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Found 9 results

  1. The cricket World Cup starts tomorrow in India and 48 matches will be played by 10 teams in the next 45 days. This event is going to be one of the toughest events for all teams as almost all of them had a great run in build up to the World cup. India, Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa have a great chance of not just making it to the Semi Finals but also lifting up the trophy. This topic will feature winner predictions from me and if anyone wants to bet you can take your chances. But no moneyback in case of loss!
  2. Hello everyone,I wanted to post this to show you guys that stake.com, sports radar (their sports odds provider) and darko from sports are nothing but scamming, incompetent scumbags.I had a multi for about $1700.00. All my selections were live plays except for the last selection on the slip which was a tennis match. Tennis match was scheduled to start about 2 hours after my multi was placed.Photo of my betslip belowhttps://ibb.co/zG8Dm8mAs you can see, the odds I received on the final selection were -345.Now let’s move on to the fun part. Both tennis players came onto the court for warmups, odds went live on both stake and other platforms. Here’s a photo of the odds BEFORE the match was set to begin.https://ibb.co/KGHskFmhttps://ibb.co/2kPwsQxAll of a sudden, my player is +425 as opposed to -345 lolAnyways, as this is a clear line error and would affect my cashout price, I immediately contact support. I run into the luxury of speaking with darko from the sports team. Now keep in mind, darko has always screwed me over as he has personal issues with me. I thought in this instant, he would use common sense as it’s almost a 800 point swing in a few minutes.I kindly ask darko to void the bet (win or lose) or to honour the new price of +425 (which was clearly the correct price as every other book had it at this price)Here are his responses.https://ibb.co/kch9bbYhttps://ibb.co/n3TS1v9https://ibb.co/tpyb9Phhttps://ibb.co/HpdfVMbAll correspondence is happening literally during the match. I expected a quick void so that there would be no discrepancy if my player somehow won.Darko drags it out for the whole match and he even goes as far as to tell me “don’t cashout the bet” ok darko, I’ll listen to you and wait.Let’s fast forward to the second set. My player is now -5000 live and they were offering $5300 of $6400 on a cashout. Darko continues to tell me not to cash out.Photo below https://ibb.co/8s39TyYanyways, I don’t hear back from darko until it’s 5-1 in the second set for my player and he decides to tell me “let’s just leave it how it is” after trolling me the whole match for what clearly was a line error, he waited until the last second to decide on his own to just leave it as is.Photo belowhttps://ibb.co/bPFWY6wIt’s quite clear he was doing this on purpose and waiting to see who would win the match before deciding to void the bet or not. I believe that it’s stakes responsibility to honour the multi with the correct odds as they did not void it originally.Don’t trust this scam site. Especially if support dislikes you. They will play games with you and ***** you over like it’s normal. I look forward to posting this on every single SPORTSBOOK forum in the world. if they can do this to big losing customer like me, they’ll do it to anyone! HERE IS AN UPDATE AFTER SPEAKING WITH STEFAN FROM SPORTS TEAM Clearly he has some common sense unlike others. https://ibb.co/SnJVD1Q https://ibb.co/8NgDL1S https://ibb.co/rGtLqYc https://ibb.co/kGY4vwT I have been a loyal customer for almost two years and I have lost well over 1.5 million dollars- this has nothing to do with the money and everything to do with the unprofessional way they have dealt with this matter.
  3. Every now and then we see countries add new laws to make it more and more difficult to operate. Most of them are to regulate casinos but are becoming new ways to harass casinos plus make it more and more difficult for players to gamble. Let's just say that your country restrict online gambling, what will you do. Which activity will replace online gambling for you. In my country there are some states where online gambling is allowed and most of the states there is completely ban. But poker is allowed in my country as it is a game of skill and not just your average gambling activity. If online casinos get banned I will learn how to play Poker. I have heard it's very difficult to learn it but I dont mind investing 1 hour a day for a month to learn it. What will you guys do?
  4. Hi folks I was asked by the forum queen Luciana to write something on the forum and I couldn`t find it in my heart to let her down. Even though she is a lovely girl she doesn`t know s**t about either poker or sportsbetting so I agreed to help her out First of I`ve been playing poker/sportsbetting for a living( in that order) for about 15 years and would gladly help you guys out if you have any questions about either of the two. Been reading a few of the latest treads on the forum but since I can`t seem to get a clear picture of what you want to know exactly I think it would be easier to just start over. Would also try to post sportbets when certain bookmakers/casinos are out of line or quite simple if I find sportsbets to be of any value. If that would be of any interest to you guys at all So in other words bring on questions( since I have no clue what you already know and what you want to know more about) and I`ll answer them as best I can!
  5. Melbet are witholding my €20,000 balance without reason and no longer replying to messages. My ASKGAMBLERS complaint (https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-complaints/melbet-casino-unable-to-withdraw-my-winnings) was ignored along with telephone calls, emails and Skype messages to support. I will update here if there any developments following my complaint to the Curacao regulator or response to writ of summons being filed in Cyprus against the webite owner and billing agent Tukia Limited.
  6. Dear AG Members, Since about 2 months I've started playing the sportsbooks, so yould could say I am a rookie. I was wondering if any of you also is placing bets on sportsevents, and I was hoping if you could give me some advice of how to play. For example: Do you need to study the past results, do you preferable pick out the lower odds instead of the high odds, are value bets really so important etc etc? Please, don't hesitate and feel free to comment on my questions. Thanks, & best regards, Seat
  7. Hi, I wonder why they are betting limits on different Sport betting lines.
  8. Hi Guys, Firstly let me apologise, this is going to be a lengthy email but if it helps some people then I'm glad. I am normally a lurker but I thought I had better sign up and share this with you over my recent experience with Winner Sportsbook and their bonuses and sports service in general. I'm really not sure if this is a complaint or a praise for them, more of a workaround their bad practices I think. Firstly background I think. I'm just a normal small time punter, I generally lose so I like to have several accounts to take advantage of the offers so that my monthly allocated money lasts longer so I can enjoy myself more. With that in mind I do like to use welcome offers. Winner offer a bet 5 get 20 bonus for new customers. It works by depositing and betting 5 on a bet that has odds of 2.00 (evens) or greater and when settled you'll get a 20 pounds free bet. Simple enough you think? Well not quite. apparently they do have this offer, and it is that simple but they only offer it if you sign up via an affiliate. If you sign up directly via their site, which I did, they don't actually want to give you anything as you've found them, not them attracted you. This is strange and even more so because if you go to winner directly if you've not had an account with them the first thing you see is a big advertised for that offer. If you do contact them they will credit the bonus to you account after a little complaining though. They also do an offer in which if you bet a 5 fold on the football and i team lets you down you get your money back as a free bet to use again. The only problem with this offer is that they advertise on their site that the minimum odds are 6/4 (2.5) and the minimum stake is 25p. In reality the minimum odds are 4/1 (5.00) and the minimum stake is a quid. Again if you contact their customer services they'll apologise for the technical error and credit you your bonus if you don't meet the 4/1 or 1 quid requirements but you do the advertised ones. They also offer a 10% bonus on winning football trebles up to a maximum amount with a minimum odds of 6/4 (2.50). The only problem with this promotion is that they don't actually credit any customers with the bonus. The terms state that they do within 48 hours but in reality they don't. You have ot contact them and they'll credit the bonus to your account. Are you seeing a pattern here? Lastly in regards to the bonuses they do a 7th heaven bonus. If you have a winning 7 fold accumulator (yeah i know what are the chances) you'll get 25% of your returns as a free bet token. The terms state it will be credited within 48 hours. can you guess what the issue is here? Yes that's correct, they don't actually credit anything unless you contact them. How do I know all this? Well I was lucky, I had been trying to sort my welcome bonus issue out when I got connected via the telephone with a customer service person called Jade. Now I'm not sure if she was just annoyed that day, is totally honest all the time or if it was her last day or something but I had a lengthy chat with her and she told me all of the above. She also told me that they generally don't offer 24/7 customer service even though they advertise it so if you can't connect on chat then she advised to go to the casino page and open a chat as the casino customer service works 24/7 without fail. She also told me that they often just turn the phones off when it gets busy and they have a turn around of about a day or two with emails so chat is the best option or if you are going to phone to make it as early in the day as possible before they get busy and turn them off. She told me it was because they had downsized (which I took to mean fired) a lot of people recently to save money for some regulation changes so this is what they do now. Now the above about the bonuses must be true as why would she tell me that. So if you have one of those bonuses and it doesn't get credited simply contact CS. I would also recommend asking for Jade if you can, she was really helpful. So in conclusion it is a complaint about their practices but a compliment for the person I spoke to called Jade. Thanks Guys, John
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