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Found 12 results

  1. thread for any discussions about DOA1 or DOA2. recently was playing a short session, session #3 YTD, (one batch of 25 spins), first 4 spins all dead, then spin #5 gives me an almost wild line on line 6 but reel 4 had a whisky glass instead of the wild. if the Wild was top of reel 4 then the spin would have paid 183.3xBet (when other wins added to the wild line) instead the spin paid 22.78xBet. then spin #6 the game delivers another win cause of 4OAK boots for a 7.78xBet.. then spin #7 delivers a win of 2.4xBet 3OAK boots and 3OAK aces.. at this point the RTP for this short session was at 471.43% (up 26x bet) and this is where the game decided, to get COOOOOOLD.... for the next 18 spins it went like this. dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, 0.22xBet, dead, dead, 0.55xBet, dead, dead, dead, 0.44xBet, dead, dead, dead......... so for the last 18 spins it gave RTP 6.79% (drop of 16.78x bet). question for those of you that have played DOA1, how many base game wild lines have you had, (on flash or html5), how rare are the base game wild lines. when it comes to wild lines or 5 scatters , I have read that some people have had to wait hundreds of thousands of spins to get their first free spins wild line but after that they get them more often.
  2. Hi, I've been playing dead or alive slot at 72p a spin and I have now spun over 65000 spins and not even a sniff of a decent win, this is a game I've played many times before at various casinos and truly understand how cold this slot can be but wow this is freezing? By the law of averages I was expecting a half decent win by now? I see people and sites posting stats about approximately 150 spins to hit the bonus which is a lie and approximately every 35000 spins to get 5 sticky wilds or 5 scatters which is also a lie, maybe I have bad loser syndrome but it's a lot of spins and losses so far, what's your opinions....
  3. Hello everyone! I've been reading here for a couple of years and been a registered member for a while but never posted before, so here's my first post I've found AskGamblers very helpful in choosing casinos to deposit at and to learn which ones to stay away from. The forum offers some very entertaining threads so thank you for that! I wanted to ask you guys this - three days ago I had a massive win on Dead Or Alive. I won 36,737 SEK on a 4,50 SEK bet (8163x). This is approximately a €3886 win on a €0.47 bet. Now, I know there are 10,000x screen shots on this but do you guys know of an actual video recorded with a bigger multiplier win than this? I must admit, it would be kind of cool to be some sort of record holder so I can tell my mom I accomplished at least something in my life haha. Cheers guys <3
  4. Is this only a new thing? Or does Australia just suck cos I've only just seen this haha. So far I can only see it on thrills, is there any other casinos that have this available on mobile?
  5. Hi guys, I am pleased to announce that since my last post the following games are now live at Stan James: Net Ent – Dead or Alive (Mobile) Net Ent – Fairy tale Legends – Red Riding Hood (Desktop & Mobile) Microgaming – Dragonz (Desktop & Mobile) Microgaming – Lost Vegas (Desktop & Mobile) Microgaming – Jungle Jim (Desktop & Mobile) Realistic – Crystal Clear We also have some more game releases and awesome Christmas promotions coming up.... I will keep you posted!
  6. Though I have seen it all with my all-time beloved NetEnt slot - Dead Or Alive. But I was so-o-o-o wrong... The following insane run happened within exactly 27 spins! Got my first 5 scatters for over an year! No need to explain I was on the moon when just 27 spins later came another feature, THE feature as it turned out! Best gambling Sunday afternoon I have ever had!
  7. From my experience of the game over time, i realized that in order to achieve good results, or a good victory,over the lucky, is the game session we access. Speaking of slot Dead or Alive, i can say i got most of my winnings into more gaming sessions. Unlike many who make thousands of dayly spin in a single session, i do the same but, max 20-minutes session. If i win free spin, in one session, i look that what has given me. Example:my bet is 18 cent i win free spin and gives me 4 wild i won 12-13 eur. Now i invest this win for the next session. I open a new session if i win free spin and payout is low, i stop and resume after a few hours. I make around 5 dayly separate sessions and then return the next day. In this way, it is as if shuffling the cards.Many times i won wildline or a nice win in the first bonus round of the session. This is not a strategy that makes you win for sure,otherwise i'd be alreay millionaire but, it helps you evalute well the geme session and limit the loss, giving you more possibilities. I repeat,i tried it several times and i got wildline. The last was in the 3°game session on 9 november 2015 I attach screenshot. I hope there was helpful and i would be happy to hear from you. I share in this topic my results.
  8. Ive been playing this game every other day for about 3 months and i have not had a wildline or 5 scatters. Seriously i have gotten the 5 extra spins maybe 2 or 3 times in now what i belive must be ruffley 1200 bonus rounds. Im 100% posetive its over 1000 bonus rounds. Ive seen threads on casinomeister aswell where several people seams to be going trough the same dead patch. Here aswell i havent seen a decent screenshot in ages.. And every screenshot ive seen latley is on 0,09-0,18 bet.. Do you think NetEnt has changed the game somehow? To me it doessent play the way it used to. Its gotten harder to get the bonus rounds and they seam to pay waaay less than before.. Averaging around 5-10x bet for me the last 3-400 bonus rounds. Well some might say bad luck but to me this does not seam as bad luck. Im pretty sure i must have done close to if not above 200 000 spins the last 3 months. And thats an extreme number to not hit a 1000x bet win. I started playing other games such as Casino zeppelin and Immortal Romance and ive cashed out several times from them. But dead or alive seams deader than ever. Just my theory is that the game has become so popular that the casinos where losing money on it and netent adjusted the RTP. I have no other explenation.
  9. My hands are still slightly shacking....and all I can say right now is... OH MY GOD!!! Sorry folks, but I just cannot write right more now, I know you understand!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Hey folks After a long dry spell, it seems like Lady Luck finally landed back on my shoulder and below you can see the result! No need to comment as the screenshots are saying all of it!
  11. Those of you who know me better probably remember about my 'complicated' relationships with Dead Or Alive slot in the last year or so. Well guys, I'm gald to announce that we are a happy couple again! Finally, one of my most beloved slots is nice and gentle with me! Here's the confirmation of our ''hot scenes': Finally five wilds on a payline in the bonus game: And this beauty for an end!
  12. Hello honeys bunnies! Holidays are coming up! Casinos are preparing special promotions and calendars, so did CasinoLuck, changing their welcome offer into this fantastic 100% up to €/£/$150 + 100 Free Spins on Dead or Alive + 50 Free Spins on Starburst Mobile, Welcome Bonus!! What a generosity!! If you like it, register your account via special link HERE
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