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Found 6 results

  1. So this might come of as a sore losers thread but im trying to shed light on a few things that i find suspicius about online gambling. Last December i won around 13000€ at a casino cahsed out and was happy... For months on end after that i could not win anything,anywhere playing the same provider(NetEnt). No bonus rounds, 1-10x stake paying ones just awfull sessions untill i had lost atleast the amount i had won over a periode of maybe 6 months. I know winning 10k+ is unlikley, but im talking about it shouldent be to hard in over 100 deposits to see a proffit in one session of a few hundred euros or even 1k. Fast forward to this June/July winning another 11-12K from a 1.1 euro spin. Cashed out and happy.. Redeposited maybe 2,5K in the same casino hitting nothing but awfull sessions, and since that day i have been on an insane losing streak. In the last 60-70 deposits i have not been ahead more than maybe 4-5 times!!!! (Once up to 600 euros on a 300 deposit, and up maybe 100 or so on a 200 deposit a few times.. In one casino alone i have lost over 5K betting between 0.50-1.50 euros a spin no higher, and never being ahead more than once or twice by an unsignificant amount. How is this just bad luck? I understand the concepts of variance, but for this kind of bad luck to happen twice after big wins gotta be astronomical!! I simply cannot win anywhere playing NetEnt as if they put some kind of block on my I.P adresse. My question is do you think casinos/software providers are running some kind of indivdual RTP based on your IP or something like that? I seam to always hit losing streaks after cashing out. ALWAYS! And these two last ones has been just to unreal.. Like i am in the twilight zone. How can we trust that the games are totally random? There are no proof. They just say its been tested... They are not tested lets say on a monthley basis.. Its just checked that the RTP is what they say on and their RNG is fair and then thats that. Whos to say they cannot alter this? Or play with individual RTP´s? If they know you play alot they could gain alot from setting your RTP low and imaginge if they do that to thousands of players... After this happend i also mentioned this on another casino forum, and after complaining alot it seams it has gotten even worse... Sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory i know, but like i say its like the twilight zone.
  2. Top 5 Craziest Gambling losses We've all lost money in a casino right? Some of us more than others but our latest blog entry shows the top 5 craziest gambling losses! The last guy gambled away $127 million in one year! I mean really - how rich can some people be! Surely when you got that much money it just doesn't mean anything to you. I know the value of money I guess when your stinking rich those values go out the window! Have a read guys it's interesting to say the least!
  3. You’re probably all wondering what the ***** I'm on about with that title. And yes you did read it right! I'm actually going to take a leaf out of Johnny's book today. For all of you that follow my posts you'll know that my losing streak has been going on for some time now, in fact months. Probably the worst bad spell I've had in my so called 'gambling career' with just a few withdrawals here and there. Never have I ever asked for a free bonus off any casino. It's just not me. Until today! My gambling budget is at its lowest it’s been with Christmas only next month so today I will be emailing some casinos which I have stuck to the last few months to ask if there is a free bonus they can offer me after reviewing my account! Hopefully once they see how much I've lost with absolutely nothing back they'll be able to offer something at least. Casinos I will be asking are: LeoVegas Casino, Guts Casino, Casino Luck, VideoSlots and BetAt Casino. I don't expect anything at all back, so let's see how this goes. I'll be sending my email out later today to them all, so if anyone has any advice on what to ask please let me know and of course wish me luck! In my begging :lol:
  4. I deposited 200 euros at eurlotto casino. Betting 1 euro pr spin on cazino zeppelin lost 100 euros without a bonus round, 100 on DOA 0.90 pr spin no bonus round and both games paid no prices above 10 euros. Lost 200 in 6-7 minnutes. Deposit again 200 same exact thing... So in basicly 15 minnutes i lost 400 euros betting 1 euro pr spin..... Go to support they give me the standrard copy paste answer.. After allitle back and forth they give me 30 euros!!! bonus... Not even 10% of my deposits... I have never, ever seen anything like this, i mean come on what are the odds... Im so convinced now that its rigged im actually glad this happened because i will never play again after this. Its just insane.. My head cannot even comprehend how this is possible. 15 minutes!!! 400 euros gone...
  5. It has been a week maybe two since NetEnt released their new game : The Invicible Man, a video slot based on 1933 movie. I have tried this game a few times and every single game session I end up with zero, nul, nada ,poofff! Till now I only won 1 bonus round and with a disappointing of 500 credits (5euro) winning. It seems the bonus round is a multistage just like their other game Cosmic Fortune and at least this one has jackpots! I was very curious about this game when I heard the release date but unfortunately it is a disappointment to me. I lost over 200 euro playing this game with the smallest bet! it reminds me of Bork the Berzerker, lots of bets but no win. What do you think about this game?
  6. Guest

    extreme bad luck lately

    i have lost the last 40 deposit i made last 2 months hihihi,just wondering did anyone won anything lately ,i started to get frustated ,i can not hit a good spin at any slot at any casino i have played
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