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Found 14 results

  1. Ich habe eine offizielle beschwerde bei der curacao online gaming lizenzbehörde eingereicht weil viggoslots mir unrechtmäßig guthaben gelöscht hat aus meinem account, nun hat diese mir mittgeteilt dass sie in diesem fall nicht aktiv werden können da viggoslots anscheinend gar nicht mehr bei dieser behörde lizenziert ist und nur noch das logo von curacao egaming verwenden von einer bereits seit mehreren jahren abgelaufenen lizenz! Und außerdem wurden meine daten verkauft oder an dritte weitergegeben da ich seit ich mich bei diesem casino angemeldet habe, das einzige bei dem ich gespielt habe aus curacao, bekomme ich ständig spam anrife,textnachrichten und phishingmails.
  2. I have been going to the casino a few times these last months (around 3 time per month) I only take $20 and maybe a bit more just to play slot machines while the $20 I use it for actual games such as roulette or blackjack. At the beginning I used to lose a lot then I got lucky a few times with a few dollars that I made into $47 and another time to $59. But recently I have only won $30 in one roulette spin but after that I have lost most of the time. I play roulette 99% of the time because slots has become unfruitful and I watch my money very carefully while doing only corner bets in the roulette table (only using 6 chips of One dollar each). I need advice in what to do or if $20 is too little but keep in mind it is very hard for me to bring more than $20 for personal reasons. I could use any advice or roulette strategy to make the most or recommendations of other games that I will win a lot. Thank you
  3. Interesting what money could do to people. Mo money mo problem and that's actually true.
  4. Hello Forums, I am NimmoD. new in poker forum. Recently i come accross Poker game and saw many females making money from playing Poker.. Unfortunately I am not aware of this Game.. and Looking for help on this. I am reading this post - mydentalstory blogspot com for poker but not sure it is best of not? Please suggest. Thank you, Nimmo
  5. Hey everyone Thought I'd start up a topic that's close to me. The criticism one gets from being addicted to playing casino games. For me it's the slot machines. If I could I would own several and have them in my lounge lol now that's a dream what really disturbs me though is the judgemental comments others feel necessary to throw at you. For example family members, they all think they have this righteous power to berate me about my addiction. I'm not a fool. I know I have an addiction. I'm in control of it. ***** if I wasn't then we'd be living on the street. Those who berate, verbally abuse and point fingers need to look at themselves, everyone has a vice that they are addicted to, it could be food, shopping, smoking, drugs, drinking, playing on line games etc so why knock out our addictions and make us feel so bad. It has got to the point where I have to hide where I'm going when I go to the casino and that's messed up. I should be allowed especially at my age to do as I want when I want. But life is not like that, it's not simple cut, it's cruel and humans are the meanest of the bunch. Friends - do you know how hard it is to really find a like minded friend who's as interested in gambling as you yourself are? It is far harder than looking for that needle in a hay stack (TRUE) Any ways do you all get criticised, persecuted, and hung by the population jury? if you do how do you handle it? What do you say to those who are raining on your parade? God I love this site, finally I get to be who I really am without being judged I love to gamble - end of story Hugs Peggy
  6. Now again we come onto the topic of land-based casinos in the forum! I still have yet to visit one which is such a shame considering I'm only about an hour away from one! Who here has visited a land-based casino? Our latest blog entry covers 5 Tricks land-based casinos use to make you spend more money I suppose when you go in to this place the best thing to do is only take with you a set amount of money, then it doesn't matter what tricks they pull out of the bag you won't have any more cash to spend. And don't take credit cards! Have a read and let me know what you think. And if you know of any other tricks they use please let us know below
  7. So, we're coming to the end of 2015, I was wondering if any of you used something to keep track of your budget this year? Maybe an app, or a spreadsheet or the old fashioned way of writing it all down? I haven't, only because my budget really isn't that high, this year has been my lowest budget ever in fact! If keeping a budget is something you'd like to do going into 2016 here's a little help from our writing team: 5 Apps to help you manage your gaming budget
  8. MEI : The New Master Licensor of Online Gaming in the Philippines Over the past few years, gaming operators and online gamers only knew one authorized licensor/regulator for online gaming in the Philippines. Currently, MEI is establishing its name as the new BPO in the licensing of online gaming. Servicing and assisting clients to establish their gaming business, MEi's main goal is to provide its partners an advance licensing process that is easier and more economical compared to others. Recently, the company received a Letter of No Objection from the Government of Pasig. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kevin Chen, sees a very promising future for MEi in the gaming industry. For all interested parties, know more about their company and their full scope of services offered via their website. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEI One Corporate Centre Meralco Ave. corner Julia Vargas Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City Philippines, 1603 Tel. : (+632) 477-6443; (+632) 477-8008; (+632) 477-8829 Fax: (+632) 654-9792
  9. This will be going somewhere good but will require everyone's answers on who uses Paypal. Except Coco Von Crashy as I know she has one. I thought of this wonderful idea and if there are enough people I can create this mystery idea!!! Moneybookers and Neteller were my first ideas but they aren't useful to me anymore (changed rules ya dee ya dah). Although Moneybookers will be an exception through my fair lady The big question is....................How many of you use Paypal and Moneybookers (Skrill)! (Edit complete)
  10. Bit of a strange title for a thread I know! But I just logged into one of my casino accounts and there is £20 in there! Real Money!! Happy Birthday Sharon. :D I mean its happened a few times where I've logged in and I've had a few quid in my account or a few pence :D but never £20!! Betsson keep sending me emails saying I have 9p in my account too Has this ever happened to anyone?
  11. Heyllooo I was thinking that we probably collected a lot of offtopic money already, in our sacral, gold jar and it's about the time to start thinking what are we going to spend all that money on? Most probably, me and Sharon were the biggest contributors and donated the most, so we deserve the biggest piece Let's hear your suggestions! Welcome is everyone, even if didn't put a dime in a jar
  12. I was an active VIP member of Casinoval for a few months - I had deposited several thousands of dollars over that time and had never withdrawn any money. I enjoyed playing the games so it didn't really worry me so much at the time. Then at one stage around Feb / Mar this year, I started to get software errors - script errors and I continually notified Casinoval with this issue but no response - I cleaned up my pc and then reinstall their software - still the same - also what I noticed were the games were playing almost identical everytime i logged in but it was hard to prove - it felt like when they noticed that I was winning on games they updated my software to lose anyway ... I won over $2000 (Easter this year) and decided to withdraw the amount - usually the amount sits in pending - and cannot deposit while you have an amount pending - they never acknowledge the issues i was having - i was unable to see my amount in pending but they did acknowledge that i still had it. They said i can deposit - which i did and kept deposit thinking i will get my winnings. The problem is - I LOST ALL MY MONEY - and ontop an EXTRA $2000+ . They refused to acknowledge and ignored me, i had taken screen shots of the issues and they still ignored me. I cut my losses but because I enjoyed the games - and they are the only one with the software that has these games that Australia can play - I continued. (YES STUPID ME)... I asked to speak to the Manager - an email address etc. they refused to give it out. I complained so many times and the still refused to give me any supervisor names or contact details - you had to go thru support each time. I was livid. Since then i noticed when you wager with them - you win free spins lots of , once the wager is almost done -the games change - the reels spin differently and also the winnings are non existent - your balance is then reduced to a very low. ONce the wager is over - you are left with a low balance that has no chance of buidling at all not even enough to withdraw the minimum. I was so angry and this became a battle - they cheated me out of my winnings and cheated me out of my money. Everytime you deposit you lose your balance - whatever is left in the account...its taken by them. They think once they give you a bonus they are doing you a favour - their bonuses are fake money...THEY ARE CHEATERS, THIEVES AND THE RUDEST INSULTING SUPPORT I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH...THEY OWE ME MONEY...AND THEY REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS...
  13. How much money do you guys put into a slot game before switching slots? I usually do $5 unless I win, then I just play until I get back to the amount was going to quit at.
  14. Hello, Today I had played on a $20.00 chip given by Club World USA, (thank you by the way), which had a 20x playthru ( I played well over), and a 10x max pay out. I had won over $800.00, and now understand that I will only get up to $200.00 in withdrawing out. I just would like to know what happens to the other $600.00 winnings? Does it just get taken away? Thank you, Linda
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