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Amazing wins, Afi, really amazing, as always! The only game missing here is.. Mr Cashback! It's the game I always associate you with, never have seen so many screenies from other players than yours!


Thank you darling!  :give_rose:


Mr Cashback? Aaaaah...yes...it is indeed missing from this Mega Win thread...

too bad, but I only have under 500x bet wins screenies for now...

and they will appear in the other screenshots thread soon...very soon...plus lots more!  :D

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Great wins Afi, I hope I will reach the masters achievements soon. Another week of gambling begins as soon as my withdrawals come in :D


Thank you too Hajnrih mate!  :hi:

We are the very few people here who seriously play Playtech games...and you're the next person in AG with the most Playtech winning screenies...and good ones too! So making a matching winning screenshot is not impossible for you mate.


Go! Go! Go! Get that Super Mega Playtech win screeny mate and I won't be surprised at all if it came from Fantastic Four or Blade.

Good luck, all the best and may Lady Luck be with you all the way!  :good:

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i would like to make a suggestion...


can Valdes pin a new thread dedicated to videos only. not mega hits...just good videos related to gaming. 


i just deposited 20 something euros at a casino. i played 120 TWIN SPIN SPINS @2€ and cashed out 600€ in 15 minutes. 


i posted the videos on my you tube channel but putting a link for that is not really appropriate on this dedicated thread. 


i am confident many players would love to upload their play whether its a good run from 10 dollars to 200 or from 200 to 0 without a payout. 


can be very entertaining. 


just a thought. 




Great idea, Johnny! Have already been postponing this for a long time, but not anymore... ;)


Here it is - Show time - let's see your winner videos!



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Strange thing is life you know... :o But let me explain it...


Was talking with Afi yesterday at the winner screenshots topic regarding the possibilities of a 1000+ x bet win in Creature of the Black Lagoon. He shared his own experience so far, I shared mine and we both reached to the conclusion that the chances for such a hit are not really big... And since my curiosity was still there, I decided to give Creature of the Black Lagoon a try last night with a small deposit of 40 bucks and play only this game hoping for that mega win of course... 


Some 400+ spins and three features later, I could confirm that Creature of the Black Lagoon could actually produce wins in excess of 1000 x bet!  :yahoo:






I could also confirm that Afi's assumptions and observations regarding the big hits in Creature of the Black Lagoon slot are totally correct. The game first produced some mega big wins, 100-200 x bet, during the base game and then came the 4-scatters free spins feature... The rest is history as they say! :D 

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I knew, I just knew it! Every time my evening starts with great hits in a row, it ends simply fantastic!  :D


Second monster Creature of the Black Lagoon hit in less than 24 hours... Man, I start to like so much this game!  :yahoo:






Wow! Impressive! Don't forget to post that beauty of a screenshot in the 5 wilds topic!

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wow. bravo valdes!! is out there any tricks how to get those scatters? :D nice screenshots! ;)


Thanks mate. Yes, there is one trick... It's called being persistent when playing this game, just as nay other video slot I guess. :) 


It takes several hundred of spins to get to any of these awesome, 4-scatters hits, but as you can see, it's worth the time and money spent on it. ;)

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Wow Valdes,great=-O,our Guru is on hot streak ,just keep them coming Guru!




When Afi4wins is not winning...it's time for my soulmate to go celebrating! Hehehe.


Good...good...DAMN GOOD!!!  :good:  :D



@ Valdes I must admit, these two screenshots of yours are just beautiful!


And of the top of everything, DOA as cream.


Thanks guys, it was just about time... :)


Wish you luck and even bigger wins! :good:

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