thinking to start this thread from a long time ago, and the only reason not to do it so far, is that I lost almost every single winner screenshot, I had done over the years, when moving from the old PC to my new laptop, back in the end of 2011! Luckily , I've managed to restore some of them, during the last three months, although my best hits - Marvel Hero Jackpot for 7500 euro and two times Marvel Extra Power for 3000 and 3500 euro, are totally lost, unfortunately! But now... it's show time! Let the others see your biggest wins! Make them be jealous! Let them dream about your terrfic hits! Show them why we play actually! Here's the terms, in order to become a part of this wall of honour and joy! 1. Post only winner screenshots of at least 100x bet! 2. Please remember, that you can hide your name, (or any other personal details if seen such), the name of the casino, or anything else, you don't want to share with us, but the picture must be clear enough, so that we're all able to see what you got, right?! 3. Post as much as you can, and you will be rewarded!...With so many sighs! 4. Cheers for taking part in this glorious adventure! The beer is from me! ...And the crisps!
  2. Monday, the sun was shining bright, the atmosphere calm and light, with no blues in sight I need a walk in the park, a nice walk by the beach or just a romantic dinner by candlelight Tuesday, the sun's behind the clouds, atmosphere's cool with doubts, could be a thundercloud I need to break this shroud, or be with some crowds, but on this day, I just couldn't go out. Don't you ever get into such a miserable uncomfortable situation? You wanna have fun, you wanna get high, but couldn't get the action Sitting by myself, my laptop screen is opened, hoping to see some nice attraction Nothing's on the way, my mind's going astray, so here's a new topic to get some reaction. At times, when I need to look for them, I just couldn't find them They are hiding somewhere I know, but it's pointless calling for them It's not like you're playing a game of Texas Hold 'Em "Two cards please" and to you the dealer deals them. No, no, that cannot happen with whatever I'm looking for My nice winning screenshots, that's what I'm searching for Now that I've found them, they must stay in a place easy to find 'BEST EVER WIN' is the place to be, in Askgamblers online!
  3. Hello everyone I am going to open this thread so that everyone can show everyone what "could have been but didn't". I am talking about results from a game that doesn't go as they should. You can show off a royal flush draw that got the best of you when it didn't come true or a losing spin that didn't pay out when 2 high symbols on each side of a 5 reel slot were divided in the middle. This can be on slots, video pokers or anything that fascinates "could have been but didn't". To show you an example I have a screenshot showing bars that were suppose to provide me wealth by hitting 5 combinations or the 5x paying wild but didn't. I had two chances to hit them! Here is the screenshot, other screenshots are on page 2-3:
  4. How are you guys doing? AG currently has big win threads for slots however this thread is to shine the spotlight on live games! To name a few of the platforms that provide them are: Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play as well as many others. Requirements for this thread is as follows: #1 - Minimum 100x multiplier wins #2 - The game in question can be in the form of a live wheel, blackjack, roulette, anything live casino related! #3 - Must be real money Optional: You can choose to post a video link to support your screenshots! Good luck to all! Looking through some of my past screenshots here are a few screens from 2021, 2022 and finally the most current for 2023! Aug 2021 Crazy Time Cash Hunt 25x top slot = 2500x (Row 3, #7) Video link: https://tracksino.com/w/cdHphY2oIk7U July 2022 One Blackjack Crazy 7s side bet = Over 500x (Host was like sure let's have all the 7s lol) Aug 2023 Crazy Time Cash Hunt 4x top slot = 400x (Row 2, #3), Pachinko 5x top slot = 500x
  5. I don't know if this thread is going to pay off, but since I'm a regular for breaking the rules in our other Screenshots thread because I rarely have wins over x100 my bet these days I thought I would create this thread! Anyone is welcome here...and you can post your winning screenshots that you are proud of that are UNDER X100 your bet. Any screenshots you have over x100 your bet HAVE to remain in our usual thread. Feel free to post whatever wins you like! I will get the ball rolling with some new and recent screenshots I have taken. I hope you can all share your screenshots with me!
  6. Hi, can somebody help? The stake was 1£. How much am I supposed to win? The game crashed and pay me just 8 £. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! Remember our earlier discussions on "is free play or fun play really any different from real play?" ...or "is it really easier to win in the fun mode?"...and I said "yes, it is!" Well, after much trial and error runs on a few selected Playtech games, I finally zoomed in on 1 game that clearly exhibits this difference in its game play. It took me weeks to get all the proof that I needed, spending countless hours playing the game in real mode and in fun mode, just to collect the screenshots of the differences! Then came the screening part of all the images that I have collected, picking out the best examples and putting in important notations for easy reference and comprehension. And to avoid confusion or misinterpretation, I have separated them into different categories, for easier scrutinisation by anyone and everyone interested. Kindly take note that to save a lot of space here, I had to convert those images into pdf pages, so my apologies if they appear too tiny for you to view them with much detail. You can, however, request for a normal screenshot image of any of the image that you see in the pdf pages and I will post them up here, separately, so that all the details can be viewed with greater ease and depth. Okay then, are you ready to see what 'smoking gun' evidences that I have collected and compiled? My proof that playing in the free play mode, or fun mode, or practice mode, IS INDEED EASIER TO WIN than when playing in the real play mode! So take a good look...and decide for yourself. You can agree or you can disagree...it is your prerogative, never mine alone! (Please click on 'Evidence #' to download and view) Evidence #1 - Real Money Play vs Fun Play.pdf Evidence #2 - Captain America Free Games.pdf Evidence #3 - Thor Free Games.pdf Evidence #4 - Play For Fun Mode.pdf Afi
  8. How to Participate 1. Each month you will be able to use up to 5 games per month. Three of these games will be picked by Forum Administrators and you will be able to pick 2 games of your own (This rule can be chaged monthly please ask an admin or forum member for up to date rules or read the forum post before playing) 2. You must tell us which games you have chosen. Admins have the right to refuse some games if they have already been mass used in the contest. 3. All wins must be clearly displayed and must be 50x or more your total bet 4. All screenshots must be uploaded to the game review. 5. After uploading your screenshots you must write in the thread how many you have uploaded and a link to the game you have chosen. It is your responsibility to tell us how many you have uploaded 6. You are not allowed to use any screenshots that have already been used in the previous GOTM contest or that you have already uploaded to the game. All screenshots will be checked. 7. Members wishing to use a game they have already used must request permission from a Forum Administrator. Only members who have been active for more than 3 months and have more than 300 posts are allowed. Again the game can only be used pending approval (Not all games will be accepted) Picking Your Games (Amended rules can also be found in the forum thread at the start of a new month) You are allowed to post screenshots for up to 5 different games every month. Three of those games will be picked by us.. Each month we will pick a selection of new or popular games from different software providers to give everyone a chance to enter. These will include new games that have been reviewed and presented by AskGamblers during the month preceding the monthly contest cycle. We’re aware of country restrictions so we will try to pick games that cater for all. In addition to this you can also pick two games of your own each month. Please be aware that if the same games are being chosen by different members over and over again some games will be refused. (Edited) You can also suggest games for admins to use if your game suggestion gets picked you will earn DOUBLE entries for that game that month. Suggest your games HERE Monthly Prizes The prize pool for this contest will depend on the quantity of winner screenshots that are submitted and approved every month. The following reward scheme will now apply on a monthly basis. 1. $25 Prize: If we receive less than 50 qualifying screenshots during any given month the prize will be $25 to one winner 2. $50 Prize Pool: If we receive between 50 - 100 qualifying screenshots during any given month the prize pool will be increased to $50. There will be 2 winners 1 x $30 and 1 x $20 3. $100 Prize Pool: If we collect more than 100 qualifying screenshots in any given month the prize pool will be increased to $100. This will be three winners. 1 x $50, 1 x $30 and 1 x $20 For the prize pool to be increased to $50 or $100 we need to have at least 3 members participating in that month and winners are selected by a random draw. ***Just to be clear guys NO duplicate screenshots are allowed if you are given permission to use a game you have used before they must be NEW screenshots. Any members found to be using duplicate screenshots will not be given a Second Chance and will be suspended from the contest until further notice.*** LOSERS DRAW NEW RULES!! Anyone who has entered throughout the year and has NOT won a prize in any calendar month will be placed into a draw which will take place in January. We will pick and determine prizes in January 2019 and these will be confirmed before the draw takes place. Just to be clear only people who have not won a prize throughout the year will be placed in the draw. If all participants have already won a prize the losers draw will not take place. Terms and Conditions 1. Each contest will run from the 1st day of the month until the last day of the month or until the new games have been added by admin 2. Only 2 games of choice per member is allowed every month unless otherwise specified. The other 3 must be screenshots from games chosen by admins 3. Any late entries cannot be accepted, the contest will close once an admin confirms it at the end of every month 4. All screenshots must be your own and must be in real money play 5. Any screenshots already used in previous contests or already uploaded to the game review will not be accepted and may mean you are disqualified from the contest 6. No exceptions will be made to the minimum win. Just to remind you this is 50x your total bet 7. All winnings will be paid via Skrill. Please make sure we have your correct details should you win. Payments will be made by the 10th of the month. If you have also written reviews the prize money will be sent with your review money Terms last update: 05/08/2018
  9. I have an exciting new screenshot contest to announce! We’ve teamed up with Pragmatic Play and if you’re looking to win some extra bucks THIS.IS.IT. It’s an exclusive tournament and the prize fund is reserved only for members of AskGamblers. The prize fund is €2,000 which will be split over 6 weeks and the tournament is split into two different parts. Pragmatic Play are launching a brand new game, Ancient Egypt Classic and all you have to do is play it at any casino and post a screenshot of your biggest win! You need to post it in this thread and in the GAME REVIEW. The competition will run between the 1st of November - 12th December and the two parts will be split as follows: Part 1: 1st – 21st November Part 2: 22nd -12th December Participants must be an active member in the forum. An active forum member is considered a member with at least 10 days of registration and a minimum of 50 forum posts. Posts from the Trivia section do not apply. How it Works Play Pragmatic Play’s Ancient Egypt Classic Slot at any casino with a bet size of your choice Post your big win screenshots to the game review and in this forum thread You can post as many screenshots as you wish but only one entry (your biggest win) will qualify for each part of the tournament Winners will be determined by the biggest win multiplier and your bet size must be visible in your screenshot And that is it! How simple is that! Prizes The members with the highest wins will win a share of the €2000 prize pot which will be split as follows: 1st Place - €500 2nd Place - €250 3rd Place - €150 4th Place - €100 Prizes can be paid by Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire or Amazon Voucher and will be paid in cash. Prizes will be paid in Euros or currency equivalent value. All screenshots need to be your own and in real money mode and also show the time stamp and casino where it was played. Players need to be 18 or over to take part and remember this is exclusive so you need to be a member at AskGamblers to enter! The tournament will start in a few days so please fire away with any questions you have.
  10. Okay guys soooo ... I have come up with one new idea that I'll be adding into the 2018 contest for you all. All the rules will remain as normal, we will still pick 3 games and you can pick an extra 2 games. However - You can now suggest games for us to pick. They can be new, old or popular and if we decide to use one of your game suggestions one month you will get TWO (2) entries per screenshot uploaded that is over 50x. We will still need to collect 100 actual screenshots for the maximum prize pool to be enforced. So let's say you suggested Vikings Go Berzerk, if we choose to add that game into one of 3 suggestions and you uploaded 50 screenshots you'll get 100 entries into the draw. Only the person who suggested the game will be eligible for double entries. Clear? I just think it's a great way to give everyone a chance of winning! Aaaand....Will Afi's winning streak be defeated this year???? Topic will be pinned and it's up to you guys to post here guys.
  11. It’s time for a new contest! And this time it won’t just be a one-off! This new contest will run every month and of course it will be a screenshot contest. We’ve named this contest Game of the Month! How it works Every month you must pick two slots to become you Game of the Month, you will then submit qualifying screenshots on that game to get your entries into the prize draw What are the rules? NEW RULES 1. You can now pick TWO games every month, at least one of these games has to be a game you have not used before 2. We will pick a THEME every month you can post screenshots from ANY GAME that falls in with this theme (There is no limit to how many game or screenshots you can use for the themed games) 3. ALL screenshots must now be uploaded to the game review. So any screenshots that are 50x or above can now be added straight to the game, no need to post them here If you are unsure if a game falls into the theme please just feel free to ask and we can let you know. ** You must tell us which games you have uploaded your games to ** You must tell us how many you have uploaded ** You must post a link to the game review We can only accept new screenshots so any that have already been entered into our contests or already uploaded to the Game Review cannot be accepted. Prizes For now there will be just one prize every month which will be $25 If the contest turns out to be a success I may be able to get this amount increased over time. I can only get a high budget providing we have lots of entries, so the more people that enter and the more screenshots we get the higher the prize! Terms and Conditions 1. Each contest will run from the 1st day of the month until the last day of the month 2. Your first uploaded screenshot will become your Game of the Month 3. Any late entries cannot be accepted 4. All screenshots must be your own and must be in real money play 5. Any screenshots already used in previous contests or already uploaded to the game review will not be accepted and may mean you are disqualified from the contest 6. No exceptions will be made to the minimum win. Just to remind you this is 50x your total bet 7. All winnings will be paid via Skrill or Neteller. Please make sure we have your correct details should you win. Payments will be made by the 10th of the month. If you have also written reviews the prize money will be sent with your review money
  12. Okay guys so me and Valdes have been thinking of how we can run a Christmas contest this year and we've come up with something we hope you like! The Christmas Screenshot Contest will run alongside our Game of the Month Contest, so you will use the original thread to tell me about any screenshots you have uploaded. Here's how it works 1. The Game of the Month Contest will run as normal. So you still pick your one game for December and upload your screenshots as usual 2. In addition to that you can also upload any screenshots you have that are on any of our CHRISTMAS THEMED SLOTS 3. For each screenshot you upload where the win is 50x or more your bet you will earn ONE EXTRA ENTRY INTO THE PRIZE DRAW 4. You can upload as many screenshots as you like as long as they are on a Christmas themed slot 5. Please post the link for your game and tell me how many you have uploaded The Prizes For December we have a $75 prize pot which will be split between THREE members 1st Prize - $50 2nd Prize - $15 3rd Prize - $10 When? The contest starts TODAY (5th December) and will run until the 31st December. Winners will be announced on the 1st January. All other rules are as per the original thread. Just a quick reminder though guys - ALL SCREENSHOTS have to be 50x or more and they ALL must be added to the game review. No screenshots to be uploaded in the thread for this month. Any questions away.
  13. Happy New Year everyone! I've already mentioned this in another thread, but I'll say it again because I mean it! 2015 was a great year for us here guys. We had lots going on but I want to make 2016 even better! This is why I'd like some feedback from you guys. I'd like you to tell us if there is anything at all you'd like to see from us this year. And it could be absolutely anything, more contests, bonuses, games...anything at all! If nothing comes to mind straight away then that's fine too. If you do think of something then you can come back and post when you do! Look forward to reading some suggestions.
  14. Looking at people's big wins in the winner screenshots thread is SOOO contagious! Whenever I see big wins on slots I haven't played for a while I always go and play them. But it hardly ever works out the way I want it to haha! For example I seen Afi's DOA screenshot and it made me want to play....big mistake it drained my balance! But I've done it loads of times! I never learn by my mistakes! Is there anyone else out there like me?
  15. Hi all ,I wanted to make a topic about the craziest weekend I had on online casinos ever. It all started with a small deposit I made on NetBet casino of 20 without taking any bonus. I started with JATB with minimum bet where I got one of the best wins I had on this slot . So i had a great start which continued with some big wins on GOT and Jack Hammer with a little bigger bets I decided to play GoT with max bet, for a little and after a while... Then again switched back to Jack Hammer started playing with 5 euro bet and then switched it to higher and I got again a big hit Having this balance I decided to play GoT again max bet for many spins in order to have a huge feature of 500x bet or more. Probably I throw above 4000 spins with max bet, but I only had some small wins from the base game and my balance started to behave like an elevator... and I won the biggest scatter win ever Then it came the best GoT feature I had. Most free spins where giving me 150 tops and I even got a couple with a 2-3x bet win ,so little. The best I had was 200xbet. Unfortunately being in such a gambling heat and being greedy, I did not stop to this excellent balance and I continued playing this and other slots with high bets. I reached my balance to 1200, lost 3000 very fast but luckily Jack Hammer helped me and reached 2000 and closed for the day. The next day I decided to play a couple hundred to Thunderstuck 2 , started with 0,60 the slot was bad ,decided to increase the bets to see if the slot would change its mood and I got this nice win. I went to Jack Hammer again to see if he had anymore to give,if I had not drained him the previous day. The slot was bad with 5 euro bet and I tried the same trick with Thunderstruck and gradually raised the bets where I won the following free spins .I was really trembling when i hit the feature with this bet, it could be an enormous win or at least I hoped it would not be a close to zero win like he does many times Well the free spins were nice, only a 80xbet but the sum was great Of course I asked for a 4500 withdraw instantly after this and left the rest for my Sunday evening to play relaxed. So this was my last weekend, from a 20 euro deposit to a 4500 withdraw
  16. Hey everyone! I managed to find some of my old screenshots the other day, although not all of them. I'll have to dig deeper for more that I have somewhere! Thought I'd share them all with you considering I'm not winning much at the moment.
  17. We are all familiar with this wonderful slot Pixies of the Forest. It's always been a favourite of mine, not so much a top 10 favourite but a favourite nevertheless. Been playing it recently at Bet Victor and Casino Luck more than anywhere else but it simply does not want to pay out to me. I don't have a single screenshot I can produce for you..I've had no recent wins worthy of a screenshot! And the worst thing of all is I cannot get the bonus! Free Spins do not want to come my way! I haven't counted how many spins I have done, but I'd say a considerable amount @ minimum bet. Anyone else been playing this slot lately?
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