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Wow bigdick great win !

How many hours you play on doa?You play everyday

I play on doa max 2 hour when i play because the most of my won is reached in this time.

Rainie - You have me in absolute stitches here! Literally laughing out loud .... This is the funniest typing error this year!!




I didn't know you knew each other that way! (Sorry can't put smilies I'm on my mobile)

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Zeus you can try to change casinos when i don't get a win in max two weeks i change.


well maybe the problem is because i don't play at the same casino, i switch to another when lost balance. now when i read your post i should play longer at one casino. maybe could be better, worst could not be :D

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Well done everyone on your wins. I have interesting theory about GOT now pick stark on 243 ways and pick Baratheon on 15lines always. :)


Biggy can you start a new thread about your theory because I honestly need some tips for this game. I'm on the verge of giving up ...some tips would be very helpful. Pleeeeease  :blush:  :blush:

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Completely forgot to post these! This was one feature! Sadly no cashout as I wanted to get above £500 as I would have a £5 charge on my winnings otherwise! This is the reason I didn't give advice on GOT 243 ways best advice for that is avoid or only play 30p spins as it's such a high risk slot compared to its 15line counterpart! My bet size for this monstrous feature only 30p! I went on GOT 243 right after this started ok on 60p spins then it just started to eat I figured i'll try for feature on 90p it took hundreds of rounds to come and was dreadful! Then I lost on other slots trying to win it back. Would have been better going for a hyper win on GOT 15lines  :angry:  :lol:  :fool:


30p bet £356.30 feature! 1188x bet roughly! 



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