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Games Global Exclusive Screenshot Contest - February

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Date - 19th February - 26th February 23:59 GMT 


ELIGIBLE GAMES - Gold Blitz, Gold Blitz Extreme, Chronicles of Olympus X UP™, Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus, Immortal Romance, Gods & Pyramids Power Combo™, 9 Masks of Fire Roulette™

Prizes - 1,000 EUR in Amazon Vouchers - 3 Winners

Restricted Countries - See below



The Rules

This contest is open only to members of AskGamblers. You can pick any casino in the AskGamblers directory but only screenshots collected from the list if eligible games above, count. All paylines must be active. 

You must collect your winning screenshots that are at least 10x or more. You can post your highest multipliers in this topic every day and there is no limit to how many times you can enter. However, only your highest winning multiplier counts.  We are no longer accepting pictures taken of a screenshot from a laptop, the screenshot must be taken from the actual device.

Bonus bets/boost bets are excluded.

You must post your winning screenshot that clearly shows the time, date, casino and bet size. If your screenshot is missing these details then you need to post your game log as well. Any screenshot missing these details will not be counted. You must play in real mode and not demo play, but you are free to deposit and accept a bonus at the casino of your choice.

Restricted Countries: 

You can not use a VPN to enter if your country is restricted

Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, Burundi,  Cambodia, Central African Republic, China, Crimea (Region of the Ukraine), Cuba, Donetsk People’s Republic (“DNR”) (Region of the Ukraine), France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Hong Kong (China), India, Indonisia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR”Region of the Ukraine), Macao (China), Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Phillipines, Russia, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, Vatican City (Holy See), Venezuela, Yemen

The Prohibited or Restricted territories list may be subject to change. Should there be any territories added or removed from the list, we will endeavour to share this as soon as possible

The Prizes

The top three players with the highest multiplier at the end of the contest will win a share of the prize fund.

Prizes: Amazon vouchers prize pool of EUR 1,000. Prizes will be distributed with the following proportion.
Top 1: EUR 500
Top 2: EUR 300
Top 3: EUR 200

If you are a winner you will be contacted by our admin team to select which Amazon voucher you want to receive. You will have 48 hours to claim your prize.  Games Global will send the prizes by email. 

Please note that AskGamblers is not responsible for the distribution of Amazon vouchers but we will forward your details to Games Global for the crediting of vouchers. We will then send the voucher to you via PM.

Terms and Conditions 

Players are not allowed to post the same screenshot multiple times or share fake/falsified screenshots. This includes not being able to submit your screenshot in more than one contest. 

The use of VPN is not permitted 

AskGamblers reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at all times.



1st @Davespring 3,583.6x 500 EUR VOUCHER

2nd  @Icy - 166.33x 300 EUR VOUCHER

3rd  @ales200 - 152.16x 200 EUR VOUCHER


4th  @kavaman - 136x

5th @Flatzem 117.66x

6th  @loceff13 - 109.5x



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5 hours ago, Flatzem said:

all the previous games global contests were 800 eur and 5 prize places, how its increased to 1000 but only 3 placings. Can we change it to 5 placings? 


Unfortunately not sorry, we can’t change it. 

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5 minutes ago, cocopop3011 said:

Unfortunately yes, but if you are able to play some of the games please let me know and I’ll ask them about it. 

Okay, will do and will check them out. 

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17 minutes ago, cocopop3011 said:

Unfortunately yes, but if you are able to play some of the games please let me know and I’ll ask them about it. 

Okay, so it's final then, all the listed games are indeed restricted for me...even Immortal Romance. 

Well then, bye-bye MG games for ever...not that I play any of them anymore anyway. 😜

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1 hour ago, Davespring said:

The only issue is what to do with so much in Amazon credit as you can't buy other gift cards anymore 😂

@Davespring  If you have so much Amazon vouchers, then buy things that you don't need! Joking! 😁

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4 hours ago, Davespring said:

The only issue is what to do with so much in Amazon credit as you can't buy other gift cards anymore 😂

Can you not use the Amazon voucher balance to pay your phone and electricity bills? We can use our Amazon balance for lots more than just shopping.


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Agreed! An error when processing vouchers will surely free the limitations of our choices! It's only that one time we were paid in cash prizes. It was perfecto! 

Amazon never became the same once it disallowed other gift card purchases, it was the rarest, most golden but brief moments. 

While prizes can't be changed at the moment according to the young fearless forum warrioress, a nice few options can benefit the winners. Ie. Prizes as a full amazon voucher OR half an amazon voucher with half as a cash prize. The trade off however is the hard Twerk by Evolution to make that happen. 

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